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Where To Shop Authentic Leather Bags Under The $200 Mark

Usually, I am able to pick a few key trends to incorporate in my day to day outfits. You know, the ones that are definitely a hit every given season. Even though I can't have enough of my plaid trousers and maxi puffer coats, I always try to invest in some versatile, timeless pieces that will last me more than just a few seasons. As I started building my 2021 wardrobe ( winter and summer essentials), I can't help but notice that even though trends come and go, there is always one item that follows us around no matter the season: Leather bags.

Whether it's in the form of a structured belt bag, a classic tote, or a puffy slouch bag, seems like there is always room for a few more styles in our closets. I know, not everyone has the budget to invest in a giant fashion house name. Well, you will be surprised to hear that there a lot of independent designers offering the same (or even better) quality at a much more affordable price. Why not support a female-owned business instead of the same old mainstream names? No matter if you are looking for a casual, laid back luxe approach to leather or an authentic, high-end style for the office, I got you covered.

Best affordable leather handbags
Best affordable leather handbags

Ever since indie brand Laborzza came on my radar and introduced its "SERIES 8" collection, the handbag game changed, making me crave some minimalist handbags. The fanny bag game is still very strong, so consider kicking your structured staples to the side, because there is nothing more comfortable than wearing one of these beauties.

Best affordable leather handbags

The enduring appeal of minimalist leather goods with an attainable price tag is very understandable. You will be happy to hear that this collection doesn't reach the $200 mark-which is pretty rare for authentic high-end leather goods. Laborzza, founded by Nabintou K and Lionel B in 2015, is located in NY city. In case you aren't a big fan of my favorite bam bags, fear not! They carry a variety of different handbag styles, exactly what we want draping over our summer dresses and winter fuzzy coats.

Best affordable leather handbags

Let's say that the quality to price ratio on every design is surely stacked in your favor.

Your 2021 Guided Meditations For Healing, Relaxation & Attraction

guided meditation
I have never been able to stay still for more than five seconds, blame it on my addiction to caffeine or, on my total inability to stay focused on something for too long. However, 2020 was a year of change. With social distancing and self-isolation, my anxiety has sky-rocketed - not to mention my constant mood swings. Over the past 5 months, I was desperately looking for something to take my mind of the hard reality we currently still live in and help me get my motivation back.

Physical distancing, even though necessary, might have severe consequences on someone's mental health- I know it took a big toll on mine. So, instead of following the same old habits, expecting different results, try meditation. Not only will it get you through your current mindset, it also helps you stay relaxed and focused on your goals.

Benefits of meditation

guided meditation

Stress is the number one reason for our lack of good quality sleep, increased blood pressure, and depression. In reality, our minds are constantly thinking about the past or worrying about the future. Some forms of meditation focus on improving our outlook on life, while others focus on different aspects like love and wealth attraction. No matter your current needs, there is surely a meditation guide just for you.

If you are like me, staying focused on something for long periods of time might seem like a very hard task. Well, through meditation we can strengthen and endurance of our attention, everything comes down to practice and dedication.

guided meditations
Image by Jr Corpa
A recent study on people with age-related memory loss showed that meditation can actually improve performance on neuropsychological tests while increasing one's attention and memory. Yes, a few minutes of meditation time will improve your overall quality of life.

Meditation audios for beginners and pros

detitaion guides
So where can you find some amazing downloadable audios? Etsy, and more specifically KundaliniXshop. Carmen Wilson's Guided Meditation Audios put the body in a deep sleep while the mind remains fully awake, taking you out of this world and into a state of deep healing. She offers a mix of spoken subliminal affirmations, binaural beats, Alpha and Theta brainwave entrainment, and high-quality healing music that actively helps your mind rest and reprogram. Every guided meditation can be immediately downloaded and kept for a lifetime.

Some of my favorite sessions: Attract Clients Mirror-Work Meditation, perfect for every type of business owners who need help to reprogram limiting beliefs that are blocking them from receiving more clients and money. 

I AM Guided Meditation, a deep healing session that will help you spot and change what is blocking you from living your highest and best life.

So, sit down in a quiet room with dim lights, "filled" with lavender aroma, and start working towards bettering your state of mind this year. I know I am.

This F/W 20 Collection Is The Ultimate Blend Of Streetwear And Culture

underground streetwear brand winter jacket collection
The underground streetwear culture is slowly but surely on the rise, with no signs of slowing down any time soon. Blame it on the number of the new, up and coming designers entering the scene as a way to express their culture and unique point of view or simply on the fact that more and more people are sick and tired of "the basics". No matter the case, the scene is flooded with diversity, self-expression, and originality.

Thankfully in 2021, there isn’t a shortage of gender-neutral streetwear in the urban style industry. Sure, placing yet another order with one of the leading multinational brands might be a very compelling thought but, no one can deny our need to explore other options apart from what the mainstream fashion labels have to offer. I have always been interested in having an eye out for emerging designers. You know, those who offer the dopest collections that are blessed with the artist's unique touch. It would only be fair to start off the New Year with some exciting new releases that have me excited right now.
underground streetwear brand winter jacket collection
F/W 20 Puffer Jacket Wine
Strategically Designed
Undoughtably I am very intrigued by premium high street brands, especially when they draw their inspiration from different aspects of our everyday life, like fashion, technology, music, and food. Let's just say that THIRDEYE Worldwide is definitely a name I will be adding to my 2021 wishlist. This independent contemporary streetwear label managed to create a space for cultures to collide and be embraced by natives and non-natives alike. Utilizing a monochromatic palette, they offer modern, yet minimal silhouettes and wardrobe staples sold at a fair price.

underground streetwear brand winter collection

Black owned streetwear brand 2021 collection
F/W 20 Puffer Jacket- Pine Green

Walk by faith, not by sight

underground streetwear brand
Full Zip Crystal Logo Hoodie

One cannot have too many puffer jackets, that's exactly why THIRDEYE Worldwide's latest FW20 Puffer Jackets drop caught my attention from the moment I laid eyes on their iconic wine red jacket that has enough "puff" to keep you warm through winter. Moreover, investing in an independent brand means that you won't get irritated every time another person wears the exact same outfit just a few meters away. If you love the blend of fashion and culture, this label is preferred by men and women who enjoy high-end styles combined with the minimal aesthetic of traditional streetwear.

6 Affordable Rings For Minimalists

Affordable stacking rings that go with everything
Whether you have been working from home wrapped in your favorite loungewear all day or having the opportunity to get dresses in actual streetwear for a change, a bit of sparkle instantly better your mood. Choose any outfit, add a little blink, and boom! It just received a huge upgrade. Now, if you are anything like me, then you might be feeling a bit embarrassed about your jewelry collection. Let's just say that I have been stacked with the same old pieces for quite some time now. Don't get me wrong, simple yet elegant designs will never go out of style but, there is no reason to avoid adding something extra to your jewelry tray - especially when they come with a super affordable price tag.

As a sucker for delicate stacking rings myself, I was delightfully surprised by how many different pairs one can find right now. Some of the best designs come in all kinds of shapes and styles, from classic and discreet to sparkly and super noticeable. You also need to decide how much bling you want on your finger- which I always find difficult. Scroll through below to get a glimpse of some super cute, affordable styles. Prepare yourself because you’re going to want to add every single item to your cart when you see these cute, little hearts and flowers.

Affordable stacking rings that go with everything
I can't help but picture how gorgeous these Cubexican Crew rings would look with a simple gray sweater set, with a head-to-toe neutral outfit or, or better yet with my all-time favorite black velvet dress for the ultimate night out look - as soon as the restrictions are over. The point is, these rings are super versatile whether you are planning on stacking them up with each other or with a few pieces from your pre-existing jewelry collection. 

Of course, If you adore minimal styles, or prefer necklaces over rings, fear not! Cubexican Crew has many chic options for you too. These jewelry pieces are ready to arm up every outfit you own- from loungewear to full-on glam.

5 Luxury Streetwear Finds To Rock All Year Round

Prada sneakers
This is the time of year for unapologetically wrapping ourselves in layers upon layers of knitwear, sitting on our favorite spot, and receiving a big amount of Winter 2021 sales emails. Blame it on my endless love for luxury handbags or simply on the fact that most designers recently dropped a ton of behind the scenes footage to get us through the winter of self-isolation. Having spent the last 7 years looking at expensive clothes and accessories, It's safe to say that I can spot a good deal from miles away - even though I tend to go for vintage options at the end of the day. Sure, you may not have the budget to collect each one of those pieces, but that doesn't mean you can't add them to your 2021 wishlist for future reference.

What's a better way to start off this year than with a carefully curated list featuring only the most obsessed-over and loved designs I've saved? A while ago I was quick to jump on the "trendy" train and all its seasonal drops - turns out most of my designer purchases are now completely "out of style". But these days my shopping list consists of timeless, super versatile future buys that will definitely stand the test of time. My personal-style essentials include many seasonless bags and shoes such as all-white sneakers, nude or black leather bags, and premium quality jeans. As you can see all of them are neutral enough to wear everyday with pretty much all my favorite vintage streetwear and still look cute AF.

So below you'll find an edit of 5 luxury items that I believe to be a true investment in our wardrobe.
Prada sneakers

High rise straight jeans
7 For All Mankind Topanga High-Rise Straight Leg Jean, $99.99

Givency camera bag

On KmeetsStyle we always hunt the best online deals on designer and high-street fashion, this time is no different. You can order these perfect all-year-rounders on a huge sale at Red Walrus LLC. They carry a wide selection of vintage / vintage-style pieces and even more modern designer goods from various fashion houses like Balenciaga, Fendi, YSL, Coach to name a few. 

You can get your hands on some fantastic brand new luxury items or offer a new home to pre-owned, slightly used handbags. By supporting Red Walrus LLC, you also support a female-owned business, founded by Laura Beard, housewife, and mother of 4. Keep this website on your radar to be the first to score some designer gems for less.

The Best Natural Body Scrub For Soft, Glowy Skin Costs $16

affordable cruelty free exfoliation scrubs with natural ingredients
I’ve delved into the wonders of skin exfoliation and honestly, I can't get enough. Winter is definitely not my best friend- more like a distant relative that constantly tries to enforce his presence on me. It's safe to say that I would much rather prefer laying on the beach right now, sandkissed with not a care in the word, instead I' am here, indoors having to deal with dry, flaky skin and the absence of sunlight.

There is no other way to put it, dry skin sucks. Whether you are trying to apply a full face of makeup, only to get frustrated at the end, or simply cannot stand the look and feel of pasty skin, I get it! Most of us would do anything possible to get rid of it. Instead of rubbing half of your moisturizer bottle on your face and body praying for it to work, the quickest way to get your smooth, hydrated skin back is exfoliation. What's the quickest way to achieve the ultimate exfoliation? I hear you asking. Well, there is no better feeling than getting rid of all your dead cells with a nourishing body scrub during your shower.

affordable cruelty free exfoliation scrubs with natural ingredients

Even though I mostly focus on acne skin treatments, body scrubs are for everyone. The benefits of skin exfoliation are a lot, there is no excuse for stocking-up on some stellar, handcrafted scrubs to keep us all healthy and glowy from head-to-toe.

If you are an avid reader of KmeetsStyle, you probably already know that simple skincare formulas won't make the cut. Choosing a product goes beyond the brand name and price tag. I need my products to be natural, cruelty-free, and effective ( bonus point if they come beautifully packaged from a small indie brand that puts love and effort in each formula).

Lucky for us there are many handcrafted, all-natural body scrub formulas ready to turn our homes into a makeshift spa, here are some of my favorites.
Natural plant based body scrub for sensitive skin

These candy-like body scrubs are not only super moisturizing due to their all-natural ingredients, but they also help you treat skin discoloration. IFURU Honey Sugar Scrub, the gentle moisturizing scrub treatment for your body is made with the perfect blend of pure honey, Tumeric, and everyone's favorite oil, Jojoba - known for their abilities to activate microcirculation & improves your skin's elasticity. The fresh Warm Vanilla Sugar and Midnight Floral scents exfoliate and brighten the skin thanks to their easy-to-melt formula.

Currently, IFURU offers 4 different body scrubs that promise to leave you with the most beautifully scented skin. Each product is jam-packed with moisture-rich, key ingredients such as brown sugar, pumping seed oil, shea butter, Kukui Nut, aloe vera, and many more. Don't worry, you can start putting items in your cart because these skincare miracles are all under $16.

6 Of The Best Natural-Looking Lashes To Cop Right Now

Best Natural-Looking False Lashes
If you’ve always adored full, voluminous lashes that capture everyone's attention without breaking the bank, you've probably envied the looks of many beauty gurus at some point or another. I am always amazed by the talent of some women who have mastered the art of placing them evenly while making it seem like the easiest task. Let's be honest, we are all guilty of purchasing a pair of low-quality lashes, only to get frustrated with the lack of results- I know I am. That being told, a good mascara is a necessity but, a voluminous pair of lashes is simply transformational.

Nowadays there are so many different options to achieve the perfect eye look. From lash lifts to extensions, the list goes on and on but, all of the above are not only hard to maintain ( kiss your oil-based cleansers and beauty products goodbye), they are also very costly. Even though these options may sound appealing to some, I personally prefer to change and adapt my look according to the occasion.
Best Natural-Looking False Lashes
@danielasolomon_makeup, self-thought mua from Italy 
wearing "Resilient" from JenoLuxo

With such a great variety of options, from synthetic lashes to natural styles in all shapes and sizes, it can be overwhelming at times.No matter your preferences, below I rounded up some of the best user-friendly, cruelty-free false lashes designed for pros and beginners.

How to choose the best false eyelashes?

In other words, things I wish I knew sooner. Understanding the shape of your eyes is the most important step towards the perfect makeup look. Do your eyes slant upwards? How much space rests between them in the middle? Are they hooded, deep, or close-set? Thankfully there are many online guides on how to apply makeup according to your eye shape to help you figure everything out.  

On KmeetsStyle we always choose vegan, eco-friendly options with a powerful, inspiring message- yes even when it comes to lashes. Should you want to throw one or two into your New Year shopping list, I recommend any of these top-rated false eyelashes.

Best Natural-Looking False Lashes
1rst raw: Risk-Taker, Creative, Focused
2nd raw: Self-awareness, Passionate, Goal-Oriented

JenoLuxo is cruelty -free, environmentally conscious brand that focuses on empowerment. The beauty industry is surely a very toxic place for young women and men. Brands like JenoLuxo help us feel confident in our skin-inside and out. There is nothing worse than doubting and comparing yourself to others. We are all beautiful in our own way, no matter what the influencer culture and outdated magazines try to pass as "beauty standards".

"Beauty products should be a medium that helps you reflect your inner persona on the outside, not a mask that keeps your persona hidden away" shares JenoLuxo their about page, and I couldn't agree more. It's only fair to include this brand in my end-of-the-year post since they actively stand for everything I admire.  

They cater to everyone who isn't afraid to be unapologetically beautiful and that's something I definitely support. They perfectly understand how important it is to help the environment, $1 of every purchase will be donated to environmental improving organizations. Their packaging (box & lash tray) is recyclable and/or re-usable (like the jewelry bag they place it in). JenoLuxo balances between luxury and minimalism, all at a very affordable price. Every pair of lashes can be worn up to 28 times. Happy Shopping!

How To Detox Your Skin At Home

easy skin detox tips
During the last decade "cleanse" diets and juices are at the top of most of our "to-do" lists when it comes to body detoxication. We get it, sometimes we make poor choices - let's face it, these times are most often during the Holidays. While detoxing your body sounds like a great tip, wouldn't be better to detox your skin too? Our pores are constantly extracting toxins, skin is after all a detoxifying organ. It would only be fair to give it a boost. Luckily there are many ways to speed up the process.

As much as we try to stay true to our daily skincare routine, life can sometimes be too hectic. I often find myself skipping a few steps, only to regret my lack of effort as soon as the first breakouts kick in- thanks acne-prone skin. Maybe you are also someone who simply cannot say no to French fry binges, I feel you! These.. skin detox steps are quick, easy, and capable to help you minimize the negative effects of skincare neglect.

At-home facials 

easy skin detox tips
Image by Saponifier
A proper facial can be 10 times for effective than a normal skincare routine. Apart from being on our "top most relaxing things" list, your skin will immediately look brighter and healthier. Visiting a spa or a dermatologist may be the best way to get the full experience, you can always learn how to perform at-home facial treatments like a pro. What's the quickest way to boost circulation and prepare your pores for a skincare treatment? Steam! It's easy and ridiculously effective in detoxifying the skin. Prepare a bowl with hot water, drape a towel over your head as you lean over the bowl, and let the steam do all the work for you.

Hydrogen Peroxide Baths 

how to detox your skin

Hydrogen Peroxide Baths are the new craze because they work. This doctor-formulated invigorating bath treatment will not only detoxify your body, it also works as the ultimate body cleanse, can balance your PH and oxygenate your skin, do I need to say more? I recommend the Soakness™ bath formula ($8,99), the first all-in-one hydrogen peroxide bathing product, designed to give you the ultimate spa experience - from the comfort of your own home.

How does it work? The Magnesium Sulfate, Dead sea salts, clay, oatmeal, and hydrogen peroxide (amongst other doctor-approved ingredients) disposes of all the harmful toxins from your body while promoting relaxation and well-being. Take a few moments to distress, relax, and break free from your hectic schedule.

Adapt your diet

skin detox-how to
Image by Stocksnap
Especially now that we spend a lot of time in our homes, there is no excuse! Getting the right nutrients and maintaining an overall healthy diet is crucial not only for our health but for our skin as well. If you’re like me and love your MacDonald's and sweet coffee, it’s a tough reality to face that these are not helping your health. Your diet should reflect your cleansing goals. Especially if you also have acne-prone skin, stay off dairy products, fried foods. Fruits, vegetables, and legumes are at the top of the list. I personally prefer smoothies and cold press juices too.

Incorporate clay products in your skincare routine

clay for skin detox

We previously talked about the benefits of clay, you will be happy to hear that they are also a great addition to your skin detox routine. Clay skincare does just that and some, noticeably smoothing and clarifying the skin. Yes, that means that you use it during your Hydrogen Peroxide Baths, thank me later.

Best All-Natural Acne Products To Clear Your Skin Asap

Natural, plant-based acne treatment.
Let's face it, breakouts suck- I am talking from ten years' experience. After going on some questionable prescription pills many years ago, my skin went cray cray. It's definitely been a journey ever since, filled with ups and downs (well, mostly downs). As much as I use humor to cover up the fact that these breakouts ruined not only the way I looked, but also the way I felt at the time, the reality is acne can have a long-term negative impact on your self-esteem.

Some days my face looks clear (ish), and I feel incredibly confident, while on other days sudden breakouts make me feel so uncomfortable and miserable I don't want to leave the house. I know, there are cases way more severe than mine but, but I'd be lying if I told you It never impacted the way I see myself.

Natural, plant-based acne treatment.

You often see me raving or bushing skincare products, that's because I never miss the chance to try or make extensive research on new acne treatment products. Before I was getting frequent heavy facials that only further damaged my skin in the long run. Heavy exfoliation simply doesn't work for me. I've switched over to all-natural, organic products that only use raw ingredients in their formulas. My skin has gotten so much better! These days, I stick to a simple, gentle routine featuring super hydrating cleansers with Aloe Vera and tea tree extracts, non-oily face mists rich in Vitamin B3, nutrient-rich soaps, and plant-based moisturizers. 

You will be surprised to know how affordable organic skincare really is. It's a win-win situation! Today I will share with you some top-notch products to not only improve your skin's hydration levels but also unclog your pores or prevent any future breakouts. Best part? Every formula comes from an incredible female-owned business.

Natural, plant-based acne treatment.

Farmhouse is an Atlanta, GA based luxury Wellness Company focused on creating sustainably sourced, high-quality, 100% organic, non-gmo, cold-pressed formulas. These holistic herbal wellness products are vegan friendly, cruelty-free, and come in recyclable/ or reusable packages. "I was a busy mom living in a booming city, I became frustrated by the ingredients in the products that I brought into my home. Out of necessity, I began to make my own skincare products & herbal remedies with holistic and certified organic ingredients 12 years ago" says Toni Simon, founder of Farmhouse Organic. 

You can also find a detailed "How To" guide with product suggestions specifically for your skin type. The "Acne & Breakouts" skincare line is designed to control irritation, prevent future breakouts, clear pores, and heal your pre-existing scarring. Below you will find a collection of helpful products formulated to treat and prevent acne scars and breakouts.

Natural, plant-based acne treatment.

Natural, plant-based acne treatment.

Natural, plant-based acne treatment.

Natural, plant-based acne treatment.

Natural, plant-based acne treatment.

How One Fashion Label Convinced Me That Modest Streetwear Isn't Boring At All

 Modest streetwear is currently on the rise, and I am not only referring to Muslim fashion. Hundreds of online street style gurus are showing us every day that modest clothing can be both incredibly modern and on-trend with the right tips and tricks. I still remember London's modest fashion week and all the fantastic outfit combos I would have loved to cop right then and there. The reality is that many women prefer to dress conservatively, mainly as a religious or cultural choice. Even though I don't fall in these categories, I wouldn't trade my oversized hoodies and laid back trousers for anything. Nonetheless, as someone who wasn't familiar with all the incredible styles some brands carry, I often thought of modest streetwear as "boring"- news flash, that's not the case at all.

I saw many young, modern women mixing streetwear with a blend of Korean, Eastern, and Western fashion trends, and let me tell you, the results are outstanding! So, what happens where someone finds the perfect balance between athleisure and chic, culturally inspired fashion? They create the perfect diverse look we all love to see walking down the busy streets daily.

I won't lie, even though I always find myself looking for new, exciting fashion to feature on KmeetsStyle, After Moda 's streetwear made me so interested in this cultural research. This Chicago-based business represents the women that want to wear trendy, modest streetwear to fit their lifestyle.

Taking inspiration from the leading street-style trends in the US, their oversized styles and neutral colored, flattering fits are definitely a modernization of the modest-chic aesthetic. As the industry demands, they carry a wide selection of inclusive sizes. From bohemian, floor-length dresses to comfy casual two-piece sets, every design can be styles with your trusted sneakers or with a pair of gorgeous heels-no need to choose fashion over comfort when you can have both.

Today I gathered some of my most favorite modest streetwear styles from to rock during the day and night. Peep my round-up below.

Modest streetwear fashion 2021

Modest streetwear fashion 2021

Modest streetwear fashion 2021

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