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Postcards From Afytos

Different beach outfit ideas for chic summer looks
The most interesting places in Athitos GreeceThe most interesting places in Athitos Greece
Afytos, Halkidiki

Good morning lovelies. Hope you are having an amazing day. Yesterday morning found us on the road, excited to reach our destination. I only had a few
 memories of this place from many years ago, around the time my family set a pretty great goal, to visit as many beach side places as possible in one
 summer (I think it was the summer of 2008). Anyhow the beautiful colors of the aria along with the more its 2000+ years old history made this place so
 fascinating to me that I surely couldn't resist. We met so many hospital, kind people with great stories to tell, something that you can always find in 
such traditional villages. Feels almost like they are stuck in time, away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities, able to enjoy every single moments as we 
all should, without the unlimited stress that most of us have.

The most interesting places in Athitos Greece

The first thing that came to our mind as soon as we arrive was to take a long walk , smell the flowers and photograph all those secret corners cause surely we 
won't see something similar anytime soon. Throughout the day I couldn't help but feel a little jealous of the locals and of how bleast they really are for being
 able to admire this sceneries every single day.

The most interesting places in Athitos Greece

The most interesting places in Athitos Greececasual paisley pants outfit inspiration for summer
Folklore Museum , Afytos, Halkidiki

The most interesting places in Athitos Greece

As it was expected we once again found our way to the beach, but not before taking the chance to glimpse at the endless blue from above. 

The most interesting places in Athitos Greece
casual paisley pants outfit inspiration for summerThe most interesting places in Athitos Greece
The most interesting places in Athitos Greece
The most interesting places in Athitos Greece
"PetraFlora" bar-restaurant, Afytos, Halkidiki

After more than 3 hours of constant walking and shooting with a few, short stops in the most beautiful places we found along our way we took a break
 to caught our breath with a cup of iced coffee and perhaps the most delicious pizza I have tasted in a long time. We spend the rest of the day siting at the 
restaurant in order to avoid the sun that, at this hour, was shinning more than ever and a few hours later we went back on the streets , excited to see everything
 we missed.

The most interesting places in Athitos Greece

Our one-day trip was coming to an end but not before visiting every souvenir shop around the aria just to pick  the most beautiful pieces of jewelry I could find .
 After all Afytos is one the best places to find amazing (and handmade) designs in the most affordable prices.

The most interesting places in Athitos Greece

"Thea Thalassa" restaurant, Afytos, Halkidiki

The Denim Overalls

turtleneck crop top
how to look chic in dungarees
Outfit Details:
Denim Dungarees similar here (more designs bellow) , Missguided turtleneck gray crop top 
 Missguided crossbody bag, Missguided ankle bloots , Rumba time 'The gramercy collection' watch

skinny dungarees outfit for spring

Sometimes the most relaxing thing you can possibly do is to up your comfy jeans and casual top and take a walk in the city in order to enjoy this sunny, warm day with 
a cup of cold coffee in your hands. Today afternoon found us walking around the streets of Thessaloniki right before we decide to have a drink at the 
Bar Restaurant aria of The Museum Of Byzantine Culture. It has been more than few months since I last visited this place and I have to admit that it is literally one 
of the most chic yet relaxing bar restaurants around town. Every April blooming trees and colorful gardens easily catch my eye making us stop and capture pretty much
 everything that involves flowers bathed in sunshine.

how to style Dungareesspring flowers
dungarees outfit in spring


Off to the point! If you still remember my 'wide leg trousers and turtleneck crop top' a while ago you probably already know how comfy and flattering I find this specific
 crop top. There are so many different combinations you can try , including both casual and formal ones. Even though this is a transition piece I am really sure that 
it will surely serve me well during the  chilly, summer nights.

turtleneck outfit ideasDungarees outfit in spring
spring flowers

dungarees outfit ideas

The Bandanna Scarf Trend

bandanna scarf outfitbandanna neck scarf ideas

bandanna scarf outfit
metallic toe loafers

I know I may probably sound like I keep repeating my self with the word "obsession" but lately I  constantly find tones of amazing 
designs while exploring a few handpick trends. I do use this word constantly when I want to talk about off shoulder tops but since 
last week bandanna scarfs started to climbing higher and higher on my "obsessions" list. Necklaces have never been my top jewelry
 choice (I'd rather wear some delicate bracelets or a beautiful watch) and that's when bandanna scarfs came to save the day.

how to tie the bandanna scarf
bandanna neck scarf with white shirt

While I was writing the previous lines I realized how many times I found myself wearing Rumba Time's Gramercy Collection watches.
 Even though we teamed up a few months back   those two uniquely beautiful watches turned out to be real essentials of
 mine, as I am constantly wear them every single week especially with casual looks like the suede top- denim shorts combination last
 week or the cropped turtleneck and denim dungarees.
bandanna scarf with shirts
bandanna neck scarf with shirt
RumbaTime watch

Wide leg trousers and turtleneck crop top

turtleneck crop top
how to look chic in turtleneck crop tops

the camel ,wide leg trousers

My ultimate favorite part about clothing is the ability to be transform into the woman you really want to be for that day. No matter if you are on the mood for a
playful , chic-casual look or a clear, sophisticated effect . A few key pieces can really elevate and give that unique final touch to every one of your outfits
 throughout the week. For me the wide leg trousers have been a more more than comfy piece to wear and still feel chic and elegant no matter the hour. Been 5'4
 I always need something to lengthen my figure while complementing my feminine lines the best way possible and that's when high-waisted, flowy trousers come 
in ( another favorite pair seen on my " 3 transition pieces for Spring " post this month).


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