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Unique Strategies That Small At-Home Businesses Are Using To Grow Their Brands

When it comes to growing a business, the amount of money that you invest in your brand is ultimately going to give you a better result. If you have money to spend on marketing, then you’re undoubtedly going to have a better time growing your brand than a new at-home business that doesn’t have much capital to work with.

Fortunately, there are a couple of unique strategies that these small businesses are using to grow their brands without spending much money at all. So in this article, we’re going to show you some of those strategies and how they can help you grow a small brand with relatively little capital.

Using micro-influencers instead of well-known influencers

Strategies That Small at-Home Businesses Are Using To Grow Their Brands
Image by kevberon
Spreading your brand via word of mouth is one of the most cost-effective ways to grow a brand. One of the best ways to achieve this is to use micro-influencers instead of aiming for the well-known influencers with millions of followers on various platforms. The goal of using micro-influencers is to spread your brand through a smaller community of passionate people that could be potential customers in the future. As you grow your brand via word of mouth, you’ll find that more influencers will want to work with you for the mutual benefits that it offers.

Looking professional despite being a small business

Appearances are important when it comes to the world of business. Even if you’re a small at-home business, that’s no excuse not to establish a professional appearance so that you can draw in more customers. A great way to achieve this is to register a physical address to your business instead of using your home address. There are many different locations that you can pick for your physical address, such as well-known business estates and industrial areas. This will help give your brand a much more professional look which is always important in the world of business.

Dropshipping as an alternative to storing the products at home

Strategies That Small at-Home Businesses Are Using To Grow Their Brands
Image by Goumbik
When it comes to selling products, it’s usually important to have a lot of space at home to ensure that you can store everything and get it ready for shipping. However, this can be time-consuming and you’ll need to buy all of the stock beforehand so that you have it ready to ship from home. However, there’s a relatively new concept known as drop shipping that you can use to grow your brand without investing too much money. Dropshipping means that the manufacturer or supplier ships the product directly to the customer as the order comes in. This is much cheaper since you only pay for the materials and production cost per order. While you eventually want to take shipping and production into your own hands, this is a fantastic way to get started.

This was just a small introduction to some of the unique strategies that people are using to grow their businesses. There are plenty more ways to save money and grow your brand as a small at-home business and it’s up to you to discover them as your business matures.

Are micro-influencers the future of influencer marketing?

micro-influencer marketing

One of the questions I get asked the most from 2015 is "how did you score this collaboration?". I have been working with brands like American Eagle, Buffalo London, and Sienna Jones on campaigns for the last five years. Even when I had around 3K followers I was able to have some pretty decent proposals (always within my niche). In 2018 I signed a contract with Savage x Fenty to be a part of their A/W 18 campaign and have been working with them ever since. Spartoo helps me create monthly content for my audience since 2019. Why? Because micro-influencers are really the future of influencer marketing and, more and more brands focus their marketing campaigns solely on them (well, us).

micro-influencer marketing

Who are the micro-influencers?

Micro-influencers are people with 1.000 - 100.000 followers with a passion for their specific niche. There are dozens of different types of social media influencers on Instagram, youtube, Facebook (and now Tik Tok) that are considered experts and tend to be trusted by thousands of people. Most of us are familiar with beauty, fashion, and travel influencers but you can find individuals in many more fields like gaming, food, fitness to name a few.

These smaller, more focused influencers are significantly more connected to their audience, mainly because they haven't obtained the "celebrity" status yet. In other words, people are more willing to trust the honest opinion of the boy/girl next door, the one they can relate to the most. Certainly smaller audiences mean much more personal, hands-on interactions.

Working closely with micro-influencers (from brands perspective) not only puts your products in front of the right audience but also saves you from the extra expenses of hiring a celebrity endorser.

What are the benefits of working with micro-influencers?

Number one and most important, higher engagement. Micro-influencers have the ability to interact with their audience daily by answering comments, exchange likes, and maybe create personal bonds via dms. Quick and easy interactions between micro-influencers and their audience mean that the connection is created a lot quicker compared to a celebrity influencer that overall seems more distant. This type of exposure can not only increase sales but also drive much-needed attention to your business.

Rather than investing 1.000$ on one collaboration with a content creator with around 100K followers brands nowadays mostly choose to work with many micro-influencers to ensure more exposure and better results.

From a consumer's point of view, it makes perfect sense. If I am looking to spend a few days in Paris the first thing I'll do is ask the people around me -the ones that I trust and value their opinion- for hotel and restaurant recommendations. I will double-check the recommendations on Yelp and Google to look for positive and negative reviews. Overall people's opinions do play a huge part in making a decision.

Micro-influencers have a very specific niche, they come in all shapes and sizes, that's what makes them relatable, approachable and at the end of the day a great marketing "tool " for one's business. Every brand has a target audience in mind. Maybe they are interested in promoting their F/W21 collection to women between the ages of 25-35 years of age who are interested in high-quality workwear and are mainly based in Europe. With micro-influencer marketing is easy to find the one who can cater to your exact needs.

micro-influencer marketing

Why micro-influencers are so popular today? 

To put it in a few words they are way more relatable and worthy of their following's trust than celebrities and mega influencers. Speaking from a personal perspective, having a small audience makes it easier to share your daily struggles, opinions, and thoughts outside the product promotions and daily outfit updates. Many people look for someone who faces the same difficulties, tries to overcome the same issues, and is considered overall as a "friend" rather than an unknown person online with a beautiful Instagram feed.

Most of us look at a celebrity endorsement and roll our eyes. We are more than certain that this celebrity isn't actually using this product, it's a quick way to make hundreds of dollars. When it comes to micro-influencers every mistake can be fatal to their image. If micro-influencers lose the trust of their audience by promoting a product that doesn't work the comeback will be severe.

What brands research before offering a collaboration contract? 

Most customers (and many influencers) think brands contact online creators based on their photography skills and the numbers of likes and followers. You might have the most skilled photographer in the business, have the perfect looks, and still won't be able to have the collabs of your dreams. Why? Because when it comes to micro-influencer marketing the age/ location/ demographics and hobbies of your followers are way more important than the likes and followers count ( we all know how easy it really is to purchase 10k followers ). 

The most effective thing an influencer can do while promoting a product is to tell a visual story through imagery. We should be staying true to our brand and personal aesthetic and provide our audience with what they are really interested in. Audiences can very easily notice if an individual is promoting a product they don't really believe in. In conclusion, brands are most interested in the quality of your followers rather than the quantity.

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Finding That Instagram Moment When You Travel

Finding That Instagram Moment When You Travel

There's no denying that, when it comes to travel, Instagram is the king of all platforms. The image driven nature of the site is perfect for showcasing those gorgeous destination shots, from jaw-dropping scenery, to flat lays of beach bags and swimsuits, and even the obligatory hot dog legs by the pool. But have you ever tapped into the feed of an influencer or even someone you know and wondered just how they got that perfect shot? What do they do? How do they find those gorgeous locations? It turns out the key to having extremely Instagrammable travels is quite simple - it all boils down to the research that you do beforehand. Find your inspiration, plan your sessions and you'll soon have a feed that could be the envy of all of your friends…

Do Your Hashtag Research

First of all, if you're trying to find beautiful locations in a place you're visiting to post on your Instagram feed - Insta itself is often the place to look for inspiration. Make it a part of your initial research. Say that you're planning to visit Malaysia. If you're planning to travel and work and stay in a location for a while, you may be searching online for accommodation, looking for that condo for rent in KL below RM1500 so that you can still have money in the budget to explore further afield as well. You could then look into day trips that you can take from there such as the Batu Caves or Kuala Selangor, where you can spot monkeys roaming around and view the largest firefly colony in the world lighting up the night sky - all amazing, unique things to add to your Instagram feed. You could start by scrolling through the location tag for these specific places and seeing what images other people have taken. Also, take the time to follow any major accounts related to your destination, such as the country's tourist board. If there are pictures that really appeal to you, then check the location information and add it to your must visit list!

Find Local Bloggers

From the location hashtag, if there are any images that look high quality and taken by a blogger or social media influencer, go through to their profile and take a look. It can be a rich source of inspiration for shots, styling and other local locations. Give that influencer a follow and check their posts for recommendations on where to eat and what to pack to suit the local climate and culture. In a lot of cases you can go and click on the accounts of restaurants and hotels that they've visited, and that's when you can begin to get really granular about the one table with an amazing view that you'd like to dine at, or the hotel room with the most amazing bath or funky wallpaper that would make an incredible background for a picture or two.

Don't Forget About Pinterest

When planning your ideal Instagrammable trip, believe it or not, Insta isn't the only place to make it happen - Pinterest is an amazing platform for planning travel. You can find really insightful, easy to follow pictorials on every subject from planning your holiday capsule wardrobe to travelling light and even makeup looks and hairstyles you might want to try out in your new location. It's also a great source for travel itineraries for your destination and cool and unusual things to do - as well as being another great tool to help you identify that perfect location for a great shot. Just search for something like 'Paris most instagrammable' and you'll usually be overwhelmed by choice. This can also serve as another channel to find local influencers and loop back to their Instagram accounts for more tips on beautiful locations and hot venues.

Take Your Best Horizontal Shot

Once you've done all your research, you should have a location list of places where you know you'll get those incredible shots. Use a tool like OneNote to add this list to your phone so that you can take it with you. When you're visiting that place, consider your positioning in the location. Take a moment to soak in the atmosphere and see what unique angles or perspectives you can get of the scene around you. Take a wider, horizontal shot and you'll capture the best of a beautiful view. To take the best shots, consider the rule of thirds in your photos - some phone cameras offer a mode with a grid over the viewfinder so that you can balance your shot easier. Break down your shot into three equal sections to make a balanced picture. Try positioning your subject to the extreme right or left of the frame to make an interesting picture. Find your flow and just shoot - there is a lot you can do with picture editing apps after shooting to correct colour balance, edit the framing and zoom in that can make a so-so shot something special.

Finding That Instagram Moment When You Travel

Think About Focus And Lighting

Although editing can do a lot after the fact to enhance your images and really make them pop, there's not much it can do to effectively alter focus and very poor lighting. If your picture is extremely dim or very pixelated, it's not going to look great despite sharpening or lightening in the edit. Learn a few tricks before your trip such as altering the depth of field to enhance the exposure, which will create a brighter, more focused image. Play around with the focus on your camera so that you can create images with a sharply focused subject and slightly blurred out background for a really professional look.

Get A Lightweight Travel Photography Kit

You may be choosing to travel with a DSLR, or you may realise that a lot of the latest phone models have incredible capabilities and just go with that, but it's always worth packing a couple of extra accessories - a lightweight collapsible tripod and a Bluetooth remote. These are small enough to be packed even in hand luggage, but can really make a difference to the shots you are able to take and the final quality. If you're travelling alone, they are also essential if you want to be able to take pictures of yourself without the awkwardness of having to ask a stranger to help. Smartphone camera accessories can make all the difference in terms of what you are able to capture.

Happy snapping and happy travels!


Best editing apps for fashion and beauty bloggers / instagrammers

best editing apps for influencers

I have been a content creator for more than 4 years. I was a proud instagram member before the algorithm disaster and a facebook user before the drop of popularity that became apparent almost two years ago. As I am writing these lines I can't shake off the idea of how easy my online "life" would have been if certain apps and features were available when I started blogging. Back then (it seems like ages ago) excessive editing wasn't the case. Yes, most of us were retouching our photos to get the best results but the means to do it were limited to photoshop and occasionally lightroom. Nowadays there is literally an application for everything and even though overly edited photos is something I personally don't like that much, having the opportunity to fix a few flaws in your photos with one tap surely comes in handy. With no further ado, here are the apps that make my job as a content creator a lot easier. 

Best photo editing apps :

1. I am sure most of you are familiar with this app since it's probably one of the most popular ones for all types of Instagrammers. Vsco has a variety of free and paid filters that come very handy if you wish to edit snaps from your phone quick and easily. You can also change the saturation, tint, brightness, contrast of an image with a few taps, and save it in your VSCO gallery for later use.

2.Snapseed: This is the app I personally choose to use more often. You can consider it as the updated version of VSCO where more complicated edits can be applied to your image. Apart from the various filters, you can adjust more than 20 elements in your photo like the composition,  white balance, perspective and you can even clear up flaws on your skin and background with the "healing" tool. If you aren't familiar with photoshop this app will definitely help you a lot. 

3. Afterlight: Not as complex or advanced as Snapseed After light is the app to use if you want to recreate the popular"dusty" effect most Instagrammers use these days. I personally use this app for the lighting and flare effects that you most probably have noticed on my Instagram feed over the last few months. 

4. Makeup Plus: The name of this app is very explanatory. You can use this app to fix flaws on your makeup or "put on" a few faces of makeup. There are more than 20 lipstick and makeup colors, contouring techniques, and eyelashes to apply to your selfies. You can even change the color of your hair, apply contact lenses, and change the shape of your eyelids.

5. Plotaverse:  Explaining what this app can do is a little hard but definitely more fun and exciting than the rest I mentioned above. Plotaverse is the app to create motion art loops. With a little bit of practice, you will be able to create "moving images" in which certain elements will be still and others (like the clouds, sky, smoke, cars will be moving). Here is an example of a better understanding.

6.Preview: This might not be an editing app but it will definitely save you time and help you be more organized. Preview will help you create the perfect Instagram layout. With an interface exactly the same as Instagram you can upload your photos, drag and drop them to rearrange, and decide which color scheme fits best with your pre-existing content. You will also be able to find the best Instagram hashtags for your posts inside the app, put them in a group, and save them for later use. 


The good and the bad side of blogging

pros and cons of starting a blog
When blogging isn't just... blogging.

As I am writing these lines I am still not sure If I should publish this post or not. I have been thinking of sharing my opinion in the general subject of "blogging" for quite some time now but every time I tried something seemed to stop me from doing so.

Blogging is such a common thing these days. Everyone can freely have a platform to share their interests, emotions, opinions, etc and this, in my opinion, is something amazing. For me, blogging is liberating. Sitting in front of my computer, writing, thinking, and generally creating something from scratch makes every one of my days significantly better. I really enjoy hearing your opinions, thoughts, and constructive criticism. Blogging has definitely changed my life for the better. I am surely not the same person I was 4 years ago and yes, writing in this platform played a huge role in my transformation.

As in pretty much every job, hobby out there you can surely find the good and the bad, the two sides which will always battle one another.

New Opportunities. The one thing that surprised me the most about blogging is how many opportunities came along with it. Opportunities that certainly could never cross my way otherwise. I had the pleasure of working side by side with a few of my absolute favorite brands. Some of them I have been wearing since high school. The idea of being one of the "faces" of my favorite brands, even on social media, was so surreal for me (well, it still is.).

Always feeling challenged. Another thing that keeps me motivated every day even after all this time is the constant challenge blogging really is. There are so many new things I needed to learn and so many more I haven't discovered yet. I learned about photography, editing, writing, properly presenting myself online without being forced into faking but most importantly how difficult it really is to maintain a healthy balance between sharing and over-sharing your life online.

fashion blogging, is it worth it?
Communication skills. I will never stop feeling amazed every time I look back and remember how terrible my communication skills were 4-5 years ago. The constant need to socialize with people whether I am at an event or simply by writing emails back and forth really helped me overcome some negative habits. I am now more put-together with the way I speak, act, and respond. I can definitely cope with situations that would certainly give me anxiety and pure panic a few years ago.

Some people will try to take advantage of you/ aka be careful of who you work with. This was something I couldn't understand for a very long time. There were times when I felt more than unhappy with a deal and still went ahead and did my end of the bargain. I later understand how important it really is to be happy and 100% on board with a deal, sponsorship, or simple collaboration. There were surely a fair amount of people who contacted me for all the wrong reasons (this is a whole other subject tho). My point is, always be careful of who you associate your self with, do research, hear other people's opinions, trust your gut.

Constantly feeling I am not good enough. Another misstep of mine, especially during the last 2 years was all the time I spend comparing my content to everyone else's work. There will always be people that are doing better than you in some aspect of your life. Comparing someone else's looks, personality will only harm yourself and your overall mentality. I stopped trying to find all the possible flaws I could and started to focus on my own content and what I put out for the world to see.


Choosing a career out of the ordinary

Sometimes admitting how overwhelming the blogging world and social media really are is quite difficult. There have been more than enough times I found myself hiding what I really do when people I hardly know ask me the "so, what are you working on right now?" question. In reality it is not because of shame or shyness, it's the fact that people in most cases are not able to understand someone else's choices unless it is something they have been taught to be an "appropriate" job. I am not solely talking about the business of blogging but fashion related fields in general. Not a lot of people know that apart from this blog I have also been working on numerous other projects as a stylist, visual merchandiser and fashion editor over the last 3 years.

Yes, starting a blog along with my fashion design degree helped tremendously so far. Weather we like it or not social media are the present and the future of every industry. I personally believe that the way you present your self online, how you write, the messages you are trying to get across using your influence, raising your own unique voice to help other people instead of simply going with the flow are in fact crucial elements that will definitely help you survive in the fashion industry.

Even though these are the facts for quite some time now and almost every person out there has even the smallest understanding of how blogging and social media works I still hear people talking behind someone's back about how superficial the fashion industry really is and how , in their opinion, people should get "real" jobs , after all there are thousands of fashion bloggers, social media celebrities , fashion journalists and editors out there. I still can't help but feel a little frustrated with people that are stuck back in the 2000's even if they are only 20-25 years old.

The world around us is constantly evolving. People are now able to choose a career out the ordinary.They are able to be the boss of their own self and create something beautiful for the world to see. Instead of spreading negativity maybe we should all stop and think for a second before we judge someone who is actually following his/her dream.

Why Everyone Needs a few days off the internet

summer in greece

Fokies, Halkidiki, Greece

Time flies by surprisingly quick especially if you are having an amazing time. We had a crazy month full of adventures, long walks by the 
beach, tones of roadtrips, bonfires and more than a few homemade cocktails. If you follow us alongon instagram you probably noticed the 
constant change of sceneries and outfits. Well, I can't say I am sorry . Living life to its fullest was one of our fist #summergoals and even though we
 are only in the middle of the craziest season of all I feel like there are so many places I haven't visited yet, ugh!

Over the last 30 days I have being trying to keep you guys updated on all our activities while letting you see exactly what I am seing at the exact 
minute via my snapchat (kmeetsstyle) and that's probably one of the most exciting things I decided to do this summer.Feels almost like a second
 family , always happy to learn more about what I am currently doing, planning or editing surely I can't thank you enough for that.

Social media consume a big part of my everyday life and ,unlike most people say, I do enjoy spending lots of time to communicate with you
 guys while letting you in my everyday life, for me it is strangely therapeutic. Non the less social media can be quite captivating and for most
 of us that see blogging, vlogging and social media in general as more than just a hobby, the right balance between exposing your life and over 
sharing every little details is quite thin. Even though I don't consider my self as an oversharing person (always try to draw a line when things seems to
 get a little out of hand) taking some time off was perhaps the most essential thing to do during last week. Not only I came back with tones of 
different ideas , filled with inspiration and motivation but also got the time I needed to leave my schedule behind and relax in our little , blue 
tent near the sea. I can sense  an  unwritten rule about social media influencers and how awful it truly is to leave your audience waiting even for a short
 period of time , how much harm it can cause to your engagement, your likes and your reputation. That really drives me insane. Everyone is in titled
 to have a break, only to gather more energy, ideas and motivation and those who are really into someone's work will follow them along no matter
 the week that might need to take off.
summer in greece

As you guys read these lines I am probably on my way back to the busy city , only to re-pack our suitcases and drive off to our next destination.
 Summer, as I mentioned above, isn't over yet and surely either our ideas.

Are We All Coping Each Other?

k meets style How to to layer a winter look

Over the last 2 days I spend more than a few hours in this place, facing the clear, beautiful scenery that was unraveling in front of my eyes. Due to the amazingly 
warm weather we were able to enjoy several coffee meetings under the bright sun only to have a quick taste of the early spring that is about to come. While you spend  
a long time in such a busy aria like this one you can't help but look around you, trying to absorb every little thing like there is no tomorrow. (Oh! those amazing 
warm days near the sea!). We were all more than happy to put aside our heavy coats and dress ourselfs in lighter, spring clothes (finally!) . So here  we are,
 happily walking among people trying to find the best spot to have our coffee break and then It hit me! The majority of the people around me were wearing 
pretty much the exact same outfits. No , I don't mean a pair of denim pants and a t-shirt, I mean the exact same outfits +shoes . 90% of the times this outfit would be 
consisted of a leather jacket, leather pair of leggings and the exact same pair of black wedged boots, from day to night , from party looks to casual walks by the sea.

k meets style minimal accessories


That realization really got me thinking. There is a big difference in wanting to have the same pair of ankle boots with your best friend and a completely another thing to
 copy piece by piece someone elses's look. Where is the versatility? Where is your personal sense of style?! Yep, it's gone, lost in the "that's trending right now , let's all
 wear it" bucket. We are all so obsessed with what's trending that we tend to forget what really flatters our bodies, what doesn't , what makes us feel comfortable ,
 what is our personal style .While coping each other can save  us lots of time and effort it is actually by far the saddest thing to do. Snap out of it! There are tones of
 beautiful and clever combinations, so many colors and shades, so many different styles to try. There are so many great stylists, famous and not so famous bloggers to 
get your inspiration from. Look how beautiful Leonie combined her casual pastel look or how chic Adriana looks in her casual-camel pair of pants.

k-meets-style how to wear denim on denimk-meets-style how to style a denim jacket
k meets style How to style your blanket scarf in Autumn

As I see it someone who is afraid of showing her/his own personal style or just blindly follows every trend can not take risks and chances her/his life in general.
 Taking risks, conquering things is exactly what life is all about. In a room full of black, tight leggings be the one with the statement dress, carry the bag you like! 
Not something that you are forced to like just because everyone else does.


k-meets-style basic autumn look
k meets style How to style the basic autumn look

From Fake Bags to Fake Followers

k meets style

Shein coat River Island thigh boots leather envelope bag As everyone predicted the weather gets colder and colder by the day and during the last two weeks we were able to start shooting a series of new 
projects for you guys. I can't help but steal a few minutes from work to browse through my social media accounts, call me crazy but this is the perfect 
way to relax and clear my head during breaks.

Browsing through tones of different instagram / twitter(..) accounts is definitely something we are all doing almost in a daily bases. But have you every gave a though
 ( A real thought) about the impact that social media have over our lives? If you are a part of the blogging world you will most luckily recognize these phrases:  "
There is no chance that her followers are real",  "Is that a Luis Vuitton bag? It must definitely be fake or her family is extremely loaded" , "She is clearly not the
 right person for this brand, why they even recruited her?

All these feelings (let's politely call them jealousy) are one of the main reasons that  more and more "fashion/beauty gurus"are purchasing their fake "squad"
 aka. fake social media followers. I have been following many well known influencers and can't look over the fact that during the last years every one of them
 stated a sad but extremely truthful sentence "Blogging stopped being a healthy competition a long time ago" . I couldn't agree more. Nowadays being a 
blogger is about sponsorships, numbers, fashion weeks, High end designs and c/os (gifted items). The majority of us prefer to stay silent and smile. Is that the best
 way to go? I have always been thinking of blogging as a way to express myself and everything that makes me happy, sad or frustrated and  because of that 
I truly appreciate every blogger that has her own voice and doesn't miss the chance to share her opinions with her followers.
 (The greatest example, Fashion Fraction's hear to heart talks )

And what's my personal opinion? Being a jealous copy cat will definitely give you that 10mins of fame but being true to yourself,
 mind your own business and have fun while doing the things you love will definitely be much more rewarding in the years to come.

About The Illusion Of Sponsored Posts & Keyboard Warriors

Shein coat River Island thigh boots leather envelope bag During the last 3-4 years I have been following more than enough fashion and beauty influences from all around the world ( who hasn't?) and every now and them
 I see a few bitter comments under many posts, videos or insta-snaps (including my own) from many "angry" readers accusing each and every one of them of
 the worst felony of all (eye rolling ), the acceptance of sponsored posts.

Before you rush over to their comments section like another keyboard warrior , writing phrases as "You should be ashamed of yourself, I liked you more
 when you weren't choosing brands and sponsorships over your readers"  blah blah blah and them burn them at the stake like modern Salem witches take a
 moment to consider the facts. (scroll down ..)

Let's say you are obsessed with Annabelle Fleur aka vivaluxury's style (I know I am ) and you wish her to continue shooting and sharing her everyday looks 3
 times a week  so you can a)be inspired and b)buy that pretty little dress she wore at her latest post. Correct me if I am wrong but 3 outfits per week , equals
 let's say, 5 pieces in every shoot, 5 pieces x 3 times = 15. Let's all wish every style bloggers out there has a budget of 500$ to spend every week so she doesn't
 have to put up with the "sell out" accusations. Reality check! 95% off bloggers&youtubers out there does not have that kind of money  and that's 
where brands come in to rescue the day!

 For the sake of argument let's name the brand X. X's pr manager contacts the influencer in order to discuss a potential partnership. What does that mean? 
More likely a gift card ,maybe around 200-300$ and a styling fee for the blogger's promotional services. The influencer orders a few of her favorite
 pieces from X's brand according to HER OWN sense of style and combines them to create the look they so careless rushed to call "sell out". Giving 
someone money and gift cards doesn't mean the outfit or makeup tutorial isn't their own, personal inspiration, It means that in order for your favorite 
blogger or youtuber to keep making those pretty photoshoots we all love she needs to be sponsored .(Scroll down..)

Don't get me wrong, I am clearly not talking about accepting to advertise vanilla candles when your page is all about affordable, casual fashion  but for those
 who actually managed to make a living from something they love doing. Talking from my own experience there are more than a few time I picked 
something out of my ordinary way of dressing like the cropped culotte published on my " Grid print jacket and leather details " post . Was that a sponsored
 posts? yes. Did the brand forced my to choose and love that piece? NO. Don't be bumped every time your favorite influencer tries something a little bit different
. After all we are all constantly changing (and involving).

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