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Best Natural Dry Shampoo Bar To Add To Your Haircare Lineup This Summer

natural soap bars for hair

You may have seen natural dry shampoo bar soaps flaunting your social media or Youtube recommended feed lately and for a damn good reason. Except from their obvious practicality when it comes to their size and all-natural, vegan ingredients, lathering up with something other than liquid shampoo has become more and more common these past few years.

Also if you are one of us who already made the transition from buying mass-produced liquid hair shampoo from giant corporations that don't take into consideration the huge amounts of plastic waste they cause each day, to purchasing from independent businesses, you are in luck! The following solid shampoo recommendations are about to tick all your boxes, plus, they come straight from the virtual selves of Beauty Lounge, one of the best German natural dry shampoo brands. Don't take my word for it, trust German's top model and many other beauty gurus who can't seem to stop raving about this product.
best luxury organic soap bars for hair

As firm believers of Natural Beauty, Beauty Lounge aims to educate people about the incredible benefits of nature-derived ingredients without synthetics lab-made chemicals. In fact, one Wild Rrose Shampoo bar can replace up to 7 shampoo plastic bottles - bringing new values for the visitors of the luxury cosmetic shop.

Because of their long-renowned scalp-calming, oil-balancing, and growth-promoting properties, the best natural solid shampoos are undoubtedly a warm-weather essential for all your future seaside adventures. Here is why:

Benefits of using natural dry shampoo bars

benefits of using using natural dry shampoo bars

Aside from being longer-lasting than liquid shampoo, bars are able to get your hair back to its original, shiny, voluminous state by clearing away all the harmful chemicals found in your previous traditional hair cleansers.
Due to their all-natural, valuable raw materials, soap bars don't come with the usual itsy additives regular shampoos carry in their formulas. More and more consumers are becoming aware of the harmful ingredients pretty much every liquid shampoo is infused with. Especially during the summer months, when your hair is prone to dryness, most of us find traditional shampoos unnecessarily stripping of the natural moisture of the hair and scalp - let's not even mention the buildup.

Shampoo, lotion, deodorant: They all come swathed in plastic and if you are trying to leave a zero-waste lifestyle, then coping the aforementioned products in their purest form is arguably the best solution.

Now that we are all on the same page, ahead are some top-rated options to get you started or to keep you going.
Beauty Lounge luxury solid shampoo

The standout ingredients in this organic hair shampoo promote hair growth, volume, and soft silky hair throughout the summer season. This vegan formula with wild rose oil by Rafael Naturkosmetik is also an aromatic experience for all the senses. Whether you are on the hunt for the perfect gift to your haircare-obsessed pal, or simply want to update your summer haircare lineup, this unique natural shampoo is about to be your next summer-weather essential.

Not sure about the scent? The Beauty Lounge carries a variety of different dry shampoos from Herbs Live and Baby Mary to Tahiti, jam-packed with all the aforementioned benefits.

The Mental Health-Inspired Streetwear Brand You Need To Put On Your Radar

Even though there is definitely a much-needed Mental Health Awareness day, let's all agree that this long, complex, and sometimes isolating journey towards healing should be acknowledged and talked about every single day. Even though we have managed to garner a bit more recognition on the subject of self-love (especially after the life-changing events of 2020), the way to destigmatize and accept trauma, mental health issues, and everything in between is still long and filled with ups and downs.

In the remarkable effort of some individuals to remove the stigma of mental health, promote self-love, and open discussion, there are now brands that dedicate their collections to support those who struggle daily. As someone who has always been open and perhaps, way too honest about my lifelong battle with depression, anxiety, and panic attacks — starting at the age of 7 —the "don't do that, don't cry" phrase has been engraved in my memory ever since. There is still a deep and enduring stigma around self-harm, suicide, and all mental health issues, but how you decide to share your pain and journey towards self-recovery is all about survival.

Many of us were taught from a young age to withhold our emotions, and that's exactly what SILENTE tries to change! In a constant effort to challenge what is possible in our lives and help bring awesomeness worldwide, they created a curated collection of relatable designs, original writing, and simple lounge fashion revolving around mental health stigma.

Mental Health-Inspired Streetwear
"They only notice when you are gone"

Mental Health-Inspired Streetwear
"Friends don't date your exes"

Mental Health-Inspired Streetwear
"Too much of everything, not enough of the rest"

Their virtual shelves are a celebration of trauma awareness, aiming to show every aspect of mental health and what young adults go through every day. If you are also in favor of spreading awareness like I am, maybe you could also help to de-stigmatize the conversation by supporting one of the brands aligned with our ongoing effort to point out the much-needed process of healing. What's a better way to do that, than by wearing your beliefs?

Mental Health-Inspired Streetwear
"I Realized My Childhood Had Ended. Not When I Stopped Believing In Santa Claus And The Tooth Fairy. But When I Slowly Stopped Believing In Myself"

Mental Health-Inspired Streetwear
"Don't Let Anyone Ridicule You For How You Chose To Get Through The Storm When They Were The Only Ones With An Umbrella"

Whether you are currently on your journey to recovery or wish to be an active supporter of the cause, now is the perfect time to stock up on some basics that also carry a powerful message.

The Best Casual Free-Spirited T-Shirts Money Can Buy

best casual graphic t-shirts

I have my fair share of worn-to-death vintage tees, but when it comes to the best free-spirited, summer-inspired t-shirts, it took me a bit longer to find some splurge-worthy options. You see, I take my casual tees everywhere. It only makes sense to invest in a few seasonless options that guarantee to stay "on trend" for years to come. It's always essential to have a few different styles to achieve a variety of looks-bonus points if your next go-to tees are eco-friendly and super versatile. Whether you're pairing yours with denim shorts and kicks or light-colored leather pants and strappy heels, a unique t-shirt instantly gives any outfit a cool-girl feel.

If you too are on the hunt for a slew of utterly cute t-shirt options to complement every summer outfit with ease, look no further than Moscow Rhino, an independent lifestyle brand with a love for creating statement yet easy to wear styles for the well-traveled, the party animals and those who give off good vibes. Young and fiercely fashionable, I am convinced that Moscow Rhino's prints were created to drive me to yet another impulse, bulk purchase. Just look at these palm trees and cute avocado graphics!

best casual graphic t-shirts

Shop Moscow Rhino collection

Seriously, you can dress them up or down, adding small pops of color or going full crazy with a vibrant, multicolored outfit. The styling possibilities are endless. And if you too are an avid traveler like myself, you will find them even more inspiring, cause let me tell you, each one of them will force you to plan yet another adventure. You can't convince me that these tees aren't warm-weather travel essentials. I can't stop thinking of all the fantastic combinations I can pull off with one of these beauties (worn as a dress,obv), my favorite Vans sneakers, and my new go-to 90s inspired mini shoulder bags.

best casual graphic t-shirts for summer

Every tee is printed on 100% combed and ring-spun eco-friendly cotton which has just the right amount of stretch. Now, give your plain black tee a break and step over to the free-spirited side, won't you?

Why Working With A Landscape And Garden Designer Is Always A Good Idea

Landscape And Garden Designer inspiration

Let's be honest, when it comes down to your home decor, most of us only focus on perfecting our indoor space, leaving no room in our to-do list for patio or garden design. Creating a scheme you'll love for years to come is certainly very important, the same goes for your outdoor space too. You see, the best garden landscaping ideas might instantly make you think of those who were blessed with huge gardens and elaborate patios, but this couldn't be further from the truth.

However, unlike home decor, garden design inspirations from Pinterest might not exactly be a great way to start your landscape design process. Instead of going through numerous trials and errors, why not turn to a professional landscape design company that thrives on creating tailored garden designs to elevate any outdoor space?
“I believe that landscape design is much like painting, creating layers and expression that draw the observer in, to experience the work in a more exploratory and intimate fashion", says Amber Mueller, the founder and principal designer of When the Sun Hits Design. Fueled by her love for sophisticated style and design, she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Art Practice from UC Berkeley and studied Landscape Architecture at UC Berkeley Extension.

luxury landscaping inspiration
Keep up with When the Sun Hits on facebook

Born and raised in California, Amber has always been fascinated by landscape design and its unique ability to blur the boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces and elevate these transitions to an extraordinary experience. Her talent and creativity quickly led her to work with well-recognized designers in the industry. Amber's work has been featured in national magazines such as Luxe Interiors, Architectural Digest, and House Beautiful, before starting her own design company. 

Amber’s continuing practice of painting and drawing is well incorporated into her approach to landscape design.

luxury landscaping inspiration
Follow When the Sun Hits for more inspiration

From garden furniture and decking to lights, plants, and more, there is certainly something utterly fascinating about the entire designing process. When the Sun Hits Design certainly knows how to transform your outdoor space, whether it's big or small – and help you bring your vision to life.

The Cutest Clothing Brand Every Dog-Lover Should Know About

Personalised dog owner gifts

Let's be honest, we all know that one friend that has an otherworldly cute obsession with her (or his) furry friend. Chances are you too might fall right under this category too-we don't judge, we are in this together. No matter if you are looking for the perfect gift for dog-owners or simply want to cop some of the cutest hoodies to wear while snuggling on the couch with your beloved pet for a much-needed Netflix marathon, we've got you covered. We rounded up a list of the best sweatshirts, hoodies, t-shirts, and accessories that dog-lovers will never want to take off-that's a promise.

Yes, we know! Owning a pet is already a gift that keeps on giving but there is always room for some extra pet appreciation moments. So, if you too find your home overwind by a slew of squeeze pet toys, while also managing two separate Instagram accounts-one for you and own for your pet, duhh- Dog Lovers Press Shop offers the opportunity moment to get your hands on some of the best custom designer apparel for dog lovers or give a gift to your beloved pet-owning pal.
Personalised dog owner gifts

Shop Dog Lovers Press Shop collections

Need something cozy and utterly cute to show off your obsession with your favorite furry-paw friend? "This girl loves her dog" might be exactly the quote you need to wear for all your casual outings. Let's also take a moment to appreciate the adorable illustrations of Yorkies and Bull Terriers that will most definitely own the heart of every dog-owner.

Not a fan of hoodies? No worries! You can snag a tote bag for under $25, or even a wall clock to enhance your plain living room walls with a fun accessory. The possibilities are endless, and luckily you won't have to break the bank to snug some custom designs.

Best Flavored, Organic & High-Caffeine Blends Every Coffee Lover Will Appreciate

Best coffee brands for espresso, flavored, organic & high-caffeine blends

Our daily visits at your corner coffee shop may have proven themselves to be a not-so-budget-friendly option, however, that won't stop us from getting our go-to morning brews any time soon. By now, you must be extremely skilled in whipping every much-needed coffee order yourself. Let's be honest, whether you have always been a coffee-at-home type of person or not, the past year surely forced you to learn some new skills. Finding the perfect solutions for stocking up on the best coffee brands for espresso or for whatever type of coffee floats your boat is surely one of them.

You see, I have always been obsessed with trying new flavors from all over the world- think Tanzania, Costa Rica, Colombia, and more. Bonus point if I am actually able to save some $ from those aforementioned daily coffee shop visits. No matter if you are a serial, picky espresso-sipper, or a die-hard-flavored coffee consumer, you are about to go on an impulse shopping spree as soon as you lay eyes on the Kape Is Life virtual shelves. Every one of these brews is also the perfect gift-giving opportunity for your best bean-loving buds.

Best coffee brands for espresso, flavored, organic & high-caffeine blends

Rest assured that you will find a slew of options even if you are one of those people who always manage to place a coffee order so complex, that other people can't even pronounce it. Kape Is Life is certainly a top online coffee-seller of fair-trade, flavored, organic, high-caffeine blends, and they have the world's strongest coffee! Yes, just like in the fast fashion vs slow fashion argument, you can choose ethical and sustainable coffee and help small farmers cultivate their lands in a sustainable manner.

Also if you are one of us who already made the transition from buying mass-produced coffee products from giant corporations to purchasing from independent businesses, you are in luck! Kape Is Life will make sure to deliver freshly roasted coffee directly to your doorstep! No middleman, no aging in a warehouse or retail shelf for months.

Best coffee brands for espresso, flavored, organic & high-caffeine blends

In case you too are looking for the best gift for Mother's day for your coffee-obsessed mum, then you should probably take advantage of the 20% OFF Mother's Day Sale by using the code KAPE20.

Trendy 2021 Swimwear & Cute Summer Dresses To Shop On Etsy Right Now

Trendy 2021 Swimwear

If there is one thing that screams "warm-weather" prep, is definitely the slew of social media posts that pop up all over our feeds with some of the cutest swimwear trends of 2021. We get it, this spring is definitely the perfect time to make up for the lost time in quarantine as well as treat ourselves to some much-needed mood-pick-ups. Rather than keeping it safe and minimal with yet another monochromatic bikini, the top 2021 one-piece and bikini trends are a rebellion against minimalism, with pleasantly unique prints and colorways climbing at the top of this warm-weather must-haves list.

Not all swimwear are made equal. Some are rendered in gorgeously-placed all over prints with vibrant hues of blue, pink and everyone's favorite animal prints that will certainly catch everyone's eye. Better yet if they come from the virtual shelves of independent designers with an eye for otherworld beautiful and utterly flattering color combinations. Summer 2021, is after all, a celebration of maximalism, and we should definitely treat it as such. That's why today, we rounded up some of the cutest bikinis, one-pieces and casual summer dresses you can shop online on Etsy. Thanks to Magican Clothes you will be able to get your hands of some of the most adorable swimwear trends for summer, without spending your entire savings account-yes, most of them are under 40€ ($43).
Trendy 2021 Swimwear bikini and one piece
Shop Magican Clothes swimwear 2021 collection

Frankly, If you've been keeping tabs on me via instagram, you already know that I have a thing for colorful one-piece swimsuits no matter the current trends. Bonus point, if they actually come from my go-to shopping destination for all things cutesy-talking about Etsy, of course. At this point I am convinced that MagicanClothing has deliberately listed young and fiercely fashionable color combinations which sit right at the intersection of art and swimwear just to drive me to yet another impulse, bulk purchase. Just look at the tropical floral prints and preppy animal print swimsuits!

Trendy 2021 Swimwear and clothing

And in case you too are determined to spend an alarming amount of time at the beach, cop some of the most unique sea-side must haves to go along with your vacay-ready mood.

This Japanese Streetwear Line Is All You Need This Season

There is a slew of reasons why Japanese-inspired streetwear has dominated the urban fashion scene for many seasons now. Blame it on the beautiful patterns, colors, and otherworldly statement designs, or simply on the fact that we have a certain obsession with all the unique street style inspiration, we get from Tokyo’s trendy Harajuku and Shibuya neighborhoods. One this is certain, the influence of these streetwear styles have spread worldwide-and we can't have enough.

From Fishy Naughty Neko oversized hoodies and Red Sun Wave Haori shirts to Juku Harem Pants and everything in between, I certainly love copping my favorite Japanese-inspired streetwear from emerging brands with a strong passion for unique, out of the box designs. As a self-proclaimed streetwear enthusiast, I am more than intrigued by the creativity and unique ideas of culture-inspired apparel collections, with Kokoro being at the top of my must-haves list for this season. 

You see, streetwear is not the subversive subculture it once was. No matter if you get your influence from your favorite celebrities, hip hop artists, skateboarders, or simply love to feel comfy in your everyday looks, I've got you covered. I rounded up some of my favorite eye-catchy patterns and silhouettes you can cop from Kokoro's virtual selves ASAP.

As a new and upcoming brand with a dope aesthetic, they carry entire streetwear collections that include your much-needed everyday staples and statement-making pieces for every taste. You can also find a section dedicated to outwear, which is amazing if you are looking to grab some jackets that are equal parts unique and versatile. 

Honestly, I can't help but imagine all the fantastic outfit combos I could pull off with one of their oversized hoodies and my trusted pair of Vans Sk8-his, but that doesn't mean you can't style them up or down according to your personal preferences. Even though  Kokoro is based in LA, you can take advantage of their free worldwide shipping option to get your hands on your favorite Japanese-inspired streetwear just in time for summer.

Unique Animal-Inspired Jewelry To Shop Right Now

There’s arguably nothing more classic, chic, timeless, and versatile than a discreet piece of jewelry. That's even more true when said piece is connected to your most beloved furry friend. Yes, Animal-Inspired Jewelry is a thingand we can't get enough of them! You see, unlike regular pieces of jewelry, these unique designs were created with your favorite pet in mind. There are several different types of wildlife and pet jewelry, each ranging from personalized paw charms that allow you to customize your very own charm with a photo engraved inside the central jewel, crafted from premium stainless steel plated with the color of your choosing, to otherworldly beautiful, sparkly turtles, made of colorful gemstones. The possibilities are endless!

Whether you choose to opt for a delicate opal ring, the most stunning Koi fish earrings, or a silver bee bracelet, there is a slew of options for every taste and personal style. Fauna Jewels' virtual shelves are filled to the brim with high-quality jewels that effortlessly give off the enduring elegance that they’ve become known for.

If you are anything like me, then you probably rely on statement accessories to make basic everyday looks stand out. As you can imagine their personalized pet photo charms instantly became popular, and between you and me, there is no better gift to your pet-loving friend than one of these cuties. And just in case you are looking for the best Mother's day gift, go on and send a photo of her beloved furry friend to Fauna Jewels, and they will make sure to micro-engrave the photo on the inside of a necklace or keychain. 

Just in case you need yet another reason to snag some beautiful animal-inspired jewelry right out of Fauna Jewels' catalog, then you will be ecstatic to know that each item sold via their website helps animals everywhere. With every purchase, they donate to the non-profit organization "Animal Welfare Institute" and reduce animal suffering. Plus, you will receive free shipping on orders over $50.
No matter your style or budget, there’s a chic and infinitely versatile pet-inspired necklace out for every jewelry connoisseur and most of them are under $30.

Here's How You Can Have Non-Surgical Facelift Without A Derm Appointment

Focused Ultrasound Devices

There are some beauty formulas that wow you with overnight results and others that may take a bit more time to show some much-needed results. One thing is certain, if you commit to it, you will be able to rip the benefits in the long run. Sure, there is a slew of skincare gadgets that promise to unclog your pores, fade acne scars and give that glowy look we all adore so much. But when it comes down to anti-aging at-home treatments, let's just say that our choices are pretty limited.

If you are looking to take your weekly anti-aging skincare routine to the next level, incorporating high-performing anti-wrinkle treatments is a must. The latter includes vitamin C, Retinoids, and a stellar professional anti-aging skincare device that won't force you to book yet another appointment with your dermatologist. The ULTRAISER Focused Ultrasound Devices have a cult following for a damn good reason. They help tight saggy neck skin, lift and sculpt the face, and with commitment, show some otherworldly amazing results. The product/technology was developed in Cambridge UK after intense research. 

The ultimate non-surgical facelift offers a plethora of clinically proven benefits including gaining improved elasticity and contouring while smoothing your skin. ULTRAISER has been ergonomically designed for easy grip and control so that anyone can get the benefit of HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) without the need for clinical sessions. This new cosmetic treatment for skin tightening is non-invasive and completely painless, offering a boost in your collagen, which results in firmer skin.
Portable at-home face-lifting and anti ageing treatment

ULTRAISER Portable device is now available as part of their mission to make Focused Ultrasound Devices accessible to everyone who can benefit from it. These premium skincare devices from the UK allow for overall rejuvenation, fat reduction, lifting, and wrinkle removal in facial skin. Adding an anti-aging at-home device to your current skincare lineup is one of the best things you can do to ensure the highest level of treatment around eyes, wrinkles, and curved areas of the face.
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