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I Followed @joshua_ardoin Posing Tutorials-These Are The Results

Let's face it, knowing how to pose for photos—especially if you aren’t a signed model with 10 years of experience under your belt —can be extremely more difficult than you ever expect it to be. Yes, pretty much none of us can afford a skilled, on-demand photographer who can guide us through every step. But If you’re anything like me, you’ve likely experienced quite a few eye rolls the moment you asked someone to take a few photos of your new, killer outfit for the gram, only to hate every single shot they took no matter the effort. And while sometimes the outside elements are unavoidable or simply cannot be controlled according to your daily demands— I am looking at you, best friend who barely knows how to push the camera button —others can be easily avoided with some much-needed simple posing tips from a pro photographer.

"But, we have already established that I don't have a pro photographer on-demand" I hear you say. Well, luckily you don't have to visit an actual photography studio to receive all the helpful tips you need to turn your semi-presentable photos into insta-worthy shots. Take it from someone with 7+ years of experience trying to pose for social media content, only to get frustrated by the lack of quality (aka me), you need to let the professionals guide you.

instagram posing guide
Image By stokpic

Even though there are a few standard poses that quickly turn into viral photos on the ‘gram, achieving those oh-so-special snaps is way trickier, trust me. Photographers are pros at making their Instagram feeds look truly stunning. So, who's better to ask for posing tips and tricks than the experts? I talked to Houston based photographer Joshua Ardoin to get some special tips on how he poses his models for photos —from finding the best selfie angle to complement your face, to testing out some fresh and effortless-looking fashion poses. Consider this a masterclass in how to recreate some of the shots of the most double-tap-worthy model poses.

Testing The Poses

So, I followed Joshua's posing guide, keep scrolling to see the results, and a list of more photography tips on how to pose with your best friend, in a bikini and so much more. If you are a man, I got you covered, because his "Posing Tips For Men" guide actually became viral on instagram.

pose for photos tutorial
how to pose for photos instagram
instagram pose tutorial

posing tips for instagram
pro posing tips for instagram
The results are pretty good, don't you think? Don't forget that the best way to look calm, cool, and effortlessly chic in your photos is to actually be calm, cool, and effortlessly chic. If you are uncomfortable or feeling stressed, those emotions will be evident in your photos as well. Don't worry tho! Whether you are a photographer or a model, you can sign up to Joshua Ardoin's newsletter to gain access to more posing, editing, and lighting techniques to perfect for shots. Ahead, you will find some much-needed tips for various types of photography.

How This Self-Help Blog Will Help You Work On Your Personal Development

Setting New Year’s resolutions is a long time favorite tradition for most goal-driven people — and if we are being honest, breaking them is also a part of life. We all have some very specific ideas on how to plan and execute our oh-so-special "to-do" list as soon as the New Year kicks in, but turning our goals into action is surely something we all find ourselves struggling with each year.

Many of us focus on bettering our overall health and fitness, learning new life skills, finding the right partner or maybe looking for ways to practice the ultimate self-care rituals that will last for more than a month. Unfortunately, only a handful of us will follow through on those aims. So, how exactly can we make that pledge stick? How can we set 2021 New Year’s resolutions we’ll actually keep up with all year long? 

Why do I fail at my New Year's resolutions every single time?

easy tips to work on your personal development
Part of the reason so many of us can't seem to actually win is because we set the bar too high—I know that’s true for me. Yes, I’ve asked too much of myself, only to find out how daunting, time-consuming and generally unrealistic my goals were, with everything else I had going on.

What's the trick? Lower the bar and commit to it. Sure, you might be one of those people who can relate to educated, lengthy advice on how to set your goals like a pro, or better yet, how to master the law of attraction, etc—but all of these golden rules simply don't work for me.

On the contrary, I love receiving to relatable, small, practical, easy to process, pieces of advice from other people's personal experiences. You know, those life-bettering tips that are actually based on their past or present struggles, aiming to "educate" and help you make a new and improved habit or behavior permanent.

The world of self-improvement blogs

Self-Help blog for optimal living and goal setting

What are these Self-Help blogs that will inspire you to achieve your goals in life through relatable advice? I got you covered! Life Rules Blog can be a fantastic source of motivation and inspiration, which we can follow to achieve optimal living. Some articles will give you ideas of things to avoid, while others will provide you with reader-friendly methodologies on how to get there or how to improve yourself and your perspective on the way.

Most of the blog posts published on Life Rules are “list type” articles that are easy to read during your super busy day. It’s about finding simplicity in the daily chaos of our lives while trying to declutter our minds and focus on what’s important. Due to the minimalistic design, you will be able to find all the information you are looking for by browsing through the "categories" section.

If you are anything like me, you will be obsessed with the "Handling People" and "Relationships" categories - cause let me tell you, I do pretty much all the things listed as "not to do", and it's clearly hurting my social life. So if you’re ready to be addicted to success and learn more about how to improve your life skills, check out the blog’s inspiring content.

The One-Stop Website That Does All The Sustainable Shopping Research For You

Sustainable living goes beyond your fashion, beauty, and skincare shopping choices. Even though we mostly focus on all the categories above, the meaning behind the phrase "sustainable lifestyle" is not a catch-all term for anything that relates to fashion that isn’t fast or to skincare packaging that isn't made of plastic.

Sustainable living pertains to the sourcing, manufacture, and distribution of the product you swear by. Does the company thrive on diversity, fair labor, and human rights? Are they offering the same opportunities to men and women? How about the social impact they have on the world around them? Maybe they actively contribute to the pollution of the Earth. What the communities that surround their operations really have to say about their tactics? All these questions are vital if you want to know if a brand adheres to sustainable and ethical practices. Usually, the answer is much more complicated than a simple "yes" or "now". 

"Do I need to spend 4 hours researching the ins and outs of a brand just to purchase a pair of sneakers?" I hear you ask. Well, not exactly. If you are anything like me, then you love to spend time investigating every brand that looks slightly interesting but, In case you are a normal human being, thankfully, there is a website dedicated to defining in details what sustainable companies are, and which brands are doing it the right way. 

Sites that research slow-fashion Eco-friendly, Ethical  brands

With the help of Arbor, you will be able to have definitive answers to all the questions below, along with a ton of stellar recommendations and ideas on how to be more sustainable with your clothing, beauty, skincare, and home products choices. You will also learn about all brands and designers that are doing a good job already.

From the terrific impacts of fast fashion and your potential contribution to iceberg depletion to a plethora of free information about how well each company aligns with your values, Arbor is your one-stop-website to guide you to a more sustainable lifestyle.

Your Guide To Ethical Shopping

Whether you need a new pair of planet-friendly sneakers to wear every single day this season, a cute, neutral color lipstick, perfect for your Zoom calls, or a set of handcrafted bowls produced ethically, there’s a sustainable brand waiting to give you exactly what your wardrobe, home or beauty drawer is missing.

1. Make your values known. Since most of us are interested in different topics, it only makes sense to have personalized recommendations. Maybe you care more about protecting the environment, or you are a human rights activist, trying to stay as far away as you can from everything fast-fashion related. Feel free to use Arbor's Index Score, or personalize your experience and choose your own values.

2.Whether you are trying to figure out if a company truly aligns with your values, or simply looking for exciting new products to try, definitely put your trust in Arbor's searching system - and their money-saving deals. 

3.You already have an ethical shopping list but you are still not sure about the origins of each and every product in it? Arbor provides a list of ethical companies with higher scores than the ones you are currently shopping at. Plus you will be receiving coupons that align with your values.

Eco-friendly, Ethical Shopping , the list

The North Face, check ✓ / Local Shopping, check ✓ / Beauty Counter, check ✓

Seriously, it has become so easy to shop sustainably, there’s no excuse not to. While some items can be on the pricier side (even though there is most likely a coupon to fix that), there are plenty of affordable options. It’s just a matter of priorities.


Shapewear That Are Actually Comfortable Enough To Wear Every Day

Breathable comfortable shapewear
If you follow any member of the Kardashian family or even celebrities like Jessica Alba and many fitness influencers, you’ve probably seen them post a pic or two showing off a corset-like type of underwear called “waist trainer” that (judging by the name) promises to make your waist look tiny and your whole silhouette more exaggerated and well-defined.

In case you’re above the age of 25 and don't follow any reality tv-stars on social media, waist trainers are a form of shapewear made of constructed bands, featuring specific fabrics and technology that aims yo smooth your waistline and deliver the oh-so-special hourglass figure most young women swear by (according to Instagram statistics). Judging by the pictures that many celebrities and regular, everyday women have posted online, some of the best shapewear bodysuits can quite literally make your waist look like you just escaped from a Victorian movie.

Breathable comfortable shapewear

Just like any other type of exercise, waist training (no matter if it is performed at the gym or at home) needs effort and consistency. Shapellx reviews paint a much more clear picture on the subject of shapewear. The devices work fantastic when seeking temporary results—a big night out, a special date, etc—But in order to ensure long-lasting results, your diet and overall lifestyle should align with your work out routine. Yes, regular and plus size waist trainer styles are more than able to reshape your body or trigger fat loss if used correctly.

If you aren't sure that waist training is for you, there are a plethora of other instant-slimming options, such as shipping briefs, bodysuits, and pretty every else you might need to achieve that super snatched look next time you have somewhere special to go. 

There are plenty of different varieties designed to target different parts of your body according to your needs, ranging from tummy control bodysuits to hip-enhancing briefs with extra padding. 
affordable, breathable shapewear plus size
AirSlim™ Tummy Slimmer and Butt Lifter Compression Shaper / AirSlim™ Lycra Backless shapewear / NeoSweat™ Firm Control Double Belts Waist Trainer 

Even if you faking the illusion of an hourglass silhouette isn't your top concern, shapewear also offers the versatile option of being the perfect "just in case" underwear. You are all familiar with wardrobe malfunctions usually in the form of super short skirts and flowy dresses that fail us every time the wind starts to blow. It's basically your news wind-proof wardrobe staple that just makes you feel more comfortable regardless of the weather situation. 

This Is How You Can Buy The Best Vintage Cashmere Sweaters

Go ahead, name one thing that feels more luxurious, and snuggly than the supersoft, homelike comfort of cashmere. Exactly, there is nothing like it - especially if you don't end up spending your whole month's rent money to get your hands on it. Honestly, you simply cannot deny that all of us have a soft spot for infinitely layer-able, expensive-looking sweaters we can actually get away with wearing all day every day. 

I know what you think. We have all seen the movies where the main protagonist walks into the country club (or yacht, of course) wearing a head-to-toe cashmere outfit. Let's be honest, Cashmere has always seemed super luxurious to me, and therefore, undoubtedly out of my budget. Just like timeless handbags, belts, and all types of leather accessories, cashmere sweaters must be an investment only for the select few, right? Wrong! I bet most of you never checked out to see how much it actually costs. Well, I finally did, and oh boy do I have news for you. There are a ton of preloved cashmere sweaters that give the ultimate luxurious vibes, ready to turn you into a layering pro this season for less than €50.

cashmere sweater designer

But, how exactly am I going to get my hands on a staple investment piece that won’t drain my savings account? I got you, covered. I gave myself the mission of scouting the internet in order to find gorgeous, second-hand cashmere sweaters within my price range, and honestly, it didn’t take too long to find a plethora of chic options no matter your age or sense of style. In fact, most of these picks don’t come anywhere close to the €100 mark I initially had in mind. These mostly fall in the €40-€60 range, which is more than reasonable considering the original price of a brand new piece.
Buy affordable cashmere sweater
If you love to explore new options from independently established businesses with more than 26 years of experience in the vintage-selling industry, you will be pleased to hear that Softtouch Cashmere falls into this exact category. They are a family run business that has been trading in designer cashmere sweaters since 1994 (yes, that's the year I was born).Softtouch Cashmere first started selling small quantities of used clothing to large companies. The vintage movement became extremely popular in 1995, selling vintage clothing on Camden market in London was the next reasonable step to take at that time. Today they focus on pure cashmere knitwear, sold directly from their online shop to customers worldwide.

No matter if you are choosing second-hand shopping as a way to actively help reduce the pollution of the earth and landfill waste, or you are simply in it for the thrill, in case you don’t already own at least one cashmere, cardigan, sweater, or scarf in your wardrobe, it's time to stock up on some amazing wallet-friendly deals.

Unique & Sustainable Jewelry You Will Want To Wear Everywhere

unique handcrafted earrings from small brands
What’s your fashion obsession? Some people have a thing for shoes and hunt down all the latest trends to add to their growing collections. Others can't leave the house without a statement bag or belt to complement their sense of fashion. All of these items are cute, but if you’re on the hunt for the best blings money can buy, finding the perfect pair to add to your jewelry box can be one of the most exciting quests.

Colorful earrings—from vibrant yellow, ruby red, royal blue, and bold violet just to name a few, are unique and timeless statement pieces that belong in every jewelry collection. Whether you prefer to choose show-stopper earrings based on your favorites colors, interesting shapes,- or, if you simply love everything crochet wire stitched and 100% handmade, there’s chic and super versatile pairs that can complement your personal style -Who says we can't wear seals, welds, and crystals with our favorite street style outfits, am I right?

unique handcrafted earrings from small brands

Let's be honest, handmade jewelry is a great way to showcase your love for women-led businesses that offer unique styles and discreetly incorporate bolder colors that can effortlessly complement all your outfits - without acting like their rivals. From fine jewelry selections featuring the perfect crochet wire stitch to chic, bold styles with colorful crystals and everything in between, there’s definitely a unique piece for every taste and budget in the list above.

Go bright with a dazzling 18k Gold plated drop earring, or keep it simple and elegant with the right amount of red and blue sparkle—the options for sustainable handmade earrings from MIKA are limitless. Ready to cop a pair (or three) for your own collection? I got you covered, these unique styles have undergone some serious effort to be selected in this awesome brand house that is the MIKA website.

Do you need yet another excuse to stock up on some stellar exclusive jewelry? How about sustainable packaging that includes actual flowers? Yes, you heard me right. Even though leading brands carry the title of popularity, nothing beats the excitement of receiving your beautifully packaged order from two friends who met in Lisbon and fused their Canadian and Brazilian cultures, creativity, and mindset to promote women empowerment in all the small details from packaging to their selection of brands they work with. 

MIKA is powered by women, and led with bold intuition - like their slogan says: its Spirited Curiosity.  

MIKA's aesthetic is prominent in their luxury packaging, made from recyclable and sustainable material. Each order includes lavender vines from a small flower shop in Lisbon called @ohmariaflores, because they believe your jewelry should be an experience of the senses - and who could deny that. Whether you are looking for a beautiful gift idea for your friend or simply getting ready to rock a pair of gorgeous earrings this Spring, consider this your sign. Happy Shopping! 

Best Dead Sea Mineral Skincare Products With Natural Ingredients

Let's get one thing straight; I am a moisturizer stan, including creams, gels, and lotions. If there is a formula that promises to give me skin as soft as a baby's, You bet your sweet life I'm going to snatch that bottle out of the shelve real quick-well, virtual shelve, to be more precise. My hunt for the best face (and body) moisturizer has been a long one, and my list is far from complete. Blame it on my skin, that never seems to be able to decide what its type is, or only on the fact that whether I am ready to crawl into bed at night or start a brand new day, a high-quality moisturizer is non-negotiable for me.

But considering that new formulas pop up left and right every single day, claiming to be the best facial moisturizer the world has ever seen, it's impossible to test and decide which products agree with my complexion- and don't cause severe breakouts in the process.

Best Dead Sea Mineral Skincare Products

So lucky for you (and very unluckily for my skin), my obsession with everything moisturizing has led me to many trials and errors to find the ingredients that offer super-soft-skin and intensive moisture - without breaking the bank. Yes, I'm talking about plant-based, lightweight formulas that absorb quickly, are paraben/cruelty-free, and can be applied from day tonight.

Best Dead Sea Mineral Skincare Products

If we're talking moisturizers for normal/dry skin, be on the lookout for formulas jam-packed with nourishing oils and minerals. These ingredients will keep your skin soothed and hydrated throughout the day - even during the driest months of the year. However, even the best facial moisturizer won't deliver the ultimate results unless you follow the oh-so-effective routine all dermatologists suggest: 

·- Take a few seconds to clean your skin of dirt and makeup in the softest way imaginable.

- Exfoliate and deep cleanse your skin with a lightweight gel that promises to leave your skin smooth and bring and then it's time to slip on a silky formula that absorbs quickly and gives long-lasting hydration - your dry skin will thank you.

But, for those of us with oily-prone skin, a moisturizer is even more effective when used in combination with soap and a purifying peeling formula to remove the excess oil from your skin. That's why it's called a skincare routine and not a skincare one-step, people!-your efforts will pay off, I promise.

No matter your skin type, committing to these easy steps mentioned above is a must. In fact, if you skip this step, your skin might compensate and produce even more oil to try and stay hydrated or show signs of premature aging-if you are on the dry side. I know, no one needs or wants that. Scroll down below to shop some of our favorite moisturizers that come in all-in-one collections, to keep your skin looking smooth and glowy from winter to summer.
Best Dead Sea Mineral Skincare Products

The gentle facial cleaning gel, jam-packed with Dead Sea Minerals, Sesame & Grape Seed Oils Rosehip Oil, will clean your skin without causing any irritations. We cannot get enough of our hydration creams, especially if they offer deep moisturization throughout the day. Infused with Dead Sea Minerals, Vitamins E & A, Allantoin, and Chamomile Extract, this cream will provide the ultimate nourishment. What more can we ask? Mineral-Rich Peel Gels are known for being an exfoliation must-have, and this one uses Dead Sea Water, Papaya Fruit Extract, Aloe Vera & Chamomile Extracts, Cucumber Extract, Seaweed Extract to deliver the ultimate level of deep cleansing action. 

Best Dead Sea Mineral Skincare Products

This mineral-rich collection is what your dry skin needs right now. It will preserve your skin's moisture, cleanse, and restore your skin's healthy glow. The mud soap is formulated from Dead Sea Minerals and mud, a unique, all-natural way to clean your skin from dirt and excess makeup. The toner will instantly refresh your skin with the power of the pro-vitamin b5 vitamin and cactus extract. The essential moisture face cream is, well, necessary and rich in Dead Sea Minerals, Aloe Vera & Chamomile Extracts, to name a few. Enjoy moisture like never -oh, and don't forget to use Purifying Peeling Milk with Apricot Seeds once a week to achieve your skincare goals.

This Slow Fashion Athleticwear Brand Is Definitely A Must-Have For 2021

small ethical activewear brands
For most of us, going out might still be a long-term dream but, that's no excuse to give up on your fitness routine- even if that means stealing 20 minutes out of your day for some much-needed yoga time. The winter of isolation is definitely a long one, nonetheless, it can be the perfect opportunity to try something new, pick up a hobby, or even spend our days doing some serious self-reflection. For me a few minutes of yoga just before my bedtime works wonders on my mood- yes that's my excuse for my most recent shopping sprees. If you are anything like me, then your 2021 wishlist is already in the making and it's filled with the cutest activewear the world has ever seen. Whether you are interested in adding luxury women's fitness clothing to boost your next workouts, or, simply looking to invest in some wardrobe staples to rock the oh-so-trendy athleisure look this Spring, supporting female-owned fashion brands is a must.

I am sorry to the giant, mainstream fashion labels out there, but I would rather place an order on a super creative and inspiring female-owned business that is actually trying to leave her mark in this oversaturated industry- let's not support the usual "boy's clubs" at the top structure yet again in 2021. Yes, we have seen some extraordinary women with empowering stories to tell, launching their own brands, learning how to navigate their way around the world of business, manufacturing, textiles, learning about the new fashion trends, handling eCommerce and so much more- let's also show our recognition!

small ethical activewear brands

If you love to explore new options from emerging independent brands that keep themselves away from fast fashion and its tremendous humanitarian and environmental impacts, I got you covered. You know, the brands that offer the perfect balance between fashion and activewear - bonus point if they actually carry versatile mix and match styles to wear all day every day. Luckily in 2021 you no longer have to choose comfort over style.

Female owned slow fashion yoga brand
sustainable streetwear brand
Enter Maeya, the luxury sportswear brand that ticks all the boxes above (and many more). We can never have "too many" comfy casual clothing, we could actually get away with wearing indoors, as well as outdoors, especially if our collection is curated to allow multiple outfit choices with no further purchases. 

Maeya's founder Somaiah is an experienced fitness competitor, and personal trainer, who is passionate about creating leggings that are elite in function, wearability, fashion, and comfort. In 2019 she decided to follow her passion and learn everything about textiles and the ins and outs of the fashion industry and manufacturing processes while working as a full-time trainer.

eco friendly activewear brand

Almost a year later, Somaiah has designed and launched 4 amazing collections, all based on her eternal love for quality and comfort, and of course, fitness. "I've learned the highs and lows of the world of business (the ruthless competition) and spent countless days and nights perfecting my garments with nothing but a measuring tape and faith in my vision. I once slept at 5am trying to perfect a pair of shorts." she shares. But Maeya Clothing is actually a two-man show. Her partner (in business and in life) Toby, is also in charge of all the campaign photos, website creation, and social media channels - don't forget the customer support, packaging, and shipments.

If you’re trying to save money and don’t plan on shopping at all, don’t worry. Following hard-working small-businesses on social media, interacting, and sharing their content is another great way to show support.

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