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What is a waist trainer?

A waist trainer is a high-pressure forming article of clothing that you wear around your waist to thin your waistline in a flash and supplement your body goals. Most waist trainers animate warm action in your center, putting forth you sweat more with less attempt during exercise. Waist trainer's benefits include more effective workouts, improved stance, and give the look of a sensational hourglass figure—in a flash.

At the point when worn day by day, a waist trainer—alongside a legitimate eating regimen and exercise—can assist you with remaining motivated while working towards your body goals. In this article, we'll explain precisely how to use this specific article of clothing, so you rock your new curves in no time

Is waist traning the right choice for me? Does it actually work?

waist trainer for women

You don't need to be an Instagram baddie to get astonishing new curves from a waist trainer. Anyone can accomplish a skinnier midriff by wearing a body shaper. What's more, by picking the best body shaper for your body shape, you can guarantee your comfort. It's everything about finding the correct material and the correct fit that works best for your daily needs.

The impacts of wearing a body trainer are quick. You'll look 1-3 sizes smaller the moment you put it on. Waist training, when done carefully and in the right way, is additionally an incredible method to enhance your long therm body-fitness goals.

How to ensure the best results (Motivational, diet & workout tips)

Waist trainers are best when utilized as a part of a  solid way of life. To guarantee that you are getting the best outcomes and keeping tabs on your development you should: 

  • Take photographs of your advancement daily to stay motivated.
  • Remain hydrated - especially before and after your workouts- waist trainers have the ability to make you sweat twice as much.
  • Follow a wellness schedule that incorporates cardio and 
  • Eat small, nutritious meals for the duration of the day.
  • Once you are comfortable, wear your waist trainer for 5-8 hours every day.

When eating, wearing a waist trainer it may cause you to feel more full quicker, in this manner making your portions smaller– so it's critical to pack every dinner with the supplements your body longs for. Going on a diet is not suggested , instead it's encouraged to make a perpetual change in your way of life to better your wellbeing through healthy eating and daily exercise. From that point onward, treat yourself portions of unprocessed food that can give you energy boosts throughout the day and cause you to feel great!

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*I am not a nutrisionist , doctor or professional trainer, all observations and tips are my own based on my research and previous personal experience
how to style Athleisure
Outfit details:
Bra : Rebook via Fashion World / Trousers: NA-KD / Bag : GUESS 

Hello everyone! I hope spring is treating you great so far. I have been enjoying the warm weather since the beginning of March and even though I am still looking forward to unpacking my favorite summer weather pieces I couldn't be more satisfied with the temperature.

As you may be aware over the last year and a half I tend to invest more in athleticwear than any other style and frankly, I couldn't be happier with my decision. As much as I love wearing a sports bra, my favorite pair of dad sneakers or my trusted oversized sweater I most often lean" toward Athleisure.  

streetwear style inspiration

What is Athleisure?

Athleisure is a fabricated style of clothing that usually works during certain athletic activities but can not be limited to just that. Comfort is the number one key element to a successful Athleisure look. Sports bras, yoga pants, leggings were typically worn by men and women during their daily workouts, nowadays they can be styled in a variety of different ways out of the gym. Many pieces than look like "athleticwear" are considered fashionable.

Athleisure is definitely a fashion movement rather than just a simple passing trend and designers quickly caught up. Fashion houses like Burberry vintage check sports bra and Balenciaga with their sporty leggings created complete collections around the idea of athleisure. 2020 allowed sportswear to be more versatile, comfy, and fashionable.

Easy Athleisure outfit ideas

There are a lot of different ways to achieve the famous athletic-chic style, mine is usually based on my favorite sports bras. I always try to build my outfit around my tops since they do have the most eye-catching patterns and colors (like the one shown above). Another fun fact? Since the top part is fitted and naturally shows off your figure you can easily play around with more buggy-comfy trousers and shorts and still look on point. Here are some other favorite ways of styling.

How to Style The Athleisure Trend :

1 Sports Bra + tailored trousers + blazer + mini backpack + loafer shoes - platform sneakers

2 Cropped cotton top + cyclist shorts + puffy jacket +  leather fanny pack + chunky sneakers

3 Cropped hoodie + oversized shirt + backpack + converse shoes

4 Boyfriend blazer  + cropped hoodie - light wash shorts + mini leather handbag + sneakers

streetwear athleisure outfit inspiration
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Do you like activewear? What is the one piece of clothing you can't live without?

How to find the perfect swimsuit for your body type
"I must be a mermaid, Rango. I have no fear of depths and a great fear of shallow living."

     This quote has been on my mind for a few weeks now, so much so that I put it on one of my most recent Instagram captions. Over the last few days, my body has been getting ourselves since hardly any tourists are here in May even though the weather is so warm most days. I also had an ( as it turned out ) great idea to use my

     I have already shared most of my favorite swimsuit choices on my Instagram stories but today I wanted to also upload a quick guide to the most flattering bikinis for every body type rather than another shopping list. 

Hourglass shape body
You are blessed with the perfect proportions and a variety of deferent styles will look great on you and compliment your curves. 

Triangle (pear) shape body
Try adding more volume at the top to create a balance. Choose a statement bra with ruffles, tassels, or prints and a plain bikini bottom (preferably monochrome).

Inverted triangle shape body
Draw the attention and the bottom part of your body. Since you have a larger bust aria avoid staples bikini tops. Try to choose a monochrome bra and pair it up with a statement bikini bottom.

Rectangle shape body
High waisted bikini bottoms will help you give definition to your waist. It would be better not to mix and match with your body shape.

How to easily plan your outfits

The usual style block

Hello lovelies! Please raise your hand if you have been through a style block over the last two weeks. I know most of you (and me of course) have been dealing with a few days of complete lack of inspiration from time to time. I have found myself unable to pick up an outfit so many times in the past , I truly stopped counting. Over the last 3-4 years I found quite a few different ways to overcome this block and spend as little time as possible to pick my daily outfits. Especially if you are like me , the kind of person that changes outfits more than once troughout the day you will surely find the tips bellow extremely useful.

As for me this week has been quite hectic so far. We had to spend quite a few hours in office waiting rooms, signing papers etc. Adult life is surely a blast most of the times ahahha. Anyways, I have also been obsessed with blazers lately, always trying to find new ways to style my small collection of blazers. I am currently thinking of buying a new one ,with a bright , bold statement color this time. As you can probably see on my blog and instagram I am going through a face of constantly wearing sneakers , even with vinyl skirts! Despite the fact that I do have a back disformation which I only found out a year ago after three days of constant, umber able pain and the feeling of loosing the movement in my legs . Turns out after a few x-rays and doctors appointments that I have Spondylolisthesis type 1 since birth and even though this does not effect my everyday life what so ever there might be rare,brief periods of time that I will experience severe pain as I did last year. Enough of the medican stuff!

Outfit Details:

1. Take quick mirror selfies to save your favorite outfits

There are days I feel delighted to try out new outfit combinations. Taking advantage of these hours of endless inspiration try to style as many looks as you can , take a selfie of each one of them and save them on your phone. This way you won't feel pressured to try on so many different looks every day just to find the best one for the occasion. You will already have a few well thought ideas to save you lots of time daily.

2.Follow instagram hashtags like #ootd #outfitpost

Another great way to receive a tone of daily fashion inspiration is to follow popular fashion hashtags of instagram. This way you will not only have everything you need right in your hands but also, you might find some amazing accounts you have never checked before.

tips for outfit planning

3 Browse through leading-fashion sites like Whowhatwear , Lookbook, Blonde Salad, StyleCaster

This is a list of just a few places you can find fashion and beauty inspiration daily. There brief but very reach in details articles can always help you during your "styling block". 
3 Browse through leading-fashion sites like Whowhatwear , Lookbook, Blonde Salad, StyleCaster

This is a list of just a few places you can find fashion and beauty inspiration daily. There brief but very reach in details articles can always help you during your "styling block".

 4.Polyvore 's secret usage

I have been using polyvore for a few years now, mainly to organize my daily outfits and store my inspiration for the days I feel unmotivated. I personally use this site a little differently than most people. Instead of taking the role of a styling, I don't choose my favorite pieces and style them to create a beautiful layout. Instead I search for specific pieces that I already own (eg H&M vinyl skirt) and create multiply looks with other designs that are already in my closet. If I am unable to find some of the clothes I own , I place something really similar instead. When I a done, I screen shot the set and save it on my phone for future reference. 

How to easily plan your outfits
5. FB chat stylists m.me/epytom

This is a service I came across very recently. In a few quick words Epytome is an artificial intelligence stylist in Facebook Messenger. All you have to do is answer a few questions that evolve around your style choices, favorite pieces of clothing etc and you will be receiving outfit suggestions according to your needs. You can set the settings to daily, weekly, twice a week etc mode and this chat will do all the work for you during the days you feel uninspired.

Over the years my watch collection is slowly but steady getting bigger and bigger . I came across many beautiful designs with silver, rose gold and gold hardwear and a variety of bands and straps. It is safe to say that Daniel Wellington will always be one of the top watch brands I look at every time I need a new watch. DW recently launched their petite collection , which is focused towards women with petite wrists. My most common choice when it comes to the dial width is 36mm mainly because I find this particular size to be very comfy on my hand but the new DW collection offers 28-32mm . If I had to choose only one Daniel Wellington watch to wear for the rest of my life it will definitely be the Classic Black Sheffield, 36mm.

This year I teamed up with Daniel Wellington once again to showcase their Holiday gift sets, aka the perfect gift for him and for her now . As you might have seen on the unboxing I did on my instagram stories not too long ago, you can customize your own DW gift box with pretty much every combination available. You will be able to choose the collection, size, color AND add a complementary cuff or band to your Holiday box while taking 10% off your entire purchase.

Not good enough?
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till Dec 31 + free shipping !daniel wellignton watches how to style 

daniel wellignton watches how to style 

daniel wellignton watches how to style daniel wellignton watches how to style
A/W 17 streetstyle trends

Autumn finally arrived in Greece earlier this week. For a moment it seemed like summer will last forever but even if a few days ago I was laying at the beach today I am wrapped up in my favorite hoodie next to a cup of warm (finally!) coffee and a cozy blanket. Now that the temperature problem has been fixed we are at last able to enjoy a few favorite a/w trends for this season. I like leather as much as the other person but soft leather is by far my favorite. Now that I think about it pretty much all of my (faux) leather pieces are laying more on the softer side.There is something unique about the way this type of leather "hugs" your body that I simply cannot get enough of.

Over the years I have been inspired to wear leather in dozens of different outfit combos but ultimate favorite would definitely the leather skirt-over the knee boots-fuzzy top one.
I can totally see why this seems like a pretty tricky trend to follow. Not everyone loves the movement of fabrics like this one , personally, even though hesitant at first, I grew to really like the cozy-statement look of feathers.

Except from the obvious (seem photo above) I though of incorporating this piece in a much more casual look with a pair of calf high leather boots and black, skinny jeans. I would also really love to try it with a pair white sneakers, black leather leggings and a mini, cross body bag in the near feature.

I feel like feather skirts are much more popular than tops these days. Maybe because it much easier to combine. Put on a cozy knit, your skirt and a pair of black pumps and you are ready to go. For the night out(which is my absolute favorite) though on a blazer with a sleeveless, slim fitted turtleneck and you are ready to go.

streetstyle 2017
7 denim jackets for every weather 7 denim jackets for every weather

Hello everyone! No matter what you see on my instagram feed I am now back from my summer holidays and as much as I would love to keep posting every sunkissed beach I visited this season , unfortunately I might have to accept the reality .As I mention almost every time I come back from a trip , I have a great difficulty to adapt once again and return to my daily routine.  I would like nothing more than to talk about my next bikini purchase but unfortunately, this post will not come soon. Instead it is time for another big wardrobe transition, and this time it will include denim.

1.The denim investment 
If you love denim as much as I do you probably find yourself looking for new, affordable pieces to add to your already big collection, and even though this is a good idea , I personally believe that every wardrobe should have at least one " investment piece of denim ". Unlike many other clothes and accessories this type of jacket is something you will definitely get the most use out of it (+ it never goes out of fashion). I got my Paige Denim jacket (see above) about a year ago from Nordstrom and even if this particular design is currently sold out , there are dozens of similar pieces range starting from $100. Take a look at this light wash denim jacket for under $250.

2. Statement
Statement jackets (well, and bags) are the first thing that comes to my mind while I am looking for a great way to elevate a simple, casual look.This Frill jacket from Missguided is definitely something worth watching if you are looking for an affordable statement piece. I also came across a similar jacket with the one I wore on instagram a while back which you guys seemed to love at that time on Bloomingdale's on sale for $50 . Lastly the one that I will probably add to my cart very soon is this Asos long line jacket with the most gorgeous vintage vibe.

3. Best under $50
I know all about shopping on a budget and truthfully you will be able to find a few gems if you know where to look. Don't miss the opportunity to grab something that's on sale exactly the right moment. This Asos Denim Jacket is now on sale for $47 (original price $79). Another favorite of mine, this hooded denim jacket is now under $40 from Nordstrom Rack. Last but not least you can have this black oversized piece for $30 .

Wearing NAKD lace maxi dress

December 25 is almost here and I still haven't made up my mind what dress I am going to pick for on Christmas night. This night is extra special to me, not only for obvious reason but also because me and my boyfriend are celebrating our 3 years anniversary that exact date. I kept postponing my research due to numerous reasons but since yesterday I have been looking for the perfect Christmas dress non stop. I made a list of the top 10 favorite designs I found and they are all under $200.

The classic black dress: You can never go wrong with a classic, black dress and luckily there are so many different choices for you. For me the perfect black dress for this occasion looks a lot like this Adrianna Papell lace fit dress( under $150) which not only flatters pretty much every body type but also looks extremely classy and festive especially with a pair of black pumps like these for $47 . If you are looking for something elegant yet a little sexy I found the perfect black velvet strap dress under $100 .

The romantic, lace dress : Lace has been my top favorite choice and am I sure than one of these dresses will end up in my shopping cart within the next few hours. The first dress I laid eyes on and actually fell in love is this Embroidered, tulle maxi dress which if you know me, you know how much of a sucker for maxi dresses I really am. This designs is surely a show stopper for the Christmas night. Next in line is the Bardot Divinity dress under $150 in the color dark blue ( surely the most statement dress off all ) which will definitely look extremely elegant with a pair of nude pumps like this Public Desire pair for only $24 or these Vince Camuto suede pumps (under $100) .

The sexy, satin dress: For those who planned not only a Christmas dinner but also a Christmas night out with friends this Missguided black satin wrapped dress is surely the best way to go. Another style appropriate for both meeting your family and your after plans is the Revolve Elliatt camo dress (almost sold out!) which is probably also the most comfortable design for the long night ahead.


6 causal ways to wear over the knee boots in the morning

Over the knees with playsuit. Instead of emptying your closet from all the bohemian inspired playsuits you bought last summer, try to combine
 them with a leather jacket and a pair of over the knee boots.
Best way to style a sweater this Fall
Aran turtkeneck sweater by AranSweaters
You can never go wrong with denim. Denim is definitely a key element to any fall wardrobe. You can always combine neutral tones together to create the perfect, casual morning outfit that will surely keep you warm. Add a simple yet eye-catching piece of jewelry as a finishing touch.

If you have been a loyal reader of kmeetsstyle.com for a while you have probably seen so many aspects of my personal style. What many of you might call a "change" I see it as "involvement" and been able to involve in more than one aspect of your life is something extremely exciting. There are so many days that find me desperate for something colorful and eye-catching while for others pastels and mild tones seem like the only way to go. A person can never have only one, everlasting mood so it is only fair for us to dress and think according to every situation or life point we are currently at or going through. 

I have always been in favor of trying new trends, colors, and designs that seem extremely out of character or even a few questionable combinations here and there. Small things like these are in fact a great way to get out of your comfort zone and have a little fun along the process.

• 1
Make sure you are feeling extra comfortable (and confident) before closing the door behind you. There have been numerous times I was dying to try out something new but as soon as I did I started questioning whether this particular style is actually "me" or not. It is always better for you to feel confident and beautiful while walking the streets rather than having second thoughts. If something feels strange to you DON'T wear it. You will surely find lots of alternative designs to try on.

• 2
You know your own body. I remember myself being madly in love with pretty much all of Missguided bodysuits but I already knew that tight, deep V neck tops are not and haven't been "my thing" for many years now. Instead, I went for something that had the lace-up effect but wasn't as tight and revealing as the classic lace-up bodysuits. Finding something that truly complements your body while makes you feel chic and comfortable is way more rewarding

• 3 
Think before investing. Even though most of us would love nothing more than running to the closest shop and order our favorite design having no second thought reality is much more different. Before you decide to make that big investment try to find something really close to your dream design but much more affordable in order to be sure that you are actually gonna use it (shout out to all the clothes hanging inside our closets with price tags on them). Speaking from experience one of my biggest obsessions for a while now is definitely the MiuMiu platform shoes but even though I was completely sure about the hundreds of times I would actually wear them I decided to hold back my inner shopaholic and purchase the most affordable version of H&M platform sneakers I could find in order to be sure that I was not going to waste my money on something I don't intend to wear regularly.

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