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The good and the bad side of blogging

pros and cons of starting a blog
When blogging isn't just... blogging.

As I am writing these lines I am still not sure If I should publish this post or not. I have been thinking of sharing my opinion in the general subject of "blogging" for quite some time now but every time I tried something seemed to stop me from doing so.

Blogging is such a common thing these days. Everyone can freely have a platform to share their interests, emotions, opinions, etc and this, in my opinion, is something amazing. For me, blogging is liberating. Sitting in front of my computer, writing, thinking, and generally creating something from scratch makes every one of my days significantly better. I really enjoy hearing your opinions, thoughts, and constructive criticism. Blogging has definitely changed my life for the better. I am surely not the same person I was 4 years ago and yes, writing in this platform played a huge role in my transformation.

As in pretty much every job, hobby out there you can surely find the good and the bad, the two sides which will always battle one another.

New Opportunities. The one thing that surprised me the most about blogging is how many opportunities came along with it. Opportunities that certainly could never cross my way otherwise. I had the pleasure of working side by side with a few of my absolute favorite brands. Some of them I have been wearing since high school. The idea of being one of the "faces" of my favorite brands, even on social media, was so surreal for me (well, it still is.).

Always feeling challenged. Another thing that keeps me motivated every day even after all this time is the constant challenge blogging really is. There are so many new things I needed to learn and so many more I haven't discovered yet. I learned about photography, editing, writing, properly presenting myself online without being forced into faking but most importantly how difficult it really is to maintain a healthy balance between sharing and over-sharing your life online.

fashion blogging, is it worth it?
Communication skills. I will never stop feeling amazed every time I look back and remember how terrible my communication skills were 4-5 years ago. The constant need to socialize with people whether I am at an event or simply by writing emails back and forth really helped me overcome some negative habits. I am now more put-together with the way I speak, act, and respond. I can definitely cope with situations that would certainly give me anxiety and pure panic a few years ago.

Some people will try to take advantage of you/ aka be careful of who you work with. This was something I couldn't understand for a very long time. There were times when I felt more than unhappy with a deal and still went ahead and did my end of the bargain. I later understand how important it really is to be happy and 100% on board with a deal, sponsorship, or simple collaboration. There were surely a fair amount of people who contacted me for all the wrong reasons (this is a whole other subject tho). My point is, always be careful of who you associate your self with, do research, hear other people's opinions, trust your gut.

Constantly feeling I am not good enough. Another misstep of mine, especially during the last 2 years was all the time I spend comparing my content to everyone else's work. There will always be people that are doing better than you in some aspect of your life. Comparing someone else's looks, personality will only harm yourself and your overall mentality. I stopped trying to find all the possible flaws I could and started to focus on my own content and what I put out for the world to see.


Choosing a career out of the ordinary

Sometimes admitting how overwhelming the blogging world and social media really are is quite difficult. There have been more than enough times I found myself hiding what I really do when people I hardly know ask me the "so, what are you working on right now?" question. In reality it is not because of shame or shyness, it's the fact that people in most cases are not able to understand someone else's choices unless it is something they have been taught to be an "appropriate" job. I am not solely talking about the business of blogging but fashion related fields in general. Not a lot of people know that apart from this blog I have also been working on numerous other projects as a stylist, visual merchandiser and fashion editor over the last 3 years.

Yes, starting a blog along with my fashion design degree helped tremendously so far. Weather we like it or not social media are the present and the future of every industry. I personally believe that the way you present your self online, how you write, the messages you are trying to get across using your influence, raising your own unique voice to help other people instead of simply going with the flow are in fact crucial elements that will definitely help you survive in the fashion industry.

Even though these are the facts for quite some time now and almost every person out there has even the smallest understanding of how blogging and social media works I still hear people talking behind someone's back about how superficial the fashion industry really is and how , in their opinion, people should get "real" jobs , after all there are thousands of fashion bloggers, social media celebrities , fashion journalists and editors out there. I still can't help but feel a little frustrated with people that are stuck back in the 2000's even if they are only 20-25 years old.

The world around us is constantly evolving. People are now able to choose a career out the ordinary.They are able to be the boss of their own self and create something beautiful for the world to see. Instead of spreading negativity maybe we should all stop and think for a second before we judge someone who is actually following his/her dream.

Why Everyone Needs a few days off the internet

summer in greece

Fokies, Halkidiki, Greece

Time flies by surprisingly quick especially if you are having an amazing time. We had a crazy month full of adventures, long walks by the 
beach, tones of roadtrips, bonfires and more than a few homemade cocktails. If you follow us alongon instagram you probably noticed the 
constant change of sceneries and outfits. Well, I can't say I am sorry . Living life to its fullest was one of our fist #summergoals and even though we
 are only in the middle of the craziest season of all I feel like there are so many places I haven't visited yet, ugh!

Over the last 30 days I have being trying to keep you guys updated on all our activities while letting you see exactly what I am seing at the exact 
minute via my snapchat (kmeetsstyle) and that's probably one of the most exciting things I decided to do this summer.Feels almost like a second
 family , always happy to learn more about what I am currently doing, planning or editing surely I can't thank you enough for that.

Social media consume a big part of my everyday life and ,unlike most people say, I do enjoy spending lots of time to communicate with you
 guys while letting you in my everyday life, for me it is strangely therapeutic. Non the less social media can be quite captivating and for most
 of us that see blogging, vlogging and social media in general as more than just a hobby, the right balance between exposing your life and over 
sharing every little details is quite thin. Even though I don't consider my self as an oversharing person (always try to draw a line when things seems to
 get a little out of hand) taking some time off was perhaps the most essential thing to do during last week. Not only I came back with tones of 
different ideas , filled with inspiration and motivation but also got the time I needed to leave my schedule behind and relax in our little , blue 
tent near the sea. I can sense  an  unwritten rule about social media influencers and how awful it truly is to leave your audience waiting even for a short
 period of time , how much harm it can cause to your engagement, your likes and your reputation. That really drives me insane. Everyone is in titled
 to have a break, only to gather more energy, ideas and motivation and those who are really into someone's work will follow them along no matter
 the week that might need to take off.
summer in greece

As you guys read these lines I am probably on my way back to the busy city , only to re-pack our suitcases and drive off to our next destination.
 Summer, as I mentioned above, isn't over yet and surely either our ideas.

Are We All Coping Each Other?

k meets style How to to layer a winter look

Over the last 2 days I spend more than a few hours in this place, facing the clear, beautiful scenery that was unraveling in front of my eyes. Due to the amazingly 
warm weather we were able to enjoy several coffee meetings under the bright sun only to have a quick taste of the early spring that is about to come. While you spend  
a long time in such a busy aria like this one you can't help but look around you, trying to absorb every little thing like there is no tomorrow. (Oh! those amazing 
warm days near the sea!). We were all more than happy to put aside our heavy coats and dress ourselfs in lighter, spring clothes (finally!) . So here  we are,
 happily walking among people trying to find the best spot to have our coffee break and then It hit me! The majority of the people around me were wearing 
pretty much the exact same outfits. No , I don't mean a pair of denim pants and a t-shirt, I mean the exact same outfits +shoes . 90% of the times this outfit would be 
consisted of a leather jacket, leather pair of leggings and the exact same pair of black wedged boots, from day to night , from party looks to casual walks by the sea.

k meets style minimal accessories


That realization really got me thinking. There is a big difference in wanting to have the same pair of ankle boots with your best friend and a completely another thing to
 copy piece by piece someone elses's look. Where is the versatility? Where is your personal sense of style?! Yep, it's gone, lost in the "that's trending right now , let's all
 wear it" bucket. We are all so obsessed with what's trending that we tend to forget what really flatters our bodies, what doesn't , what makes us feel comfortable ,
 what is our personal style .While coping each other can save  us lots of time and effort it is actually by far the saddest thing to do. Snap out of it! There are tones of
 beautiful and clever combinations, so many colors and shades, so many different styles to try. There are so many great stylists, famous and not so famous bloggers to 
get your inspiration from. Look how beautiful Leonie combined her casual pastel look or how chic Adriana looks in her casual-camel pair of pants.

k-meets-style how to wear denim on denimk-meets-style how to style a denim jacket
k meets style How to style your blanket scarf in Autumn

As I see it someone who is afraid of showing her/his own personal style or just blindly follows every trend can not take risks and chances her/his life in general.
 Taking risks, conquering things is exactly what life is all about. In a room full of black, tight leggings be the one with the statement dress, carry the bag you like! 
Not something that you are forced to like just because everyone else does.


k-meets-style basic autumn look
k meets style How to style the basic autumn look

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