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The Most Instagramable Holiday Houses & Apartments In Europe

Rental vocation homes in Europe
Let's face it, no matter when you currently reside, travel is still looking a bit different this year. Yes, there are still a few airline restrictions and a handful of social distancing measures in place in most countries at least. However, that doesn't mean that we can't still fantasize about all the dreamy places we will be able to visit once we pass the much-needed traveling procedures.

Weekend getaways with your partner or long, pre-planned trips with a small group of friends are still on the table. I bet you already looking for a safe, warm-weather getaway this spring/summer. Don't worry, I've got you covered. Whether you are planning on renting the most beautiful Cyprus property to mark the begging of summer, or simply live and breathe European traveling-including some romantic AF rentals for the weekend, we could all use a change of scenery right now.

If you are like me and have an ever-growing love affair with luxury, seaside suites that won't drain your bank account, or simply prefer a more minimalist-friendly, secluded choice surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes that offer an otherwordly-beautiful sea view, you will certainly find some great holiday rental options across for you next vacation ahead.

Best summer houses to rent in Europe

"Fly me to the moon", Bobovisca, Brac, Croatia

Do you need to go off and relax for a bit? This isn’t exactly surrounded by the woods, it does however offer the ultimate luxury, seaside experience we all love. This oceanfront access type of villa is what we see all over Instagram-time to book one for yourself as well.

Best quite rental properties in Europe

"Il Fienile Di Montesoli" Siena, Italy

If all you can think of is renting a place where you can actually unwire for a few days, then this is might be the best option for you. Surrounded by fields, this rental is equally luxurious as it is quiet and functional. Basically, it’s got everything you need for a lovers retreat or a weekend-long getaway with friends.

Cabin in the woods rental Europe

"Chalet GM", Austria

If you’ve had dreams of staying in one of those insta-worthy cabins in the woods, but still need to have access to modern technology, now’s your chance. This property is extremely spacious and graciously offers that cozy vibe we know you love.

Luxury properties for rent in Cyprus
"Townhouse", Cyprus

This retreat is socked in the sun. allowing for a quiet, warm-weather getaway that will help you disconnect and de-stress without having to miss your modern-day internet necessities.

9 Clever Travel Tips For Booking & Packaging On A Tight Budget

Travel tips for booking cheap flights and accomondation

 After spending a huge amount of time in our homes this year, most of us are looking forward to planning a quick and safe getaway this winter. Whether you are dreaming of spending your days wrapped up in a cozy blanket next to the fireplace in your newly rented cabin or want to go all-in with a week-long vacation near the ocean, this one is for you. 

Winter holidays sound amazing in theory, but without the right travel tips, planning may be stressful sometimes. Traveling can be tricky especially if you are trying to find affordable vocations that fit your budget and your bucket list. We are all guilty of scrolling through Instagram for hours eyeing on the most expensive destination photos we simply cannot afford.

Luckily, after a ton of trials and errors, I finally managed to gather all the tips and tricks for traveling on a tight budget. Keep scrolling to find out some useful ways to score the best flight deals, book your favorite room for less, and of course, how to pack like a pro.

Travel tips for booking cheap flights and accomondation

1.Trick the algorithm

It's true. Some companies will automatically raise the prices simply because you have been searching the web for travel deals. Use the "incognito window" to make sure you won't get trapped.

2.When to book your flights

According to studies, the best day to book your holidays is on Thursday. Sunday is by far the most expensive day to book your flight.

3. Search for promo codes

Have a quick google search using the words "promo code" and "discount code" plus the name of the place or country you want to visit. You never know, maybe there are some hidden codes lurking around the web.

4.International booking sites

Sites like WeWorldPro carry some of the best hotels, flights, car rental, and cruise deals. Often you can find huge discounts and all-inclusive packages for way less than your local travel agencies. It even has a section of the cheapest international flights and most popular routes. (eg. There is a flight on Nov 11 from Greece to Bsngonk for only $866). Yes, they can turn almost every country into a budget-friendly location.
How does it work?

This site will look at all the other sites and show you the best deals. What I really love about it is the "tour" section. It showcases the most popular tours and holiday packages along with the ratings of each individual listing and the duration of the tour itself. Since WeWorldPro is international, they offer the best tour guides from all around the world like Stockholm, Sydney, Budapest, etc.

On the "hotels" section you will be able to find all the top-rated hotels from the area of your choice according to their online reviews. 

packing tips to avoid air fair coasts
Photo by Andrew Neel

5. Packing

Always roll your clothes instead of folding them. You will not only save a ton of space, but you will also be free to shop for many more souvenirs from your trip without having to worry about paying extra for your luggage on your way home.

By marking your bag as "fragile" the airport staff will most luckily place it at the top of all the other luggage. Yes, this is how I manage to get through the baggage claim quicker.

Always seal your perfume, lotions, and shampoos in a plastic zip bag to avoid spilling any liquid on your clothes during the flight. 

Never forget to pack your own pillowcase just in case.

To protect all glass bottles like foundations and concealers, place them in a small plastic bag and put them in your sneakers-yes, it actually works.

Finding That Instagram Moment When You Travel

Finding That Instagram Moment When You Travel

There's no denying that, when it comes to travel, Instagram is the king of all platforms. The image driven nature of the site is perfect for showcasing those gorgeous destination shots, from jaw-dropping scenery, to flat lays of beach bags and swimsuits, and even the obligatory hot dog legs by the pool. But have you ever tapped into the feed of an influencer or even someone you know and wondered just how they got that perfect shot? What do they do? How do they find those gorgeous locations? It turns out the key to having extremely Instagrammable travels is quite simple - it all boils down to the research that you do beforehand. Find your inspiration, plan your sessions and you'll soon have a feed that could be the envy of all of your friends…

Do Your Hashtag Research

First of all, if you're trying to find beautiful locations in a place you're visiting to post on your Instagram feed - Insta itself is often the place to look for inspiration. Make it a part of your initial research. Say that you're planning to visit Malaysia. If you're planning to travel and work and stay in a location for a while, you may be searching online for accommodation, looking for that condo for rent in KL below RM1500 so that you can still have money in the budget to explore further afield as well. You could then look into day trips that you can take from there such as the Batu Caves or Kuala Selangor, where you can spot monkeys roaming around and view the largest firefly colony in the world lighting up the night sky - all amazing, unique things to add to your Instagram feed. You could start by scrolling through the location tag for these specific places and seeing what images other people have taken. Also, take the time to follow any major accounts related to your destination, such as the country's tourist board. If there are pictures that really appeal to you, then check the location information and add it to your must visit list!

Find Local Bloggers

From the location hashtag, if there are any images that look high quality and taken by a blogger or social media influencer, go through to their profile and take a look. It can be a rich source of inspiration for shots, styling and other local locations. Give that influencer a follow and check their posts for recommendations on where to eat and what to pack to suit the local climate and culture. In a lot of cases you can go and click on the accounts of restaurants and hotels that they've visited, and that's when you can begin to get really granular about the one table with an amazing view that you'd like to dine at, or the hotel room with the most amazing bath or funky wallpaper that would make an incredible background for a picture or two.

Don't Forget About Pinterest

When planning your ideal Instagrammable trip, believe it or not, Insta isn't the only place to make it happen - Pinterest is an amazing platform for planning travel. You can find really insightful, easy to follow pictorials on every subject from planning your holiday capsule wardrobe to travelling light and even makeup looks and hairstyles you might want to try out in your new location. It's also a great source for travel itineraries for your destination and cool and unusual things to do - as well as being another great tool to help you identify that perfect location for a great shot. Just search for something like 'Paris most instagrammable' and you'll usually be overwhelmed by choice. This can also serve as another channel to find local influencers and loop back to their Instagram accounts for more tips on beautiful locations and hot venues.

Take Your Best Horizontal Shot

Once you've done all your research, you should have a location list of places where you know you'll get those incredible shots. Use a tool like OneNote to add this list to your phone so that you can take it with you. When you're visiting that place, consider your positioning in the location. Take a moment to soak in the atmosphere and see what unique angles or perspectives you can get of the scene around you. Take a wider, horizontal shot and you'll capture the best of a beautiful view. To take the best shots, consider the rule of thirds in your photos - some phone cameras offer a mode with a grid over the viewfinder so that you can balance your shot easier. Break down your shot into three equal sections to make a balanced picture. Try positioning your subject to the extreme right or left of the frame to make an interesting picture. Find your flow and just shoot - there is a lot you can do with picture editing apps after shooting to correct colour balance, edit the framing and zoom in that can make a so-so shot something special.

Finding That Instagram Moment When You Travel

Think About Focus And Lighting

Although editing can do a lot after the fact to enhance your images and really make them pop, there's not much it can do to effectively alter focus and very poor lighting. If your picture is extremely dim or very pixelated, it's not going to look great despite sharpening or lightening in the edit. Learn a few tricks before your trip such as altering the depth of field to enhance the exposure, which will create a brighter, more focused image. Play around with the focus on your camera so that you can create images with a sharply focused subject and slightly blurred out background for a really professional look.

Get A Lightweight Travel Photography Kit

You may be choosing to travel with a DSLR, or you may realise that a lot of the latest phone models have incredible capabilities and just go with that, but it's always worth packing a couple of extra accessories - a lightweight collapsible tripod and a Bluetooth remote. These are small enough to be packed even in hand luggage, but can really make a difference to the shots you are able to take and the final quality. If you're travelling alone, they are also essential if you want to be able to take pictures of yourself without the awkwardness of having to ask a stranger to help. Smartphone camera accessories can make all the difference in terms of what you are able to capture.

Happy snapping and happy travels!


Summer in the French Riviera - Cannes

Travel in French Reviera - Cannes
W ince i was a little girl I remember myself having the longest " Travel List " written in one of my journals. I have always dreamed of visiting Cannes, Saint Tropez , Monacco and even if I had the opportunity a few times in the past the circumstances dind't allowed a trip like this to happen. This year I was determined to finally do it. We packed our switcases on July 30, iger to arrive at the port and get on the long cruise to Italy and from there on France.  I should have started posting my travel experiences from the begining (aka Italy) but I couldn't wait to share this particular trip to Cannes since it was one of our most favorite highlights of the whole 11 days trip.

Travel in French Reviera - Cannes
Travel in French Reviera - Cannes


We arrived at Cannes and instatly started to take it all the beautiful sceneries around us. We took a long walk at the beach where all the beach bars stood , bought a few souvenirs , took more than 100 photos and decided to visit a local restaurant for launch 2 hours later. We had the most delicious pizza at La Brasserie at returned to the beach just in time for the summer festival.

Travel in French Reviera - Cannes

What to wear in Greece in June-July-August

(Last update 2020)
what to wear in greece in summer

Hello, lovelies! It's been a while since the last time I published a guide but here we are, ready to touch on yet another frequently asked question on my Instagram DMs. "What to wear in Greece during summer: is something that many of you seem to wonder. Maybe you are planning on traveling to Santorini, Athens, Mykonos or simply are curious. Today I am going to answer your questions the best way I can.

I have spent 24 years in Greece and the one thing I can definitely vouch for is the warm (somedays too hot) weather. The temperature will almost never fall under 28 degrees nor will rise above 35 but still if you are not used to the heat you have to mentally prepare yourself.

what to wear in greece in summer
what to wear in greece in summer

1. Go for loose, comfortable trousers.

Cotton, linen, silk, and jersey in light, neutral colors don't trap body heat and absorb contrary to other fabrics like wool and polyester. 

2. Choose tops and blouses that don't restrict your movements.

The feeling of being restricted by your own clothes is probably the worst during hot, summer days. I personally spend most of my days in Greece wearing off the shoulder tops, basic v-neck t-shirts, and loose button-up shirts. Any type of lace will most certainly give you the worst tanning lines due to constant sun exposure.

what to wear in greece in summer

3. If you plan on visiting a Greek Island, avoid wearing heels.

Let's get one thing straight. It is literally impossible to wear heels all day on a Greek Island. You can always pack your favorite heels in order to wear them for a few hours in the nightclub or at the restaurant. but the streets are definitely not made for that kind of footwear. Sandals and sneakers are by far the comfiest choices.

4. Never go out under the sun without a hat.

From 1 pm-5 pm, the sun can be a danger to your health especially if you are not used to it. Pick a basic hat design that will look good with pretty much all your outfits and wear it religiously.

what to wear in greece in summer

5. Nightout.

Evenings can be a little windy in the Greek Islands even during summer. Don't forget to pick up a jacket, blazer, or at least a scarf to wear around your shoulders. I wouldn't recommend short, loose dresses or tops especially if you are planning on taking a walk.

6. What's in your beach bag?
The one thing you should never forget to bring with you is your sunscreen. Sunbathing can be extremely damaging to your skin without the proper SPF. (I would recommend a 50+SPF protection). Always wear a pair of high-quality sunglasses even if you are sitting under a beach umbrella. Have a bottle of water in your bag at all times in order to avoid dehydration.

Budgeting Tips for Avid Travellers

Travel OFF Peak to Stay ON Budget

The cost difference between travelling off peak and during peak times can be massive. It’s in your best interests to travel at the times when other people aren’t travelling so much. That’s what off peak travelling is all about. It makes your task of staying on budget while you travel so much easier than it would otherwise be because many people pay a lot for flights.

Avoid the Tourist Traps

Most places that you’re likely to travel to will have their own tourist traps that you’re going to want to avoid. Those tourist traps could be attractions, bars or restaurants. Instead of falling into tourist traps, you should head to the places where the locals go to. Locals would never eat at restaurants that are aimed squarely at tourists. You’ll save a lot of money that way.

Use the Latest Apps When on the Go

There are lots of apps that allow you to track your money and find deals online. Tiller money is one good app that you should use because it can even be linked to Google Sheets. You should also use apps like Skyscanner because it shows you when and where you can find the cheapest flights, which is essential for anyone who travels a lot. There are so many others out there for you to discover too.

Travel Light

Travelling light is one of the smartest things you can do when you’re travelling. Not only will it make it easy for you to get around and carry your luggage, but it’ll also cut your costs. That’s because airlines will charge you more if you want to take more luggage onto the plane. That’s something that you should keep in mind when packing.

Prioritize Your Spending Carefully

Everyone has different aims and priorities when they’re traveling. If you want to make sure that you never spend more money than you really need or want to, you should be clear about what your priorities really are. If there are things that you don’t really care much about, why would you want to spend money on them? It doesn’t make any sense to do that.

Budgeting is something that shouldn’t be confined to your day to day life. When you’re traveling, you should be thinking about your money and how you’re using it even more than you would back home. No one wants to find themselves in a foreign country with money problems to worry about.

White mountains

mountain warm outfit ideas for cold weather
A few much-needed changes
Photographer: Kleiklis

After an extremely long period of heavy rain and overall terrible weather, we are finally back to the usual sunny, warm days. The weather really took a toll on me over the last few weeks. I guess I am one of those people who simply cannot function during moody, winter days. My motivation had been close to non-existent and as hard as I tried to light up my spirit is simply wasn't possible. As soon as the first rays of sunshine appeared on the sky and the temperature has risen to 17 degrees we knew it was time for a quick spring getaway. I have been wanted to visit the mountains for a month but due to the circumstances, we were unable to do so in February. We found ourselves excited to see the last drops of snow for this year cause soon any hint of white will be gone. Roadtrips have always been my favorite way of traveling (maybe because I can't have a few breaks to enjoy the view ).

Anyways we arrived at the mountains pretty early considering it was easily a 2-hour drive from home and instantly ordered a hot cup of coffee. It is funny how cold it really was the moment we reached the ski resort. We practically started our journey wearing a t-shirt and by the time we arrived the wind was blowing so hard, we can barely see. Seeing this beautiful landscape was really therapeutic for me. Despite the fact that I ended up with more than 200 hundred different photos in my memory card witch you will endure watching on my Instagram feed, I promise you my boyfriend finally convinced me to hop back in the car and make our way back to the city in the evening. 


warm outfit ideas for cold weather

mountain warm outfit ideas for cold weather snow outfit ideas

Things you should know before you travel to Greece

Things you should now before you travel to Greece

Which are the most affordable months to visit .

Summer season starts (unofficially) in May and ends at the end of September. Even though July and August are the most popular months for tourists they also are significantly more expensive than any other month of the year. If you are traveling on a budget the best choice for you is to wait until the month of August has passed or book your holiday trip in the middle of May in order to score the best deals on tickets,hotels etc. In case you are wondering about the temperature changes throughout these months, don't! You are still going to experience the full "summer in Greece" experience. The weather only starts to change significantly in late October-November.

Top 3 things you should always carry around with you 

You can never have too much sunscreen. I cannot highlight enough the importance of constantly carrying around with you the highest SPF sunscreen you can find (SPF indicates how effective the sunscreen is in preventing sunburn). The danger of getting a sunburn is real and you should always keep in mind to apply a descent amount of sunscreen even if you are sitting under a beach umbrella of in a shadowy place.

Almost as important as having your sunscreen in your bag at all times is wearing sunglasses during the day. Sunglasses also play a major role since the skin around your eyes in super-sensitive to sunlight and can develop cancer easier due to its sensitivity. Sunglasses are both eye and skin protectors especially in Greece, where the sun shines really bright for many hours during the day,

ALWAYS carry a bottle of water with you. The danger of dehydration is also extremely real in this temperature , further more if you are not used to the heat. If you are planning on having any kind of physical exercise ( walking from one point of the city/island to another, visit the museums, go swimming ) keep a bottle of water with you at all times.

Greek people are really friendly

If you are planning on visiting Greece you should probably know that the chances of starting small talks and chit chats with the locals are pretty high. Don't be alarmed. It is usual to start a conversation with someone, in any place, at any time!

The many different types of coffee

As crazy as it sounds to many people (tourists) I've met over the years in Greece ,we choose our coffee based on the season. No I don't mean just adding ice cubes to hot drinks. You can have a cold cappuccino coffee (freddo cappuccino), a cold espresso coffee (freddo espresso) , frappe (Frappé) and cold Greek coffee. I rarely see blog posts talking about the differences between these types of coffees from their widely-known hot version so I am going to try and break it down for you.

  1.  freddo cappuccino - the cold version of a cappuccino, and the drink usually has a small amount of cold frothed milk atop it known as aphrogala (Greek: αφρόγαλα) 
  2. freddo espresso - despite their Italian names, differ greatly in taste and preparation from their Italian counterparts (being made from instant coffee) .It is prepared with a double shot of espresso coffee mixed in a mixer with a few ice cubes and poured over ice
  3. Frappe - is a Greek foam-covered iced coffee drink made from instant coffee (generally, spray-dried Nescafe), water and sugar.

Follow the the greek lifestyle

If you are determined to have a full "Greek experience" just go with the flow. Greek people are known for eating, drinking and partying. No matter your destination you will most luckily find more than enough taverns and night clubs in walking distance of your accommodation. Most clubs open at 11pm and close in the morning and most taverns are open all day long till 1am so you will have plenty of time to have a taste of everything while you are on holidays.You can taste the local cuisine and have a few glasses of traditional Greek drinks.

Quick hair care tips for summer / what I use after a day at the beach

Quick hair care tips for summer / what I use after a day at the beach

As you probably already know by now I tend to spend an enormous time at the beach every summer. Weather I go swimming or enjoying a cold cup of coffee near the sea , heat is the number one turn down for my hair. The temperature often rises to almost 40 degrees during the day , the sun is shining bright and as much as I love to take a dive at the sea every 10mins to brush off all that heat my hair always feel extremely damaged and over all dead after a long day like this.

I have never been a big hair care enthusiast but as I grow older the damage became pretty obvious and frankly, it seemed like no matter what I was doing my hair felt more and more dry by the day. When I got into the whole "taking care of my hair during summer" process I was overwhelmed by the amount of products out there. I made so many failed attempts to find the top products that will work for my hair type and offer that glow and protection I so desperately needed.

After almost two years of constant research (and many failed tests) I finally came across the right combination for me .only to quickly realize that 'quantity over quality' is a real thing. I didn't need three different shampoos, hair masks, oils, sprays . I simply needed a few well selected products (and tricks) to get through the hot summer weather without adding any extra weight to my already damaged hair. 

  • Hair care products I use during summer

I fell in love with the whole Schwarzkopf GLISS series of products as soon as I tried the Gliss Liquid Silk Shampoo ,which of course even thought it didn't work for me at that time  , it made me aware of the whole "hair repair" range of products they currently offer. My go to shampoo is the Schwarzkopf GLISS Hair Repair Shampoo  (3x liquid keratin). It not only worked miracles on my hair from the first time I applied it on but also the smell of it is simply addicting (and extremely long lasting). A few weeks after that I tried another hair care product from the same range which also took me by surprise.

The Schwarzkopf GLISS Total Repair Reflex-Shine-Deep-Conditioner and Ultimate Repair Express Repair Conditioner is a leave on conditioners I apply as soon as I get off the shower , again with the same captivating smell as the shampoo I previously mentioned but this time it also leaves a shimmer look on my hair (and hands) that lasts more than 24 hours.

The Pantene pro-v corpo and volume is the newest addition to my hair care routine during summer. It definitely does exactly what it promises on the packaging and a lot more. I always apply a small amount at the bottom part of my hair, leave it on for 3-5 mins and wash it off with cold water (then proceed with the Schwarzkopf GLISS Total Repair Reflex-Shine-Deep-Conditioner I mentioned earlier). The moisture is definitely there.

  • Sleeping habits /tricks

The first trick that blew my mind as soon as I tried it a few months ago is always using a satin pillow case ( find it here for under 10€ ). This type of fabric can do wonders for both our hair and skin since since it helps tremendously to prevent hair from loosing all their natural moisture that normal pillow cases suck out every night.

Another trick I swear by is sleeping with your hair wrapped up in a ponytail . This easy trick can prevent our hair from constantly rubbing against the pillow case and seats plus there is no more tangling when you wake up in the morning. Just make sure not to wrap your hair too tight.

  • Moisturize, moisturize and moisturize

This is a trick that literally changed the way my hair looks daily during the  summer months. I always remember to carry around in my bag a small spray bottle filled with water  ( find it here ) in order to spray it on my hair while I am out , under the bright summer sun. We constantly try to keep our body and skin moisturized at all times but we frequently forget that our hair need the exact same treatment. Your hair will immediately absorb the sprayed water that will give back their natural glow and softness.


How I managed to spend under $500 for 7 days / affordable islands in Greece

affordable islands in Greece

A few weeks ago I promised you guys a whole new series of posts dedicated to the subject of traveling in Greece on a budget . Most of you started leaving instagram comments and DMs on how I manage to spend so little while I am on holidays , which are the most affordable places I have ever visited in Greece and of course , tips and tricks for pretty much everything considering prices, hotels, and transportation. I am currently sitting on a striped beach chair right next to the sea with more than 20 people looking at me , curious about the fact that I actually brought my laptop at the beach and I am finally going to answer as many questions as I can in one post.

  • I always prefer camping than villas and hotels
Every time I want to visit a place I have never seen before camping is the first thing that comes to my mind. No, I don't mean simply putting up a tent in the middle of nowhere. In fact there are planty of organised camping places that offer access to restaurants, coffee places , beach bars , electricity, wifi, clean toilets and of course, showers with warm water and privacy (here is an example) for around $25 per day.

  • Means of transportation
As soon as I find the camping place that I like the most is the way of transportation from the port to the camping, from the camping to the city and to all the attractions I am planning to visit. We usually travel by our own motocycle but sometimes it is better for us to rent one as soon as arrive at our destination. You can choose to rent a motocycle, a car, a scooter, a bike, a quad (my personal favorite) for as low as $20 per day depending on the place. Most of Greek islands are really small so you can literally reach every place within minutes of driving. If you don't have a licence yet you can always take a cab or a bus. Usually you can find daily group tours that are offering to take you to the most poplar places on the island and return you back to the same place they picked you up at the evening.

  • Beach bars and coffee places
Usually if you go camping as I mentioned before the beach bar ( and the beach ) will be a few feet away from your tent. In most places they charge $4 for your coffee, ($7-8 for a cocktail) and you can sit there for as long as you wish to enjoy the beach. If you are not willing to spend money every day you can always bring your own  beach umbrella (you can find one to purchase in every mini-market) to sit under and enjoy your day for free.

  • Try a water sport you have never tried before
As I mentioned earlier I would much rather gather experiences than sitting in a hotel near the swimming pool. I always keep my accommodation expenses to a minimum so I can engage in activities I have never tried before.

You can rent a boat  to explore the island all by yourself (no license needed in most cases), just a  demonstration (a.k.a mini seminar) from the person in charge of the rental center. Renting a boat for the  day usually costs $50 +the fuel . As long as you are out in sea imagine all the beautiful places you will see, all the isolated parts of the island you will discover and all the fun you will have with your friends while doing so.

You can go scuba diving. In most Greek Islands you can learn how to dive with an instructor that will guide you through the process, safety measures and techniques so you will be able to have the most out of it. Every island is hiding so many beautiful sceneries underwater as it does above it. A two hours dive for beginners coasts around $70 depending on the place .

There are many more choices like Windsurfing, Flyboarding, Stand Up padding, Jet Skiing to check if there are available at the island of you are planning on visiting.

I have many more posts coming your way talking in depth , answering your questions so 
make sure to check my instagram stories or facebook page for updates.
I am currently editing our first travel vlog which will definitely going to give you
a few more ideas on how to spend your days during your 
holidays in Greece

Poolside Stories / The Floral Romper

Outfit Details:
Shoppriceless Floral Romper / Maslinda Designs espadrilles 


Outfit ideas for summer in Greece
Outfit ideas for summer in Greece
Outfit ideas for summer in Greece




Beauty In White And Blue
Traveling is perhaps the most therapeutic  , especially in warm, summer days when people always seem to be a lot happier around me. We have 
been scheduling  our monthly long trips since May and truly, I can't have enough of this. You can always find another gorgeous place to visit,
 another isolated beach to chill , another high place to admire the endless blue and most importantly not enough time to experience everything.
It is funny how people always think of Mykonos or Santorini when they talk about Greece but in reality there are tones of equally (or even more )
 beautiful places in Greece that are most definitely worth your time. Lately all I can think about is how much I want to get back to these breathtaking
 sceneries and maybe explore a few unknown arias that I learned about only recently.If you follow me on instagram you probably know my obsession 
with capturing literally every moment (with almost over 60 landscape snaps you surely do) just to let you guys see all the beautiful places you can
 visit in Greece through my eyes. Want to know more about each day of our trip? Check out my Summer in Greece series here.

The most interesting places in Athitos Greece

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