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Best Tips & Hair Straighteners For Straight, Sleek Styles

Best straight hairstyles for women with long hair - Hair straighteners

Let's face it, whether you like to admit it or not, you have probably wanted to achieve the oh-so-sleek straight hair look at some point in your life. No matter if you are a curly gal like myself, or simply rock your wavy hair with pride, sometimes all your outfit needs is a high, tight ponytail to get you through yet another night-out with your BFFs. Then, there are those days when you forcefully try to perfect that straight-hair look with a frizz-free finish to match the business casual dress code of your important meeting.

Unfortunately, if you’re one of the thousands addicted to their flat iron (yes, I belong on this list as well), you’re probably very familiar with the fact that this love affair comes hand in hand with some pretty negative repercussions. You know what I am talking about. All those early mornings when you find yourself pressing your hair over, and over again in the hopes of transforming your "bad hair day" into something semi-presentable for the public. 

Low-end hitting tools along with the absence of proper hair straightening preparation are your one-way ticket to breakage. However, if you’re looking for a damage-reducing flat iron along with some hair care tips for straight hair to help you maintain your signature, sleek and shiny look without ruining your hair’s health, you’re in luck! There are some easy ways to update your hair care routine in order to match your need for long, straight, damage-free hair this season. 

Before straightening your hair, use some heat protection products 

Best affordable hair straightener for all types of hair

Rotating-wire hair tools are one of those life-saving inventions that really make it easy and quick to give yourself a long-lasting straight hairstyle, or simply have a quick touchup just about anywhere in no time. You see, back in the day, most affordable flat irons came with solid metal plates, which are basically the best way to deliver endless slip-ends and instant-breakage to your otherwise healthy, shiny hair.

The best affordable hair straighteners you can find online in 2021

MAC Styler Hair Straightener from Princessa De Glamz

Thankfully nowadays a new range of professional-grade hair technology is available to the public for just a few bucks. Seriously, some of the best high-performance hair tools with ceramic plates are surprisingly not as expensive as the one you'd think. So, what's the deal with ceramic plates? I hear you asking. Only that there is your best solution to reduce hair breakageand overall damagewithout risking your stands getting burned. 

Basically, you will keep your hair hydrated thanks to their ability to evenly distribute heat. Most importantly you won't have to compromise for a low-performance flat iron, because 1.5 inches ceramic plates can reach their highest temperature (450° F) within 30 seconds, and deliver and deliver your favorite straight hairstyle in less than 25 minutes—I'm talking about long, thick hair here. Cop our favorite damage-reducing flat iron that will offer damage-free locks, or easy straight hairstyles even on dull, fine, and dry hair.

Have A Spa Day At Home With These IPL Hair Removal Gadgets

Best at-home IPL hair removal device

Let's face it hair removal is undoubtedly the most time-consuming, overly expensive, and frustrating part of our self-care routine. If you are nothing like me, then congrats, you are "blessed" with ever-growing hair that never seems to take a day off. You see, I’m naturally a very hairy person, something that sadly cannot be missed since my hair is the darkest it could be. During my teen years, I didn't mind taking a few trips to the local salon for a few sessions of much-needed waxing. However, as I have gotten older — and significantly more impatient—my beauty routine priorities have started to shift. You see, I am a busy gal, and that can only mean that you can always find me searching for the new, best thing to save me time, money, and energy —yes, that includes my hair removal methods.

Even if I was still an avid beauty salon goer, due to them being shut down for almost an entire year now, I would have no choice but to turn to an at-home hair removal method for pearly smooth skin. Luckily, I have already dedicated quite a lot of time to conduct extensive research on how to have an ultimate spa day at home on a tight budget. I am about to drop all the secrets, so take notes. 

For those of you who are new to the DIY hair removal at-home method, you will be pleased to know that there is actually a fairly affordable gadget that promises to reduce your hair growth and deliver super smooth skin in no time. IPL laser hair removal devices are about to be your next painless method to a hair-free life—thank me later.

So, How does IPL At-home laser treatment works?

painless hair removal laser at-home
Pearl Skin Diva Professional IPL Hair Removal Handset

The laser delivers precisely controlled pulses of energy that quickly gets absorbed into the melanin or pigment in the hair and diminishes it over time. You can thank the scattered wavelengths of light that target your hair follicles, destroying them from the root. Intense Pulsed Light technology is perfectly safe to use if you follow the instructions (eg, avoid tanning beds, and direct exposure to the sun right after your sessions). Ready to turn your bathroom into your own private spa? Treat yourself to this top-rated at-home device by Pearl Skin Diva for expert-level results and kiss your monthly trips to the beauty-salon goodbye, because the results will be present in just 2-3 sessions.

By doing so you will also be supporting a newly founded, female-owned business that actively promotes self-love and holistic well-being by sharing easy-to-follow everyday practices to help you fall in love with yourself once again. Pearl Skin Diva thrives on women empowerment at any age, while focusing on all the ways you can practice self-care in order to distress, unwind and reset your mind to create a vibrancy that can’t be matched.

Luxury Fashion Brands Use Blockchain To Promote Sustainability

Blockchain in the luxury fashion industry. With the rapid increase in demand for brands to follow more sustainable and eco-friendly practices, the luxury fashion industry started to look for efficient ways to showcase their ethically-made products. Blockchain technology is an innovative way to track, and trace the entire lifecycle of a luxury item from the manufacturing, up to the selling point and beyond. Moreover, it's a great way to fight counterfeit luxury items. 

Read the full story

Best Thrift Shop Clothing Finds Of The Week

Best Thrift Shop Clothing Finds Of The Week
I’m a woman of some very strange talents. To start off, I remember every lyric from every song I have ever heard more than twice—a skill that really only impresses people in the occasional at-home meet-ups or during my brief clubbing years almost a decade ago. Secondly, I am exceptionally good at anagrammatic reading. Yes, I know, let's say that this talent hasn’t been particularly useful (or attention-grabbing) since high school. Finally, I’m genuinely fantastic at finding high street or designer clothing at thrift stores before anyone else manages to get their hands on it, and usually for under $20. Let's all agree that vintage streetwear pieces from the 80s and 90s have that certain dusty aesthetic we simply can' get enough of.

I previously listed some of the best thrift shops online, in which you can find true vintage clothing that actually worth money for way less. So, if you are interested in coping a few The North Face puffer jackets from the 90's or those trendy Adidas three-stripes tracksuits from the 80s, that's the guide for you. However, we can always take some extra time to flex on our newest thrift store fashion finds—am I right?

Vintage clothing online shop
Over the past 13 years or so, I’ve cultivated a sense of personal style that walks the line between the vibrant-glam style of the ’80s and the minimal comfort of the ’90s. In the beginning, I relied on vintage aesthetic pieces that definitely looked like they belonged in another era, unfortunately, they were very much new. I needed to find some different, cost-effective ways to fuel my nostalgic fire of unisex streetwear and pop-glam,.

Funnily enough, these days, it’s so easy to score an affordable, thrift-worthy find from an online vintage store than it is to dig one up a hidden gem from a physical thrift store near me. But, if you are like me, then scouting the local thrift shop for hours at a time is one of your life's greatest joys.

best thrift stores online outfits

This spring, I have my eye on a few retro wardrobe musts—mainly matching tracksuits, oversized graphic tees worthy of a true unisex streetwear lover, bold print-covered pieces (like fuchsia-black zebra skirts and emerald satin button-up tops) just to name a few.
sustainable eco-friendly brands shopping
vintage sweaters shop online
Unfortunately, I cannot take you with me to one of my next thrift store adventures, but I can definitely round up a list of all my favorite vintage finds online for $100 or less. These affordable styles will definitely help you stay away from fast-fashion retails, I promise.

Pre-loved Vintage Streetwear 

The Best Deals To Refresh Your Home & Wardrobe This Spring

There’s an endless list of reasons to find the best shopping deals of 2021, and still, look incredible while doing it. Getting to treat yourself with some investment-worthy wardrobe and home essentials, or virtually anything else is definitely the runner-up in my book. Just because your most anticipated outing of the week might still be a trip to the grocery store, it doesn’t mean you can’t stock up on some fantastic Spring —and all-year-round— goodies to keep yourself motivated for the better days that are about to come.

 Don't worry, you won't have to aimlessly scroll every page on the internet to get up to 70% off the retail price of each item. Today's post is filled to the brim with some of the biggest bargains from your new favorite one-stop website. Yes, once again you will actually have the chance to support a small business, owned by immensely talented vendors.

From natural seagrass baskets to add the ultimate oh-so-boho feel to your living room, to heavily-scented soy wax candles to calm your body and mind, this week's top favorites list is not to be missed. Here’s a totally unprompted and not in any way planned idea: Time to get your hands on some beautifully-crafted jewelry too while you are at it. Scoring yet another pair of white triangle druzy earrings or a super classic style like the Onyx square danglers can never a wrong choice. Just saying! Plus, Pinacled will help keep your budget in check.

In case you need another excuse to do some much needed online shopping today, consider this your sign. If your pre-spring bargain-hunting for the 2021 trends you’ve been eyeing for so long doesn't' revolve around charm necklaces — undoubtedly the hottest trend— you can always score a Coconut moisturizing leave-in conditioner for a weekly self-care session. The list goes on and on.

Pinacled's carefully curated list of products comes from a broad range of brands and is constantly expanding. So, rest assured that you will be able to find even more deals if you check back regularly.

Maybe next time you will be able to upgrade your watch collection to inspire you to plan even more post-lockdown outfits, revamp a stale home decor set-up, or just stock up on all your favorite swimwear styles just in time for summer. Yes, they will still be steeply discounted.


Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Explained The Easy Way

The unfortunate side effect of being raised in a country where financial literacy education isn't exactly at the top of the list of subjects we get to study, the only real money advice I got as a teen was to save up, spend with caution, and repeat. There was never a talk of growth investments, stocks, or Forex. I just knew that whenever I got paid, part of the money should be kept away— even though I was always ended up blowing them away on Game boy cassettes, to be honest.

Fast-forward to my first freelance writing gig, I discovered the world of PayPal transactions — socking, I know— which quickly became my first e-wallet. You can call me paranoid all you want, but I absolutely despise the idea of sharing my bank details with a stranger. Simple! All I had to do was give out my PayPal address and voila! My 300 words English to Greek translation just landed me 15 euros anonymously.

Imagine my surprise when I first heard that Paypal had entered the cryptocurrency market in 2020. There I was, reading an oh-so-familiar word that I honestly didn't understand the meaning. And just like that, I was presented with a new world of anonymity with safe and secure transactions—population 5.8 million.

And now, I am overly excited to share with you an easy explanation of how regular peeps like me can use cryptocurrency

But, why we need these digital coins? Cryptocurrency is almost the same as Paypal, but with some key differences. Instead of giving your Paypal email address, you are sharing your unique crypto wallet address anonymously. Yes, there are actually many big-name stores that allow Bitcoin transactions like Nike, Walmart, and Target just to name a few. If you are one of those who still remember the Target cyber breach that hit 40 million payment cards in 2013, you probably already know the importance of secure, private, transactions.

How to Safely store digital currencies in your wallet

Similar to your Saint Lauren wallet, but you know.. actually secure. Cryptocurrency transactions don't involve any third parties (like the bank or government), each of them has its own wallet (either hardware or software). Once you get familiar with all the types of digital currency wallets, and have successfully purchased, two unique keys will be created - one for currency transactions, and a second (private) one to get access to your coins. 

 How can I transfer money to my wallet?

That was the first question that popped up in my head as soon as I started to learn more about the world of cryptocurrencies. Just like transferring money from your bank account to your Paypal, you can do exactly the same for your coin wallet. You can transfer money from your bank to your wallet from some cryptocurrency Exchange.

"A digital currency exchange (DCE), is a business that allows customers to trade cryptocurrencies or digital currencies for other assets, such as conventional fiat money or other digital currencies". See the full "Local Bitcoins Tutorial - How / Where To Buy or Sell Bitcoin using Credit Debit Cards, Cash and More" tutorial for more.

How Blockchain works - The simple explanation

Woah! Too much technical talk, girl!! Not exactly, the concept is pretty simple, the knowledge about the application part of this amazing technology is what blows my mind every time.

We invest everyday, into our lifestyle from our diets, entertainment, social + more. Why stop there ? Learn how...

Δημοσιεύτηκε από Cryptonix στις Παρασκευή, 7 Ιουνίου 2019

Blockchain is a type of diary, if you will, that stores information about all the transactions that happen in the network using encryption. Blocks (aka the information) hold everything from the date, time, and amount for each transaction. Each block has a unique ID for recognition purposes. If you have ever publicly used Bitcoin addresses for any type of transaction, anyone can see how many Bitcoins are in that address because of the blockchain, but because of cryptocurrency's anonymity, there is no way to know exactly to whom this address belongs.

However, Blockchain isn't only used by individuals, big and small businesses can benefit from the technology too. Since it is a decentralized public network that allows the user to store and securely transfer information and currency within seconds, and it's very accurate. Every action in it is recorded, stored, and available to anyone in this system.

How you can profit from cryptocurrency investments 

Thanks to Ctyptonix's free guide on Safely Buying, Selling, and Trading Crypto Currency, even the most complicated, advanced terms and ways are explained. Whether it's for personal or investing purposes. Everything in life is really an investment so check it out. Yes, you can actually make a profit from trading cryptocurrency for other coins in just a few easy steps. Even though it demands much technical research and analysis for your short or long-term investments, it is a great way to make money from home — just beware of the risks. 


The Best Online Workouts You Can Do At-Home With No Equipment

The Best Online Workouts You Can Do At Home With No Equipment
Is your fitness studio closed? I don't know about you, but coming up with my own at-home workouts certainly didn't go too well! Personally, I would much rather prefer taking an easy-to-follow online workout routine by expert Boutique Fitness instructors. Preferably from the comfort of my own home and that fits perfectly with my own daily schedule - Oh, and without having to pay for those expensive classes. Enter: the best online workout videos, because there are already enough bills to break the bank.

Don't get me wrong, scrolling through YouTube videos is always appreciated, and sometimes improvising a freestyle exercise is ideal but, if you're anything like me, you definitely need some super-easy- to-replicate workout sessions to get your sweat session on. I've always wanted to take those super-hot boutique fitness classes that are impossible to get into. The ones that seem like only models and celebs in NYC and LA get to take.

That's why today, I am sharing my latest obsession for at-home full-body workouts, including Barre, Mat Pilates, Sculpt, Bodyweight, Stretch classes online from - so of course, I had to let you know!

I also need inspiration and help getting motivated to work out as much as I should...(from LA’s top A-list instructors no less!). I really need to get out of my pj’s/leggings (which ones are they?) and get moving and get into my best quarantine shape ever!

easy at-home workout videos for begginers

That’s all the reason I need to get moving and go down a rabbit hole of fitness On-Demand Ballet Barre Pilates, Mat Pilates, full-body workouts, stretching & recovery, and body sculpting workout videos. In all honesty, I have spent much time binge-watching these fitness videos taught by LA's top certified A-list instructors- imagine it as a BodyselfieTV and chill marathon, with you know, no chilling.

No, you won't need any equipment, in fact, you won't even need weights - but you can use light hand weights for arm workouts if you want. All you need to create your mini at-home gym is a yoga mat, your own bodyweight, and a killer workout outfit. Got it? Great, because now we are going to dive deep into the exclusive world of Barre, Mat Pilates, and Sculpt - which used to be impossible to get into! Now I can work out on my own time, whenever and wherever I want, take unlimited classes - and choose whatever method I feel like that day any muscle group I want: arm day, leg day, ab day, full-body, stretch day - and with whichever

A-list instructor I choose! They are all top certified experts in their genres, highly motivating, and really focus on proper form so you avoid injury. They also give modifications during the workouts for all levels - whether you're a beginner or advanced. Yes, anyone can do it!

 Empowering and Inspiring Instructors:

Jeni DelPozo is one of the hottest Pilates instructors in Los Angeles, California. Jeni is a certified National Pilates and Barre Instructor who focuses on bettering women's lives through fitness practice and awareness. Her super-effective workouts include classical Pilates, Barre, and MAT Pilates exercises - I’m talking really small-space-friendly workout sessions for experienced pros and beginners. Start off with her famous Pilates 101 to learn the basics. All you need is room for a yoga mat and you'll be the next Pilates passionista!

California native Courtni Gidish will inspire you with her professional dance & fitness experience and healthy lifestyle. She shares her expert Barre, bodyweight workouts, and stretch routines based on her exclusive LA classes. If you're looking for the best booty workouts ever (let's be honest, we all are) - then you're in the right place. There is no better way to bring the fitness studio to your living room!

With Lauren Kleban's seratonin-inducing full-body workouts, you don’t need any experience to follow—and they are small space-friendly (as all of the other workouts featured in this list). Known for her super-exclusive celebrity favorite Sculpting Secrets workouts, Lauren Kleban uses her professional dance background to create A-list Barre and ballet-inspired fitness classes, delivering fun but oh-soo-effective serious sculpting workouts. Strong really is the new sexy!

Sarah Kusch is a world-class NASM certified trainer and extremely popular fitness and wellness expert in California. Her workout routines are designed to achieve your mind and body connection while reaching your fitness goals. All you need is a yoga mat and optional light weights to nail these 10-17 minutes full-body workouts on your living room floor, including her famous Rock The Plank and Tank Top Arms. Until now it's been impossible to workout with this form and alignment perfectionist - but now you can!

Shayk It Up with Shay Kostabi, the international Master trainer. Shay inspires inner and outer strength and female empowerment through her creative fitness classes that will motivate you every single time! An ACE certified Movement Specialist, Shay will take you through her famous Cardio Flow to her 10 Minute Arm Sculpt, 5 Minute Thigh Burner, and more.

No more excuses - you will become addicted to her workouts!

Stephanie Noelani is a super popular fitness expert and female empowerer, offering a variety of Barre and Mat Pilates workouts and Polynesian-inspired stretch classes. Stephanie's workouts are so highly effective and fun to take, you will be running to take her classes - on your own schedule! If you're looking for amazing abs, glutes, and legs exercises - this is it! Working out with Stephanie is like a fitness dream come true.

BodyselfieTV aims to empower women to gain inner and outer strength and help them reach their fitgoals. It's all about becoming your best self, inside and out. These On-Demand online workouts are meant to inspire and motivate women to get into their best shape, feel great, and be stronger and happier through the power of movement and exercise.

These are the best boutique fitness workouts and instructors in Los Angeles - and it’s nearly impossible to take their classes, which normally cost hundreds of dollars a month. Now I can workout anytime, anyplace, and select all the hottest classes I’ve always wanted to try - choose my instructors, (who btw...also wear the hottest fitfash!), play a pre-made Bodyselfie playlist, or create my own workout playlist with my favorites.
So let’s get moving, shall we? Start your 14-day free trial now - then just $22 USD a month - thank me later.

This Collection Is The Perfect Blend Of Self-Love And Streetwear

Even though October 10th is the World Mental Health Day, let's all agree that this long and hard journey towards healing should be acknowledged and talked about every single day. Even though we have managed to garner a bit more recognition on the subject of self-love, the way to destigmatize trauma, mental health issues, and everything in between, is still long and filled with ups and downs.

To be completely honest, this sector of health needs to be addressed on a broader scale than the current Mental Health awareness days and maybe a few dedicated tv-shows here and there. However, we cannot look past the fantastic, collective shift of our culture over the last decade. In the remarkable effort of some individuals to remove the stigma of mental health, promote self-love and positivity, there are now brands that dedicate their collections to support those who struggle on a daily basis.

mental health awarness clothing
 Wearing Utandra "Still healing" unisex hoodie
As someone who has always been open and perhaps, way too honest about my lifelong battle with depression, anxiety and panic attacks depression and panic attacks — starting at the age of 7 —, I couldn't be more excited to support the brands and all fellow individuals who face the same struggles as me and aren't afraid to share their experiences, despite the potential stigmatization that may follow.

self-love clothing hoodie
Social media has also played a role in reshaping the way we view mental health, especially with the help of many celebrities and influencers alike, who use their platforms and huge following to tell their own personal stories. It's evident that anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and all mental illnesses target everyone, no matter their age, gender, status, or lifestyle. If you are also in favor of spreading awareness like I am, maybe you could also help to de-stigmatize the conversation by supporting one of the brands aligned with our ongoing effort to re-love ourselves, spread positivity, and celebrate the much-needed process of healing.

mental health awarness quotes

Utandra offers a selection of empowering clothing items designed with uplifting messages and phrases. Their unisex range offers a selection of hoodies, t-shirts, and trousers with a variety of mottos and quotes related to mental health and self-love, like “still healing”, “highest form or art=you.” and "keep a pure soul."Apart from serving as a constant reminder that healing is a process that always gets rewarded in the end, Utandra is also a small business that deserves our support and recognition to keep adding empowering styles to their collections.

depression, anxiety, eating disorders clothing line

Whether you are currently on your journey to recovery or wish to be an active supporter of the cause, now is the perfect time to stock up on some basics that also carry a powerful message.

I Followed @joshua_ardoin Posing Tutorials-These Are The Results

Let's face it, knowing how to pose for photos—especially if you aren’t a signed model with 10 years of experience under your belt —can be extremely more difficult than you ever expect it to be. Yes, pretty much none of us can afford a skilled, on-demand photographer who can guide us through every step. But If you’re anything like me, you’ve likely experienced quite a few eye rolls the moment you asked someone to take a few photos of your new, killer outfit for the gram, only to hate every single shot they took no matter the effort. And while sometimes the outside elements are unavoidable or simply cannot be controlled according to your daily demands— I am looking at you, best friend who barely knows how to push the camera button —others can be easily avoided with some much-needed simple posing tips from a pro photographer.

"But, we have already established that I don't have a pro photographer on-demand" I hear you say. Well, luckily you don't have to visit an actual photography studio to receive all the helpful tips you need to turn your semi-presentable photos into insta-worthy shots. Take it from someone with 7+ years of experience trying to pose for social media content, only to get frustrated by the lack of quality (aka me), you need to let the professionals guide you.

instagram posing guide
Image By stokpic

Even though there are a few standard poses that quickly turn into viral photos on the ‘gram, achieving those oh-so-special snaps is way trickier, trust me. Photographers are pros at making their Instagram feeds look truly stunning. So, who's better to ask for posing tips and tricks than the experts? I talked to Houston based photographer Joshua Ardoin to get some special tips on how he poses his models for photos —from finding the best selfie angle to complement your face, to testing out some fresh and effortless-looking fashion poses. Consider this a masterclass in how to recreate some of the shots of the most double-tap-worthy model poses.

Testing The Poses

So, I followed Joshua's posing guide, keep scrolling to see the results, and a list of more photography tips on how to pose with your best friend, in a bikini and so much more. If you are a man, I got you covered, because his "Posing Tips For Men" guide actually became viral on instagram.

pose for photos tutorial
how to pose for photos instagram
instagram pose tutorial

posing tips for instagram
pro posing tips for instagram
The results are pretty good, don't you think? Don't forget that the best way to look calm, cool, and effortlessly chic in your photos is to actually be calm, cool, and effortlessly chic. If you are uncomfortable or feeling stressed, those emotions will be evident in your photos as well. Don't worry tho! Whether you are a photographer or a model, you can sign up to Joshua Ardoin's newsletter to gain access to more posing, editing, and lighting techniques to perfect for shots. Ahead, you will find some much-needed tips for various types of photography.

How This Self-Help Blog Will Help You Work On Your Personal Development

Setting New Year’s resolutions is a long time favorite tradition for most goal-driven people — and if we are being honest, breaking them is also a part of life. We all have some very specific ideas on how to plan and execute our oh-so-special "to-do" list as soon as the New Year kicks in, but turning our goals into action is surely something we all find ourselves struggling with each year.

Many of us focus on bettering our overall health and fitness, learning new life skills, finding the right partner or maybe looking for ways to practice the ultimate self-care rituals that will last for more than a month. Unfortunately, only a handful of us will follow through on those aims. So, how exactly can we make that pledge stick? How can we set 2021 New Year’s resolutions we’ll actually keep up with all year long? 

Why do I fail at my New Year's resolutions every single time?

easy tips to work on your personal development
Part of the reason so many of us can't seem to actually win is because we set the bar too high—I know that’s true for me. Yes, I’ve asked too much of myself, only to find out how daunting, time-consuming and generally unrealistic my goals were, with everything else I had going on.

What's the trick? Lower the bar and commit to it. Sure, you might be one of those people who can relate to educated, lengthy advice on how to set your goals like a pro, or better yet, how to master the law of attraction, etc—but all of these golden rules simply don't work for me.

On the contrary, I love receiving to relatable, small, practical, easy to process, pieces of advice from other people's personal experiences. You know, those life-bettering tips that are actually based on their past or present struggles, aiming to "educate" and help you make a new and improved habit or behavior permanent.

The world of self-improvement blogs

Self-Help blog for optimal living and goal setting

What are these Self-Help blogs that will inspire you to achieve your goals in life through relatable advice? I got you covered! Life Rules Blog can be a fantastic source of motivation and inspiration, which we can follow to achieve optimal living. Some articles will give you ideas of things to avoid, while others will provide you with reader-friendly methodologies on how to get there or how to improve yourself and your perspective on the way.

Most of the blog posts published on Life Rules are “list type” articles that are easy to read during your super busy day. It’s about finding simplicity in the daily chaos of our lives while trying to declutter our minds and focus on what’s important. Due to the minimalistic design, you will be able to find all the information you are looking for by browsing through the "categories" section.

If you are anything like me, you will be obsessed with the "Handling People" and "Relationships" categories - cause let me tell you, I do pretty much all the things listed as "not to do", and it's clearly hurting my social life. So if you’re ready to be addicted to success and learn more about how to improve your life skills, check out the blog’s inspiring content.

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