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Leather trousers and Studded boots

how to wear leather trousers in winter

If you are like me ,the Holiday season is one of your favorite times of year when it comes to browsing the internet. I find myself looking into a million different things (beauty, gifts, accessories, gift ideas, latest discounts ) on a daily , sometimes was more hours than my usual timetable. I don't know how to perfectly describe it but seems like this month is a month of inspiration, moodboards , countless new pinterest pins and wishlists.

You might have noticed it by now but without even noticing it I have uploaded way more blog posts over the period of November-December. Don't get me wrong, this blog is my baby. My only mean of expressing my feeling, ideas, emotions.

I have worked so hard on building an audience, shooting, writing ,editing and I have no intention of neglecting it. What's my point here? Most of the times I tend to (over) filter my posts , mainly my outfits, and take much time to decide what ,or if, a specific look will be published here. The looks that don't make the cut are uploaded on my instagram. But lately ,feels like I have so much more inspiration when it comes to styling, outfit combinations and shooting. Even though I spend a few months constantly working on my instagram feed it is time to work on my blog as well. Sometimes it is really hard to keep the balance between blogging and social media. The time needed for all these platforms is certainly overwhelming but It is safe to say that I once again found a program that works best for me and my everyday life.

From now on I am planning on adding some extra topics (categories if you will) that I have always been interested in but never published them out of fear that this blog will stop being only fashion-focused. As you grow older you discoverer so many passions I didn't know I even had and it is only fair to stay true to my self and to everyone who is reading these lines right now.

Nordstrom Faux Leather Leggings 
 White Lace Up Sweater similar here 
Light In The Box Buckle Boots
Light In The Box Shoulder bag 
 American Eagle Outfitters Military Jacket and another favorite here

how to style chucky sweaters
chyky sweater how to style
leather trousers outfit ideas

On to today's post now! I found myself loving the studded boots trend. The idea of wearing something so comfortable and still look like a million bucks excites me. Honestly these boots go with pretty much everything in my closet right now. From chunky sweaters and denim to black button up blazers and little black dresses I can surely get the most out of them. There are so many different style and color variations available that everyone will surely be able to find the right pair for them. Take a look at the products bellow to get an idea.
gemstone ring

BlyDesign Moonstone Rign

outfit ideas for cold weather

This post is a collaboration with Light In The Box

The guide / How to style every Daniel Wellington watch

Over the years my watch collection is slowly but steady getting bigger and bigger . I came across many beautiful designs with silver, rose gold and gold hardwear and a variety of bands and straps. It is safe to say that Daniel Wellington will always be one of the top watch brands I look at every time I need a new watch. DW recently launched their petite collection , which is focused towards women with petite wrists. My most common choice when it comes to the dial width is 36mm mainly because I find this particular size to be very comfy on my hand but the new DW collection offers 28-32mm . If I had to choose only one Daniel Wellington watch to wear for the rest of my life it will definitely be the Classic Black Sheffield, 36mm.

This year I teamed up with Daniel Wellington once again to showcase their Holiday gift sets, aka the perfect gift for him and for her now . As you might have seen on the unboxing I did on my instagram stories not too long ago, you can customize your own DW gift box with pretty much every combination available. You will be able to choose the collection, size, color AND add a complementary cuff or band to your Holiday box while taking 10% off your entire purchase.

Not good enough?
Use my discount code "meets" for an extra 15%OFF
till Dec 31 + free shipping !daniel wellignton watches how to style 

daniel wellignton watches how to style 

daniel wellignton watches how to style daniel wellignton watches how to style

Cutest sweaters for the Holidays / UNDER $50

best chunky sweaters for cold weather

I really cannot express how much I was really looking forward for a holiday themed post like this one. I am one of those people who get over obsessed with everything warm, cozy and Christmassy in general. as I mentioned on my instagram yesterday we have already started to decorate our apartment and pretty much made my early Christmas gift list already ( another reason to expect the Black Friday sales!). The timed finally seemed more than appropriate to showcase a collection of all my favorite sweaters for under $50 and forcefully drag you with me in the early Christmas madness I am currently leaving in.

The long , lace up sweater for every occasion. My wardrobe is surely consisted of everything lace up. I got a few lace up skirts, tops and of course, sweaters. I simply cannot have enough of their cozy, cute vibe and their versatility.

The warm, braided sweater. Now this one is at the top of my shopping list for my future holiday travels. When I am on the road I desperately need something comfortable to keep me warm and in the right length so I won't have to adjust it every 5mins.

The sweater for my over the knee boots. I think I have proven to you more than enough times how much I love wearing over the knee boots in winter. One of my most favorite way of wearing my OTKs are combined with a sweater dress, preferable one with a turtleneck.

The statement (from day to night) aka the one I fell in love at first sight. The cut and pattern of this red-blue sweater definitely draws everyone's attention weather it is worn in a casual day out for cup of coffee or at night with a leather skirt . Oh, look at ruffles!


How to score the best sales on all your favorite websites

best autumn sales

Wool Turtleneck Sweater / Pretty Little Thing Trousers
Daniel Wellington watch and bangle 

Till this day I have never in my life met a single person that did not love the sales season. Even though this time of year is mainly focused around Black Friday and Cyber weekend shopping you are surely able to find some deals prior to these days. There are more than enough online shops out there that are offering some major deals as we speak and It would be a miss not to mention a few of them in this post. 

Before I make a list of all the opportunities you can take advantage right now I will answer a question that not only I receive pretty frequently but also had myself for years and years in the past. What is the best shopping strategy when it comes to online sales? Which Items do I tend to pick up first? Honestly It is pretty hard not to add every single one of your favorite items in your cart during your shopping spree but let's think this through for a second. The goal of every shopping trip (online or not) is to fill "the wholes" you have in your wardrobe and then precede to purchase the trendiest seasonal items and statement pieces. Get your priorities straight! What to do you really need the most? A neutral colored coat that can be worn with the majority of your outfits from day to night or a pink colored coat which is certainly extremely beautiful but very hard to pair up with your every day looks?

Personally I always go for the items I pre-decided that I really need during this season like a new pair of white Adidas sneakers that will definitely keep me comfortable through the day. Right after I would really need a cozy, knitted sweater preferably in neutral tones so I can style it with pretty much every piece of clothing I have, another pair of skinny jeans cause one can never have too many of those and last but not least a black button up blazer .

Now that we got the basics (a.k.a the most important everyday key pieces) out of the way we should decide which trends really speak to every one of us. Blindly following every fashion trend out there is surely not the right way to go .Before you realize it you will have a wardrobe filled with un-coordinated items and the usual quote "I have nothing to wear!" on your mind pretty much every every day as you get ready . You really have to think this through before you add anything to your shopping cart

Are you fan of leather, vinyl and studs? Can you see yourself wearing a pair of leather studded boots or you prefer more neutral tones like gray and camel? Do you go out at night often? Then yes , you should order that sequin dress . Believe me, I know all about buying things on an impulse and never even remove the price tags as soon as you lay eyes of the item you thought you loved a few days prior online. Sales are amazing, as soon as you have a strategy instead of wasting your money on things you will never enjoy. Maybe this year try to have a color palette in your mind and follow the same shades while you are browsing though the deals of your favorite online shops. Make sure that the items you are picking up are not only able to be worn as an outfit combination but also bring your already existing wardrobe to mind and decide if the colors and patterns can be styled with the clothes you already own.

pretty little thing outfit
pretty little thing influencer

wide leg trousers outfit


Nordstrom - 40% OFF till Nov 12 (no code needed)
Urban Outfitters - 50% OFF on Fall Accessories (no code needed)
Neiman Marcus - 30% - up to 70% OFF Clearance (no code needed)

Asos - 25% OFF ON 2,400 different items (no code needed)
Gilt - 70% OFF ON 2,700 different items (no code needed)
Bloomingdales - 25% OFF for every $100 (click the private promo code at the shop)
Pretty Little Thing - 20% OFF ON EVERYTHING with the promo code "treatme"
River Island - Save $10 for every $50 (no code needed)
American Eagle Outfitters - 50% OFF on selected items and free shipping for orders over $50 (no code needed)
Adidas - up to $50% OFF (no code needed)
Daniel Wellington - 15% OFF ON EVERYTHING with the promo code "meets"
Topshop - 30% OFF on selected items (no code needed)
Victoria's Secret - from $30 to $60% OFF on 900+ styles (no code needed)

cropped sweater outfit ideas

how to style crop sweaters


I know I don't usually post about home decor but this bed's original price was €2,432.94 and it is currently on sale for €255.46 !
If you are getting ready for Black Friday take a look at last week's post in collaboration with Pretty Little Thing to know
more about their deals & sales.

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