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Natural Beauty

natural beauty editorial- Greece

"Next time you think of beautiful things, 
don't forget to count yourself in"

Lately I feel like the situation is completely out of hand. We are so consumed by the "perfect" image portraited by the media that we tent to forget the importance of actually learning how to accept our natural self.

Don't get me wrong , make up is a form of art and I am not hypocrite. I wear makeup most of the days, especially in the city where I feel like there is an unwritten rule about women wearing makeup 24/7. It does make you feel a lot more confident even if your skin is flawless by its nature. Yes, even when my skin was flawless I used to put on make up every single day at school, at uni , every day for years and years.

And yes! Lot's of women and girls put on makeup simply to impress others around them even if they are protesting otherwise. At the end no matter how hard we try to bake our face it's our personality that drives people towards or away from us. Not just men, every one.

I have spend so much time trying to make myself look better in any way that I ended up forgetting the importance of making myself feeling better as well. The images you see on magazines aren't real, the images you see on instagram , on all the social media aren't real! Everyone's bodies have flaws, stretchmarks, acne scars .EVERYONES(!). Reality is that some of them are better at hiding it than the rest of us.'

natural beauty editorial- Greece
natural beauty editorial- Greece

natural beauty editorial- Greecenatural beauty editorial- Greece

natural beauty editorial- Greece

Photographer@kleiklis /  Location -  Potidea, Halkidiki, Greece

Choosing a career out of the ordinary

Sometimes admitting how overwhelming the blogging world and social media really are is quite difficult. There have been more than enough times I found myself hiding what I really do when people I hardly know ask me the "so, what are you working on right now?" question. In reality it is not because of shame or shyness, it's the fact that people in most cases are not able to understand someone else's choices unless it is something they have been taught to be an "appropriate" job. I am not solely talking about the business of blogging but fashion related fields in general. Not a lot of people know that apart from this blog I have also been working on numerous other projects as a stylist, visual merchandiser and fashion editor over the last 3 years.

Yes, starting a blog along with my fashion design degree helped tremendously so far. Weather we like it or not social media are the present and the future of every industry. I personally believe that the way you present your self online, how you write, the messages you are trying to get across using your influence, raising your own unique voice to help other people instead of simply going with the flow are in fact crucial elements that will definitely help you survive in the fashion industry.

Even though these are the facts for quite some time now and almost every person out there has even the smallest understanding of how blogging and social media works I still hear people talking behind someone's back about how superficial the fashion industry really is and how , in their opinion, people should get "real" jobs , after all there are thousands of fashion bloggers, social media celebrities , fashion journalists and editors out there. I still can't help but feel a little frustrated with people that are stuck back in the 2000's even if they are only 20-25 years old.

The world around us is constantly evolving. People are now able to choose a career out the ordinary.They are able to be the boss of their own self and create something beautiful for the world to see. Instead of spreading negativity maybe we should all stop and think for a second before we judge someone who is actually following his/her dream.

What I am grateful for this year #blogmas4

 Eating more caring less.

The whole world is so focused on the body image , manipulating you in every possible way and eventually you get caught in this everlasting madness of constant waist and hips measurements. Well, life is too short to prevent yourself from enjoying the simplest things as an extra slice of pizza, another glass of wine or ordering a donnut with your morning coffee. I do remember myself being conscious of every single bite I was having, being secretly afraid every time I needed to measure myself once again in order to order something online ,looking for every possible flaw in a photo rather than focusing on the beautiful results. The day I  said f* that was probably the day I felt the biggest relief in 2016. I started enjoying life even more than I did before mostly because the  biggest sources of my anxiety was in fact my constant need to always look perfect. I am grateful that I finally realized I love food more than everyone's opinions.

Spending time with friends is the best therapy

Another thing I was having such a hard time dealing with was finding a balance between work, relationships and friends. The times I caught myself being too busy working to return a text, a phone call was more than enough and by the time I got off the computer the only time I got left was 2-3 hours that needed to be my relaxation time. There have been days I felt so overwhelmed by everything that I simply wanted to put on whatever I could find in front of me , go meet my friend and tell her all about it. I promised to never skip an invitation for a coffee again and always find the time to meet my friends during the week cause the inspiration, motivation and relief I feel every time I return home from our meetings is beyond compare. I am grateful for having friends that can support me no matter what.

Fighting for what you want gives your life a new meaning

I am the first one to agree that accomplishments take time, effort and most importantly lots of anger , anxiety and failures. I keep reminding myself how unimportant things would be if they were given to us so easily, after all If you really gave 100% of your self chasing what you want and failed, you will be at least sure that you tried your best. I am a dream chaser ,having a life goal gives my whole life a motivation to keep doing my best until I reach it, and when I do , I will not stop until I reach the next one. I am grateful for all the things I achieved in 2016 through hard work and determination.

Travel more, worry later.

Traveling has always extremely therapeutic for me, not solely because of all the new places I get to see each time, but for the excitement of the adventure. The moment I step in the car, airplane, train etc I feel like I can leave all my daily struggles , anxiety and routine behind and focus on the trip and destination instead. I can't help but imagine how my life would be if I was born in every single place I visited, how different would I be? Would I still love the same things as I do now?. All these little mind games along with the new, exciting places I am blessed enough to see are the reason I never miss a chase to travel even for a 100 miles to the closest city. I am grateful for all the travels I was able to plan in 2016, of all the days I spend next to the sea with my hair wet , of all the great memories I have from the snow covered mountains and cozy,wooden houses.

Give and receive love every single day

Most importantly I am felling blessed for being able to give and receive as much love as I could over the last three years. Finding the one person that can love you exactly for who you are without all the makeup and well thought outfits it something I can never have enough of. Even though every single person has its insecurities, good and bad moments, anger issues etc I still can't believe that there is someone than can look pass all these and still love you for who you are , flaws and everything. I am grateful for knowing that what ever happens I will never be along again and I will always have someone to help me get back on my feet. I am grateful for finding someone that loves me unconditionally. 

Letting myself free

We are spending the majority of our lives pretending to be someone we are not. Constantly filtering ourself in order to seem correct to everyone outside our closest circle of friends. Hiding our opinions with the fear that might hurt someone or might sound wrong till the moment we realize that we are the ones that constantly get hurt from all these filters. Except from a few occasions I kept myself as real as I could this year. Sharing your opinion, give and receive advise is the only way you can be a better person . The truth is not always pleasant and should not only be stated politely. I am grateful for finally being able to speak up my mind and show my real self to everyone.

Stop worrying about every little imperfection on my skin

Last February my face started braking out , till that day I had never seen any imperfections on my face (not ever the usual redness) and that took a big hit at my self esteem. Even though the problem was and it is not as extended as many other peoples skin problems I was still feeling defeated by it. Personally I always wear makeup , expect from summer and I was really scared of facing this summer bare skin. And let me tell you , I didn't started small ahhaah. I spend my first summer days with no makeup in the University's camping. I soon realized than now one was actually looking at my skin imperfections . A few friends one day walked up to me and said "I can't understand what changed to your face " and that's when I really understood that we are the only ones that see our imperfections, other people don't pay attention to a few acne scars , they see your whole image and since this is a problem that too many people face, seriously nobody even cares. I am grateful for finally being able to understand that a few flaws on my face are not making any difference.


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How to deal with daily stress

Stress has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I really can't calculate how many times stress and social anxiety prevented me from accomplishing even the most plain, daily tasks (let's now talk about all the sleepless nights before a deadline, important project, or even an uncomfortable situation I  had to face the next day). It took me more than enough years to understand the problem yet along facing it but no matter how scary things look there is always a way to cope with every situation without letting stress get in the way of your daily activities. Even though there is no magic solution since stress is triggered by tones of different reasons there are a few simple steps I take during the day that definitely helps me calm my mind (and body). 

Take your time in the morning. The majority of my school years and my first year in college I was setting my alarm clock way to late forcing myself to get up, get ready, grab my coat and run out of my house just in time to catch the bus. This unnecessary morning stress was ruining my mood and half of my day, especially by having the constant fear of always being late. Three years I added one extra hour to my morning routine, the difference was more than surprising. I not only take my time to enjoy a cup of coffee, read a few pages of my favorite book, and have breakfast with my boyfriend but also have an additional half-hour to get to my destination without having to worry about running up late.

Get read of all the "toxic" people around you
Another great relief was the moment I broke every bond with all the people that were causing me stress and anxiety just by being around me. Think of all the people close to you that affect you with their negativity, all those who instead of supporting you they always seem to find every little flaw in your plans (yes, we all had them) and stop engaging with them. Even the ones that just bring you unfortunates for no particular reason. Positive vibes only!

Steal an hour within or after work to sit outdoors
My Instagram feed is field with outdoor pictures (mainly with a cup of coffee in my hand) and there is a good reason behind them. I never miss a good opportunity to grab a coffee or lunch and simply sit outside to enjoy it. If the weather does not allow me to do so I usually sit at my favorite coffee place (in a quiet, cozy corner) with my book,  laptop, or latest project to work on ). Stealing a few moments of your day to clear your mind is truly essential in order to keep being motivated throughout the day.

Close your phone and take two hours every evening to watch a movie
You will be surprised at how little things like these can actually help your daily stress. Every night for the last five years I wrap myself with my favorite blanket and catch up with all my favorite series and new movies. Your mind will be occupied with something new and exciting every single night letting no room for stress to crawl back in you before you go to sleep. Current favorite series: The 100, Limitless, Stranger Things, American Horror Story, Blindspot, Mr. Robot, Lucifer. Current favorite movies: Letters to Juliet, The Devil wears Prada, The desert flower, Chocolat, Now you see me, The inner life of Martin Frost.

Notes From The Girl That Never wanted to change

How to layer for Fall outfit inspirationn
Outfit Details:

I spend almost 2 hours going through hundreds of photos last night, mainly from 6-7 years ago. I was lost in my school memories, teenage boyfriends , blurry
 selfies and outrageous clothing choices for quite some time. I have heard so many times over and over again that  many people would like nothing more 
than to erase a few high-school years and their memories of certain behaviors, incidents and so on but for me this was probably the most careless and exciting
 period of my life (so far).  If I had the chance to go back in time and change something it would probably be a few very intense ( but totally teenage related )
 drama with my parents, just around the time that most of us thought that the whole world was up to get us but rather that these everything would definitely
 stay exactly the way it was.

Back then I never thought that I would change as much as I did. The thought of finding the love of my life, putting away my outrageously strange clothes and
 finally being able to afford my own place while doing a job I really love was more than insane for my 16 year old self. But here I am , wearing long plaid skirts
 rather than leather, ripped off leggings sharing the job that I love with the love of my life. 

To prevent any kind of drama no, my life isn't perfect. There are dozens of times that stress really overcomes me, lots of days I feel I can't keep up with with
 life and most importantly moments I am feeling like giving up is the only choice. There main think that keeps me going is not thinking about the things I could
 have but think off all the things I have accomplished so far. There will always be someone more clever than you, more successful more beautiful but If you truly
 know who you are these things will only be your motivation , not your constant fears.


How to layer for Fall outfit inspiration

7 Style Blogs I visit Daily

outfit ideas with super slim scarfsoutfit ideas with super slim scarfs
Outfit Details:

outfit ideas with super slim scarfs

outfit ideas with super slim scarfs

One of the best parts of being a blogger is the exciting procedure of constantly discovering new, inspiring blogs that may not always meet your sense
 of style but surely have a unique voice that make them stand out of the crowd. For me blogging isn't just about sharing a hand full of informations. It is about 
influencing people to be the best version of themselves in every way possible, a platform that not only gives you the power to share a little piece of your 
ever day life but also the experiences and struggles. I can't help but admire those who can always keep it real while maintaining a growing, online business 
instead of hiding behind their "happy bubble". After all a woman is much more appealing when she is able to speak her mind while looking effortless chic.

outfit ideas with super slim scarfs

outfit ideas with super slim scarfs

outfit ideas with super slim scarfs

Why Everyone Needs a few days off the internet

summer in greece

Fokies, Halkidiki, Greece

Time flies by surprisingly quick especially if you are having an amazing time. We had a crazy month full of adventures, long walks by the 
beach, tones of roadtrips, bonfires and more than a few homemade cocktails. If you follow us alongon instagram you probably noticed the 
constant change of sceneries and outfits. Well, I can't say I am sorry . Living life to its fullest was one of our fist #summergoals and even though we
 are only in the middle of the craziest season of all I feel like there are so many places I haven't visited yet, ugh!

Over the last 30 days I have being trying to keep you guys updated on all our activities while letting you see exactly what I am seing at the exact 
minute via my snapchat (kmeetsstyle) and that's probably one of the most exciting things I decided to do this summer.Feels almost like a second
 family , always happy to learn more about what I am currently doing, planning or editing surely I can't thank you enough for that.

Social media consume a big part of my everyday life and ,unlike most people say, I do enjoy spending lots of time to communicate with you
 guys while letting you in my everyday life, for me it is strangely therapeutic. Non the less social media can be quite captivating and for most
 of us that see blogging, vlogging and social media in general as more than just a hobby, the right balance between exposing your life and over 
sharing every little details is quite thin. Even though I don't consider my self as an oversharing person (always try to draw a line when things seems to
 get a little out of hand) taking some time off was perhaps the most essential thing to do during last week. Not only I came back with tones of 
different ideas , filled with inspiration and motivation but also got the time I needed to leave my schedule behind and relax in our little , blue 
tent near the sea. I can sense  an  unwritten rule about social media influencers and how awful it truly is to leave your audience waiting even for a short
 period of time , how much harm it can cause to your engagement, your likes and your reputation. That really drives me insane. Everyone is in titled
 to have a break, only to gather more energy, ideas and motivation and those who are really into someone's work will follow them along no matter
 the week that might need to take off.
summer in greece

As you guys read these lines I am probably on my way back to the busy city , only to re-pack our suitcases and drive off to our next destination.
 Summer, as I mentioned above, isn't over yet and surely either our ideas.

14 things you didn't know

Different beach outfit ideas for chic summer looks

Usually my posts are planned one week ahead at least, with a few rare exceptions like summer or winter holidays in which I want nothing more but to keep
 you guys updated on my daily looks, decisions and why not, a few suggestions of my favorite places to visit, like I am currently doing on my last 3 posts. Well,
 today I decided to make things a little different as I found myself not really into going for a swim but excited to visit the beach . If you watched my latest posts
 on snapchat (kmeetsstyle) I am calmly sitting near sea, just enough to deep my toes in it with my laptop and the beach bar's surprisingly fast wifi ,editing
 this post or more correctly, uploading the photos we have literally just took a few minutes ago .Why? Cause sometimes rather than overthinking every little 
details, trying to beautify all the tiny details , it is better to sit back in order to enjoy and share the moment ,naturally ,exactly as it happens.

beach in halkidiki
Today's mood is more than perfect for me to share a few of my favorite summer , beach essentials ( a few products that I currently swear by and a few others
 that I am more than excited to try this season along with some irrelevant informations about me that I do not think I have shared on my blog before. 

14 things you didn't know...
1. My go to beach bag for the last seven days is the Maslinda designs killim bag but I also have my eye on the Roxy beach bag
2. I do enjoy spending lots of time at the beach but I really hate sitting directly under the sun.
3. My favorite morning drink is Cold Espresso while at night I drink nothing  but wine.
4. I prefer wearing bright colored swimsuits (like this one and this one) just because those colors complement my skin tone perfectly.
5. I never leave my hair down when I am at the beach but always use the Rene Furterer Solaire to protect them.
6. I always wear crop tops and offshoulders combined with bikini bottoms.
7. I secretly wish I hadn't caught my hair that short every time I see someone with long, healthy hair.
8. I rather sit at the sand with my Fouta towel way more than sitting at a beach chair.
9. I have never in my life wore flip-flops
10. I never sunbath or use any other tan techniques but my mother swears by the Sun Delicate by Lancaster and I can really see why.
11. I am so mad I haven't bought a flamingo or donut sea float !!
12. Finding a cute DD bikini top that fits my back and from aria is the most challenging summer task ever! (Please do suggest any relevant brands).
13. I always drink water from this bottle and from nowhere else.
14. I eat a small ball of ice cream every day but never manage to snap a photo of it before it starts to melt.

How To Deal With Hate Online

Grecian style outfit ideas for summer

Grecian style outfit ideas for summer
Outfit Details:

Anonymity always works

The internet is filled with a great number of talented people, bloggers, youtubers, instagramers, influencers everyone of them with their own point of view,
creativity , ups and downs. Exposing their passions online ready to be rated for their work effort. As much as we want internet to be a happy, joyful place in
 which we can share our content without having to face all the jealousy, envy and spite there is always something way over the line that can easily bring us down.
 Online or of line we are all entitled to our opinion, even though the majority of us won't stop in front of a stranger while walking in a busy street just to scream
at their face how ugly or worthless he really is this form of politeness cease to exist in the online community.

Haters can now spread their poison from the comfort of their own homes, hidden behind a “private” profile for tones of different reasons. Before you jump up
 to the conclusion that being the target to such hate is entirely your fault take a step back and analyze the situation. Haters viciously try to hide their own flaws
 and insecurities behind pointless insults, desperate to bring you down to their lever and manipulate you into thinking less about yourself. Truthfully seing young
people (and many times adults) speak in such despicable language is extremely sad there is a far bigger picture behind it.

Grecian style outfit ideas for summer

You are an ugly wh**e!

Seems like it was only yesterday I got my fist hate comment and even though I have been scared of this moment since the beginning the reality was actually a
 lot "funnier" that I thought since this wanderfull  comment started with the phrase "listen to me you white ass bitch", I was laughing so hysterically for about
 5 minutes straight along with my boyfriend and a friend of ours and it was only 20 minutes later we manage to calm ourselfs down and answered that comment.
 Girl, you could have cold be ugly, short, hat but "white as bitch"? I am not even white ! It is so funny that people throw away a few "keywords" and expect 
everyone to be extremely hurt reading them. I know exactly who I am and more importantly what I look like , I never claimed to be a VS model nor will I ever
 be one (I love chocolate way to much ).

Almost always the negativity is towards someone's appearance, proving once again that people see what they want to see. Most of them can't even come to realize
 all the hard work , effort and stress content creators go through every day in order to deliver beautiful, fresh content. Even though everyone can express
 their opinion you can always take a stand and remove those toxic people from your life. Block whoever tries to spread hatred , It is your page you make the rules.
Those people are just seing a glimpse of your everyday life through a photo or a video and you should not tolerate that kind of judgement .
Grecian style outfit ideas for summerGrecian style outfit ideas for summer

The girl on girl hate

My 15 years old self would be so angry if she knew that later on life boys will stop commenting every little think about our appearance only to be replaced 
by judgmental women with low self-esteem and lots of free time to spare behind a screen (there goes feminism and women empowerment ). Jealousy is once
 again thriving leaving no space for politeness. A few days ago I was scrolling through many influencers feeds only to read hundreds of mean comments 
from fellow girls and women roasting them one by one ( I even saw a few comments under Adriana Lima's instagram from girls tagging their best friends
 just to let them now that they have way better bodies than Adriana and they deserve to be "up there" not her). 

Another woman's beauty is not the absence of your own you should always remember than and embrace your individuality, body , mind and lifestyle without
 hating the ones that YOU think that are better than you. No one is better than anyone! Women should empower one another, not tear them apart. Who do you think
 left the most hateful comments under MyPaleSkin's instagram campaign. Men? Think again!
Watch the video here 


How To be Confident In Your Own Skin

For me life is always about getting the best out of yourself, finding new, clever ways to fight all the negativity and still be able to follow your dreams no matter how high you set the bar this time. During this painful process of understanding exactly who you are, accepting your flows and clear your surroundings from all the bad energy that some people (or even yourself) are so happy to create you might see yourself lost in the process. Going through the "changing game" can be really overwhelming especially in a time full off outside influences , dos and donts etc. There have been more than enough times  I saw people (along with my self) been completely unaware of who they truly are and of course, of who they (we) want to be.

Embrace yourself

I remember a few days ago we were sitting in a beautiful , quite coffee shop with a group of friends who actually used to be my buddies for a really long time talking
 about long forgotten hilarious incidents and new exciting opportunities . Many of them pointed out that I was somehow different from the rebellious girl I once was,
 that got me thinking once again. Have I really changed that much or I was the same person all along, just to afraid to actually say that out loud all this time?

I stayed up really late that night thinking about it over and over again. All these years I was trying to adapt myself in order to fit in different social groups , desperately
wanting to like me and for what? What all those "fake" social meeting ever gave me? Awkward long silences in crucial subjects I was completely against , meeting in
 trending places and lots of pointless conversations about matters I did not gave a f** about. Living in an environment filled with negativity and with the constant feeling
of something missing can really effect your personality and self esteem , two of the most important things in life.

A few years latter I learnt (the hard way) the real meaning behind that sort of social groups. People were too afraid of being along, unpopular that 90% of the times
 feel the obligation to change their "faulty" self in order to fit in. And a few years after that I truly understand  who my real friends are, the ones that saw the
 "true me" and loved me the way I was (even more that before). Surely we will meet a variety of people during our lives, friends, roommates, bosses, boyfriends
and each one of them probably will need their one way of conversing, a different approach or another side of your personality
depending on the relation but those other sides of you should , most definitely, be the truest! Be the person you always wanted to be.


Social Morality

We live in a global society, highly connected with the person next to us, desperately afraid of isolation or anything similar, and with a good cause. 
People are always working in "packs" , different "packs" and that's how a community, even the whole world is able to function . We are all judged by our behavior, 
decisions , life choices  (the list keeps on going) without taking into consideration the importance of someone's individual personality. Only because something does not
 meet OUR moral standards doesn't mean it is wrong .We are all have the freedom of choice and that freedom can be used in any way we decide
 ( a polite way of saying "It is nobody's business" )

Not a single one of use is saint, we all make mistakes weather they are small or big . Everyone one of us wishes to live free, missteps and bad depressions included .
 There are plenty of things I find wrong or unethical but this is just a personal opinion that should be kept to myself as long as a particular situation does not
 effect me personally. Our sexual orientation , experiments, careless lifestyle, way of dressing , job of choice etc should not be judged by anyone except ourselfs.
 Don't let anyone tell you the different and if they do, discard those toxic people from your life.

Find out what really makes YOU HAPPY

For me happiness is writing those words in a website created completely from scratches , with lots of time, effort , hopes and dreams, only to turn of my laptop later 
today and sit next to my boyfriend, watching probably the next episode of PLL or Game of thrones. Is all about always finding the time to grab a coffee with my best
 friend and spend the weekend with my family. Many of you may not agree with me.You may not need a boyfriend, been into a big fight with your family or hate PLL
 and this is totally fine. Find out what makes YOU happy and make your best effort to have it! Noone will simply come and offer you the world. We all need to take actions.
 In 2015 I had no idea that my little blog , based in Greece will be that popular, or followed by almost 10.000 people in a single platform only but here it is! 
You can make your dream come true as long as you are willing to fight and really try for it!

Are We All Coping Each Other?

k meets style How to to layer a winter look

Over the last 2 days I spend more than a few hours in this place, facing the clear, beautiful scenery that was unraveling in front of my eyes. Due to the amazingly 
warm weather we were able to enjoy several coffee meetings under the bright sun only to have a quick taste of the early spring that is about to come. While you spend  
a long time in such a busy aria like this one you can't help but look around you, trying to absorb every little thing like there is no tomorrow. (Oh! those amazing 
warm days near the sea!). We were all more than happy to put aside our heavy coats and dress ourselfs in lighter, spring clothes (finally!) . So here  we are,
 happily walking among people trying to find the best spot to have our coffee break and then It hit me! The majority of the people around me were wearing 
pretty much the exact same outfits. No , I don't mean a pair of denim pants and a t-shirt, I mean the exact same outfits +shoes . 90% of the times this outfit would be 
consisted of a leather jacket, leather pair of leggings and the exact same pair of black wedged boots, from day to night , from party looks to casual walks by the sea.

k meets style minimal accessories


That realization really got me thinking. There is a big difference in wanting to have the same pair of ankle boots with your best friend and a completely another thing to
 copy piece by piece someone elses's look. Where is the versatility? Where is your personal sense of style?! Yep, it's gone, lost in the "that's trending right now , let's all
 wear it" bucket. We are all so obsessed with what's trending that we tend to forget what really flatters our bodies, what doesn't , what makes us feel comfortable ,
 what is our personal style .While coping each other can save  us lots of time and effort it is actually by far the saddest thing to do. Snap out of it! There are tones of
 beautiful and clever combinations, so many colors and shades, so many different styles to try. There are so many great stylists, famous and not so famous bloggers to 
get your inspiration from. Look how beautiful Leonie combined her casual pastel look or how chic Adriana looks in her casual-camel pair of pants.

k-meets-style how to wear denim on denimk-meets-style how to style a denim jacket
k meets style How to style your blanket scarf in Autumn

As I see it someone who is afraid of showing her/his own personal style or just blindly follows every trend can not take risks and chances her/his life in general.
 Taking risks, conquering things is exactly what life is all about. In a room full of black, tight leggings be the one with the statement dress, carry the bag you like! 
Not something that you are forced to like just because everyone else does.


k-meets-style basic autumn look
k meets style How to style the basic autumn look

5 Things I Would Have Done Differently

k-meets-style mosmann underwear australia

Wearing : Mosmann undrwear

I wouldn't change myself to fit in
I wish I would't change my appearance and way of thinking just to be a part of the crowd. It is always totally ok to ignore those who try to turn you into something you really aren't in order for them to feel good about themselfs. 16 is such a young, easily manipulated age if someone offers you the world.

I wouldn't risk my health to have the "perfect" body 
I was a young girl with a mind filled with all those gorgeous figures in every magazine cover, obsessed over all those beautiful dresses that I couldn't possibly fit in and many more stressful thoughts through out a day. I have previously confessed my past obsession with the perfect body image in my body acceptance and its impacts post but in reality the constant feeling of not being enough is more terrifying than I could even describe with words.

I would travel more

While I was in high school I was blessed enough to travel to Paris and London. Even though those getaways left me with countless stories to tell I was desperately wanted to visit more places like Thailand, Cuba, New York an so many more! My parent used to travel (almost) the world but the though of staying away from my high school boyfriend for more than a week seemed like the worst thing that could ever happen to me at that point.

I wouldn't stay silent

I found myself talking about this with a group of close friends last week. Each and everyone of them agreed on one subject. No matter if it was a small or a larger incident, they wished they have spoken up about an unfair, threatening (..) situation, I couldn't agree more. Back at my high school years I have witnessed bulling countless times. It took me more than 2 years to finally speak up and take sides .

I wouldn't be so negative

Setting up goals only to let them slip away the next day, over-stressing about every little thing while being moody about all those things I couldn't accomplice (without looking at everything I had managed to do so far). Teenagers use to feel that way but this was not an excuse as there were plenty of examples of fellow 16 years olds with tones of accomplishments and positive energy

From Fake Bags to Fake Followers

k meets style

Shein coat River Island thigh boots leather envelope bag As everyone predicted the weather gets colder and colder by the day and during the last two weeks we were able to start shooting a series of new 
projects for you guys. I can't help but steal a few minutes from work to browse through my social media accounts, call me crazy but this is the perfect 
way to relax and clear my head during breaks.

Browsing through tones of different instagram / twitter(..) accounts is definitely something we are all doing almost in a daily bases. But have you every gave a though
 ( A real thought) about the impact that social media have over our lives? If you are a part of the blogging world you will most luckily recognize these phrases:  "
There is no chance that her followers are real",  "Is that a Luis Vuitton bag? It must definitely be fake or her family is extremely loaded" , "She is clearly not the
 right person for this brand, why they even recruited her?

All these feelings (let's politely call them jealousy) are one of the main reasons that  more and more "fashion/beauty gurus"are purchasing their fake "squad"
 aka. fake social media followers. I have been following many well known influencers and can't look over the fact that during the last years every one of them
 stated a sad but extremely truthful sentence "Blogging stopped being a healthy competition a long time ago" . I couldn't agree more. Nowadays being a 
blogger is about sponsorships, numbers, fashion weeks, High end designs and c/os (gifted items). The majority of us prefer to stay silent and smile. Is that the best
 way to go? I have always been thinking of blogging as a way to express myself and everything that makes me happy, sad or frustrated and  because of that 
I truly appreciate every blogger that has her own voice and doesn't miss the chance to share her opinions with her followers.
 (The greatest example, Fashion Fraction's hear to heart talks )

And what's my personal opinion? Being a jealous copy cat will definitely give you that 10mins of fame but being true to yourself,
 mind your own business and have fun while doing the things you love will definitely be much more rewarding in the years to come.

About The Illusion Of Sponsored Posts & Keyboard Warriors

Shein coat River Island thigh boots leather envelope bag During the last 3-4 years I have been following more than enough fashion and beauty influences from all around the world ( who hasn't?) and every now and them
 I see a few bitter comments under many posts, videos or insta-snaps (including my own) from many "angry" readers accusing each and every one of them of
 the worst felony of all (eye rolling ), the acceptance of sponsored posts.

Before you rush over to their comments section like another keyboard warrior , writing phrases as "You should be ashamed of yourself, I liked you more
 when you weren't choosing brands and sponsorships over your readers"  blah blah blah and them burn them at the stake like modern Salem witches take a
 moment to consider the facts. (scroll down ..)

Let's say you are obsessed with Annabelle Fleur aka vivaluxury's style (I know I am ) and you wish her to continue shooting and sharing her everyday looks 3
 times a week  so you can a)be inspired and b)buy that pretty little dress she wore at her latest post. Correct me if I am wrong but 3 outfits per week , equals
 let's say, 5 pieces in every shoot, 5 pieces x 3 times = 15. Let's all wish every style bloggers out there has a budget of 500$ to spend every week so she doesn't
 have to put up with the "sell out" accusations. Reality check! 95% off bloggers&youtubers out there does not have that kind of money  and that's 
where brands come in to rescue the day!

 For the sake of argument let's name the brand X. X's pr manager contacts the influencer in order to discuss a potential partnership. What does that mean? 
More likely a gift card ,maybe around 200-300$ and a styling fee for the blogger's promotional services. The influencer orders a few of her favorite
 pieces from X's brand according to HER OWN sense of style and combines them to create the look they so careless rushed to call "sell out". Giving 
someone money and gift cards doesn't mean the outfit or makeup tutorial isn't their own, personal inspiration, It means that in order for your favorite 
blogger or youtuber to keep making those pretty photoshoots we all love she needs to be sponsored .(Scroll down..)

Don't get me wrong, I am clearly not talking about accepting to advertise vanilla candles when your page is all about affordable, casual fashion  but for those
 who actually managed to make a living from something they love doing. Talking from my own experience there are more than a few time I picked 
something out of my ordinary way of dressing like the cropped culotte published on my " Grid print jacket and leather details " post . Was that a sponsored
 posts? yes. Did the brand forced my to choose and love that piece? NO. Don't be bumped every time your favorite influencer tries something a little bit different
. After all we are all constantly changing (and involving).

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