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Luxury Fashion Brands Use Blockchain To Promote Sustainability

Blockchain in the luxury fashion industry. With the rapid increase in demand for brands to follow more sustainable and eco-friendly practices, the luxury fashion industry started to look for efficient ways to showcase their ethically-made products. Blockchain technology is an innovative way to track, and trace the entire lifecycle of a luxury item from the manufacturing, up to the selling point and beyond. Moreover, it's a great way to fight counterfeit luxury items. 

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Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Explained The Easy Way

The unfortunate side effect of being raised in a country where financial literacy education isn't exactly at the top of the list of subjects we get to study, the only real money advice I got as a teen was to save up, spend with caution, and repeat. There was never a talk of growth investments, stocks, or Forex. I just knew that whenever I got paid, part of the money should be kept away— even though I was always ended up blowing them away on Game boy cassettes, to be honest.

Fast-forward to my first freelance writing gig, I discovered the world of PayPal transactions — socking, I know— which quickly became my first e-wallet. You can call me paranoid all you want, but I absolutely despise the idea of sharing my bank details with a stranger. Simple! All I had to do was give out my PayPal address and voila! My 300 words English to Greek translation just landed me 15 euros anonymously.

Imagine my surprise when I first heard that Paypal had entered the cryptocurrency market in 2020. There I was, reading an oh-so-familiar word that I honestly didn't understand the meaning. And just like that, I was presented with a new world of anonymity with safe and secure transactions—population 5.8 million.

And now, I am overly excited to share with you an easy explanation of how regular peeps like me can use cryptocurrency

But, why we need these digital coins? Cryptocurrency is almost the same as Paypal, but with some key differences. Instead of giving your Paypal email address, you are sharing your unique crypto wallet address anonymously. Yes, there are actually many big-name stores that allow Bitcoin transactions like Nike, Walmart, and Target just to name a few. If you are one of those who still remember the Target cyber breach that hit 40 million payment cards in 2013, you probably already know the importance of secure, private, transactions.

How to Safely store digital currencies in your wallet

Similar to your Saint Lauren wallet, but you know.. actually secure. Cryptocurrency transactions don't involve any third parties (like the bank or government), each of them has its own wallet (either hardware or software). Once you get familiar with all the types of digital currency wallets, and have successfully purchased, two unique keys will be created - one for currency transactions, and a second (private) one to get access to your coins. 

 How can I transfer money to my wallet?

That was the first question that popped up in my head as soon as I started to learn more about the world of cryptocurrencies. Just like transferring money from your bank account to your Paypal, you can do exactly the same for your coin wallet. You can transfer money from your bank to your wallet from some cryptocurrency Exchange.

"A digital currency exchange (DCE), is a business that allows customers to trade cryptocurrencies or digital currencies for other assets, such as conventional fiat money or other digital currencies". See the full "Local Bitcoins Tutorial - How / >Where To Buy or Sell Bitcoin using Credit Debit Cards, Cash and More" tutorial for more.

How Blockchain works - The simple explanation

Woah! Too much technical talk, girl!! Not exactly, the concept is pretty simple, the knowledge about the application part of this amazing technology is what blows my mind every time.

We invest everyday, into our lifestyle from our diets, entertainment, social + more. Why stop there ? Learn how...

Δημοσιεύτηκε από Cryptonix στις Παρασκευή, 7 Ιουνίου 2019

Blockchain is a type of diary, if you will, that stores information about all the transactions that happen in the network using encryption. Blocks (aka the information) hold everything from the date, time, and amount for each transaction. Each block has a unique ID for recognition purposes. If you have ever publicly used Bitcoin addresses for any type of transaction, anyone can see how many Bitcoins are in that address because of the blockchain, but because of cryptocurrency's anonymity, there is no way to know exactly to whom this address belongs.

However, Blockchain isn't only used by individuals, big and small businesses can benefit from the technology too. Since it is a decentralized public network that allows the user to store and securely transfer information and currency within seconds, and it's very accurate. Every action in it is recorded, stored, and available to anyone in this system.

How you can profit from cryptocurrency investments 

Thanks to Ctyptonix's free guide on Safely Buying, Selling, and Trading Crypto Currency, even the most complicated, advanced terms and ways are explained. Whether it's for personal or investing purposes. Everything in life is really an investment so check it out. Yes, you can actually make a profit from trading cryptocurrency for other coins in just a few easy steps. Even though it demands much technical research and analysis for your short or long-term investments, it is a great way to make money from home — just beware of the risks. 


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