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The Mental Health-Inspired Streetwear Brand You Need To Put On Your Radar

Even though there is definitely a much-needed Mental Health Awareness day, let's all agree that this long, complex, and sometimes isolating journey towards healing should be acknowledged and talked about every single day. Even though we have managed to garner a bit more recognition on the subject of self-love (especially after the life-changing events of 2020), the way to destigmatize and accept trauma, mental health issues, and everything in between is still long and filled with ups and downs.

In the remarkable effort of some individuals to remove the stigma of mental health, promote self-love, and open discussion, there are now brands that dedicate their collections to support those who struggle daily. As someone who has always been open and perhaps, way too honest about my lifelong battle with depression, anxiety, and panic attacks — starting at the age of 7 —the "don't do that, don't cry" phrase has been engraved in my memory ever since. There is still a deep and enduring stigma around self-harm, suicide, and all mental health issues, but how you decide to share your pain and journey towards self-recovery is all about survival.

Many of us were taught from a young age to withhold our emotions, and that's exactly what SILENTE tries to change! In a constant effort to challenge what is possible in our lives and help bring awesomeness worldwide, they created a curated collection of relatable designs, original writing, and simple lounge fashion revolving around mental health stigma.

Mental Health-Inspired Streetwear
"They only notice when you are gone"

Mental Health-Inspired Streetwear
"Friends don't date your exes"

Mental Health-Inspired Streetwear
"Too much of everything, not enough of the rest"

Their virtual shelves are a celebration of trauma awareness, aiming to show every aspect of mental health and what young adults go through every day. If you are also in favor of spreading awareness like I am, maybe you could also help to de-stigmatize the conversation by supporting one of the brands aligned with our ongoing effort to point out the much-needed process of healing. What's a better way to do that, than by wearing your beliefs?

Mental Health-Inspired Streetwear
"I Realized My Childhood Had Ended. Not When I Stopped Believing In Santa Claus And The Tooth Fairy. But When I Slowly Stopped Believing In Myself"

Mental Health-Inspired Streetwear
"Don't Let Anyone Ridicule You For How You Chose To Get Through The Storm When They Were The Only Ones With An Umbrella"

Whether you are currently on your journey to recovery or wish to be an active supporter of the cause, now is the perfect time to stock up on some basics that also carry a powerful message.

The Best Casual Free-Spirited T-Shirts Money Can Buy

best casual graphic t-shirts

I have my fair share of worn-to-death vintage tees, but when it comes to the best free-spirited, summer-inspired t-shirts, it took me a bit longer to find some splurge-worthy options. You see, I take my casual tees everywhere. It only makes sense to invest in a few seasonless options that guarantee to stay "on trend" for years to come. It's always essential to have a few different styles to achieve a variety of looks-bonus points if your next go-to tees are eco-friendly and super versatile. Whether you're pairing yours with denim shorts and kicks or light-colored leather pants and strappy heels, a unique t-shirt instantly gives any outfit a cool-girl feel.

If you too are on the hunt for a slew of utterly cute t-shirt options to complement every summer outfit with ease, look no further than Moscow Rhino, an independent lifestyle brand with a love for creating statement yet easy to wear styles for the well-traveled, the party animals and those who give off good vibes. Young and fiercely fashionable, I am convinced that Moscow Rhino's prints were created to drive me to yet another impulse, bulk purchase. Just look at these palm trees and cute avocado graphics!

best casual graphic t-shirts

Shop Moscow Rhino collection

Seriously, you can dress them up or down, adding small pops of color or going full crazy with a vibrant, multicolored outfit. The styling possibilities are endless. And if you too are an avid traveler like myself, you will find them even more inspiring, cause let me tell you, each one of them will force you to plan yet another adventure. You can't convince me that these tees aren't warm-weather travel essentials. I can't stop thinking of all the fantastic combinations I can pull off with one of these beauties (worn as a dress,obv), my favorite Vans sneakers, and my new go-to 90s inspired mini shoulder bags.

best casual graphic t-shirts for summer

Every tee is printed on 100% combed and ring-spun eco-friendly cotton which has just the right amount of stretch. Now, give your plain black tee a break and step over to the free-spirited side, won't you?

This Japanese Streetwear Line Is All You Need This Season

There is a slew of reasons why Japanese-inspired streetwear has dominated the urban fashion scene for many seasons now. Blame it on the beautiful patterns, colors, and otherworldly statement designs, or simply on the fact that we have a certain obsession with all the unique street style inspiration, we get from Tokyo’s trendy Harajuku and Shibuya neighborhoods. One this is certain, the influence of these streetwear styles have spread worldwide-and we can't have enough.

From Fishy Naughty Neko oversized hoodies and Red Sun Wave Haori shirts to Juku Harem Pants and everything in between, I certainly love copping my favorite Japanese-inspired streetwear from emerging brands with a strong passion for unique, out of the box designs. As a self-proclaimed streetwear enthusiast, I am more than intrigued by the creativity and unique ideas of culture-inspired apparel collections, with Kokoro being at the top of my must-haves list for this season. 

You see, streetwear is not the subversive subculture it once was. No matter if you get your influence from your favorite celebrities, hip hop artists, skateboarders, or simply love to feel comfy in your everyday looks, I've got you covered. I rounded up some of my favorite eye-catchy patterns and silhouettes you can cop from Kokoro's virtual selves ASAP.

As a new and upcoming brand with a dope aesthetic, they carry entire streetwear collections that include your much-needed everyday staples and statement-making pieces for every taste. You can also find a section dedicated to outwear, which is amazing if you are looking to grab some jackets that are equal parts unique and versatile. 

Honestly, I can't help but imagine all the fantastic outfit combos I could pull off with one of their oversized hoodies and my trusted pair of Vans Sk8-his, but that doesn't mean you can't style them up or down according to your personal preferences. Even though  Kokoro is based in LA, you can take advantage of their free worldwide shipping option to get your hands on your favorite Japanese-inspired streetwear just in time for summer.

The New Body Positive Fitness Brand You Need To Keep An Eye On In 2021

Body inclusive fitness brand men women

Many of us have actually done it, and there is no reason to hide it. Most have stared at the mirror with the sole intention of picking apart each one of our "flaws", only to get some "much-needed motivation" to stick to the ridiculously high-pressure goal we planned in our heads during an extended period of self-hatred. Because let me tell you, self-image issues can be deeply rooted in all of us, no matter our gender or weight. The journey of weight is a dark and dangerous path to take, especially at a young age. Whether you have been battling with an eating disorder, or have witnessed a loved one suffering in silence, you already know how damaging and difficult it is to live with an unhealthy self-hatred that stems from the desire to look a certain way.

Even though there are many different factors that may have contributed, most can agree that the falsely portrayed "ideal body" on the media has played an important role in their perception of beauty. Yes, what we see online and in ads is often far from real, but comparing ourselves to it may sometimes be inevitable. Healthy looks different on everyone and luckily the last few years, thanks to the rise of the body positivity movement, we get to see real people embracing their individuality while working towards improving the fashion and beauty industry as a whole.

Body inclusivity in fashion comes like a breath of fresh air, signifying a much-needed change we certainly want to see more of. Sure, the best body positivity quotes can lit up our mood and boost our self-esteem for a bit, but real change comes from actions. That's why as soon as we come across a body positivity brand that actively tries to embrace a beauty standard outside of what was created in our culture, we have to share it with the world.

Body positive fitness brand
Use promo code "SHOP20" to get 20%OFF the entire collection.

Today's shopping recommendations come straight from the virtual selves of Roy Belzer Fitness, a body-inclusive activewear brand that aims to spread the message of self-love via eye-catching quotes and otherworldly cute color combinations. Fueled by his passion to motivate us to work out and stay healthy while embracing our unique beauty, Roy Belzer launched his new body positivity athletic brand during a time when body-inclusive activewear is a particularly small market.

The "Do it for the crop top" quote started as his own way of fighting an eating disorder and since then it has become a part of his brand. As an ally of both the body inclusivity movement and the LQBTQ+ community, his collection is filled to the brim with inspiring apparel designs that cater to minimalists and statement-makers alike.

Seriously, you will be able to find everything! Graphic tees with our favorite quote on them, tank tops to work out with comfort, Pride hoodies that I am tempted to wear as oversized dresses with my favorite Sk8-his, leggings, stickers, tote bags, phone cases, and face masks-cause we need to be safe and cute peeps. Most styles come in all sizes from S up to 5XL and are made solely from 100% cotton. No matter where you are, you will be able to get your hands on some of his amazing body positivity clothing, if you take advantage of the worldwide shipping option.
Body inclusive athletic fashion brand
Shop Roy Belzer Fitness

So, go on! Cop your favorite athleticwear styles and rest assured that you are supporting a body positivity brand that actually gets us!


How URBAN MAVERICKS Raises Awarness Of The Threat Of Animal Extinction

The term “ethical fashion” or “sustainable fashion” is most often used to describe brands that are environmentally and socially conscious in terms of products, sourcing, and distribution. We have previously discussed in-depth the true impact of fast fashion and why eco-friendly-living is the way to go in 2021. However, most of us can admit that even though we are trying our best, we haven't done everything in our power to support the fight against the environmental crises we currently live in. While many decided to swear off fast fashion completely and adapted their lifestyle to the ever-growing need of preserving the environment, the unconscious act of grabbing yet another one-use straw or an easy-to-carry plastic bag can add to the already dangerous situation. Until recently, that is.

With more and more brands and people than ever before attempting to be kinder to our Earth and its inhabitants, the number of sustainable shopping choices can be pleasantly overwhelming. Yes, there are plenty of ways to adapt to an eco-friendly way of life, but sometimes we all need to be a bit more vocal with beliefs.

We often round up the best sustainable clothing brands to shop all year long—or every time you feel like you wish to do something good for the planet— but today, we are about to take it one step further. As self-proclaimed streetstyle-lovers, it can sometimes be difficult to find sustainable clothing that is equal parts stylish AND align with our beliefs. However, there is one streetwear brand that focuses on delivering stellar t-shirt options for your everyday fits, while raising awareness of the species that are currently in danger of extinction. Enter: URBAN MAVERICKS

Eco-Friendly Clothing That Ignites Change

In an effort to give voice to the voiceless, Urban Mavericks introduced clothing with meaning. They started by creating a powerful message and managed to perfectly convert it into an eye-catching urban piece of art. The collection includes 5 gorgeous, ethically sourced, and eco-friendly designs inspired by endangered species. Whether you need a new, go-to t-shirt for your everyday strolls in the city or a unique design that perfectly describes your beliefs, wearing any one of the 5 Urban Mavericks styles will make you join the fight and raise awareness along with those who are working to preserve these endangered species.

If you’re itching to add some clothing to your closet, you will be pleased to know that each of these designs represents a different animal on the verge of extinction.

BAO: With one 100 Amur Leopards left in the world, they are currently in critical danger due to forest degradation and intense poaching.

AKUA: This biologically diverse and economically valuable ecosystem is heavily impacted by climate change, pollution, and unsustainable fishing.

VEV: Inspired by the Seychelles Paradise Flycatcher, VEV represents the small population of these beautiful birds that can only be found on La Digue Island, Seychelles.

HONU: Sea Turtles are probably the most known endangered animal, however, the poaching, over-exploitation, and habitat destruction forced a massive population decline.

BADHAK: There are only 60Javan rhinos left in only one protected area of the world. Natural catastrophes, habitat loss, diseases, poaching, and potential inbreeding drove these beautiful animals to the brink of extinction.

"We must use all we have to bring the world to balance, It's your existence"
No matter the cause that interests you the most, odds are you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for—and support an eco-friendly, ethical brand in the process. Every t-shirt is made from 100% Organic ring-spun combed cotton, grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides or other chemical fertilizers. As for the print, Urban Mavericks use the Water-Based NeoPigment™ colors, which are environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and resource-saving.


The Only Cute Retro Graphic T-Shirts You'll Need This Spring

Vintage graphic tees games, movies, pop

We all need a time off from our basic plain tees, but since the market is over-saturated with borderline tacky quotes like "true fashionista", "I have an attitude" or, my absolute favorite "I am a virgin, this is a very old t-shirt", let's just say that most of us are not too keen on the thought of pairing one of these beauties up with our favorite mum jeans.

While I mostly considered myself a vintage sportswear kind of gal, I definitely love the idea of adding yet anotheror maybe 10efficiently worn-looking retro tees to my collection. From all-time classic concert t-shirts from my favorite rock bands to cute graphic tees with an oh-so-special old-fashioned logo at the from, or maybe some unexpected gems sourced from the selves of my go-to local thrift shop, l seriously can't have enough!

Fun fact, I own a Cheetos T-shirt from the '80s that is so faded, It could definitely pass as a part of the tie-dye trend. Yes, I still proudly wear it around the city like I own the streets, thank you very much.

Affortable vintage graphic t-shirts online

I get it, not everyone loves a true vintage piece, especially if it comes with a few marks here and there. Well, fear not my fellow modern-day style enthusiasts. There are plenty of options available online that offer the same retro-aesthetic, without requiring a two-hour-long trip to the vintage store, or an extra 50$ check-out from eBay. Fair warning, the list below is filled to the brim with pop culture, movies, comics, and many more graphic tee options so you never have to settle for a less-than-perfect one again —just don't blame me for your spontaneous shopping spree.

Honestly, The Societee has a rather unexpectedly large collection of retro t-shirts and hoodies to choose from, ranging from memorable ’80s movie-themed styles (eg. The breakfast club and Bill & Ted) to a wide collection of horror ’80s and '90s big-screen gems. There’s even a stellar Street Fighter shirt design that I added to my cart 2 days ago. I seriously consider hunting for affordable, vintage-looking graphic tees to be one of my specialties, but if you still have your doubts, go ahead! Dig through the virtual selves of The Societee to find your own retro-style shirt to rock during all your future day-to-day shenanigans.

SKRIT Fights For Social Injustice With Their Latest Luxury Streetwear Drop

New luxury streetwear sustainable fashion brand

The underground streetwear culture surely on the rise, with no signs of slowing down any time soon. Blame it on the number of creative, emerging designers entering the picture as a way to express individuality, inspire change, and balance the scales of injustice through their unique artistic view. No matter the case, the streetwear sceneprimarily focused on skate, surf, and hip-hop cultures is now flooded with diversity, self-expression, originality, and huge doses of humanitarian activism.

Step aside, last year’s oversized graphic tees! There’s a new entry in the luxury streetwear world, and bold, unapologetic prints that showcase real-world issues are absolutely everywhere. Who do we have to thank? The fashion visionaries at SKRIT, obviously. Ever since the brand debuted its Winter/Fall 2021 collection, which is filled to the brim with limited-edition raw graphics printed on luxury materials, their efforts to raise social awareness through design, and social contributions were met with a like-minded audience.

Linited-edition Graphic t-shirt luxury streetwear

The brand name SKRIT originated from the word 'Sanskrit' which is also known as the mother of all languages, over 5000 years old. We define it as UNITY amongst all walks of life. SKRIT can also be used as a street slang for 'money' and the double meaning emphasizes our vision and lifestyle.
Undoubtedly I am a big fan of premium high street brands, especially if they carry styles that are able to deliver a strong message through visuals alone. Let's just say that SKRIT definitely ticks all my boxes. If you are as obsessed as I am with unisex street styles that actually catch everyone's eye, this might be exactly what you are looking for. 

SKRIT just released a new range of limited-edition styles, you can call it the latest luxury dropI call it streetwear staples. Their signature bold graphic tees and accessories feel pleasingly original while still looking minimal. With names such as "Angels Brigade", "Child Soldier", "Lethal Injection" and "Hustlers ambition" we surely get a pretty good idea of the various charitable causes they support. 

best luxury streetwear brands canada
"Our campaign was created to get the world's attention, not approval. Skrit is for the people, by the people."
A portion of their proceeds gets donated to various organizations such as the Vital Ground Foundation, which receives donations from their "Tiger T" line to address the current crisis in wildlife conservation and animal welfare. Need more? Their "Child Soldier" tee contributes to helping rehabilitate and relocate victims of war, while their "Fuck 12" collection helps raise awareness in the fight against police brutality. Moreover, they are dedicated to funding scholarships for aspiring law students passionate about addressing human rights violations and reforming police brutality.

underground fashion brand online

If you love the blend of fashion and culture, this label is preferred by men and women who enjoy high-end, statement styles made of 100% Supima certified cotton and the minimal aesthetic of traditional streetwear. Quick note, they also accept Bitcoin as a payment method.

Whether you are currently on the hunt for the perfect staple graphic tee for yourself or simply love to bookmark items for a future shopping spree with purpose, you can be sure that this brand has something unique to offer.

This Collection Is The Perfect Blend Of Self-Love And Streetwear

Even though October 10th is the World Mental Health Day, let's all agree that this long and hard journey towards healing should be acknowledged and talked about every single day. Even though we have managed to garner a bit more recognition on the subject of self-love, the way to destigmatize trauma, mental health issues, and everything in between, is still long and filled with ups and downs.

To be completely honest, this sector of health needs to be addressed on a broader scale than the current Mental Health awareness days and maybe a few dedicated tv-shows here and there. However, we cannot look past the fantastic, collective shift of our culture over the last decade. In the remarkable effort of some individuals to remove the stigma of mental health, promote self-love and positivity, there are now brands that dedicate their collections to support those who struggle on a daily basis.

mental health awarness clothing
 Wearing Utandra "Still healing" unisex hoodie
As someone who has always been open and perhaps, way too honest about my lifelong battle with depression, anxiety and panic attacks depression and panic attacks — starting at the age of 7 —, I couldn't be more excited to support the brands and all fellow individuals who face the same struggles as me and aren't afraid to share their experiences, despite the potential stigmatization that may follow.

self-love clothing hoodie
Social media has also played a role in reshaping the way we view mental health, especially with the help of many celebrities and influencers alike, who use their platforms and huge following to tell their own personal stories. It's evident that anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and all mental illnesses target everyone, no matter their age, gender, status, or lifestyle. If you are also in favor of spreading awareness like I am, maybe you could also help to de-stigmatize the conversation by supporting one of the brands aligned with our ongoing effort to re-love ourselves, spread positivity, and celebrate the much-needed process of healing.

mental health awarness quotes

Utandra offers a selection of empowering clothing items designed with uplifting messages and phrases. Their unisex range offers a selection of hoodies, t-shirts, and trousers with a variety of mottos and quotes related to mental health and self-love, like “still healing”, “highest form or art=you.” and "keep a pure soul."Apart from serving as a constant reminder that healing is a process that always gets rewarded in the end, Utandra is also a small business that deserves our support and recognition to keep adding empowering styles to their collections.

depression, anxiety, eating disorders clothing line

Whether you are currently on your journey to recovery or wish to be an active supporter of the cause, now is the perfect time to stock up on some basics that also carry a powerful message.

This Slow Fashion Athleticwear Brand Is Definitely A Must-Have For 2021

small ethical activewear brands
For most of us, going out might still be a long-term dream but, that's no excuse to give up on your fitness routine- even if that means stealing 20 minutes out of your day for some much-needed yoga time. The winter of isolation is definitely a long one, nonetheless, it can be the perfect opportunity to try something new, pick up a hobby, or even spend our days doing some serious self-reflection. For me a few minutes of yoga just before my bedtime works wonders on my mood- yes that's my excuse for my most recent shopping sprees. If you are anything like me, then your 2021 wishlist is already in the making and it's filled with the cutest activewear the world has ever seen. Whether you are interested in adding luxury women's fitness clothing to boost your next workouts, or, simply looking to invest in some wardrobe staples to rock the oh-so-trendy athleisure look this Spring, supporting female-owned fashion brands is a must.

I am sorry to the giant, mainstream fashion labels out there, but I would rather place an order on a super creative and inspiring female-owned business that is actually trying to leave her mark in this oversaturated industry- let's not support the usual "boy's clubs" at the top structure yet again in 2021. Yes, we have seen some extraordinary women with empowering stories to tell, launching their own brands, learning how to navigate their way around the world of business, manufacturing, textiles, learning about the new fashion trends, handling eCommerce and so much more- let's also show our recognition!

small ethical activewear brands

If you love to explore new options from emerging independent brands that keep themselves away from fast fashion and its tremendous humanitarian and environmental impacts, I got you covered. You know, the brands that offer the perfect balance between fashion and activewear - bonus point if they actually carry versatile mix and match styles to wear all day every day. Luckily in 2021 you no longer have to choose comfort over style.

Female owned slow fashion yoga brand
sustainable streetwear brand
Enter Maeya, the luxury sportswear brand that ticks all the boxes above (and many more). We can never have "too many" comfy casual clothing, we could actually get away with wearing indoors, as well as outdoors, especially if our collection is curated to allow multiple outfit choices with no further purchases. 

Maeya's founder Somaiah is an experienced fitness competitor, and personal trainer, who is passionate about creating leggings that are elite in function, wearability, fashion, and comfort. In 2019 she decided to follow her passion and learn everything about textiles and the ins and outs of the fashion industry and manufacturing processes while working as a full-time trainer.

eco friendly activewear brand

Almost a year later, Somaiah has designed and launched 4 amazing collections, all based on her eternal love for quality and comfort, and of course, fitness. "I've learned the highs and lows of the world of business (the ruthless competition) and spent countless days and nights perfecting my garments with nothing but a measuring tape and faith in my vision. I once slept at 5am trying to perfect a pair of shorts." she shares. But Maeya Clothing is actually a two-man show. Her partner (in business and in life) Toby, is also in charge of all the campaign photos, website creation, and social media channels - don't forget the customer support, packaging, and shipments.

If you’re trying to save money and don’t plan on shopping at all, don’t worry. Following hard-working small-businesses on social media, interacting, and sharing their content is another great way to show support.

Trimingham Is Where Custom Luxury Sportswear Meets Limited Edition Ready To Wear

The streetwear subculture has been around for ages, but thanks to social media and the rapid rise of athleisure it is now at the forefront of fashion like never before - and we have no complaints about that. As a firm urban style lover, Trimingham quickly caught my attention as soon as I laid eyes on their iconic ready-to-wear collections. Blame it on the perfect blend of high fashion and minimalism, or simply on the fact that each one their latest drops was specifically designed to make me want to add everything to my already full cart- the outcome remains the same. They are here to upgrade your street style game.

luxury streetwear brands
 Even though streetwear used to be a way of self-expression for skaters and hip-hop artists back in the '70s, '80s, and '90s, it surely gained a cult-like following. Giant fashion houses and a number of forward-thinking designers found many innovative ways to alter the traditional street culture transforming it into a new kind of uniform: luxury streetwear, delivering the best of both worlds.

But social media isn't the only reason behind luxury streetwear's skyrocketing popularity. The previously dominant streetwear silhouettes are now combining with a new sense of tailoring that delivers the perfect balance between comfort and innovative, never-seen-before patterns and structures. Over the last few seasons, we have seen more than a few pairs of sneakers, and hoodies on the runways of Paris, New York, and Milan. This highly anticipated fashion revolution can only mean one thing, we can freely choose comfort without having to compromise our style.

luxury sportswear in europe

If you are one of those who assume that a simple boxed logo on a t-shirt is more than enough to ensure the success of any luxury streetwear brand, guess again! Even though having a memorable logo may be very important, that’s not the whole story. Trimingham is the perfect example of how to design and execute an innovative, hybrid collection that combines authenticity and strong ethos.

Founded by creative director Cherise Trimingham, former student of the prestigious Central Saint Martins, this brand forced its way into my 2021 wishlist. There isn’t lacking of gender-neutral streetwear in the urban style industry but nothing can beat the joy of having a never-seen-before design in your wardrobe- especially if it's made by an emerging independent contemporary streetwear designer.

limited edition luxury streetwear
There is no shortage of options in Trimingham's ready-to-wear collections, nonetheless, you will happy to hear that they specialize in bespoke/custom pieces, blessed with the artist's unique touch. In this consumer-driven era of seasonal trends, custom made clothing is made to last for a lifetime, because it is actually made for you. Custom luxury streetwear goes beyond the "basics". 

"We will source the finest fabrics for your garment, from our favorite cities, usually including; Milano, London, New York & Paris. Whilst also sourcing trims to ensure your garment is completed with any required personal touches. Our bespoke garments are handmade in the UK by extremely skilled seamstresses. Our production is very efficient and will provide you with an estimated delivery time during your initial consultation" mentions Cherise Trimingham.

New World Collection

limited edition streetwear brandsThe New World luxury streetwear collection

There is no denying that creative flow, innovative ideas, and raw artistic skills are a killer combo for success, especially when combined in a single collection. THE NEW WORLD - SEASON / 21, based on the idea of a parallel universe, is a celebration of monochrome colors that eventually venture into bolder vibrant tones. This investment-worthy, sportswear collection manages to show the difference between the current world and the new world, by creating a space for individuals to reorient their mindset, achieve their own successes and fulfill their full potential. Their limited edition styles are endorsed by various celebrities, musicians, footballers, and boxers 

If you love luxury fashion combined with the minimal aesthetic of traditional streetwear, this contemporary label is definitely for you.

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