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This is How To Get The Voluminous Lashes You Weren't Naturally Blessed With

How to get voluminous lashes

If you've always covered flirtatious, voluminous lashes that make everyone believe that you were naturally blessed with them, you've probably scoured the whole wide web for the best dramatic faux lashes the world has ever seentwice. You might have even jumped on the lash extensions wagon in hopes of obtaining fuller lashes, only to realize that as much tempting and *easy* as that sounds, they often come baring some unwanted "gifts" and a handful of downright bizarre side effects.

I wouldn't want to discourage you from getting your oh-so-special lash growth serums either, they are after all extremely helpful if you ready to invest some time into them. However, today’s list includes only the most natural ways of adding that extra flare to our precious lashes. This post is filled to the brim with the best eyelash enchanting solutions that boost the volume and length of your lashes without the help of a professional.

Best falsh lashes for volume

While my lashes are relatively long naturally, I do prefer the glamourous look of over-the-top lashes, especially for night outs and photoshoots. While the application process admittedly takes some practice — unless you are a beauty guru pro, in that case, you go gal!practice makes it perfect! I rounded up some of the best user-friendly, cruelty-free false lashes designed for pros and beginners, and they are coming straight from a female-owned small business.

Flutter By Yaz makes me want to add everything in my cart and hit that "order" button before my wallet starts to complain sorry for all my quarantine-triggered shopping sprees, won't happen again. For the rest of you who haven't already spent 70% of your monthly salary, these multi-layered false lashes with tapered ends are extremely affordable ($15) and easy to maintain.

Top natural false lashes in 2021

Aside from being ridiculously easy to apply, these unique crisscross pattern lashes promise to blend seamlessly with your natural lashes to give you that professionally done lookwithout the costs involving it. They’re also reusable (up to 25 times), so you get more bang for your buck. They're basically salon-quality lash extensions, minus the weird side effects.

As always, On Kdaily we choose vegan, eco-friendly options with a powerful, inspiring message. Should you want to throw one or two into your spring shopping list, I recommend any of these top-rated false eyelashes. Here is why:

Best falsh lashes for volume small black owned brand 2021

Flutter By Yaz has a beautiful story to tell. After the founder lost her grandmother in 2019, she, her mother, and aunt were on their way to a local flower shop when a beautiful orange and black Monarch butterfly fluttered between them out of nowhere.

Surprisingly, the butterfly flew on her mother, herself, and then made the last stop on her aunt before disappearing into the sky. "It was an emotional moment for us, and at that moment, all three of us agreed that it was my grandma’s way of letting us know that she was in a good place." the woman behind the brand describes. "I created this brand in loving memory of my vibrant and beautiful grandmother. With so much love, I've chosen to share this brand with you all so her legacy lives on." she adds.

Rest assured that Flutter By Yaz caters to everyone who isn't afraid to be unapologetically beautiful and authentic. We are all beautiful in our own way, no matter what the society and the media constantly try to portrait as the "beauty standard". If you too are someone who dares to be different, fun, and vibrant, then these lashes were created with you in mind.


The Most Instagramable Holiday Houses & Apartments In Europe

Rental vocation homes in Europe
Let's face it, no matter when you currently reside, travel is still looking a bit different this year. Yes, there are still a few airline restrictions and a handful of social distancing measures in place in most countries at least. However, that doesn't mean that we can't still fantasize about all the dreamy places we will be able to visit once we pass the much-needed traveling procedures.

Weekend getaways with your partner or long, pre-planned trips with a small group of friends are still on the table. I bet you already looking for a safe, warm-weather getaway this spring/summer. Don't worry, I've got you covered. Whether you are planning on renting the most beautiful Cyprus property to mark the begging of summer, or simply live and breathe European traveling-including some romantic AF rentals for the weekend, we could all use a change of scenery right now.

If you are like me and have an ever-growing love affair with luxury, seaside suites that won't drain your bank account, or simply prefer a more minimalist-friendly, secluded choice surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes that offer an otherwordly-beautiful sea view, you will certainly find some great holiday rental options across for you next vacation ahead.

Best summer houses to rent in Europe

"Fly me to the moon", Bobovisca, Brac, Croatia

Do you need to go off and relax for a bit? This isn’t exactly surrounded by the woods, it does however offer the ultimate luxury, seaside experience we all love. This oceanfront access type of villa is what we see all over Instagram-time to book one for yourself as well.

Best quite rental properties in Europe

"Il Fienile Di Montesoli" Siena, Italy

If all you can think of is renting a place where you can actually unwire for a few days, then this is might be the best option for you. Surrounded by fields, this rental is equally luxurious as it is quiet and functional. Basically, it’s got everything you need for a lovers retreat or a weekend-long getaway with friends.

Cabin in the woods rental Europe

"Chalet GM", Austria

If you’ve had dreams of staying in one of those insta-worthy cabins in the woods, but still need to have access to modern technology, now’s your chance. This property is extremely spacious and graciously offers that cozy vibe we know you love.

Luxury properties for rent in Cyprus
"Townhouse", Cyprus

This retreat is socked in the sun. allowing for a quiet, warm-weather getaway that will help you disconnect and de-stress without having to miss your modern-day internet necessities.

Best Eco-Friendly Water Bottles With A Charity Cause In 2021

Let's face it, snagging a highly coveted item on discount is untouchably a true accomplishment for every fashion-conscious gal out there. A true accomplishment that's made more meaningful when said item actually gives back what money is put in. Yes, my fellow eco-friendly living advocates, we would all love to snatch everything from our favorite virtual selves, but that's certainly not possiblenot if you want your purchases to have a positive impact on the world and the environment at least.

  “No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted, matters” You've probably heard a similar phrase from many fundraising campaigns out there. So you click on those "donate" buttons and hope for others to do the same. Even though these actions certainly help said causes, what if there was a way to incorporate them into your everyday shopping choices? There are some entrepreneurs who thrive on offering stellar, sustainable products while trying to make a real difference in their communities and in the world through another method of charity: #CleanWaterForAll.

Starting today let's make our future purchases count. Tomo bottles has graciously offered a side-wide 40%-off discount (use code fabulous20) with a charitable-home kick. Tomo donates a percentage of their profits from all orders placed on their official site to their Drop4Drop charity partneran organization that works with local communities across the globe helping those in need to gain access to clean water.

"With your purchase, you help provide clean water to those currently living without it, for the rest of their lives." In 2021, Tomo x Drop4Drop built a well for the Gudiyam St Village in Tamil Nadu, India. Before that, the 925 people in the community were using a water tap that only turns on once every 2 days, which is not nearly sufficient for a community of this size. On the days when the tap wasn't on, its members had to walk 2km to a dirty pond in search of water. Till now, more than 1.4 million people across India and Africa have already benefited from Drop4Drop clean drinking water projects.
Whether you're in the market for a glamorous luxury bottle to perfectly match your everyday style, a practical, eco-friendly alternative to plastic, or just hunting for a unique gift to give to your BFF, Tomo bottles put way more meaning behind our shopping spreesplanned or otherwise. Go on! Shop away, cause these 4.000 hand-embellished crystal bottles won't wait for long.

Jessi Who? Will Be Your New Favorite Comedy Series On Youtube

Jessi Who? Series on youtube
 There is certainly no lack of male comedians in the world but, as soon as women take over the mic, we cannot help but cheer! I am sure most of you know exactly what I'm talking about. I am referring to the super creative and utterly hilarious women who manage to steal your attention every time they take the stage. Let's be honest, we all need a good laugh.

"The Humor Gap"

If you are an avid 00's film watcher, then you probably remember the phrase that unconsciously stacked in the brains of thousands of teen girls who adored the Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging. During one of the earliest scenes in the movie, Jas mentioned that "Boys don’t like girls for funniness". You see, Georgia showed up at the costume party dressed as a stuffed olive, only to discover that all her friends had picked less funny and way more conventionally attractive costumes.

Even it was considered as a quick throwaway line, it showed a popular cultural trend of portraying men as funnier than women in comedy.  However, if you think that this idea was only present in teenage movies, you will be surprised to read Vanity Fair's article "Why Women Aren't Funny", which suggests that women "already appeal to men if you catch my drift". Thankfully the author, took some time to "investigate the reasons for the humor gap"- after all, why do we need humor when your vagina is more than enough to capture the attention of all men, am I right?

Female Comedians On The Rise Who Will Leave You In Tears

The idea that women are less skilled in comedy than men is obviously biased and inaccurate. However, it doesn't take long to realize that the comedy industry is a boy's club at the top (and bottom). Don't fret, because today we will focus on the female comedians that are absolutely crushing the gameand I am crushing on them. Many comedy die-hard fans might already know my new favorite female comedian, but I need all of Kdaily readers to be able to say with pride that they knew about her before she became a top name. 

Jessi Who? Series on youtube

The Los Angeles based first-time Director, Meredith G. Guerra, brings us a show that will surely help us escape the heaviness of the world today.  Let me introduce you to your next favorite Youtube series, "Jessi Who?", a new web series hitting youtube this year. New episodes will be available every Sunday starting at the end of May 2021no worries, there will still be plenty of engaging content in between. With BTS interviews, Blooper reels, fun promos, and mini sketches (Jessi Who? Beep Boops), it is safe to say that you will get more than enough chances to be part of the die-hard-fans that are about to take this female comedian to the next level of fame—cause trust me, she deserves it.

Jessi Who? The Youtube Web Series

This web series follows Jessi Who, an aspiring TV Show host Comedian who decides to move to LA to pursue her dream career. It didn’t take her long to realize that LA might not be exactly what we see on TV. Jessi Who brings us hilariously relatable honesty and a closer look at the everyday life struggles of young women with the help of many more diverse and exciting characters.

As she adjusts to her new reality, her best friend Aelys seems to have everything sorted out in her lifethe ultimate "LA look", a long-term girlfriend, and a stellar role in a hit show. Randi is cool, collective, and always tries to be supportive of her overly optimistic girlfriend, Aelys. After all, Jessi has to navigate through her insecurities, naivety, and unfit tendencies, as she finds herself on a road not only to self-discovery but self-recovery, because let’s face it – LA is not kind to the artistic mind.

Just in case you need even more reasons to unwind with some jokes for 10 minutes each week, this web series will also include an utterly amusing approach to the influencer culture with the addition of Jessi Who's young neighbors, known as "The Jays". We will also witness her continuous awkward run-ins with lady's man Wayneraise your hand if you can relateand her bartender confidant Roman. As every LA emerging star, Jessi had to find an acting coach, Agnes isn't exactly the most supportive person out there. Let's not forget Emily, the random chick who believes that spirit guides are the way, No, I did not unveil the entire cast and plot. There are still many more riotous encounters to discover. Just wait!

Take A Sneak Peek At "Jessi Who? Beep Boops" Mini Sketches

"Simplicity never felt so complicated"
The web series tackles many issues each of us might face at some point in our lives in a funny and light-hearted way. Her style oozes confidence and all of her characters are so incredibly relatable, they will leave you in tears.

How Can You Support The Project?

Jessi Who? Series on youtube
We have one goal, to remain simple and light-hearted
You have probably fallen in love with the storyline by now, but just in case you want to support the production of these web series, take a look at her INDIEGOGO campaign and get ready to receive some serious perks!

These Sustainable Water Bottles Will Add A Luxurious Touch To Your Spring Outfits

eco-friendly water bottles for 2021
I’ll admit it: I am absolutely horrible at staying hydrated. I am one of those gals that constantly need to set a water-reminder and swear by the water tracker apps some like-minded developers so graciously gifted us. It's not that I *never* drink water, it's more the fact that when I finally remember to do so, I’m so parched the best thing I can do is just gulp down water like there is no tomorrow. Luckily some much-needed lifestyle changes have finally helped me stick to this year’s H2O resolutions.

Let's face it, in 2021 there is no excuse for carrying plastic bottles around, not when there are a plethora of stellar water bottle options that are equal parts cute and functional. As we finally embrace the first rays of sunshine, our warm-weather essentials list certainly contains a few splurge-worthy water bottles to perfectly match our spring/summer fits to a tee. Yes, sometimes, we buy things because we already know they’ll look damn good in a photo, and even though this might be helpful when it comes to our seaside flat lays, it's certainly not the case for the luxurious water bottles ahead.

Sustainable luxury water bottles
Get $45 off with discount code: Fabulous20

My favorites list is filled to the brim with photogenic, yet extremely practical and sustainable water bottle options to deliver some blink to our daily street style looks. Tomo is here to keep hydration at the top of our heads, while also forcing us to flaunt our hand-embellished water bottles with confidence. Yes, these beauties won't make you think twice about keeping them out in the open at your office or at home. I don't know about you, but when I am sitting on the beach, sipping my much-needed H2O, you better believe that my bottle needs to be photo-worthy—and I am not even sorry.

Tomo Timeless Glam bottles are designed for women who can handle excessive compliments, so don't fret every time someone stops to ask you when she could get one for herself as well— sharing is caring babes. These 100% sustainable water bottles are made from the best eco-friendly materials featuring more than 4.000 crystals on each design, plus they will inspire you to carry them around with you at all times, which is a bonus point in my book. You better believe that these bottles are about to deliver you naturally glowing skin, blame it on the fact that you simply won't be able to stop drinking from them! It’ll be hard not to buy all of them, you've been warned.

Tomo Charity Partners

Sustainable cute water bottles charityThese water bottles aren't just your next go-to drink-wear, with every purchase you help provide clean water to those currently living without it, for the rest of their lives. Tomo has partnered up with Drop4Drop, with a sole purpose, #CleanWaterForAll. Over 1.4 million people across India and countries of Africa have already benefited from Drop4Drop clean drinking water projects.

6 Best Shapewear Styles For Women To Rock In Spring 2021

Best shapewear for women 2021
In case you haven't been paying much attention to the oh-so-boring infographics about each individual market size, let me be the first to break it to you. According to the Grand View Research analysis, the global shapewear market size value estimated at USD 2.62 billion in 2020, and based on the revenue forecast, it will expand to a whopping 3.81 billion in the next 4 years. I bet you didn't know that there is actually a rapid-growing lingerie industry right under your nose—you are welcome.

Blame it on Instagram influencers and celebrities who constantly manage to make us envy their newest shapewear purchases, or simply on the fact that despite our best efforts, going to the gym and exercising daily might not be an option for most of us. One thing is certain, the shapewear market is flourishing with no signs of slowing down any time soon. That's why today, we gathered some of the most coveted shapewear for women, including a few Padded Buttock Lifters to help you rock your super-fitted dress with ease.

Obviously, there is a huge demand for the best tummy control shapewear, shorts shapers like these super flattering Bomb Bottoms, and my personal favorite, full-body shaping underwear that works simultaneously on multiply areas of the body. However, not all body shaping underwear are created the same. With such a huge variety of styles, sizes, and colors, let's just say that you might feel justifiably confused the moment you decide that it's finally time to add one of these Dearest Fawn beauties to your cart.

Comfortable but and hip enchancing shapewear shorts for women

Don't fret! There are a plethora of other instant-slimming options you might need to achieve that super snatched look next time you have somewhere special to go. You know, those undies that are equal parts functional and cute to look at. Luckily, you can feast your eyes on all the best shaping underwear for women at Dearest Fawn—seriously, I had no idea there would be so many butt enhancing options, I am low-key shook! There are plenty of different styles designed to target different parts of your body according to your needs, ranging from Padded Buttock Lifters with Built-in Pads and Cutout butt shapewear, to body-sculpting shorts like the Curvvies® that don't include any type of extra padding or cutouts.

Then you have to take notice of the length and patterns. Dearest Fawn shapewear shorts, for instance, offer great support to your stomach and backside area, however, they don't cover the whole torso region. On the other hand, a hip-enhancing bodysuit covers the entire torso, but not your thighs. Also, there is the option of full coverage shapewear that controls your torso, waist, thighs while enhancing your booty. All of these options are great to wear, but you might prefer one over the other depending on your body shape and specific needs.

The Only Cute Retro Graphic T-Shirts You'll Need This Spring

Vintage graphic tees games, movies, pop

We all need a time off from our basic plain tees, but since the market is over-saturated with borderline tacky quotes like "true fashionista", "I have an attitude" or, my absolute favorite "I am a virgin, this is a very old t-shirt", let's just say that most of us are not too keen on the thought of pairing one of these beauties up with our favorite mum jeans.

While I mostly considered myself a vintage sportswear kind of gal, I definitely love the idea of adding yet anotheror maybe 10efficiently worn-looking retro tees to my collection. From all-time classic concert t-shirts from my favorite rock bands to cute graphic tees with an oh-so-special old-fashioned logo at the from, or maybe some unexpected gems sourced from the selves of my go-to local thrift shop, l seriously can't have enough!

Fun fact, I own a Cheetos T-shirt from the '80s that is so faded, It could definitely pass as a part of the tie-dye trend. Yes, I still proudly wear it around the city like I own the streets, thank you very much.

Affortable vintage graphic t-shirts online

I get it, not everyone loves a true vintage piece, especially if it comes with a few marks here and there. Well, fear not my fellow modern-day style enthusiasts. There are plenty of options available online that offer the same retro-aesthetic, without requiring a two-hour-long trip to the vintage store, or an extra 50$ check-out from eBay. Fair warning, the list below is filled to the brim with pop culture, movies, comics, and many more graphic tee options so you never have to settle for a less-than-perfect one again —just don't blame me for your spontaneous shopping spree.

Honestly, The Societee has a rather unexpectedly large collection of retro t-shirts and hoodies to choose from, ranging from memorable ’80s movie-themed styles (eg. The breakfast club and Bill & Ted) to a wide collection of horror ’80s and '90s big-screen gems. There’s even a stellar Street Fighter shirt design that I added to my cart 2 days ago. I seriously consider hunting for affordable, vintage-looking graphic tees to be one of my specialties, but if you still have your doubts, go ahead! Dig through the virtual selves of The Societee to find your own retro-style shirt to rock during all your future day-to-day shenanigans.

SKRIT Fights For Social Injustice With Their Latest Luxury Streetwear Drop

New luxury streetwear sustainable fashion brand

The underground streetwear culture surely on the rise, with no signs of slowing down any time soon. Blame it on the number of creative, emerging designers entering the picture as a way to express individuality, inspire change, and balance the scales of injustice through their unique artistic view. No matter the case, the streetwear sceneprimarily focused on skate, surf, and hip-hop cultures is now flooded with diversity, self-expression, originality, and huge doses of humanitarian activism.

Step aside, last year’s oversized graphic tees! There’s a new entry in the luxury streetwear world, and bold, unapologetic prints that showcase real-world issues are absolutely everywhere. Who do we have to thank? The fashion visionaries at SKRIT, obviously. Ever since the brand debuted its Winter/Fall 2021 collection, which is filled to the brim with limited-edition raw graphics printed on luxury materials, their efforts to raise social awareness through design, and social contributions were met with a like-minded audience.

Linited-edition Graphic t-shirt luxury streetwear

The brand name SKRIT originated from the word 'Sanskrit' which is also known as the mother of all languages, over 5000 years old. We define it as UNITY amongst all walks of life. SKRIT can also be used as a street slang for 'money' and the double meaning emphasizes our vision and lifestyle.
Undoubtedly I am a big fan of premium high street brands, especially if they carry styles that are able to deliver a strong message through visuals alone. Let's just say that SKRIT definitely ticks all my boxes. If you are as obsessed as I am with unisex street styles that actually catch everyone's eye, this might be exactly what you are looking for. 

SKRIT just released a new range of limited-edition styles, you can call it the latest luxury dropI call it streetwear staples. Their signature bold graphic tees and accessories feel pleasingly original while still looking minimal. With names such as "Angels Brigade", "Child Soldier", "Lethal Injection" and "Hustlers ambition" we surely get a pretty good idea of the various charitable causes they support. 

best luxury streetwear brands canada
"Our campaign was created to get the world's attention, not approval. Skrit is for the people, by the people."
A portion of their proceeds gets donated to various organizations such as the Vital Ground Foundation, which receives donations from their "Tiger T" line to address the current crisis in wildlife conservation and animal welfare. Need more? Their "Child Soldier" tee contributes to helping rehabilitate and relocate victims of war, while their "Fuck 12" collection helps raise awareness in the fight against police brutality. Moreover, they are dedicated to funding scholarships for aspiring law students passionate about addressing human rights violations and reforming police brutality.

underground fashion brand online

If you love the blend of fashion and culture, this label is preferred by men and women who enjoy high-end, statement styles made of 100% Supima certified cotton and the minimal aesthetic of traditional streetwear. Quick note, they also accept Bitcoin as a payment method.

Whether you are currently on the hunt for the perfect staple graphic tee for yourself or simply love to bookmark items for a future shopping spree with purpose, you can be sure that this brand has something unique to offer.

Best Tips & Hair Straighteners For Straight, Sleek Styles

Best straight hairstyles for women with long hair - Hair straighteners

Let's face it, whether you like to admit it or not, you have probably wanted to achieve the oh-so-sleek straight hair look at some point in your life. No matter if you are a curly gal like myself, or simply rock your wavy hair with pride, sometimes all your outfit needs is a high, tight ponytail to get you through yet another night-out with your BFFs. Then, there are those days when you forcefully try to perfect that straight-hair look with a frizz-free finish to match the business casual dress code of your important meeting.

Unfortunately, if you’re one of the thousands addicted to their flat iron (yes, I belong on this list as well), you’re probably very familiar with the fact that this love affair comes hand in hand with some pretty negative repercussions. You know what I am talking about. All those early mornings when you find yourself pressing your hair over, and over again in the hopes of transforming your "bad hair day" into something semi-presentable for the public. 

Low-end hitting tools along with the absence of proper hair straightening preparation are your one-way ticket to breakage. However, if you’re looking for a damage-reducing flat iron along with some hair care tips for straight hair to help you maintain your signature, sleek and shiny look without ruining your hair’s health, you’re in luck! There are some easy ways to update your hair care routine in order to match your need for long, straight, damage-free hair this season. 

Before straightening your hair, use some heat protection products 

Best affordable hair straightener for all types of hair

Rotating-wire hair tools are one of those life-saving inventions that really make it easy and quick to give yourself a long-lasting straight hairstyle, or simply have a quick touchup just about anywhere in no time. You see, back in the day, most affordable flat irons came with solid metal plates, which are basically the best way to deliver endless slip-ends and instant-breakage to your otherwise healthy, shiny hair.

The best affordable hair straighteners you can find online in 2021

MAC Styler Hair Straightener from Princessa De Glamz

Thankfully nowadays a new range of professional-grade hair technology is available to the public for just a few bucks. Seriously, some of the best high-performance hair tools with ceramic plates are surprisingly not as expensive as the one you'd think. So, what's the deal with ceramic plates? I hear you asking. Only that there is your best solution to reduce hair breakageand overall damagewithout risking your stands getting burned. 

Basically, you will keep your hair hydrated thanks to their ability to evenly distribute heat. Most importantly you won't have to compromise for a low-performance flat iron, because 1.5 inches ceramic plates can reach their highest temperature (450° F) within 30 seconds, and deliver and deliver your favorite straight hairstyle in less than 25 minutes—I'm talking about long, thick hair here. Cop our favorite damage-reducing flat iron that will offer damage-free locks, or easy straight hairstyles even on dull, fine, and dry hair.

Have A Spa Day At Home With These IPL Hair Removal Gadgets

Best at-home IPL hair removal device

Let's face it hair removal is undoubtedly the most time-consuming, overly expensive, and frustrating part of our self-care routine. If you are nothing like me, then congrats, you are "blessed" with ever-growing hair that never seems to take a day off. You see, I’m naturally a very hairy person, something that sadly cannot be missed since my hair is the darkest it could be. During my teen years, I didn't mind taking a few trips to the local salon for a few sessions of much-needed waxing. However, as I have gotten older — and significantly more impatient—my beauty routine priorities have started to shift. You see, I am a busy gal, and that can only mean that you can always find me searching for the new, best thing to save me time, money, and energy —yes, that includes my hair removal methods.

Even if I was still an avid beauty salon goer, due to them being shut down for almost an entire year now, I would have no choice but to turn to an at-home hair removal method for pearly smooth skin. Luckily, I have already dedicated quite a lot of time to conduct extensive research on how to have an ultimate spa day at home on a tight budget. I am about to drop all the secrets, so take notes. 

For those of you who are new to the DIY hair removal at-home method, you will be pleased to know that there is actually a fairly affordable gadget that promises to reduce your hair growth and deliver super smooth skin in no time. IPL laser hair removal devices are about to be your next painless method to a hair-free life—thank me later.

So, How does IPL At-home laser treatment works?

painless hair removal laser at-home
Pearl Skin Diva Professional IPL Hair Removal Handset

The laser delivers precisely controlled pulses of energy that quickly gets absorbed into the melanin or pigment in the hair and diminishes it over time. You can thank the scattered wavelengths of light that target your hair follicles, destroying them from the root. Intense Pulsed Light technology is perfectly safe to use if you follow the instructions (eg, avoid tanning beds, and direct exposure to the sun right after your sessions). Ready to turn your bathroom into your own private spa? Treat yourself to this top-rated at-home device by Pearl Skin Diva for expert-level results and kiss your monthly trips to the beauty-salon goodbye, because the results will be present in just 2-3 sessions.

By doing so you will also be supporting a newly founded, female-owned business that actively promotes self-love and holistic well-being by sharing easy-to-follow everyday practices to help you fall in love with yourself once again. Pearl Skin Diva thrives on women empowerment at any age, while focusing on all the ways you can practice self-care in order to distress, unwind and reset your mind to create a vibrancy that can’t be matched.

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