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The Only Trendy Fashion Accessories You Will Need In 2021

Trendy fashion jewelry and accessories

Let's be honest here. You've probably seen these trendy fashion accessories flaunting your social media feeds. There are cute, fun, versatile, and more than able to save you from the headache of constantly trying to curl or straighten your hair to their death. From fun, boho prints, to utterly beautiful pastels and some much-appreciated summer florals, the top 2021 accessories trends suggest fun and most importantly easy, low-maintenance ways to style your hair and make you look more put together during your warm-weather city strolls.

If you’re having a bad hair day, just put on a few zodiac-inspired circle clasps to obscure it, and voila! Oh, and also, don't let my bad hair day struggles stop you from wearing your favorite cute trendy scrunchies with your favorite summer dresses, jumpsuits, or even tees and hoodies. You might even find yourself planning an entire outfit around one scrunchies' cherry pattern. Obviously, it doesn’t end there! I rounded up some unique jewelry choices them.
Trendy fashion jewelry and accessories
Shop Violet & Eye Accessories

You won’t need to go shopping for quite a while as soon as you stock up on some stellar summer jewelry & accessory options from Violet & Eye. Seriously, there is a slew of otherworldly cute earrings, scrunchies, clips, necklaces, hair elastics, and even some wedding accessorieswhich I won't be needing anytime soon, but they might find you just in time for your special day.

And if you are like me and constantly looking for ways to support small, but extremely creative business owners, you will be pleased to hear that Violet & Eye, is indeed an independent brand based in Sydney, Australia. Ginny and Bindy hand-pick each one of their trendy fashion accessories and jewelry. Go on! Snag your favorites just in time for summer.

Unique Animal-Inspired Jewelry To Shop Right Now

There’s arguably nothing more classic, chic, timeless, and versatile than a discreet piece of jewelry. That's even more true when said piece is connected to your most beloved furry friend. Yes, Animal-Inspired Jewelry is a thingand we can't get enough of them! You see, unlike regular pieces of jewelry, these unique designs were created with your favorite pet in mind. There are several different types of wildlife and pet jewelry, each ranging from personalized paw charms that allow you to customize your very own charm with a photo engraved inside the central jewel, crafted from premium stainless steel plated with the color of your choosing, to otherworldly beautiful, sparkly turtles, made of colorful gemstones. The possibilities are endless!

Whether you choose to opt for a delicate opal ring, the most stunning Koi fish earrings, or a silver bee bracelet, there is a slew of options for every taste and personal style. Fauna Jewels' virtual shelves are filled to the brim with high-quality jewels that effortlessly give off the enduring elegance that they’ve become known for.

If you are anything like me, then you probably rely on statement accessories to make basic everyday looks stand out. As you can imagine their personalized pet photo charms instantly became popular, and between you and me, there is no better gift to your pet-loving friend than one of these cuties. And just in case you are looking for the best Mother's day gift, go on and send a photo of her beloved furry friend to Fauna Jewels, and they will make sure to micro-engrave the photo on the inside of a necklace or keychain. 

Just in case you need yet another reason to snag some beautiful animal-inspired jewelry right out of Fauna Jewels' catalog, then you will be ecstatic to know that each item sold via their website helps animals everywhere. With every purchase, they donate to the non-profit organization "Animal Welfare Institute" and reduce animal suffering. Plus, you will receive free shipping on orders over $50.
No matter your style or budget, there’s a chic and infinitely versatile pet-inspired necklace out for every jewelry connoisseur and most of them are under $30.

Cute Anniversary Jewelry For Her That We Know She Will Love

Cute Anniversary Jewelry For Her

Everyone knows that diamonds are indeed a girl's best friend, but sometimes we may need something equally luxurious but more economical. Whether you are looking for the perfect anniversary gift jewelry for her or something special for him, there is a plethora of luxury and budget-friendly options online that will certainly leave their mark on your special day.

Before you spend hours searching for the best anniversary gifts online, take a look at our curated list of Anniversary Jewelry by Nano Jewelry. A collection filled with splurge-worthy necklaces that are equal parts unique and otherworldly beautiful. These subtle but classic necklaces are just as shiny as diamondswhich are also included in the list below. They’re typically made out of sterling silver or have silver gold plating, but there is always the option of grabbing a 14k White Gold Diamonds Necklace with Swarovski crystal.

Cute Anniversary Jewelry Gifts For Her
Shop Nano Jewelry

We rounded up the best anniversary necklaces for you. One of our picks will allow you to play with three different types of stones, like Topaz, Amethyst, or the classic clear crystal, while others convey the message of love in Elvishand if you are a loyal reader, you already know that I have enough Elvish tattoos to be considered a true Lord of the Rings fan. It's a yes from me! In case you are looking for a discreet, yet unique anniversary necklace gift for her, there is always the I Love You" In 12 Languages, which screams elegance.
Choosing a piece of anniversary jewelry for your wife, girlfriend or boyfriend is extremely personal. Trends might come and go, but timeless styles that are authentically you will symbolize your commitment of forever. Rest assured that you will be able to find something for every taste in Nano Jewelry's virtual catalog. I have been eyeing a black, heart-shaped necklace that features a 24 karat pure gold inscription for quite some time now. Who knows? Maybe this is the perfect time for some much-needed self-gifting.

Unique & Sustainable Jewelry You Will Want To Wear Everywhere

unique handcrafted earrings from small brands
What’s your fashion obsession? Some people have a thing for shoes and hunt down all the latest trends to add to their growing collections. Others can't leave the house without a statement bag or belt to complement their sense of fashion. All of these items are cute, but if you’re on the hunt for the best blings money can buy, finding the perfect pair to add to your jewelry box can be one of the most exciting quests.

Colorful earrings—from vibrant yellow, ruby red, royal blue, and bold violet just to name a few, are unique and timeless statement pieces that belong in every jewelry collection. Whether you prefer to choose show-stopper earrings based on your favorites colors, interesting shapes,- or, if you simply love everything crochet wire stitched and 100% handmade, there’s chic and super versatile pairs that can complement your personal style -Who says we can't wear seals, welds, and crystals with our favorite street style outfits, am I right?

unique handcrafted earrings from small brands

Let's be honest, handmade jewelry is a great way to showcase your love for women-led businesses that offer unique styles and discreetly incorporate bolder colors that can effortlessly complement all your outfits - without acting like their rivals. From fine jewelry selections featuring the perfect crochet wire stitch to chic, bold styles with colorful crystals and everything in between, there’s definitely a unique piece for every taste and budget in the list above.

Go bright with a dazzling 18k Gold plated drop earring, or keep it simple and elegant with the right amount of red and blue sparkle—the options for sustainable handmade earrings from MIKA are limitless. Ready to cop a pair (or three) for your own collection? I got you covered, these unique styles have undergone some serious effort to be selected in this awesome brand house that is the MIKA website.

Do you need yet another excuse to stock up on some stellar exclusive jewelry? How about sustainable packaging that includes actual flowers? Yes, you heard me right. Even though leading brands carry the title of popularity, nothing beats the excitement of receiving your beautifully packaged order from two friends who met in Lisbon and fused their Canadian and Brazilian cultures, creativity, and mindset to promote women empowerment in all the small details from packaging to their selection of brands they work with. 

MIKA is powered by women, and led with bold intuition - like their slogan says: its Spirited Curiosity.  

MIKA's aesthetic is prominent in their luxury packaging, made from recyclable and sustainable material. Each order includes lavender vines from a small flower shop in Lisbon called @ohmariaflores, because they believe your jewelry should be an experience of the senses - and who could deny that. Whether you are looking for a beautiful gift idea for your friend or simply getting ready to rock a pair of gorgeous earrings this Spring, consider this your sign. Happy Shopping! 

6 Affordable Rings For Minimalists

Affordable stacking rings that go with everything
Whether you have been working from home wrapped in your favorite loungewear all day or having the opportunity to get dresses in actual streetwear for a change, a bit of sparkle instantly better your mood. Choose any outfit, add a little blink, and boom! It just received a huge upgrade. Now, if you are anything like me, then you might be feeling a bit embarrassed about your jewelry collection. Let's just say that I have been stacked with the same old pieces for quite some time now. Don't get me wrong, simple yet elegant designs will never go out of style but, there is no reason to avoid adding something extra to your jewelry tray - especially when they come with a super affordable price tag.

As a sucker for delicate stacking rings myself, I was delightfully surprised by how many different pairs one can find right now. Some of the best designs come in all kinds of shapes and styles, from classic and discreet to sparkly and super noticeable. You also need to decide how much bling you want on your finger- which I always find difficult. Scroll through below to get a glimpse of some super cute, affordable styles. Prepare yourself because you’re going to want to add every single item to your cart when you see these cute, little hearts and flowers.

Affordable stacking rings that go with everything
I can't help but picture how gorgeous these Cubexican Crew rings would look with a simple gray sweater set, with a head-to-toe neutral outfit or, or better yet with my all-time favorite black velvet dress for the ultimate night out look - as soon as the restrictions are over. The point is, these rings are super versatile whether you are planning on stacking them up with each other or with a few pieces from your pre-existing jewelry collection. 

Of course, If you adore minimal styles, or prefer necklaces over rings, fear not! Cubexican Crew has many chic options for you too. These jewelry pieces are ready to arm up every outfit you own- from loungewear to full-on glam.

Best Eco-Friendly Watches To Style With All Your Outfits

eco-friendly sustainable watches online
Ohh watches-the one accessory that never goes out of style no matter how hard our smartphones try to achieve that. They are still at the top of our wishlists, from trendy one-season styles to all-time classic, elegant designs, they are able to elevate even the simplest of outfits. Personally, I have quite a few different staple watches but, today It's all about how you can add some of the best everyday watches to your jewelry drawer-without having buyer's remorse over it.

I have never been a fan of bracelets but watches are an entirely different experience. The beauty of watches lies in their simple design. The one that perfectly fits around your wrist so you barely notice that you are wearing it. I get it, the internet is filled with an overwhelming amount of designs and prices but, how exactly do you pick high quality, durable watch that is not only pretty to look at but also ethically made.

You know me, always happy to call everything "unisex" just because I love menswear a bit too much. That's why today I will include some great picks for men and women that actually work perfectly as a Holiday gift for your friends and family. Scoop up my top favorite timepieces below just in time for Christmas-self gifting is also permitted.
Best eco-friendly vegan watches
DAN & MÉZ is a premium watch brand with eco-friendly straps, founded by Daniele Madonia and Clemens Kohlbacher. They use vegan leather to achieve the beautiful, timeless look of their collections while putting emphasis on the importance of making the whole fashion industry sustainable and ethical.
eco friendly sustainable watch brand

Their head-turning watches are handmade in Germany, in a great working environment for all parties involved. Every style features Pinatex, a type of artificial leather-based on recycled pineapple leaves and currently working on a few more alternatives such as mushroom, grapes/wine, and cork based leather. As an environmentally conscious company, their packaging is made of recycled materials. Their business has made a commitment to meeting the highest standards of positive environmental and social impact, which is exactly what the industry needs right now judging by the number of fast fashion brands that are popping up left and right.

2021's Top Jewelry Trends Are All About Making A Statement

2021's Top Jewelry Trends

 This is not the first time I am saying this, and it definitely won't be the last. The best 2021 jewelry trends are all about drama and attention. This year requires you to over-accessories your daily looks but, in a good way. After spending quite a great amount of time wrapped in our coziest blankets and loungewear for most of 2020, we all need to dress up a bit-even if masks are now a part of our everyday styling choices. When we do manage to go out in public, we surely want to make sure that we look and feel our best.

Easy to wear jewelry trends for winter

Don't feel sad about spending your quarantine money on 2020's jewelry must-haves a few months back, because most of these trends are rolling over into the new year. Yes, I am not ready to leave all my unworn jewelry behind either. As it seems our old-time favorite gold and silver chains never left the spotlight, and we couldn't be happier with that. Layer up, ladies! 

2021's Top Jewelry Trends
Images by
So, is it all about chains? Heck no! Pearls are once again prominent but this time we celebrate uniqueness with every shape imaginable. Say goodbye to classic round pearls and welcome the fresh look of all the different silhouettes. They are definitely show-stoppers if you ask me. Delicate little charms and pedant necklaces are very in right now- or maybe both if you mastered the art of layering.

Are you eager to use the #armcandy once more? Luckily beads made a huge comeback this year in every color and size. From tiny, flat, and discrete to big, bold, and colorful there is definitely something for you. Don't be afraid to go with the most dramatic styles available.

Affordable luxury-inspired jewelry to shop right now

One of the best parts about jewelry is their ability to elevate any outfit AND still be super affordable. That's right! This is yet another post where I share the best online shops to get your favorite trends for less- and still look like you snatched them right from the runway. Caramel Anz is an independent jewelry brand based in GA, USA, offering trendy and all-time classic pieces that definitely won't break the bank. 

From chunky punk-inspired chains and gemstone cut-out earrings to the cutest multi-layer necklaces and silver hair clips, your jewelry collection is about to get a huge makeover. Plus, 5% of their monthly profit is donated to Guide Dog Foundation charity. There are hundreds of ways to use jewelry to arm up even the simplest of outfits. All you have to do is take a look at the top 2021 trends straight from Caramel Anz's catalog below.

Tap the images to shop
2021 affordable jewelry trends
2021 affordable jewelry trends
2021 affordable jewelry trends
2021 affordable jewelry trends
2021 affordable jewelry trends

Women’s Brooches: Jewellery For Now

Coup de Coeur London jewelry

The brooch is an accessory with a long history, worn by elegant women, and occasionally men, for hundreds of years. These days, however, the brooch seems to be favored almost exclusively by the older lady, and even then, often only with formalwear. 

Oddly, badges and pins are as popular as ever, often seen adorning the collars of denim jackets and the straps of backpacks and messenger bags. Yet the brooch remains the unloved cousin of the pin-on jewelry world. Coup de Coeur London offers a fantastic range of high-end brooches that can be found on their website by clicking here.

Coup de Coeur London jewelry

Part of the issue here is that brooches are often quite complex and elaborate in design, making them far more of a statement piece than a cluster of simple buttons on your lapel. A brooch is designed to catch the eye, usually with fine metalwork or beautifully cut gemstones whose gleam can be seen from 50 feet. 

Loud jewelry can be difficult to match with other accessories and outfits, which may be why such pieces have fallen out of fashion. However, simple, understated brooches are also available, if only people would look for them.

Brooches are not designed to be worn with every outfit, but they can make a classy and elevating addition to many an ensemble. On the whole, it’s best to wear brooches on loosely fitted outerwear, such as blazers, jumpers, or jackets, but the rules of fashion are made to be broken so you can go ahead and do as you please. 

Coup de Coeur London jewelry online

However you want to use them, it’s about time brooches made a comeback from the bottom of our jewelry boxes. So why not throw one on the next time you go out? You might just be surprised by how many compliments you get. Maybe your grandmother was on to something after all.

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