Undoubtedly the inclusion of all shapes, colors, and sizes in every type of media is a much-needed change. For many years we let photoshop determine what's "acceptable" by society's standards. Still, to this day many women (and men) assume that their heavier, curvier bodies do not meet the ideal image of beauty. 

Unfortunately even the most female-centric industries like beauty and fashion are still predominantly dominated by men. The good news is that each and every day more and more women are taking a stand against this uneven number. We have seen some extraordinary women with empowering stories to tell, launching their own brands and businesses- but we want more!

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Having strong female role models, especially from a young age, can influence the lives of people and even entire industries in positive ways. For me, it's all about celebrating women who continuously try to subvert the industry standards by founding their own business, embrace their individuality, and encourage others to follow their lead. As someone who is constantly sharing stories both here and on numerous other media outlets, I often get frustrated by the lack of representation. Only 2 in 10 brands that reach out are female-owned.

That's why when I get the chance to feature an athletic & streetwear brand made by women for women, it’s an instant "yes" for me. Fashion is a tool that has the ability to empower women to feel confident and strong. This was a driving force behind Yoga Bitch, a performance apparel brand that recently hit the market with their commitment to bringing ‘bold and unapologetic fashion’.

Yoga Bitch Founder Jen Stenberg is an experienced business executive, Wife, and Mum of three who is passionate about movement and style. Jen is inspired by the complex lives of people who share a love of fitness, and how in doing so express themselves, their vulnerabilities, and their strengths. Her inclusive line carries sizes from XS to 6X, making it accessible to all shapes and sizes, with plans for even further future expansion to meet the unique needs of groups who can be overlooked in the current market. After all, diversity is something we should celebrate daily. 

This Athletic Brand Is The Epitome Of Body Positivity And Female Empowerment

Yoga Bitch caters to women with full lives, hang with their friends take care of their family but, have limited patients for uncomfortable clothing. You know me and my obsession with cute athleticwear that allows the wearer to feel beautiful no matter the time and place. Jen's Yoga Bitch apparel is budget-friendly, not to mention extremely fun and versatile. From plain black sports bras to camo and animal print, there is definitely something for you on the website. Time to add some unique styles to your Holiday wishlist.  Happy Shopping!

For most of us going out might still not be an option but that's no excuse to give up on our workout routine- or maybe pick up on some new indoor activities. Whether you are looking for some new pieces to add to wear while you get in shape or just love athleisure as much as I do, this pilates-inspired clothing brand is about to give your wardrobe a major upgrade.

You know me, I am always on the hunt for new, cute, and stylish workout clothes that can easily be worn outside the gym. Keep reading for a few styles that can get you anywhere from the street to casual coffee dates, running, and back.

Shop The Pilates Love Collection

No matter if you are rolling on your mat according to the instructions of your online Pilates coach or simply love to explore new options from emerging independent brands, I got you covered. You know, the brands that offer the perfect balance between fashion and activewear or, bonus point if they actually carry an important message. Luckily in 2021 you no longer have to choose comfort over style.

Marisa In Motion is a newly established, pilates-inspired brand from the US that delivers a very clear message. Marisa Fuller the founder of MIM designed 7 amazing collections, all based on her eternal love for Pilates. Her story might be a sad one but, there is always something incredibly inspiring about overcoming life's obstacles, only to rise stronger despite the hardships.

Shop The Pilates Strong Collection

In 2014, I was tested for the breast cancer gene as my brave, amazing, inspiring mom is a breast cancer survivor" Marisa mentioned. "I was BRCA1+. I had decided before taking the test that I was going to do preventive surgeries. I would always wait to hear from my doctor “you have the go-ahead to start exercising. Like I said, it is my happy place. It helped me with my recovery, get stronger, and heal through my hardest of days.” she continued.
Since 2019 Marisa owns her own Pilates studio along with her empowering clothing line that quickly captured the love and attention of many like-minded women. Like I mentioned above, this is not a depressing story. It's the real and raw reality behind her statement-making work out clothes, designed with the sole purpose to motivate you.
Shop The Coffee And Pilates Collection

I bet you are looking forward to getting a glimpse of her apparel, I rounded up some of my all-time favorite designs from Marisa In Motion that guarantees to take the word "uncomfortable" out of your vocabulary this winter. You can check the MIM for more wishlist-worthy styles. A portion of the proceeds from all sales are being donated to Breast Cancer Charities.

 To me, the discovery of new, innovative styles is definitely something that has always drawn me to fashion. Growing up I would spend hours of the day reading magazines, only to tear up my favorite pages, turning them into a mood board- even though my parents were totally against sticking things on our freshly painted walls. Not much has changed now that I am an editor. Handmade mood boards turned into Pinterest boards and physical magazines became online, multi-topic websites-which I absolutely love.

So, why am I taking you on a trip down memory lane? Well, you need to understand how much I have always been interested in having an eye out for emerging designers. I am inspired by what's happening in the fashion world, even if I keep choosing gender-neutral streetwear styles that will definitely pass the test of time. I think one of the most amazing things about being a self-proclaimed urban fashion enthusiast is to bring awareness to on-the-rise talent and lend support to small brands that have a lot to offer. So, here I am, highlighting a fantastic brand that has me excited right now.

Custom snapback hats with unique details

custom snapback hats made of wood
Let's talk about Rawkly, the independent Swedish label that managed to bring nature and fashion together in one snapback hat for men & women. This brand takes a whole new, super fresh, and modern approach to classic snapback hats, adding earth-inspired details to an already popular fashion accessory. Aiming to appeal to the uniqueness of each individual person, the designers behind Rawkly came up with the idea of a 6-panel snapback hat with 3d embroidered logo AND the wooden brim.

Rawkly fashion

The surface of the brim is covered with wooden veneers that offer a truly unique and raw look to every design. So what's the inspiration behind the innovative idea of the wooden snapback hat? The designers wanted to highlight the beauty of the Swedish forests. Sweden is covered with more than 69% forest land so, what's a better way to showcase the beauty of nature than to incorporate it into your designs? Every tree is unique, the same applies to every brim. The Attitude fo Sweden Rawkly collection is the perfect balance between the old-time classic skater look and fresh, unique 2020 streetwear we all love to wear. 

Join the Kickstarted Campaign

At this point you might be as invested in Rawkly's vision as I am but, as most indie brands they need some help raising funds for their upcoming collections. Both the Raw Attitude and Attitude of Sweden collections will only be available during the Kickstarted project. The Upcoming Rawkly collection (based on the brand name obviously) is the main goal of the crowdfunding campaign starting on January 15, 2021. Some of their future goals include wooden temple sunglasses and (my personal favorite) the Rawky bracelet featuring leather and real wood. @rawklyfashion posts the latest updates, behind the scenes AND giveaways.

custom snapback hats made of wood

 As a firm urban style lover, Däsnine has been on my radar a lot this year. This upscale German-American label is exactly where streetwear meets high fashion, with huge doses of minimalism. The brand's elevated aesthetic caught my attention from the moment I laid eyes on their iconic blood orange messenger bag on Instagram back in 2019-you all know how much I adore this color.

Undoubtedly I am a big fan of premium high street brands, especially if they carry styles with the artist's unique, creative touch. Let's just say that Däsnine is definitely a name I will be adding to my holiday wish list this Christmas.

Welcoming the Berlyn's Mini

Diving deep into the world of handbags with the sole purpose of finding the perfect bag to add to your collection can sometimes feel like an impossible task, especially in such a saturated market. Non the less, if you are as obsessed as I am with extra special pieces that actually catch everyone's eye, I have the perfect suggestion for you. Däsnine just released  Berlyn's mini, you can call it the latest luxury drop- I call it a piece of art. The signature 3in x 3in bag feels pleasingly original while still looking minimal. Plus buying from an indie brand means you won't get frustrated every time another person carries the same style just a few meters away.

luxury mini handbag from the US Dasnine
This bag might not be on the affordable side but, it all makes sense if you consider the design creativity and the carving-stamping procedure the genuine Cowhide Leather has to go through. Bonus point, it is 100% made in the US. Overall, Däsnine clothing and accessories are bound to fit effortlessly into your wardrobe, especially if you love adding statement details to your everyday outfits.

dasnine berlyn's bag

Whether you are currently on the hunt for the perfect Christmas gift for yourself or simply love to bookmark items for a future shopping spree, you can be sure that everything from this brand has something unique to offer to your fashion collection.

Now, more than ever, our super busy lives demand clothing that is not only practical but comfortable as well. Giving up your personal style is definitely not the case. If you are on the hunt for new, comfy outfit combinations that still leave you plenty of space to be creative, Athleisure might just be the answer you sick. If you follow my life, both here and on Instagram, you probably already know how much I genuinely love getting away with wearing the comfiest, gender-neutral clothes outside in my day-to-day life. There is something very liberating about seeing people who continuously try to blur the lines between performance wear and casual streetwear.

Athletic chic outfit inspiration

What's the meaning of athleisure?

The ultimate blend of ready-to-wear styles with activewear that naturally creates many cool and unique outfit combos. Fashion is constantly adapting to the rapid changes in our lifestyle. People are now, more than ever, refusing to follow most types of “dress codes.” On the contrary, they focus on self-expression and individuality.

How to nail the Athleisure street style game

Streetstyle winter 2021 outfit inspiration
Images by WhoWhatWear, Lissyroddyy, TheFashionSpot, MotelRocks
Streetstyle athleisure outfit inspiration
Even though there is no strict set of rules, there are always some tips & tricks on how to style the perfect  Athleisure looks with minimum effort. Try layering your sports bras and hoodies with leather coats and a pair of oversized joggers. Matching sports sets look gorgeous under maxi coats with neutral colors, especially if you add your go-to sneakers to the mix.

I personally swear by vintage, unisex jackets at the moment mainly because I can throw them on with a pair of thick leggings and my trusted Vans sneakers. 

Mixing tailored pieces, like a basic blazer, with oversized hoodies and ladylike bags is a huge trend right now.

Just because you are wrapped in your favorite athletic wear, doesn't mean you can't add accessories. Baseball caps, chain necklaces, and earrings, winter-appropriate beanies are only a few great items you can add to your Athleisure look.

Comfort meets Luxury with this emerging fashion brand

EXL Studion fashion brand California

New street style labels are popping up left and right but ELX Studio actually has something to offer- a fresh take on gender-neutral, premium quality apparel that focuses on inclusivity. The Best part? The quantities will be limited, meaning that you will be able to have unique pieces -if you act fast. More and more people are interested in timeless, investment pieces to save in their capsule wardrobe for years to come. In other words, quality definitely beats quantity, especially when it comes to street wear.
It's all about originality, self- love and personal expression.
"I want to encourage my community to appreciate what they’ve been blessed with." said the fashion designer and founder of ELX Studio."Clothes don’t make us. But they can sure take confidence to the next level. For the underrepresented and the nonconformists, I’m here for you." she continued. The vision behind the brand is very clear. It's time to get rid of all the unhealthy and highly unrealistic beauty standards once and for all. Body positivity and free self-expression through fashion should be normalized by each and every person.

Want to get a taste? @elxstudio is about to host a pre-launch giveaway (US and Canada). Pre-ordering will be available next week so you will be able to get your hands on the first batch of the new styles. Sign up to get all the latest updates.

After shopping from the same old multinational corporations that always seem to be at the top of the fashion scene, we all feel the need to explore other options and try out something new. The mainstream fashion industry is definitely a crowded one and in recent years more and more fast fashion brands are popping up left and right. Even though I do understand people's need to get their hands on the latest, trendiest outfits without breaking the bank, the humanitarian and environmental consequences are way too severe to ignore.

custom made streetwear

So, can we actually stay away from fast fashion? No, unfortunately, even though there are plenty of resources, we cannot 100% be certain about the ethics of all of our favorite brands. I have been an advocate for second-hand shopping for quite some time now. Even though it takes a bit of time and energy, finding a hidden gem between the racks can be such a joy. As you can see from my Instagram page, I often try to alter my thrift finds to better compliment my personal style. And that is exactly the subject of this article.

Custom clothing that goes beyond the "basics". Indie brands offering streetwear styles that are blessed with the artist's unique touch are the new craze. Underground fashion labels are known for their creative flow, innovative ideas, and raw artistic skills. 8smilez is a newly founded brand based in New York with a very clear message. His limited edition styles are here for those who want to differentiate from the social norms and reflect their personality.

custom made streetwear

In this consumer-driven era of seasonal trends, custom made styles are a long-term investment. You will always have in mind that this particular piece of clothing was made just for the few who were quick to hit the order button. There is something great about limited edition screen-prints or hand-painted designs. From made to order Dickies logo work pants to hoodies and truckers 8smilez offers many streetwear styles you definitely won't be able to find anywhere else. 

custom made streetwear

Illustrated Tarot Decks
New age-y spiritual practices like healing crystals, readings, and astrology are now more than ever in demand. Forget all about the previous stigma surrounding this subject. You no longer have to visit a self-proclaimed professional in the sketchiest part of town to receive the answers you seek-or to try out the process for the first time. Tarot readings are certainly amongst the top 3 most popular New age practices and, luckily for us, easily accessible. No matter if you are a pro at reading decks or simply looking for an easy way to start your spiritual journey, there are many different ways to dive into the mystic world.

First things first. Not everyone interested in having a collection of crystals or reading cards is actually invested in spirituality. There are plenty of individuals who love to collect unique tarot decks that feature delicate artwork from independent artists. I, even though new to the world of predictions and interpretations, have been focused on creating healing crystal art for quite some time. That's probably the main reason that I instantly fell in love with @le.sinex, the artist behind the "Botanical Sword" Oracle card deck. Whether you are on a journey of self-discovery or in it for the aesthetics one thing is for certain, the practice of tarot reading demands respect.

Illustrated Tarot Decks

As opposed to many other practices that focus on future prediction more definitively, tarot reading seems to push us further into self-reflection while taking many different angles and perspectives into consideration. Below you can find the perfect illustrated tarot deck that will not only satisfy your need for mental clarity, it will also look fantastic spread across your coffee table as part of your decor.

Not only this illustration deck comes in a set of 40 beautiful blackwork illustrations on textured paper, but it also comes with a mini guide book to further help you with your interpretations along with a detailed online version. Sounds awesome, right? Well, there is more. " In the name of “Botanical Sword”, Sword as a visual feature captured the essence of masculine heroism inside and the Botanical imagery expresses the feminine part from fantasies." the creator explains. Each card in this set is designed to help you overcome difficulties, inspire mental clarity, and guide you through difficult life decisions via its insightful illustrations.

Illustrated Tarot Decks

Maybe you are like me, someone who can get enough of minimal, spiritual illustrations. Lesine offers The Botanical Sword 2021 Calender, either as a full set with the tarot deck or on its own (many as a gift for your New age-y best friend too?). Is there a better way to decorate your home other than having a new Oracle illustration wall art through the year?

 If you are fortunate enough to have a pool or have unlimited access to one, you will know that having a summer gathering with your best mates is much more enjoyable in the water. You probably already know that pool parties require the right amount of space, delicious cocktails, trendy swimsuits, and of course, the cutest pool floats. You know exactly what I am talking about. The ones that not only manage to gain a ton of likes on Instagram but also help you relax and have fun in the water.

What if I told you that you can impress your friends (and neighbors!) and support the first black-owned pool inflatable startup at the same time? Keep on reading.

I have lived my whole life close to the sea, cute pool floats were a must amongst us kids. Later on, we kept this tradition going ( yes, we still hunt down the most unique designs every spring and summer). Let's not forget that one time we decided to place an actual floating pool in our living room and almost ruined half of our furniture after a few not-so-careful attempts to have fun in it. The point is I am obsessed with these adorable floats and when it comes to pool parties - not during the pandemic of course- I am more than ready to recreate the best moments of my childhood with some unique inflatable floats.

black owned brands inflatable pool

Pool floats have been a huge Instagram trend for years, and they aren't going out of style any time soon. But we are not kids anymore. There are many more factors we should consider before making our decision. You all know how huge I am on sustainability, upcycling, and supporting small businesses. I highly encourage you to stock up on the Alma Ocean floats so you can rock this summer and still support the cultural-inspired styles made for you to tap into a new look and mood. I rounded up all the info for you.

Sustainability, Diversity & Creativity

Danielle Hodge, the founder of Alma Ocean, enjoys pool floats so much she decided to create her own. "I searched high and low, extensively, without success and couldn’t find any floats that appealed to my personal taste" she mentioned. "I wanted a product that spoke to my culture. I wanted to see and feel inspired by the inflatable designs, so I created my own!”. So in 2020, during the global pandemic, she decided to create her own line, aiming to inspire women -and men- of color to enjoy their time in the water and celebrate their culture at the same time. Sounds great, right? Well, there is more.

black owned brands inflatable pool

She offers upcycling services to transform your old products into one-of-a-kind accessories. You are not confident enough in the water? No prob, you can find many resources to help you enjoy your days at the ocean -or pool- in the safest way possible.

How can you support this black-owned business?

Danielle Hodge is crowdfunding with IFUNDWOMEN the entire month of November to raise funds before her launch in summer 2021. Let's all honor creativity and diversity- You can thank me later after you have the most trendy pool party of all times.
During 2000's, press-on nails were lacking variety, mostly limited to the usual square French manicures with tiny bits of glitter or floral designs — No wonder why most of us avoided them. Fast forward to 2020 this certainly isn't the case anymore. The variety has expanded to include coffin, stiletto, and almond styles in a great selection of colors with a glossy or matte finish, from rainbow to crystal-covered and more. Have you been thinking of getting custom fit, reusable nail sets to achieve the perfect luxury look without going back to the salon for touch-ups and fills? This one might be for you.

Alisha A. Robertson, the owner and founder of SpaLisha loves nail art so much that she makes her own." I loved getting long nails with beautiful designs, but it took time and I would spend so much money on my nails every two weeks. I wanted to try and do it on my own. That’s where it all started. I love to create magic doing nails.", she explained."The best part is seeing the finished product and to see my clients face as they stare at their beautiful nails. I’ve always had a passion for all things beauty. I enjoy creating art."

How to stay on top of all the new nail trends

Alisha uses gold foil, crystals  and other materials to create her luxury instant manicures for Maryland-based brand SpaLisha. The styles come in short, medium, or long lengths and are available in four different shapes, coffin, square, almond and stiletto. Each set is available in many shape variations, lengths, and finishes. Many of her designs include AB or clear crystals, ideal for everyone who loves a little drama. The line offers beautiful ombre, chrome, and animal print, exactly what you need to look chic and make a statement.

The beauty of having a custom, handmade set of press-on nails.

There is always the option to craft the press on nail set of your dreams. The possibilities are endless when it comes to color combinations, lengths, and styles. You only need to add some extra crystals and ascents? Go for it!. Whether you are interested in adding sparkle for a special occasion or want to look your best every day with minimum effort there is definitely something for you. 

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