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These Leather Handbags Can Actually Help You Focus On Your Fitness Goals

meal-prep handbags
What exactly makes a great workbag depends on what you do for work. Do you currently have a desk job that requires the use of a laptop? Then a structured tote bag might be exactly what you need. Are you always on the move? A spacious backpack or crossbody bag with outside pockets will come in handy. Yes, there are so many different work bags to choose from and match with your everyday outfits but, today we will focus on the ones that actually help you stick to your healthy eating habits.

The importance of meal preparation

You don't need to be an athlete to consider this. In fact, meal preparation can be a life-changing decision, especially if you are too busy to cook new, healthy recipes each day of the week. This technique is based on pre-cooking. The basic idea is to prep certain food - for the next day or several days ahead- and store each meal into lunch boxes. This way you will always be able to snack on something healthy during the day. Meal prepping is also a great way to control your portions and save money by replacing low nutrient snacks with healthy alternatives.

meal-prep handbags

What does all this have to do with stylish handbags? I can see you looking a bit confused, let me break this down for you. If you are like me, desperately trying to stick to a healthy diet despite your hectic daily schedule, then this one is for you. Praktikals is a brand with a very clear mission to create fashionable yet very functional vegan leather bags for everyday, hard-working women. The main purpose of these innovative bags is to help all fitness enthusiasts maintain their healthy eating schedule no matter how busy lives can sometimes be.

The fashionable meal pre bag you didn't know you needed

Praktikals carry 3 different meal per bags with unique characteristics. The Bella, Eloho, and Maris bags offer the best (and most discreet) meal pre compartments to store your home-cooked meals. Praktikals can be your new, fully functional work, travel, or gym bag that keeps your meals and drinks fresh throughout the day - thanks to the insulated food compartments.

"I love carrying my homemade meals to wherever I go and every time food or water would spill all over my bag. That made me thinking of a handbag that would resolve those issues that most women experience regularly. That is how Praktikals handbag was born. " said Leidiane, the founder. 

meal-prep handbags

These bags have proven to a great staple piece to our wardrobes. The online product reviews speak for themselves. All three bag styles are currently on sale! Visit the website to find out more.



The Best Illustrated Tarot Decks To Buy On Etsy Right Now

Illustrated Tarot Decks
New age-y spiritual practices like healing crystals, readings, and astrology are now more than ever in demand. Forget all about the previous stigma surrounding this subject. You no longer have to visit a self-proclaimed professional in the sketchiest part of town to receive the answers you seek-or to try out the process for the first time. Tarot readings are certainly amongst the top 3 most popular New age practices and, luckily for us, easily accessible. No matter if you are a pro at reading decks or simply looking for an easy way to start your spiritual journey, there are many different ways to dive into the mystic world.

First things first. Not everyone interested in having a collection of crystals or reading cards is actually invested in spirituality. There are plenty of individuals who love to collect unique tarot decks that feature delicate artwork from independent artists. I, even though new to the world of predictions and interpretations, have been focused on creating healing crystal art for quite some time. That's probably the main reason that I instantly fell in love with @le.sinex, the artist behind the "Botanical Sword" Oracle card deck. Whether you are on a journey of self-discovery or in it for the aesthetics one thing is for certain, the practice of tarot reading demands respect.

Illustrated Tarot Decks

As opposed to many other practices that focus on future prediction more definitively, tarot reading seems to push us further into self-reflection while taking many different angles and perspectives into consideration. Below you can find the perfect illustrated tarot deck that will not only satisfy your need for mental clarity, it will also look fantastic spread across your coffee table as part of your decor.

Not only this illustration deck comes in a set of 40 beautiful blackwork illustrations on textured paper, but it also comes with a mini guide book to further help you with your interpretations along with a detailed online version. Sounds awesome, right? Well, there is more. " In the name of “Botanical Sword”, Sword as a visual feature captured the essence of masculine heroism inside and the Botanical imagery expresses the feminine part from fantasies." the creator explains. Each card in this set is designed to help you overcome difficulties, inspire mental clarity, and guide you through difficult life decisions via its insightful illustrations.

Illustrated Tarot Decks

Maybe you are like me, someone who can get enough of minimal, spiritual illustrations. Lesine offers The Botanical Sword 2021 Calender, either as a full set with the tarot deck or on its own (many as a gift for your New age-y best friend too?). Is there a better way to decorate your home other than having a new Oracle illustration wall art through the year?

The Best Pool Float That Will Help You Step Up Your Instagram Feed Game. This Is How You Can Support Black-Owned Businesses In 2021

black owned brands inflatable pool

 If you are fortunate enough to have a pool or have unlimited access to one, you will know that having a summer gathering with your best mates is much more enjoyable in the water. You probably already know that pool parties require the right amount of space, delicious cocktails, trendy swimsuits, and of course, the cutest pool floats. You know exactly what I am talking about. The ones that not only manage to gain a ton of likes on Instagram but also help you relax and have fun in the water.

What if I told you that you can impress your friends (and neighbors!) and support the first black-owned pool inflatable startup at the same time? Keep on reading.

I have lived my whole life close to the sea, cute pool floats were a must amongst us kids. Later on, we kept this tradition going ( yes, we still hunt down the most unique designs every spring and summer). Let's not forget that one time we decided to place an actual floating pool in our living room and almost ruined half of our furniture after a few not-so-careful attempts to have fun in it. The point is I am obsessed with these adorable floats and when it comes to pool parties - not during the pandemic of course- I am more than ready to recreate the best moments of my childhood with some unique inflatable floats.

black owned brands inflatable pool

Pool floats have been a huge Instagram trend for years, and they aren't going out of style any time soon. But we are not kids anymore. There are many more factors we should consider before making our decision. You all know how huge I am on sustainability, upcycling, and supporting small businesses. I highly encourage you to stock up on the Alma Ocean floats so you can rock this summer and still support the cultural-inspired styles made for you to tap into a new look and mood. I rounded up all the info for you.

Sustainability, Diversity & Creativity

Danielle Hodge, the founder of Alma Ocean, enjoys pool floats so much she decided to create her own. "I searched high and low, extensively, without success and couldn’t find any floats that appealed to my personal taste" she mentioned. "I wanted a product that spoke to my culture. I wanted to see and feel inspired by the inflatable designs, so I created my own!”. So in 2020, during the global pandemic, she decided to create her own line, aiming to inspire women -and men- of color to enjoy their time in the water and celebrate their culture at the same time. Sounds great, right? Well, there is more.

black owned brands inflatable pool

She offers upcycling services to transform your old products into one-of-a-kind accessories. You are not confident enough in the water? No prob, you can find many resources to help you enjoy your days at the ocean -or pool- in the safest way possible.

How can you support this black-owned business?

Danielle Hodge is crowdfunding with IFUNDWOMEN the entire month of November to raise funds before her launch in summer 2021. Let's all honor creativity and diversity- You can thank me later after you have the most trendy pool party of all times.

Keys To Getting Better Rest

Tips on getting a good night sleep

Get Up And Get Going 

While it is always easy to keep hitting the snooze button in the morning, doing so is not the best thing for your overall sleep patterns. Try to break yourself of this bad habit, and instead set the alarm for the actual time you need to be awake. If the snooze button remains too tempting to abandon completely, try to use it just once per day. The snooze button is really causing you to loose sleep, not gain it, because it chops up restful slumber in such a way that you do not really benefit from the few extra minutes you think you are getting. 

Stop The Snacking 

Food and drink and when they are ingested will have a lot to do with how well you sleep. See if you can stop eating at least 2-3 hours prior to retiring for the night so that your entire body is prepared for relaxation. If you drink any alcohol, try to do so early in the evening so that the body can process it before you fall asleep. Caffeine should be taken only in the morning, and you should focus on other types of drinks for the rest of the day. Caffeine lingers in the body much longer than you realize, and it can harm your sleep quality to a real degree. 

Tips on getting a good night sleep

Napping News 

While you might think that a nap will interfere with your ability to sleep at night, short ones of up to 30 minutes can actually help the process. Even something as short as 10 minutes of napping can boost alertness during the day, which can lead to better, more restful sleep at night. 

Comfortable Surroundings 

If you have a bedroom that is serene and comfortable, sleep will come easier. Keeping the surroundings cool, quiet, and dark is the best way to optimize your sleep experience. Be certain to have a mattress that is large enough for full range of movement, firm enough to provide necessary support and comfortable enough to make you want to stay in it for a complete night of rest. Read these Puffy Mattress reviews and find the perfect mattress for you.

Working Out For Better Sleep

Regular exercise is a great way to prepare the body for sleep, and this can even take the form of a simple, brisk walk. Try to finish working out no less than two hours prior to bedtime so that the body is cooled down and ready for slumber.

Why you should always wear what truly makes you happy

Champion Greece, Champion outfit
As easy as it sounds to wear what truly makes us happy there are plenty of factors that can influence someone's opinion. With the rise of social media and the constant visual stimulations, they offer we all find ourselves lost and confused about what we actually like -or need-. How much time do we spend trying to convince ourselves that a particular piece of clothing fits better than it looks or that we weren't actually influenced by someone else to like something we truly don't? No one can deny it, there is an overall mainstream idea of how a person should dress ( and look ) judging by their age, marital status, hobbies, and field of work. Maybe 2020 is the perfect time for us to focus on how fashion makes us feel rather than blindly following trends and "musts".

Champion Greece, Champion outfit
S/S 20 Rochester collection by Champion

The art of shopping less

As we change and grow we all have a different perspective on what fashion is and what it represents. All the things we once thought we needed may now make us cringe or be considered "out" of fashion. There are some basic but key questions to ask ourselves before hitting the order button. Will this specific item fill a gap in our closet? Will we get much use out of it? Does the brand follow ethical techniques to create this piece of clothing we are about to wear? No matter your personal style these questions should always be a priority.

Moreover avoiding impulse buys at all costs will have a positive impact on our finances and closet space. How many times have you found yourself looking at clothes on the hunger - with tags still on- only to second guess your prior decisions? Having high-quality basics that can be worn countless times for years and years does not automatically mean designer items. Not everyone has the means or the will to spend that much money on one style, nonetheless adding necessary-only fashion to our wardrobe will inevitably help us create an admirable capsule collection, very beneficial in the long run no matter the price point.

Champion Greece, Champion outfit
Comfy casual styles with statement colors

Take this pair of  Dockers white platform sneakers for example that I wear pretty much every week religiously since last November even though I have quite a few alternatives. Why? Because they make me feel great. You have seen me styling more than a few looks around them on my blog and Instagram, they are simple and easy to wear with each and every outfit.

As soon as I unboxed my Buffalo CHAI sneakers on the stories I received so many mixed reactions. People loved how comfy and statements they were while others hated the chunky look they had. I feel so good when I wear them and I find myself reaching for them many times a month. That's what it really means to buy something that makes your heart happy as soon as you put it on as opposed to ordering something because someone else's opinion - and influence - managed to change your perception.  that's how I feel fashion should be. A way to make us happy and more confident.
Champion Greece, Champion outfit

So why my style has changed so drastically over the last 5 years?

If you are an avid reader - and follower- of meets style and @konna.antoniadou you probably already know what I am referring to. For years I have been trying to convince myself that the clothes I was wearing were a reflection of my personality, false. Even though I really loved my midi dresses and white boho tops reality was my personal taste was heavily influenced by the society's opinion of what a 20-year-old should look and act like. I never actually felt comfortable squeezed into my tight dresses and over the knee boots but honestly, I didn't know any other way to be. I had a certain idea of how I should look all day every day. Even now, freshly turned 26, I get comments here and there from people who claim that I should be dressing more "age appropriately", meaning not athletic I suppose. Do we need to pay attention to what others have to say about our appearance and life choices? NO. That's why you should wear fashion that makes you happy.

Top Tips To A Good Night’s Sleep

Popular Spring/Summer 2020 trends and how to shop them on budget.
Good quality sleep is as crucial for your health as a well-balanced and nutritious meal. It is while we rest (sleep) that body tissues and cells get to repair and rejuvenate in readiness for the next day’s events. Good quality sleep also translates to improved concentration, better moods, and memory. According to health/sleep experts, the average person should get at least 7 hours of good quality sleep every day. Whether you are always working at night, shifts, or during the day, it would be advisable to get as much sleep as possible. Have you however been struggling to fall or stay asleep? 

Outlined below are a few tips to help you beat sleeplessness when you need it. 

When You Wake Up (In The Morning)

Make it a habit of waking up at precisely the same time (say 7:00 AM) every day (holidays and weekends included). Doing so enables the body to maintain a steady circadian rhythm, making it easier to fall asleep later on at night. Do not extend your sleep time by more than 2 hours to avoid disrupting your internal clock. On waking up, splash some water on your face, then draw the blinds and curtains to let sunlight and fresh air in. This should improve your wakefulness. 

Later In The Day

Exercise for at least 30 minutes every day. Exercising regularly helps improve blood as well as keep your health in check. You might, however, want to avoid strenuous exercise (workouts) a few hours to your bedtime. You are better off exercising in the morning and just before midday to avoid disrupting your sleep pattern.

Try to avoid napping during the day as much as possible, and especially if you have trouble falling asleep at night. A 20-minute nap is, however, recommended if feeling overly tired and wish to rejuvenate.  Sleep experts also advise against working from your bedroom or using your tablets, phone, or computer in the bedroom.  Any beverages and drinks loaded with stimulants, such as tea, coffee, and alcohol should be avoided 4 to 5 hours to bedtime. The same applies to cigarette smoking.

How comfortable is your bed? A new mattress could well be overdue, take a look at Costco mattresses to find the perfect one for you.

At Night

1. Take a hot/warm bath or shower just before retiring to bed.

 2. Create/establish a sleep routine to help prepare the body for the night. Reading a book, meditation, drinking warm milk, or even decaffeinated tea almost always does the trick.

 3. Avoid digital light as much as you can. If possible, turn your phone to dark mode to filter out any blue light. The blue light emitted by these devices is known to cause sleeplessness, hence should be avoided several hours towards bedtime.

 4. Do not take any alcohol if possible. While alcohol might help you drift to sleep quickly, it will only cause you to wake up repeatedly to go to the bathroom.

5. Don’t go to bed hungry; have a light meal instead before going to bed.

6. Ensure the bedroom is as dark and quiet as possible. Set the bedroom temperature at around 18 degrees Celsius to help create the perfect environment for sleep.

7. Turn the alarm clock to face away from you. The last thing you want is to stare at the clock as you try to sleep.

Working On Your Confidence Inside & Out

how to boost your confidence

In order to make the most of life that you possibly can, it is important to work on building your confidence as much as possible. With greater confidence comes a greater ability to enjoy life and to do what you want to do without fear. That is something that many of us dream of having, but the truth is that anybody can develop their confidence greatly if they just know what to do. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the ways to develop your confidence inside and out, to ensure that you are happy with what is going on internally, as well as what you see - and what others see - externally. Once you have both of those in place, you are going to find life much more enjoyable.
how to boost your confidence

Understanding & Defining Confidence

In truth, the main reason that so many people struggle so much with confidence is that they have never really sat down to decide what it is. Until you are clear on what confidence is, you can’t expect to know how to develop it in yourself, and that is something that people often overlook or forget about entirely. A good, simple definition will lead to a fuller understanding of the concept, and that invariably leads to a better ability to generate it for yourself. So what is confidence, anyway?

True confidence is the ability to be happy with who you are, in an unshakeable way, no matter what life circumstances throw at you or how many times you fail. Confidence is not about being the best at all times - that’s impossible - but being your best self as often as you can muster it, and accepting that failure is a part of the process. Someone who is truly confident is able to love themselves even when they fall down, and therefore will find it easier to pick themselves up.

You will note that this understanding of confidence has nothing to do with how other people see you, nor is it about trying to get one up on those around you. It is not a matter of competition, or of wanting people to like you more, but of being perfectly happy with not being the best, and not caring if someone doesn’t like you. That all sounds great, but in truth nobody feels this way one hundred percent of the time. However, there are a range of methods you can try out in order to develop your confidence in this way, inside and out, and that is what we are going to look at now.

tips to be ore comfident

Working On Your Appearance

It might sound vain to start out by looking at your appearance, but there is a good reason for it. When you are happy with how you look on the outside, you are more likely to be happy with what’s to be found inside. You can do this either way around in fact, but in truth you will find it easier to work on the practicalities of improving your appearance first, and then developing your inner confidence from that later on. So what are some of the things you can do to work on your appearance?

First up, remember that this is not about looking a certain way or trying to please the outside world, but of being happy with what you see in the mirror for yourself. So don’t aim to look like Kim Kardashian or your insta friends - aim to look the way that you feel is organic and true to yourself. That means being able to discover what your true style is - and that is something that can be genuinely hard to achieve.

You need to play around with different appearances, outfits and so on until you find one you are happy with - and then stick to it. Take into account everything that you are wearing, including the smaller details like choosing the right lenses for your eyeglasses and what scarf to wear. The more detailed the effort you put in, the happier you are going to be with your appearance in general. Once you have found your style, it’s all about making the most of it.

how to be and look more comfident
Another important part of looking after your appearance in a way that boosts confidence is to ensure you are exercising regularly. This is a great thing to focus on as it actually builds inner confidence at the same time as improving your physical appearance in more traditional ways. When you workout regularly, it usually improves your general mood and how you feel about yourself, and you’ll find that this feeling of increased self-esteem is a genuine one, not an artificial one. More than that, studies have found that exercising regularly helps to reduce depression in the long term, which in turn means you are more likely to feel confident and happy in yourself.

Clearly, there are many ways in which working on your appearance can improve your feelings of confidence inside and out. You should absolutely make sure that you are making the most of these methods if you want to work on your confidence as much as possible.

The Power Of Accomplishments

One of the things that working out does for you is that it gives you a sense of accomplishment. That is actually a clue to one of the most important things of all when it comes to being more confident. If you are accomplishing things regularly, this is always going to have a way of helping you to feel more capable of things in general, and that will mean that you are more likely to respect yourself. So it’s important that you are setting yourself up for plenty of opportunities to accomplish a variety of things. If you can do that, you are going to be in a much better position indeed when it comes to feeling good about yourself.

confidence build how to

So how do you make sure of that? Simple: set goals. You need to set a range of goals, some hard and some easy, and with varying timescales, so that you can ensure that you are accomplishing them as regularly as possible. If you can do that, you will be proving to yourself repeatedly that you have the power to achieve things, even if some of those goals are not achieved. The beauty of having a variety of goals is that you are bound to complete some of them at least, which will ensure that you are going to have that feeling of accomplishment fairly often.

Those goals can be based on anything you like, whether it’s career based or health based or whatever. So long as you have something to work towards, that is going to be beneficial for you in the long run.

Stand Up Straight

It’s funny how often a small, simple change makes a deceptively huge difference to your feelings of confidence both inside and out. One example of this is working on your posture. If you make a point of standing up straight at all times, that is generally going to mean that you are much more likely to feel confident in yourself more often. You will notice this in others as well: if you see someone slouched you are going to feel that they are probably not confident in themselves. It’s worth experimenting with: if you sit or stand up a little straighter now, you are going to find that you are considerably more confident in yourself in no time. It’s a simple thing which really does make an enormous difference to your life, in a subtle way that builds up over time.

build your skills

Build Your Skills

Everybody has a range of specific skills which they are good at. If you want to become a more confident person, you will find that working on your skills is one of the best ways in which you can hope to do that. You might need to first work out exactly what your skills are, in which case it’s a simple matter of trying out a range of things based on what you tend to enjoy, and then working at them as hard as you can. Then you can look into building your skills in such a way that you are bound to enjoy being yourself much more. It doesn’t really matter what those skills are, as long as you are developing them at a good rate. Once you have skills that you can show, you are going to feel much more confident in no time.

As long as you work at these things, you are going to find that you improve your confidence a lot over time. That is going to result in a much more full and enjoyable life, and more of an ability to be true to yourself. So make sure that you are working on all of these as best as you can if you want to improve your confidence in the future. You will be glad that you did exactly that.

5 Plus Size Models You Should Know

Best plus size models 2021
No longer is fashion solely the domain of stick-thin models. Full-sized models are
beginning to have a growing presence on runways, fashion shows and in magazines.
The following 5 plus-sized models are making their mark on the fashion industry. 
1. Marquita Pring 
Best plus size models 2021

New Yorker Marquita Pring began modelling at fifteen. Known for her full-figured,
womanly silhouette and enviable tresses, Pring garnered attention when she appeared
in the V Magazine editorial 'Curves Ahead' in 2010. Since signing with IMG, she's
became part of a curvy group of models called the Alda Women. When Pring appeared
in Paris, France in 2011 modelling Jean Paul Gaultier's spring collection, her fame

A Vogue Italia shoot by Steven Meisel changed Marquita Pring's career arc. She's since
spent two consecutive seasons modelling in Levi Strauss & Company's print and
television ads, modelling for Macy's, Bloomingdale, Lane Bryant, Dressbarn, Talbots
and Evans UK and has appeared in Glamour, Cosmopolitan and An avid
athlete, Pring runs track, plays field hockey and enjoys figure skating.

2. Denise Bidot 
Best plus size models 2021

Miami, Florida native Denise Bidot switched from acting to modelling at age 18 when
she was told she needed to lose weight to be an actor. She's gone on to model in
campaigns for Forever 21, Lilly Pulitzer and Lane Bryant and designers Chromat and
Serena Williams. In 2016, Denise Bidot launched a website titled 'There Is No Wrong
Way To be A Woman' . Her goal is to raise her daughter in a world where there's not just
one definition of beauty.

In an essay in Refinery29, Bidot said she feels a responsibility to teach her daughter
and other young women they're beautiful and can achieve whatever they work towards
regardless of their size. Bidot wants to instill confidence in young women about their

3. Philomena Kwao 
Best plus size models 2021

Being different is part of Philomena Kwao's brand. Flashing her signature cropped
hairstyle, this London, England native has been featured in fashion campaigns for
Nordstrom, Evans, Lane Bryant and Torrid. Kwao has an undergrad degree in
Economics as well as a Masters in International Health Management and wanted to
work with a global health agency. Those dreams were put on hold when she was
discovered through a modelling competition held by Cosmopolitan UK Magazine, Evans
and Models1.

Since beginning her modelling career in 2012, Kwao was featured in Essence
Magazine, Pride magazine, Cosmopolitan UK and in nationwide campaigns for Style
369 and Evans. Philomena Kwao also won the 2012 GUBA Rising Star award. In 2013,
she signed with Ford Models, moved to New York and has become well-known on the
international fashion scene.

4. Paloma Elsesser 
Best plus size models 2021

A 24-year-old rising star, Paloma Elsesser began her modeling career after moving to
Los Angeles to earn her degree in psychology and English. When Pat McGrath, the
world-renowned makeup artist, discovered Elsesser on Instagram, she took a break
from school. Paloma Elsesser has since modeled for designer Eckhaus Latta, Rihanna's
Puma Fenty line and her recently launched Fenty Beauty cosmetics company. Elsesser
has also modelled for Glossier, a popular beauty brand among millennials.

Paloma Elsesser sees diversity with plus-sized models and models of color about to
make a major breakthrough because of the visibility and demand social media has

5. Ashley Graham
Best plus size models 2021

Ashley Graham was the first plus-sized model to work with Michael Kors and Christian
Siriano and be featured on the covers of Sports Illustrated and Vogue. Born in Lincoln,
Nebraska, the supermodel and body positivity activist burst onto the fashion scene in
2000. Ashley Graham has been on the cover of Glamour, Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Elle
and other top fashion magazines. She's also been in several Addition Elle plus-size lingerie campaigns and spoken widely about body positivity.

Diagnosed with dyslexia and ADD growing up, Ashley Graham became a model after
being discovered in Omaha, Nebraska's Oak View Mall. She has appeared in YM
magazine, Vogue and a Glamour editorial in 2009 entitled 'These Bodies are Beautiful
at Every Size'. Graham has modeled for Lane Bryant, Marina Rinaldi, Elomi lingerie,
Bloomingdale's, Hanes, Nordstrom, Evans, Liz Claiborne Macy's, Target and Simply Be.
In 2012 Ashley Graham was named Model of the Year by Full Figured Fashion Week.
She's gone on to become an international superstar.

The Importance of Down Time

Travel in French Reviera - Cannes
We all live busy lives, in fact, even when we’re traveling we don’t always get the downtime we need. It’s becoming harder and harder to switch off from work, due to the remote working lifestyle many of us have accidentally adopted - where we are almost always contactable, by email. In addition, many of us feel like we need to employ someone just to keep up with the conversation on social media; making us feel like we are ‘reacting’ and always on the go.

Indeed, in a somewhat overstimulated world, it can be easy to feel quite frazzled at the end of the day, or even upon waking up and throughout the day. Therefore, it’s important you take some time out that’s just for yourself.

Now, there’s a huge difference between taking time out for yourself and doing nothing; often we can watch a bit of Netflix, or jump on Pinterest, and we are not “working” but we aren’t truly relaxing either… at times, it can feel like we are just distracting ourselves from the burdens of life we know we must face. Almost like a pit stop.

Making time for yourself, and having true downtime is something quite different. It’s all about self-care and carving out chunks of time that are specifically just for you… not quick moments here and there… but scheduled time that is purely designed for you to relax and unwind.

For some people, this may involve going to a fancy spa or an organized fitness class such as yoga or something more intense like boxercise to release stress - whilst for some people, it’s drifting off into the world of gaming and discovering cool characters in this new Final Fantasy mobile game. The point is, whatever it is for you - that’s okay. We all have different ways of unwinding… the most important thing is to ensure you carve out time that allows you to just chill out without stress or worrying about the things you have to do.

Time is the most vital and limited resource we have… yet we are so quick to give it away to the demands of life, work, and family. In this sense, time is often an overlooked gift that we don’t treat with the value it truly has. It’s important you are living your life for you - not for someone else, as your time is yours, and each minute, or even second, you expend, you can never get back.

This is something that we need to start to feel much more, on an emotional level, as when you think about where you honestly spend your time each day - is it being spent as wisely as it could be; or is it being given away to other people and projects as if you have a limitless supply?

The truth is, you only have so many hours in the day, and these hours are yours. You only have so many days left - and these days are yours. Yes, you should give your time to work, family, friends and the necessities of life… just don’t forget to make sure you have some time for yourself too.

4 things you can do every morning to battle anxiety

easy tips to battle anxiety and stress

I have previously mentioned more than a few times how much anxiety interferes with my day to day life. As someone who has been living with this issue since childhood, I can understand in-depth how severe and tripling it might be to a person.  Even though I have tried almost every tip and trick in the book I still feel the rush of overwhelming anxiety even in the most basic situations. Through years and years of trying and failing, I finally found my own way of coping with daily stress and anxiety. Today I will share the top 5 things I do daily in order to have a stress-free morning.

1. I wake up 30 minutes earlier.

Most of the time having almost no time in the morning to prepare yourself for the day is actually the most triggering thing when it comes to anxiety. I set up my alarm 30 minutes earlier in order to have enough time to lay in bed, slowly get up or have some extra time to eat breakfast and have a cup of coffee. Waking up at the last minute and all the stress that comes with it is definitely more than capable of ruining your day by causing even more episodes.

easy tips to battle anxiety and stress
easy tips to battle anxiety and stress
The ActiveLift technology offers a natural, lifted look without excessive pudding. 

2. I listen to my favorite, relaxing music.

As soon as I get out of bed I put my headphones on and start listening to my favorite music. I continue to do so while doing my morning routine, having breakfast, etc. Listening to all the commotion outside really bothers me in the morning. I need to be calm and focused on getting everything done at my own pace.

3. Exercise at least 20 minutes per day.

I am not a fan of typical daily exercises, yoga, etc. I much rather prefer walking or running especially outdoors. No matter if you want to hit the gym or dance around the house to your favorite music, 20 minutes of daily activity will definitely help you keep your stress levels to a minimum.

easy tips to battle anxiety and stress

Satin loungewear I love at the moment

4. I set alarms for every task I have to finish.

I am known for not managing my time correctly so multiply alarms per day are the only way I can function without losing my mind. I calculate the time I need for every task and set the alarms accordingly, otherwise, I might spend a big part of my day working only on one specific thing.

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Outfit Details:
Sugarfree Bikini top Cup D /  Bet and Malfie "Ariel" silk scarf

While I was perfectly planning my summer holidays, eager to get away from the city, and all the constant noise that comes along with, the weather had different plans. The stormy, moody days seem like they will never end. If you someone looks closely he might spot a few rays of sunshine now and then but most of the time it feels like the middle of Autumn.  I keep organizing my suitcase hoping for warmer days now that July is almost here.

The cold weather took such a big toll on my mental health, it's unbelievable. Over the last few weeks, I felt extremely unmotivated in pretty much every single aspect of my daily life. I keep pushing myself to be a better, more organized person but sometimes everything feels like a burden. I want to go out, but I want to stay in. I want to work but I also want to stay in bed doing nothing. I want to make art but nothing seems to turn out the way It was meant to. These thoughts have been taking over my mind for many years and because of that, I keep finding new ways to battle these emotions and still be able to function daily.

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I have a little folder on my phone's notepad with all the tasks than need to be done every single day. It can be as simple as "go for grocery shopping" or important, urgent projects like edit, deliver a project, etc. I set a goal of 7 tasks per day and at the end of each day, I check and mark the things I managed to do. Each time I try to add one more thing. The feeling of seeing my daily accomplishments motivates me for the next one.

I keep a list of all the things I accomplished within a month because most of the time I tend to jump off from goal to goal without taking the time to appreciate how far I have come.

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I always take a few minutes out of my day to listen to some of my favorite podcasts. The Pursuit With Purpose by Melyssa Griffin helped me tremendously not only to overcome many of my daily life struggles but also shown me new ways to deal with stress, anxiety, and work overflow.

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How I plan my everyday outfits while I feel uninspired

How to easily plan your outfits

The usual style block

Hello lovelies! Please raise your hand if you have been through a style block over the last two weeks. I know most of you (and me of course) have been dealing with a few days of complete lack of inspiration from time to time. I have found myself unable to pick up an outfit so many times in the past , I truly stopped counting. Over the last 3-4 years I found quite a few different ways to overcome this block and spend as little time as possible to pick my daily outfits. Especially if you are like me , the kind of person that changes outfits more than once troughout the day you will surely find the tips bellow extremely useful.

As for me this week has been quite hectic so far. We had to spend quite a few hours in office waiting rooms, signing papers etc. Adult life is surely a blast most of the times ahahha. Anyways, I have also been obsessed with blazers lately, always trying to find new ways to style my small collection of blazers. I am currently thinking of buying a new one ,with a bright , bold statement color this time. As you can probably see on my blog and instagram I am going through a face of constantly wearing sneakers , even with vinyl skirts! Despite the fact that I do have a back disformation which I only found out a year ago after three days of constant, umber able pain and the feeling of loosing the movement in my legs . Turns out after a few x-rays and doctors appointments that I have Spondylolisthesis type 1 since birth and even though this does not effect my everyday life what so ever there might be rare,brief periods of time that I will experience severe pain as I did last year. Enough of the medican stuff!

Outfit Details:

1. Take quick mirror selfies to save your favorite outfits

There are days I feel delighted to try out new outfit combinations. Taking advantage of these hours of endless inspiration try to style as many looks as you can , take a selfie of each one of them and save them on your phone. This way you won't feel pressured to try on so many different looks every day just to find the best one for the occasion. You will already have a few well thought ideas to save you lots of time daily.

2.Follow instagram hashtags like #ootd #outfitpost

Another great way to receive a tone of daily fashion inspiration is to follow popular fashion hashtags of instagram. This way you will not only have everything you need right in your hands but also, you might find some amazing accounts you have never checked before.

tips for outfit planning

3 Browse through leading-fashion sites like Whowhatwear , Lookbook, Blonde Salad, StyleCaster

This is a list of just a few places you can find fashion and beauty inspiration daily. There brief but very reach in details articles can always help you during your "styling block". 
3 Browse through leading-fashion sites like Whowhatwear , Lookbook, Blonde Salad, StyleCaster

This is a list of just a few places you can find fashion and beauty inspiration daily. There brief but very reach in details articles can always help you during your "styling block".

 4.Polyvore 's secret usage

I have been using polyvore for a few years now, mainly to organize my daily outfits and store my inspiration for the days I feel unmotivated. I personally use this site a little differently than most people. Instead of taking the role of a styling, I don't choose my favorite pieces and style them to create a beautiful layout. Instead I search for specific pieces that I already own (eg H&M vinyl skirt) and create multiply looks with other designs that are already in my closet. If I am unable to find some of the clothes I own , I place something really similar instead. When I a done, I screen shot the set and save it on my phone for future reference. 

How to easily plan your outfits
5. FB chat stylists

This is a service I came across very recently. In a few quick words Epytome is an artificial intelligence stylist in Facebook Messenger. All you have to do is answer a few questions that evolve around your style choices, favorite pieces of clothing etc and you will be receiving outfit suggestions according to your needs. You can set the settings to daily, weekly, twice a week etc mode and this chat will do all the work for you during the days you feel uninspired.

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