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Reusable Eco-Friendly Kitchen Products To Shop On Amazon

Mark your calendar because Amazon Prime Day 2021 has been confirmed—and we are here for it. The huge Amazon sale will start on June 21 and continue till June 22, but rumor has it that this year's deals are about to be the biggest sales to date. So, grab your wallet peeps! There are so many amazing kitchen finds to shop guilt-free.

Let's be honest, most of us consider ourselves to be Amazon-serial-buyers, and how couldn't we? Amazon home & kitchen finds are addictive, especially if all of them are under the $100 mark. Yes, we've all thought that we had everything we needed until we lay eyes on the next best Amazon kitchenware shopping deals online. Personally, I just can’t resist ordering some fresh kitchenware and practical home solutions to add some much-needed storage space, sue me!

Whether you are on the hunt for eco-friendly food containers, utterly cute collapsible water bottles, a ridiculously user-friendly way to rinse and drain your pasta (don't judge, I just returned from my trip to Italy), noodles, potatoes, vegetables, fruits, and more, these Amazon kitchen deals for 2021 are too good to miss.

And, just in case you feel a bit overwhelmed by all the choices—there are just too many pages to go through and not enough time, you feel me?— you probably need help getting to the actual good stuff! I rounded up a list of my favorite eco-friendly Amazon home finds, all you have to do is go take advantage of them while supplies last.

Reusable Eco-Friendly Kitchen Products To Shop On Amazon

The Atashojoe (a.k.a Ata-Sho-Joe) premium quality grade collapsible food container is specifically designed to withstand high heat temperatures from - 40°C (- 40°F) to 200°C (392°F). If you are looking for sustainable kitchenware on Amazon, you will be ecstatic to know that this container is made of food-grade silicone and BPA-free material. It's basically your new, best multipurpose container that comes in a variety of different fun colors to match your vibe. Take advantage of the bundle pack to get a huge deal!

Reusable Eco-Friendly Kitchen Products To Shop On Amazon water bottle

These collapsable water bottles are not only cute but also extremely functional. Simply store your hot or cold beverages in this BPA-free bottle that actually withstands temperatures from – 40°C (– 40°F) to 200°C (392°F). These beauties come in 5 different colors and are easy to clean, microwave safe, and, of course, reusable. Simply adjust the size of the bottle according to the volume you wish to store OR just collapse it after you finish your drink so that the bottle takes up less space in your bag.

Reusable Eco-Friendly Kitchen Products To Shop On Amazon spatula

If you don't want to settle for boring strainer sets, this is your chance. The AtashoJoe multi-functional colander is suitable for washing and draining most foods, which makes it the perfect option for both outdoor and indoor cooking. Made with food-grade safe and BPA free rubber and silicone material, this set is designed to resist temperature up to 320°F / 160°C. When you are done, simply collapse them for storage— it's that easy.

The 3-piece spatula spoon set reinforced with stainless steel core, silicone body, and flexible silicone head. Once again, the BPA free, food-grade safe, nonstick design makes it easy to use as a jar scraper, egg flipper, jam spreader and function for mixing, scooping, baking, decorating cake and more. Furthermore, it can resist heat for up to 460°F / 240°C

Alexa, Grab My Wallet — These Amazon T-Shirts For Men & Women Are So Cute

While it doesn’t take much to get us hooked on the best Amazon deals online, going through thousands of listing to come across the cutest t-shirts for men and worm might actually be a bit harder than it sounds. You see, just like you, I use Amazon as my go-to destination for everything-and I mean everything. From the best kitchenware and appliances to gardening tools, stellar vegan skincare, and, of course, fashion, some Amazon finds are too hard to pass.

Yes, I am not ashamed to admit that I actually marked Amazon’s 2021 Big Summer Sale on my phone's calendar, but till then, I made it my mission to grab my fair share of summer t-shirts that are equal parts cute and high-quality-cause Greek summer is certainly not made for something less than 100% Cotton, lightweight fabrics.

I’m the kind of girl who often adds too many south-after fashion styles to her wishlist —unfortunately, that also makes me the kind of girl with an unexpectedly but not-so-surprising low bank account balance at the end of the month. Luckily, that's certainly not the case in today's Amazon fashion finds. You might even be able to score a Free delivery on your first order deal. So shop on, babes, and prepare to be obsessed with what Amazon has to offer to your summer wardrobe.

Shop on Amazon Europe | Shop on Amazon US

Cuckooberry T-Shirts' "Famous Enough" collection is so cute and comfy, I am tempted to buy this tee in every different color there is available (black, orange, red, and blue). Everything on this seller's shelves is actually unisex, plus there is a "youth" option in case you are looking for a great gift option on Amazon.

Tea Drinkers: These Are The Best Fruit Tea & Milk Tea Bags On Amazon

best tea bags on amazon

I'm a tea-lover all year round, but I find myself drinking my go-to fruit tea flavors the most when the weather starts to get warmer and I desperately need something that's equal parts delicious and refreshing. You see, I have been slowly but surely starting to replace my daily doses of coffee with an arguably healthier option for my stress levels: tea. Yes, I am one of those people who put ice in their morning tea drink-sue me.

I've always been into aromatherapy, and the truth is that inhaling all these heavenly-scented fruit tea bags is as satisfying as the drinking process itself. On the other hand, brewing a cup of sweet milk tea has quickly become one of my relaxing bedtime rituals, along with watching The Alienist and practicing self-care. I don't know if premium blending teas benefit me healthwise, but one this is certain! They definitely smell and taste amazing, help me chill, and soothes all my weird cravings for "something sweet" at 2am.

fruit flavor tea bags amazon

We've previously established that Amazon is my one-stop website for everything fashion and skincare-related, the same applies to my daily brews as well. Why spending hours searching through hundreds of websites when you can opt for the best real fruit tea bags on Amazon, am I right?

I rounded up some stellar fruit tea flavors you can buy from Zardin's Amazon shelves to treat yourself to a cup of hot (or cold) brew this summer. The list includes some delicious treats from the representative bean coffee company in Korea which has grown with a passion for coffee. Since its establishment in 1984, it has tried to make people's rich life with a cup of coffee or tea-so you already know it's good.

fruit flavor tea bags set amazon

A Premium combination of four fruit tea flavors with real, fresh fruit slices and fragrant tea bags. This heavenly-scented gift set includes Lemon Earl Gray Tea, Berry Hibiscus Tea, Orange Grapefruit Black Tea, and Cool Lime Pineapple Mint Tea. If you constantly opt for a refreshing lemon flavor made of dried lemons (the lemon is squeezed and powdered) but want to spice things up with Valencia and Nable's dried oranges and grapefruit juices, this one is for you. 

Plus, you will also get the chance to try the best quality dried lemons and fresh berries (raspberry, blueberry, and storyberry) as well as freeze-dried lime. And, let me tell you, it's absolutely delicious. Obviously, it's the perfect gift for your tea-loving friend as well.

You might have never tried tea milk, so let me explain. The term "milk tea" refers to any tea drink with milk added. It can be as simple as a splash of milk in a hot cup of tea, or a full cup of milk that followed the same brewing process as your regular (water-made) tea.

Jardin offers 10 tea bags, with each pouch containing carefully selected tea leaves, so you can feel the flavor of black tea that goes well with brown sugar. Think rich brown sugar flavor from Tiwan, mixed with coconut flower juice powder. Seriously, it can't get better than that!

For all my fellow tea-drinkers, there are dozens of options to pick from. Just visit Zardin's Amazon and you will find your way.

Best Body Enhancing Creams, Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid Serums You Can Buy On Amazon

Best Body Enhancing Creams, Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid Serums You Can Buy On Amazon

Whether you are looking for the best firming cream for your body, some skin-enhancing Vitamin C serums or your next go-to Hyaluronic Acid miracle bottle to treat your acne scaring, Amazon is your one-stop-destination for all things skincare-related. No matter how loyal you are to your multi-step day and night skincare routine, finding the best quality skin firming cream is a complete different headache. As we grow up, our breasts, butt, and pretty much most areas of our body are particularly prone to loss of elasticity and loss of firmness—even more so than the face.

Yes, covering our precious complexions with a slew of age-defining and scar-fighting skincare products, from Hyaluronic Acid and retinol to Vitamin C and of course moisture-rich creams might seem like a no-brainer, however, that's not always the case for body skin firming. I mean, if you’re going to invest time and money on effective skincare products for your face, finding the best butt and breast-enhancing creams, jam-packed with natural-vegan ingredients, is the next logical thing to do, right?

Don't fret! Instead of spending hours searching through hundreds of Amazon pages, I rounded up some of the best skincare you can shop on Amazon (or, directly from the manufacturer's website). The list included all the aforementioned formulas that feature gravity-fighting ingredients to tackle each one of your skin concerns. Cop your favorite Amazon skincare best sellers or visit the US-based Body Saver website directly.
Best Body Enhancing Cream amazon
Body Saver Butt & Breast Enhancer

Body Saver develops scientifically innovative, clinically-tested products based on holistic, natural solutions, and the Butt & Breast Enhancer falls under this exact category. This natural, safe and effective body enhancing cream is jam-packed with herbals such as oat fibers, Dong Quai, dandelion root, Kava Kava, blessed thistle & more to nourish and firm your body. We are talking about natural buttocks enhancement and cellulite reduction that will leave your skin feeling pearly smooth here, peeps. The Premium quality ingredients with no cruelty, sulfate, glutten sound pretty damn great to me.
Best  Vitamin C  Serums You Can Buy On Amazon
Body Saver Vitamin C Serum

It’s a Vitamin C glow-giving face serum that recharges the radiance of your skin. Infused with advanced Vitamin C and a blend of exotic emollient and humectant compounds for instant vibrance and antioxidant defense. This serum delivers anti-aging, nutrient-rich extracts into your skin, leaving your complexion looking brighter and nurtured. If you are currently looking to tackle issues such as uneven texture or acne scarring, vitamin C is a well-known acne product that fights fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots.
Best Hyaluronic Acid Serums You Can Buy On Amazon

Body Saver Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Hyaluronic acid can not only moisturize your skin but also retain its elasticity. This formula is jam-packed with antioxidant ingredients to moisturize, smooth, and brighten your skin. In other words, it's your vegan-friendly solution to reduce the depth of wrinkles while boosting the production of collagen and elastin. It also works as a great way to prevent the signs of aging. And lately, I became obsessed with the idea of using Cetearyl Alcohol, Kojic Acid for moisturizing and repairing purposes.

The Most Comfortable Flip Flop Sandals For Women You Can Score On Amazon

Best woman flat sandals flip flops on Amazon

Some minor edits in these paragraphs We are practically at the heart of spring, which marks the time of the year when shopping for the best Amazon women's sandals for 2021 is both a necessary and fun shopping activity. The uncomfortable sandal trends that were veritably coveted among fashion’s top-tier influencers are now stepping back, giving the old-time classic flip flop sandal time to shine. Me raving about the my undeniable excitement for the open-toed shoe season aside, summer flip flop sandals are not only extremely comfortable to wear pretty much daily but also practical for your warm-weather vacay planning.

Arguably flip flops have a bad rep for been crafted exclusively from low-quality plastic and foam, only to be worn by first-time tourists that spend an alarming amount of time at the beach. Whether you were heading for the ocean, the pool, or any beach-side destination, flip-flop sandals for women and men were considered to be a no-no for all other lifestyle moments—except laying in close proximity to a body of water. BUT, things have changed peeps! Cute summer flip flops are now a thing—and I am here for it.

Personally, I wear my flip flops everywhere, but whether you are a skeptic or a die-hard fan, one thing is certain. The perks that the most comfortable flip flop sandals from Surfsyde have to offer are simply too good to pass up any longer. Available on and on
Flip Flop Sandals For Women on Amazon
You see, unlike their un-comfy predecessors, Surfsyde flip flops for women and men are crafted with functionality and comfort in mind. Their styles introduce a patent pending rolled inner strap and proprietary rubber blend to reduce friction on the skinwhich is something I can 100% appreciate since most of my lace-up sandals seem to be in constant war with my sensitive skin. Nothing compares to the ultimate convenience of having a sturdy flip flop sandal design ready for grabs and that's why Surfsyde added a textured surface for increased traction. However, nothing can ruin your salt-water adventures easier than a ridiculously uncomfortable sole that's certainly wasn't made for walking. Well, the best Amazon flip flop sandals come with a 15mm sole for ultimate comfort.

Comfortable Flip Flop Sandals For Women Amazon

Flip-flops are officially experiencing a makeover, and even though the Surfsyde is typically a great option for all your next beach or pool adventures, they can easily be worn around the house too. They are easy to clean and keep germs down so you can wear them all hours of the dayand during your showers. As I previously mentioned I have been wearing flip-flops during my casual, daily strolls in the city too and nothing can stop you from doing the same. Let your feet breathe in comfort people!

If you are based in the US, then I suggest copping a pair right now! Otherwise, you can take advantage of the best websites that ship to your country with reduced international shipping rates from Amazon, so you can shop from US-only brands even if you are in Europe—just like I did in my most recent Instagram stories.

These 2021 Best Amazon Home Finds Are Hard To Miss

the best 2021 Amazon kitchenware and home finds

I want to consider myself as an Amazon serial buyer-and how couldn't I? Amazon home finds are addictive, especially if most of them are under the $100 mark. Don't get me wrong, I have always thought that I had everything I needed, until I laid eyes on the best Amazon kitchenware shopping deals online. I am sorry, I just can’t resist ordering some fresh kitchenware and practical home solutions to revamp my dull kitchen and add some much-needed storage space, sue me! 

Obviously, Amazon deals are exciting and very much needed, however, I can't be the only one who constantly feels overwhelmed by all the choices—they are just too many pages to go through and not enough time, you feel me? Yes, Amazon is my one-stop solution for getting what I need in record time— I can even score some stellar sales and deals in the process—but I need help getting to the actual good stuff!

That's exactly why these days I go out of my way to look for the most popular home and kitchen items on the site. Let's be honest if Amazon shoppers are consistently snagging the same baskets, gardening tools, knife sets, and kitchen electronics, rest assured that these products are beyond good.

Don't fret! Instead of browsing endlessly to find those amazing deals, I’ve taken the liberty of rounding up some of the most notable home & kitchen options suggested to me by an Amazon Affiliate with a curated catalog filled with all the latest best-sellers and crazy limited-time-only discounts you might have previously missed—because yes, you couldn't stop browsing. Basically, this is your foolproof way of scoring cheaper deals than what you’d normally find.

Ahead are some stellar money-saving picks straight from the Home Our Hearts Amazon catalog—just hurry before the stock sells out.
the best 2021 Amazon kitchenware and home finds

the best 2021 Amazon kitchenware and home finds

the best 2021 Amazon kitchenware and home finds

the best 2021 Amazon kitchenware and home finds
BLACK+DECKER 2-Slice Extra Wide Slot Toaster

the best 2021 Amazon kitchenware and home finds

Chef’s Path Airtight Food Storage Containers

the best 2021 Amazon kitchenware and home finds


Stylish Diaper Bag Backpacks Every Mother-To-Be Will Love

Stylish Diaper Bag Backpacks from Amazon
Parenting stories usually revolve around the subject of who has managed to score the best accessories for newborn babies, with diaper bags often being the center of attention. Whether you are a new mother, ready to invest in some high-quality newborn-must haves or simply scout the internet for the best gift for your best friend's baby shower, the options can be overwhelming-take it from me, the most anxious gift-buyer of all times.

Sure, there are numerous different choices to cop and make your life -or your friend's life-easier, but owning the best diaper bag that's equal parts cute and functional is not exactly as easy as it sounds.

Although there are some utterly cute options out there, most diaper bags are ridiculously ugly, bulky, and hard to carry around. Yes, it's not just you. There are plenty of parents out there who still wonder how such a cute, tiny baby can need so much stuff for a 3-hours walk.

Cute Diaper Bag Backpacks with changing mat
Shop The Diaper Bag from Amazon

When the Uk Amazon Seller MyHoliday Store launched her newest diaper bag design for newborns, she also managed to make us place the word “diaper bag” and “fashionable” in the same sentence-for once! Unlike its old-fashioned predecessors that were literally a crime against new mums -we are looking at your multicolored paisley-print- this changing backpack is surprisingly pleasant to look at and carry around.

This practical diaper backpack carries all the benefits of a regular-sized bag, without the unnecessary bulkiness. It comes in the most flattering baby blue color and offers water resistance where you don’t have to be worry, to use the bag under rainy conditions. As for function, obviously, it's there too! Each bag includes a large compartment to store towels, meal boxes, and all sorts of baby products, plus a removable changing mat. Yes, there is more! You can feel free to also store your keys, bottles of your new, shiny phone in the side pockets and secure them in place.

The best diaper bag backpack is sure to delight any mother-to-be so make sure to cop it asap!

Best Romance Books To Download From Amazon

Best romance novels of 2021 free to read
The past year might have been a dumpster fire, but at least we managed to get some much-needed self-care time to ourselves. Honestly, I can't even remember the last time I sat down with a book in my hands— physical or virtual— instead of an audiobook. Let's be honest, there is nothing more therapeutic than curling up in bed with a glass of wine, preferably filled to the brim, and a good read. Between you and me, it's even better when that book manages to create a dark, intoxicating pull of romantic relations, secrets, lust, and love.

Yes, I could easily go through my all-time favorite fantasy books one thousand times over, but sometimes all I need is a late-night sexy read filled with unexpected twists and jaw-dropping surprises. In case you've already devoured each and every romance book in your collection, you will be ecstatic to hear that today's suggestions will pull you into their world and let you live there for an unexpected amount of time. Whether you’re into forbidden love, guilt-ridden characters that put up a continuous fight with their demons, or a good meet-cute moment, there’s an incredibly enticing novel waiting for you around the corner. Just don't blame me if you end up ordering more than one, because you might finish the first one ridiculously fast—yes, they are that good.

I rounded up two of the best romantic novels that have me begging for more.

Best free to read doctor romance novel

Romantic Residency by Amanda Lista

This doctor romance novel follows the lives of two medical students at UCSF Medical Center, with a ton of responsibilities and a huge need to distress and have fun at the end of their long days. Bryce and Iris are both up-and-coming doctors in their final year. Charming, brilliant but easily distracted when it comes to women, Bryce quickly became Iris's biggest rival. She, on the other hand, is whip-smart and completely dedicated to her studies.

Things take an unexpected turn when Bryce gets seduced by a fellow student, resulting in him losing interest in his studies. Even though Iris finds herself missing his flirtatious personality, she soon becomes attracted to her professor, Doctor Atticus.

Questions start to arise as none of them is certain about their future after school. Will Bryce manage to graduate despite his obvious distraction? Will Irish push herself too hard and hit a breaking point—you have to find out for yourself.

Best 2021 romance novels free

Aspiring Intentions by Amanda Lista

This up-and-coming author surely knows how to get us hooked, here is your proof. The plot follows doctor Maxwell Scott, St. Vincent’s top heart surgeon, and his on-going guilt trip. You see after he botched a surgery last here, he not only has to face his family's disappointment, but also his own demons. Unsure of whether or not he will still be able to cut it in the medical field, he found himself on the verge of hitting rock bottom. Until a new nurse comes up.

Lola Lozano is a small-town girl from upstate New York with a big dream. She was always eager to start her nursing career at Big Apple. After her much-anticipated move to the big city, she is forced to face the hard reality. New York City is nothing like the movies, and life isn’t all that glamorous, nor is the hospital as down to earth as she had imagined.

Their attraction is undeniable, and soon start fighting the urge to be together. Will Lola finally get over her shyness? Dr. Scott seems overworked and unwilling to make the first move. Will life keep these two apart, or are they destined to be together? Well, go on! Snatch it from Amanda's virtual selves and find out!

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