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Your One-Stop Marketplace For Inclusive Beauty, Body & Hair Brands

If you are in desperate need of a pick-me-up in the form of an online beauty, body, and Hair shopping spree, we’ve found the absolute best inclusive therapy session on the Internet today.

No matter if you are a beauty lover, a skincare hoarder, or simply enjoy hair care formulas that can actively help your hair get longer and healthier, surely there is a small, female-owned brand ready to deliver some well-packaged goodies to your doorstep. There is no need to hunt down the best-emerging businesswomen in your area, with the rise of social media we can instantly spot all the career-driven, talented individuals who decided to dive into the world of entrepreneurship from the comfort of our own homes. There is no need to spend all your hard-earned money supporting a giant corporation when they are so many lesser-known businesses that deliver the same (or even higher) quality products- they surely deserve your trust and recognition.

Unfortunately even the most female-centric industries like beauty, haircare, and fashion are still predominantly run by men. For me, it's all about celebrating women who continuously try to subvert the industry standards by embracing their individuality and follow their own path to success. Think of the most ultra-pigmented eyeshadow palettes that are actually affordable, hyper-moisturizing hair butter to protect your precious curls in summer, and heavenly scented body scrubs with amethyst crystals. Now imagine getting all the aforementioned gems while actively supporting small, indie brands to continue creating amazing products. That's exactly Ebony Crown's mission.

There’s no shortage of fantastic formulas available from these black-owned businesses, and you’re going to want to treat yourself to everything. Best part? You can find a complete list of beauty, body, and hair gems all in one place.

Ebony Crown was launched in August 2020 by co-founders Onyekachi Amadi (CEO) and Margarita Sandoval (CMO) and has since curated 18 brands and over 200+ products. Ebony Crown is not only a women-owned company but also 2 first-gen minorities building a platform for inclusive beauty. Basically, it's your new go-to online marketplace dedicated to curating inclusive indie brands in the hair & beauty space for products made for you!

They also offer online consultation quiz for all their first-time clients who want to treat their hair. The short online questionnaire will help them analyze the type of your hair and suggest the right products according to your needs!

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite female-owned skincare brands, some stellar beauty options, and of course, organic haircare formulas. Grab your wallet, because you’re going to fall in love with these amazing brands and businesses.

These Are The Best Selling Stylish Face Masks for Women According To Etsy

Etsy bridal face masks

Forget shoes, bags, and jewelry. Face masks are arguably the most important accessory of 2020 and 2021. While we've definitely gotten used to wearing stylish face masks in public, most of us still struggle with the overwhelmingly hot air that gets trapped inside this necessary safety precaution  not to mention the utterly frustrating elastic bands that always seem to be on a mission to make us feel as uncomfortable as humanly possible.

Because of all the aforementioned reasons, I made it my mission to hunt down some lightweight face masks that would make my day-to-day life more comfortable. You see, basic, one-colored face masks are cute and all, but why settle for less when you can opt for a variety of intricate patterns, lace details, and aesthetically pleasing color combinations that can match all your future outfits with ease?

That's why today, we rounded up some of the best-selling washable face masks you can shop online on Etsy. Thanks to StarNestRick you will be able to get your hands on some of the most comfortable Bridal cotton lace face masks to wear on your special day, along with a slew of other stylish face mask options including Silk, Rhinestone, Mesh, Floral, and Kids Masks etc, And Mask extender lanyard for ear protection. Need more convincing? Almost every option is under $5 —yes, you can stock up on all your favorite Soft, comfortable and washable face masks without spending half of your monthly salary.

Etsy bridal face masks

You probably already know that I prefer my face mask to be a rebellion against minimalism, with pleasantly unique prints and colorways, however, this comfortable wedding pearl face mask has my heart. Seriously, look at this double-layer face mask, you can't convenience me that you wouldn't wear it during your wedding day, graduation, party, etc. Plus, it doubles as the perfect bug and sand protector, a much-needed addition to all your warm-weather elegant outfits.

Cloth face protection masks with 100% Cotton Fabric are washable and reusable, as for the stretchy ear loops, rest assured that they are soft and non-irritating.

fitted face mask etsy

Cute, fresh, and durable. What more could you ask for? This double-layer thin mask is about to complement all your future #OOTDs, plus it effortlessly gives off summer-ready vibes.
lightweight stylish face mask etsy

Breathable and effective for protection and style, take advantage of the slew of warm-weather color options for a hot summer day.

breathable lightweight masks from etsy
Yes, we all need a Mesh Rhinestone mask to complement our night-out attires. Bonus point it is comfortable, lightweight, and utterly adorable.

In case you aren't planning on attending any formal event in the near future, you can still cop some comfortable, form-fitting face masks for everyday use. If you too are obsessed with finding the perfect face protector that actually allows you to breathe easily, while keeping your face completely covered, StarNestRick's face mask collection on Etsy is exactly what you need to add to your warm-weather must-haves list.

The Best Fashion Design Courses To Take Online This Month

Getting one-on-one lessons from talented designers, artists, and educators like Alexandra Blank seems like an impossible scenario—or, at the very least, something that only happens to people who have their entire life's saving account to spend. But, thanks to the power of the digital world, we are starting to see exclusive access to fashion courses online from established fashion designers from the comfort of our own homes.

Experts from around the world have virtual classes available, which could be the perfect opportunity for you to learn exactly how to become a fashion designer without a degree from one of the best cutting-edge fashion designers.

Whether you want to learn how to build your own fashion brand from the ground up, or already have a basic idea but looking for some guidance on how to create the best design sketchbook for beginners, as well as design your first collection, these courses are just waiting for you to tune in.

How to become a fashion designer at home

As someone who already holds a BA in Fashion Design, I can attest to the fact that starting your own fashion brand is not about spending years and thousands of dollars on traditional education. Just like Alexandra mentioned, the world is changing and how to start your own fashion collection from home is not a matter of money anymore.

If you’re looking for leadership and creative advice from one of fashion’s most notable names, you can’t go wrong with spending some time taking Alexandra Blank’s "The New Fashion Designer" courses.

Top Online Courses in Fashion 2021 by Alexandra Blank

become a fashion designer without a degree

Taking some fashion design lessons from someone who’s won the Next Generation Designer Award is a no-brainer. Alexandra obtained a BA in Fashion Design in South Africa at (CPUT) and graduated top of her class with the Vice Chancellor's Award.

"Winning the "Next Generation Designer Award" from Africa Fashion International as a student afforded me the platform to show my first collection at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Cape Town in 2014" Alexandra Blank mentions.

From then on, she showed her fashion collection at various international fashion weeks while working part-time at the Design Academy of Fashion in Cape Town as a design tutor and lecturer in Fashion History and Trend Forecasting (first to third-year levels).

Since her graduation, Alexandra exhibited her work in galleries in Cape Town, Venice, and Moscow. In 2020, she started her own jewelry line, and still continues to work on her own jewelry line, but still continues to work on fashion art projects and devotes her focus to individual tutoring and consulting.

How to start a fashion brand business

Best Fashion Design Courses To Take Online

Enroll in Alexandra Blank’s "The New Fashion Designer" courses

Spending your extra free time taking these online courses—for a fraction of what you would have spent on traditional education—can help you broaden your horizons or become better at what you love while starting your own brand and actually making it in 2021.

These online fashion courses will help students establish an in-depth understanding of fashion techniques and industry approaches, including:


Rest assured that you will be getting valuable knowledge on:
  1. The foundations of building a brand from scratch
  2. Develop unique designs through experimental exercises
  3. Find your personal style of illustration
  4. How to design your own fashion line (read-to-wear, as well as avant-garde pieces to capture attention)
  5. Choose the right fabrics for your designs,
  6. Get your garments professionally made
  7. How to position your brand and make use of the opportunities
  8. How to develop a strategy for your brand

Alexandra Blank online fashion courses will be held from May-June 2021, with new video lessons released each week, personal feedback on your work via email, one-on-one consulting one 45-min Zoom call, and much more!

Take advantage of the first free fashion course that's currently available to get an idea of what is about to come.

Why Working With A Landscape And Garden Designer Is Always A Good Idea

Landscape And Garden Designer inspiration

Let's be honest, when it comes down to your home decor, most of us only focus on perfecting our indoor space, leaving no room in our to-do list for patio or garden design. Creating a scheme you'll love for years to come is certainly very important, the same goes for your outdoor space too. You see, the best garden landscaping ideas might instantly make you think of those who were blessed with huge gardens and elaborate patios, but this couldn't be further from the truth.

However, unlike home decor, garden design inspirations from Pinterest might not exactly be a great way to start your landscape design process. Instead of going through numerous trials and errors, why not turn to a professional landscape design company that thrives on creating tailored garden designs to elevate any outdoor space?
“I believe that landscape design is much like painting, creating layers and expression that draw the observer in, to experience the work in a more exploratory and intimate fashion", says Amber Mueller, the founder and principal designer of When the Sun Hits Design. Fueled by her love for sophisticated style and design, she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Art Practice from UC Berkeley and studied Landscape Architecture at UC Berkeley Extension.

luxury landscaping inspiration
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Born and raised in California, Amber has always been fascinated by landscape design and its unique ability to blur the boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces and elevate these transitions to an extraordinary experience. Her talent and creativity quickly led her to work with well-recognized designers in the industry. Amber's work has been featured in national magazines such as Luxe Interiors, Architectural Digest, and House Beautiful, before starting her own design company. 

Amber’s continuing practice of painting and drawing is well incorporated into her approach to landscape design.

luxury landscaping inspiration
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From garden furniture and decking to lights, plants, and more, there is certainly something utterly fascinating about the entire designing process. When the Sun Hits Design certainly knows how to transform your outdoor space, whether it's big or small – and help you bring your vision to life.

Jessi Who? Will Be Your New Favorite Comedy Series On Youtube

Jessi Who? Series on youtube
 There is certainly no lack of male comedians in the world but, as soon as women take over the mic, we cannot help but cheer! I am sure most of you know exactly what I'm talking about. I am referring to the super creative and utterly hilarious women who manage to steal your attention every time they take the stage. Let's be honest, we all need a good laugh.

"The Humor Gap"

If you are an avid 00's film watcher, then you probably remember the phrase that unconsciously stacked in the brains of thousands of teen girls who adored the Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging. During one of the earliest scenes in the movie, Jas mentioned that "Boys don’t like girls for funniness". You see, Georgia showed up at the costume party dressed as a stuffed olive, only to discover that all her friends had picked less funny and way more conventionally attractive costumes.

Even it was considered as a quick throwaway line, it showed a popular cultural trend of portraying men as funnier than women in comedy.  However, if you think that this idea was only present in teenage movies, you will be surprised to read Vanity Fair's article "Why Women Aren't Funny", which suggests that women "already appeal to men if you catch my drift". Thankfully the author, took some time to "investigate the reasons for the humor gap"- after all, why do we need humor when your vagina is more than enough to capture the attention of all men, am I right?

Female Comedians On The Rise Who Will Leave You In Tears

The idea that women are less skilled in comedy than men is obviously biased and inaccurate. However, it doesn't take long to realize that the comedy industry is a boy's club at the top (and bottom). Don't fret, because today we will focus on the female comedians that are absolutely crushing the gameand I am crushing on them. Many comedy die-hard fans might already know my new favorite female comedian, but I need all of Kdaily readers to be able to say with pride that they knew about her before she became a top name. 

Jessi Who? Series on youtube

The Los Angeles based first-time Director, Meredith G. Guerra, brings us a show that will surely help us escape the heaviness of the world today.  Let me introduce you to your next favorite Youtube series, "Jessi Who?", a new web series hitting youtube this year. New episodes will be available every Sunday starting at the end of May 2021no worries, there will still be plenty of engaging content in between. With BTS interviews, Blooper reels, fun promos, and mini sketches (Jessi Who? Beep Boops), it is safe to say that you will get more than enough chances to be part of the die-hard-fans that are about to take this female comedian to the next level of fame—cause trust me, she deserves it.

Jessi Who? The Youtube Web Series

This web series follows Jessi Who, an aspiring TV Show host Comedian who decides to move to LA to pursue her dream career. It didn’t take her long to realize that LA might not be exactly what we see on TV. Jessi Who brings us hilariously relatable honesty and a closer look at the everyday life struggles of young women with the help of many more diverse and exciting characters.

As she adjusts to her new reality, her best friend Aelys seems to have everything sorted out in her lifethe ultimate "LA look", a long-term girlfriend, and a stellar role in a hit show. Randi is cool, collective, and always tries to be supportive of her overly optimistic girlfriend, Aelys. After all, Jessi has to navigate through her insecurities, naivety, and unfit tendencies, as she finds herself on a road not only to self-discovery but self-recovery, because let’s face it – LA is not kind to the artistic mind.

Just in case you need even more reasons to unwind with some jokes for 10 minutes each week, this web series will also include an utterly amusing approach to the influencer culture with the addition of Jessi Who's young neighbors, known as "The Jays". We will also witness her continuous awkward run-ins with lady's man Wayneraise your hand if you can relateand her bartender confidant Roman. As every LA emerging star, Jessi had to find an acting coach, Agnes isn't exactly the most supportive person out there. Let's not forget Emily, the random chick who believes that spirit guides are the way, No, I did not unveil the entire cast and plot. There are still many more riotous encounters to discover. Just wait!

Take A Sneak Peek At "Jessi Who? Beep Boops" Mini Sketches

"Simplicity never felt so complicated"
The web series tackles many issues each of us might face at some point in our lives in a funny and light-hearted way. Her style oozes confidence and all of her characters are so incredibly relatable, they will leave you in tears.

How Can You Support The Project?

Jessi Who? Series on youtube
We have one goal, to remain simple and light-hearted
You have probably fallen in love with the storyline by now, but just in case you want to support the production of these web series, take a look at her INDIEGOGO campaign and get ready to receive some serious perks!

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