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Wide leg trousers and turtleneck crop top

turtleneck crop top
how to look chic in turtleneck crop tops

the camel ,wide leg trousers

My ultimate favorite part about clothing is the ability to be transform into the woman you really want to be for that day. No matter if you are on the mood for a
playful , chic-casual look or a clear, sophisticated effect . A few key pieces can really elevate and give that unique final touch to every one of your outfits
 throughout the week. For me the wide leg trousers have been a more more than comfy piece to wear and still feel chic and elegant no matter the hour. Been 5'4
 I always need something to lengthen my figure while complementing my feminine lines the best way possible and that's when high-waisted, flowy trousers come 
in ( another favorite pair seen on my " 3 transition pieces for Spring " post this month).


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