summer in greece

Fokies, Halkidiki, Greece

Time flies by surprisingly quick especially if you are having an amazing time. We had a crazy month full of adventures, long walks by the 
beach, tones of roadtrips, bonfires and more than a few homemade cocktails. If you follow us alongon instagram you probably noticed the 
constant change of sceneries and outfits. Well, I can't say I am sorry . Living life to its fullest was one of our fist #summergoals and even though we
 are only in the middle of the craziest season of all I feel like there are so many places I haven't visited yet, ugh!

Over the last 30 days I have being trying to keep you guys updated on all our activities while letting you see exactly what I am seing at the exact 
minute via my snapchat (kmeetsstyle) and that's probably one of the most exciting things I decided to do this summer.Feels almost like a second
 family , always happy to learn more about what I am currently doing, planning or editing surely I can't thank you enough for that.

Social media consume a big part of my everyday life and ,unlike most people say, I do enjoy spending lots of time to communicate with you
 guys while letting you in my everyday life, for me it is strangely therapeutic. Non the less social media can be quite captivating and for most
 of us that see blogging, vlogging and social media in general as more than just a hobby, the right balance between exposing your life and over 
sharing every little details is quite thin. Even though I don't consider my self as an oversharing person (always try to draw a line when things seems to
 get a little out of hand) taking some time off was perhaps the most essential thing to do during last week. Not only I came back with tones of 
different ideas , filled with inspiration and motivation but also got the time I needed to leave my schedule behind and relax in our little , blue 
tent near the sea. I can sense  an  unwritten rule about social media influencers and how awful it truly is to leave your audience waiting even for a short
 period of time , how much harm it can cause to your engagement, your likes and your reputation. That really drives me insane. Everyone is in titled
 to have a break, only to gather more energy, ideas and motivation and those who are really into someone's work will follow them along no matter
 the week that might need to take off.
summer in greece

As you guys read these lines I am probably on my way back to the busy city , only to re-pack our suitcases and drive off to our next destination.
 Summer, as I mentioned above, isn't over yet and surely either our ideas.

a casual way to style off shoulder tops with maxi skirts in summer
Outfit Details:

a casual way to style off shoulder tops with maxi skirts in summer

After a full day of constant rain we were finally able to enjoy this sunny, peaceful day. I don't think I have seen that much rain here since I was a little child. The first 
thing that came to our mind was obviously to leave the house as soon as possible and chill with a cup of coffee near the endless blue. Even though the weather was a little
 too windy considering the season that couldn't stop me from wearing something flowy and loose. Off shoulder tops can definitely be described as one of my strongest 
obsessions for this summer, such a comfy-chic piece for every hour .

a casual way to style off shoulder tops with maxi skirts in summer
summer in greece
Our little coffee break turned into a 5 hours of extra relaxing time ,something that seems I really can't have enough of despite all the good night sleep I have been having
 during our holidays. Last but not least yesterday I announced our new blog series on my instagram and you guys seemed to really agree with my choice. Even though
 starting something like this takes days of preparation, brainstorming and organization the subject is something really dear to me and  I really can't wait to share it with
 you guys. Want to know which our new blog series subject will be? Take a look here.

a casual way to style off shoulder tops with maxi skirts in summer
a casual way to style off shoulder tops with maxi skirts in summer
Different beach outfit ideas for chic summer looks
The most interesting places in Athitos GreeceThe most interesting places in Athitos Greece
Afytos, Halkidiki

Good morning lovelies. Hope you are having an amazing day. Yesterday morning found us on the road, excited to reach our destination. I only had a few
 memories of this place from many years ago, around the time my family set a pretty great goal, to visit as many beach side places as possible in one
 summer (I think it was the summer of 2008). Anyhow the beautiful colors of the aria along with the more its 2000+ years old history made this place so
 fascinating to me that I surely couldn't resist. We met so many hospital, kind people with great stories to tell, something that you can always find in 
such traditional villages. Feels almost like they are stuck in time, away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities, able to enjoy every single moments as we 
all should, without the unlimited stress that most of us have.

The most interesting places in Athitos Greece

The first thing that came to our mind as soon as we arrive was to take a long walk , smell the flowers and photograph all those secret corners cause surely we 
won't see something similar anytime soon. Throughout the day I couldn't help but feel a little jealous of the locals and of how bleast they really are for being
 able to admire this sceneries every single day.

The most interesting places in Athitos Greece

The most interesting places in Athitos Greececasual paisley pants outfit inspiration for summer
Folklore Museum , Afytos, Halkidiki

The most interesting places in Athitos Greece

As it was expected we once again found our way to the beach, but not before taking the chance to glimpse at the endless blue from above. 

The most interesting places in Athitos Greece
casual paisley pants outfit inspiration for summerThe most interesting places in Athitos Greece
The most interesting places in Athitos Greece
The most interesting places in Athitos Greece
"PetraFlora" bar-restaurant, Afytos, Halkidiki

After more than 3 hours of constant walking and shooting with a few, short stops in the most beautiful places we found along our way we took a break
 to caught our breath with a cup of iced coffee and perhaps the most delicious pizza I have tasted in a long time. We spend the rest of the day siting at the 
restaurant in order to avoid the sun that, at this hour, was shinning more than ever and a few hours later we went back on the streets , excited to see everything
 we missed.

The most interesting places in Athitos Greece

Our one-day trip was coming to an end but not before visiting every souvenir shop around the aria just to pick  the most beautiful pieces of jewelry I could find .
 After all Afytos is one the best places to find amazing (and handmade) designs in the most affordable prices.

The most interesting places in Athitos Greece

"Thea Thalassa" restaurant, Afytos, Halkidiki

How to wear a formal grecian style dress in summerHow to wear a formal grecian style dress in summer

Grecian style dresses have been a big part of my summer wardrobe for more than 5 years. Such designs may not always be in the center of the "trend"world but surely are more than able to captivate everybody's eye. The extremely comfortable fit along with their ability to lengthen and beautify every woman's figure is something I really can't look pass. For me almost every memory of a summer nigh out is highly connected with a Grecian style dress, they are after all my go-to pieces for all the formal or semi formal occasions of this season (Remember my Grecian, maxi blush dress I wore at our mini cruise 5 days ago?). You probably understood by now how fond of  long, flowy dresses and preppy ruffle tops I really am. In fact I would rather pick them over all the basic tees and denim of the world.

Although you can find many variations of Grecian inspired dresses the ones that tight above your waist are definitely the most flattering designs and do resemble the ancient Greek prototype extremely well. I would also blindly recommend pleats but such designs are a bit hard to be found at least in all the shops I stalked in May. 

A few of you guys asked me on instagram to show you which pair of heels I would choose for a Grecian inspired look and I will definitely upload this outfit within the next week but the truth is I would rather put on a pair of comfy gladiator sandals that ,after 
all , go perfectly with this look rather than wearing high heels.  During this season I try not to over accessories my outfits cause of the constant high temperatures that, believe it or not, make jewelry feel like an extra weight you don't want to bare . If I'd pick a few key accessories those would definitely  be some rose-gold bangles, preferably with gemstones or a pair of studded earrings.

How to wear a formal grecian style dress in summerHow to wear a formal grecian style dress in summer

Different beach outfit ideas for chic summer looks

Usually my posts are planned one week ahead at least, with a few rare exceptions like summer or winter holidays in which I want nothing more but to keep
 you guys updated on my daily looks, decisions and why not, a few suggestions of my favorite places to visit, like I am currently doing on my last 3 posts. Well,
 today I decided to make things a little different as I found myself not really into going for a swim but excited to visit the beach . If you watched my latest posts
 on snapchat (kmeetsstyle) I am calmly sitting near sea, just enough to deep my toes in it with my laptop and the beach bar's surprisingly fast wifi ,editing
 this post or more correctly, uploading the photos we have literally just took a few minutes ago .Why? Cause sometimes rather than overthinking every little 
details, trying to beautify all the tiny details , it is better to sit back in order to enjoy and share the moment ,naturally ,exactly as it happens.

beach in halkidiki
Today's mood is more than perfect for me to share a few of my favorite summer , beach essentials ( a few products that I currently swear by and a few others
 that I am more than excited to try this season along with some irrelevant informations about me that I do not think I have shared on my blog before. 

14 things you didn't know...
1. My go to beach bag for the last seven days is the Maslinda designs killim bag but I also have my eye on the Roxy beach bag
2. I do enjoy spending lots of time at the beach but I really hate sitting directly under the sun.
3. My favorite morning drink is Cold Espresso while at night I drink nothing  but wine.
4. I prefer wearing bright colored swimsuits (like this one and this one) just because those colors complement my skin tone perfectly.
5. I never leave my hair down when I am at the beach but always use the Rene Furterer Solaire to protect them.
6. I always wear crop tops and offshoulders combined with bikini bottoms.
7. I secretly wish I hadn't caught my hair that short every time I see someone with long, healthy hair.
8. I rather sit at the sand with my Fouta towel way more than sitting at a beach chair.
9. I have never in my life wore flip-flops
10. I never sunbath or use any other tan techniques but my mother swears by the Sun Delicate by Lancaster and I can really see why.
11. I am so mad I haven't bought a flamingo or donut sea float !!
12. Finding a cute DD bikini top that fits my back and from aria is the most challenging summer task ever! (Please do suggest any relevant brands).
13. I always drink water from this bottle and from nowhere else.
14. I eat a small ball of ice cream every day but never manage to snap a photo of it before it starts to melt.

easy pretty summer look ideas with ruffle tops
Outfit Details:

Hello everyone, hope you are having a great week so far. Today I enjoyed a good 12 hours sleep, the best sleep I have had in more than 6 months. The pieceand quite is really magnificent, especially at night time. Our beach house is pretty much isolated but still a 3-5 minutes ride till the nearest restaurants and beach bars (super convenient !)

Within the past 3 days our daily routine was mainly consisted of spending the majority of our time at the beach, enjoying a variety of ice-cold beverages with the strangest names anyone can possibly think of or walking around the local souvenir shops buying the most silly things from card postal to shell necklaces. Sometimes I find myself thinking about how different my life would be if I stayed at a similar place though out the year. It would most definitelybe a both exciting and scary. I did noticed how easy-going and friendly the locals are, seems like they have no stress, at least not the kind of overwhelming stress you see in the busy cities.

summer in halkidiki greece
Mykonos beach bar, Potidaia, Halkidiki
easy pretty summer look ideas with ruffle tops

Back to today's post! Palm prints looked like the perfect outfit for our summer holidays since there are so many palm trees mainly in order to sit down and enjoy a few moments without having to deal with the extremely sunny days. Afternoon found us in a great, new, seaside restaurant that we wouldn't miss it for the! If you follow me on snapchat (@kmeetsstyle) you probably saw the great view and relaxing atmosphere already.

summer in halkidiki greece

easy pretty summer look ideas with ruffle tops
easy travel look  ideas for summer
Outfit Details:

Traveling is a big part of my summer holidays. Whether it is by car or plane there are always a few essentials that I literally can't go without and then there are 
many side things that will definitely make my traveling time a lot easier. I know most of people find comfort in traveling wearing jeans but that does not work 
for me at all since a rarely wear denim .I do prefer to put  on  flowy skirts and summer shorts in order to feel comfortable at any point. 

easy travel look  ideas for summer
Crossbody bags have literally been a lifesaver during my travels since they allow me to walk around casually, without having to deal with the extra inconvenience
 of caring a tote bag or a clutch at one hand but I can freely reach for my wallet ,passport etc.My go to bag is pretty much always this leather, vintage crossbody 
that my mother used to cary with her in the trips and cruises also. Another great choice with just the amount of inside space and pockets you need is this
  MK bag from under 130$ or The Liz Claiborne lola bag for under 50$ !

easy travel look  ideas for summer

k meets style
k-meets-style black bikini photoshoot
In my previous post I shared with you all the details about the why me and @kleiklis decided to spend a few days isolated in our small and cozy beach house
 by the winter waves. We couldn't help but feel extremely blessed for having pretty much the whole aria for ourself ,making many daily plans involving long walks
 by the water, afternoon bon fires at the beach, picnics and many more outdoor activities. Getting away once in a while can only have a positive impact in your life. 
Personally I find myself enjoying every moment without feeling overwhelmed by all the responsibilities, stress and daily routines of my life in the city. 

How to get the most out of your quick getaway?

1) Spend some quality time with your other half. Since the very beginning @kleiklis and I really enjoying being wrapped in a cozy blanket watching tones of our
 favorite tv series pretty much every night laughing at Dean's on point moments on Supernatural, enjoining every jump-scare at American Horror story and much much
 more. So for this trip we decided to turn off every device (with the exception of one hour per day) and simply "be" in every moment. 

2) Explore the aria while exercising . I am usually not a big fun of "traditional "exercising at the gym (not very fond of the idea of running while you are practically standing
 at the same place facing the wall) so I always try to find many different ideas to do it without feeling restrained at one place. Put on your running shoes and go
 outside to explore every hidden path of the aria running instead of walking. 


3) Bonfires at the beach (or picknics) . Living in Greece is a blast since the temperature is always bearable and thankfully during February most of the daytime is pretty
 warm, allowing us to spend most of the time at the beach while afternoons and nights are much colder. The first day we had lunch by the beach (the perfect
 opportunity to bring up my favorite, vintage picnic basket my parents used to carry with them in their picnics) . As soon as the sun (and temperature)
 goes down a bonfire can be the most romantic thing.

4) Make a scrapbook. I am a huge lover of scrapbooks meaning I never loose a chance to start a new one and organize them into a little pink box with gold dots
 (my favorite!). Most of the photos are taken by my phone or our Nikon camera but I have been dreaming of having a Polaroid for quite some time. We had so much time
shooting fshion.me 's catalog  these days along with many "bloopers" which will go straight into our "summer scrapbook" in order to remember those moments
 for years to come. I lately found a great tutorial of how to make  a beautiful scrapbook on Martha Steward's page.

k-meets-style the black bikini

how to wear pastel in winter k-meets-style how to style harem pants

Lately I find myself drowning into the hustle and bustle of the city. Don't get me wrong, I would never change my "city girl" lifestyle since this is the way I have been living pretty much my whole life (and loving it) but from times to times all that constant noise can be really overwhelming especially during winter .  There have been almost 5 years since the last time I visited our beach house at this time of the year. The truth is I instantly regretted  that mistake the moment I stepped out of the car. All this piece and quite was exactly what I was needed the most, so I took the chance to spend a few days away from our busy lives and enjoy our beautiful sanctuary.

The temperature was almost 18°C  (64.4°F) so I couldn't miss my only chance to spend almost all morning at the beach. What made the trip even more exciting? I was more than happy to be booked by Fshion.me in order to shoot a series of catalogs for a variety of clothing brands for Summer2016. ( How cute is this white, crochet bikini top!! Moments like this I can't help but feel thankful for everyone who believed in my since I fist started kmeetsstyle . I am really happy to read your comments, tweets and emails daily. For me blogging is a way to interact with as many people from all around the world, discovering and sharing tones of favorite styles and inspiring combinations and talking  about some personal subjects that lots of you guys can relate to.

k-meets-style how to style crochet tops k-meets-style harem pants -crochet tops

k-meets-style blogger catalog photoshoot for summer 2016k-meets-style how to wear harem / yoga pants

Wearing: Crochet top (not available yet) / Upcycled Styles harem pants

Life have always been about every little moment, and one thing is for sure, sunsets do make me really happy. Recently  my instagram page carries a sufficient amount of beautiful, pinkish sceneries that I can't just ignore. My peacock printed pair of harem pants ( had them since September ) from Upcycled styles perfectly matched the colors around me and helped me style that uniquely beautiful crochet top. Yes the same Upcycled Styles that produced those gorgeous Hmong textile bags in many of my previous posts like this one.

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