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Are micro-influencers the future of influencer marketing?

micro-influencer marketing

One of the questions I get asked the most from 2015 is "how did you score this collaboration?". I have been working with brands like American Eagle, Buffalo London, and Sienna Jones on campaigns for the last five years. Even when I had around 3K followers I was able to have some pretty decent proposals (always within my niche). In 2018 I signed a contract with Savage x Fenty to be a part of their A/W 18 campaign and have been working with them ever since. Spartoo helps me create monthly content for my audience since 2019. Why? Because micro-influencers are really the future of influencer marketing and, more and more brands focus their marketing campaigns solely on them (well, us).

micro-influencer marketing

Who are the micro-influencers?

Micro-influencers are people with 1.000 - 100.000 followers with a passion for their specific niche. There are dozens of different types of social media influencers on Instagram, youtube, Facebook (and now Tik Tok) that are considered experts and tend to be trusted by thousands of people. Most of us are familiar with beauty, fashion, and travel influencers but you can find individuals in many more fields like gaming, food, fitness to name a few.

These smaller, more focused influencers are significantly more connected to their audience, mainly because they haven't obtained the "celebrity" status yet. In other words, people are more willing to trust the honest opinion of the boy/girl next door, the one they can relate to the most. Certainly smaller audiences mean much more personal, hands-on interactions.

Working closely with micro-influencers (from brands perspective) not only puts your products in front of the right audience but also saves you from the extra expenses of hiring a celebrity endorser.

What are the benefits of working with micro-influencers?

Number one and most important, higher engagement. Micro-influencers have the ability to interact with their audience daily by answering comments, exchange likes, and maybe create personal bonds via dms. Quick and easy interactions between micro-influencers and their audience mean that the connection is created a lot quicker compared to a celebrity influencer that overall seems more distant. This type of exposure can not only increase sales but also drive much-needed attention to your business.

Rather than investing 1.000$ on one collaboration with a content creator with around 100K followers brands nowadays mostly choose to work with many micro-influencers to ensure more exposure and better results.

From a consumer's point of view, it makes perfect sense. If I am looking to spend a few days in Paris the first thing I'll do is ask the people around me -the ones that I trust and value their opinion- for hotel and restaurant recommendations. I will double-check the recommendations on Yelp and Google to look for positive and negative reviews. Overall people's opinions do play a huge part in making a decision.

Micro-influencers have a very specific niche, they come in all shapes and sizes, that's what makes them relatable, approachable and at the end of the day a great marketing "tool " for one's business. Every brand has a target audience in mind. Maybe they are interested in promoting their F/W21 collection to women between the ages of 25-35 years of age who are interested in high-quality workwear and are mainly based in Europe. With micro-influencer marketing is easy to find the one who can cater to your exact needs.

micro-influencer marketing

Why micro-influencers are so popular today? 

To put it in a few words they are way more relatable and worthy of their following's trust than celebrities and mega influencers. Speaking from a personal perspective, having a small audience makes it easier to share your daily struggles, opinions, and thoughts outside the product promotions and daily outfit updates. Many people look for someone who faces the same difficulties, tries to overcome the same issues, and is considered overall as a "friend" rather than an unknown person online with a beautiful Instagram feed.

Most of us look at a celebrity endorsement and roll our eyes. We are more than certain that this celebrity isn't actually using this product, it's a quick way to make hundreds of dollars. When it comes to micro-influencers every mistake can be fatal to their image. If micro-influencers lose the trust of their audience by promoting a product that doesn't work the comeback will be severe.

What brands research before offering a collaboration contract? 

Most customers (and many influencers) think brands contact online creators based on their photography skills and the numbers of likes and followers. You might have the most skilled photographer in the business, have the perfect looks, and still won't be able to have the collabs of your dreams. Why? Because when it comes to micro-influencer marketing the age/ location/ demographics and hobbies of your followers are way more important than the likes and followers count ( we all know how easy it really is to purchase 10k followers ). 

The most effective thing an influencer can do while promoting a product is to tell a visual story through imagery. We should be staying true to our brand and personal aesthetic and provide our audience with what they are really interested in. Audiences can very easily notice if an individual is promoting a product they don't really believe in. In conclusion, brands are most interested in the quality of your followers rather than the quantity.

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Working On Your Confidence Inside & Out

how to boost your confidence

In order to make the most of life that you possibly can, it is important to work on building your confidence as much as possible. With greater confidence comes a greater ability to enjoy life and to do what you want to do without fear. That is something that many of us dream of having, but the truth is that anybody can develop their confidence greatly if they just know what to do. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the ways to develop your confidence inside and out, to ensure that you are happy with what is going on internally, as well as what you see - and what others see - externally. Once you have both of those in place, you are going to find life much more enjoyable.
how to boost your confidence

Understanding & Defining Confidence

In truth, the main reason that so many people struggle so much with confidence is that they have never really sat down to decide what it is. Until you are clear on what confidence is, you can’t expect to know how to develop it in yourself, and that is something that people often overlook or forget about entirely. A good, simple definition will lead to a fuller understanding of the concept, and that invariably leads to a better ability to generate it for yourself. So what is confidence, anyway?

True confidence is the ability to be happy with who you are, in an unshakeable way, no matter what life circumstances throw at you or how many times you fail. Confidence is not about being the best at all times - that’s impossible - but being your best self as often as you can muster it, and accepting that failure is a part of the process. Someone who is truly confident is able to love themselves even when they fall down, and therefore will find it easier to pick themselves up.

You will note that this understanding of confidence has nothing to do with how other people see you, nor is it about trying to get one up on those around you. It is not a matter of competition, or of wanting people to like you more, but of being perfectly happy with not being the best, and not caring if someone doesn’t like you. That all sounds great, but in truth nobody feels this way one hundred percent of the time. However, there are a range of methods you can try out in order to develop your confidence in this way, inside and out, and that is what we are going to look at now.

tips to be ore comfident

Working On Your Appearance

It might sound vain to start out by looking at your appearance, but there is a good reason for it. When you are happy with how you look on the outside, you are more likely to be happy with what’s to be found inside. You can do this either way around in fact, but in truth you will find it easier to work on the practicalities of improving your appearance first, and then developing your inner confidence from that later on. So what are some of the things you can do to work on your appearance?

First up, remember that this is not about looking a certain way or trying to please the outside world, but of being happy with what you see in the mirror for yourself. So don’t aim to look like Kim Kardashian or your insta friends - aim to look the way that you feel is organic and true to yourself. That means being able to discover what your true style is - and that is something that can be genuinely hard to achieve.

You need to play around with different appearances, outfits and so on until you find one you are happy with - and then stick to it. Take into account everything that you are wearing, including the smaller details like choosing the right lenses for your eyeglasses and what scarf to wear. The more detailed the effort you put in, the happier you are going to be with your appearance in general. Once you have found your style, it’s all about making the most of it.

how to be and look more comfident
Another important part of looking after your appearance in a way that boosts confidence is to ensure you are exercising regularly. This is a great thing to focus on as it actually builds inner confidence at the same time as improving your physical appearance in more traditional ways. When you workout regularly, it usually improves your general mood and how you feel about yourself, and you’ll find that this feeling of increased self-esteem is a genuine one, not an artificial one. More than that, studies have found that exercising regularly helps to reduce depression in the long term, which in turn means you are more likely to feel confident and happy in yourself.

Clearly, there are many ways in which working on your appearance can improve your feelings of confidence inside and out. You should absolutely make sure that you are making the most of these methods if you want to work on your confidence as much as possible.

The Power Of Accomplishments

One of the things that working out does for you is that it gives you a sense of accomplishment. That is actually a clue to one of the most important things of all when it comes to being more confident. If you are accomplishing things regularly, this is always going to have a way of helping you to feel more capable of things in general, and that will mean that you are more likely to respect yourself. So it’s important that you are setting yourself up for plenty of opportunities to accomplish a variety of things. If you can do that, you are going to be in a much better position indeed when it comes to feeling good about yourself.

confidence build how to

So how do you make sure of that? Simple: set goals. You need to set a range of goals, some hard and some easy, and with varying timescales, so that you can ensure that you are accomplishing them as regularly as possible. If you can do that, you will be proving to yourself repeatedly that you have the power to achieve things, even if some of those goals are not achieved. The beauty of having a variety of goals is that you are bound to complete some of them at least, which will ensure that you are going to have that feeling of accomplishment fairly often.

Those goals can be based on anything you like, whether it’s career based or health based or whatever. So long as you have something to work towards, that is going to be beneficial for you in the long run.

Stand Up Straight

It’s funny how often a small, simple change makes a deceptively huge difference to your feelings of confidence both inside and out. One example of this is working on your posture. If you make a point of standing up straight at all times, that is generally going to mean that you are much more likely to feel confident in yourself more often. You will notice this in others as well: if you see someone slouched you are going to feel that they are probably not confident in themselves. It’s worth experimenting with: if you sit or stand up a little straighter now, you are going to find that you are considerably more confident in yourself in no time. It’s a simple thing which really does make an enormous difference to your life, in a subtle way that builds up over time.

build your skills

Build Your Skills

Everybody has a range of specific skills which they are good at. If you want to become a more confident person, you will find that working on your skills is one of the best ways in which you can hope to do that. You might need to first work out exactly what your skills are, in which case it’s a simple matter of trying out a range of things based on what you tend to enjoy, and then working at them as hard as you can. Then you can look into building your skills in such a way that you are bound to enjoy being yourself much more. It doesn’t really matter what those skills are, as long as you are developing them at a good rate. Once you have skills that you can show, you are going to feel much more confident in no time.

As long as you work at these things, you are going to find that you improve your confidence a lot over time. That is going to result in a much more full and enjoyable life, and more of an ability to be true to yourself. So make sure that you are working on all of these as best as you can if you want to improve your confidence in the future. You will be glad that you did exactly that.

Finding That Instagram Moment When You Travel

Finding That Instagram Moment When You Travel

There's no denying that, when it comes to travel, Instagram is the king of all platforms. The image driven nature of the site is perfect for showcasing those gorgeous destination shots, from jaw-dropping scenery, to flat lays of beach bags and swimsuits, and even the obligatory hot dog legs by the pool. But have you ever tapped into the feed of an influencer or even someone you know and wondered just how they got that perfect shot? What do they do? How do they find those gorgeous locations? It turns out the key to having extremely Instagrammable travels is quite simple - it all boils down to the research that you do beforehand. Find your inspiration, plan your sessions and you'll soon have a feed that could be the envy of all of your friends…

Do Your Hashtag Research

First of all, if you're trying to find beautiful locations in a place you're visiting to post on your Instagram feed - Insta itself is often the place to look for inspiration. Make it a part of your initial research. Say that you're planning to visit Malaysia. If you're planning to travel and work and stay in a location for a while, you may be searching online for accommodation, looking for that condo for rent in KL below RM1500 so that you can still have money in the budget to explore further afield as well. You could then look into day trips that you can take from there such as the Batu Caves or Kuala Selangor, where you can spot monkeys roaming around and view the largest firefly colony in the world lighting up the night sky - all amazing, unique things to add to your Instagram feed. You could start by scrolling through the location tag for these specific places and seeing what images other people have taken. Also, take the time to follow any major accounts related to your destination, such as the country's tourist board. If there are pictures that really appeal to you, then check the location information and add it to your must visit list!

Find Local Bloggers

From the location hashtag, if there are any images that look high quality and taken by a blogger or social media influencer, go through to their profile and take a look. It can be a rich source of inspiration for shots, styling and other local locations. Give that influencer a follow and check their posts for recommendations on where to eat and what to pack to suit the local climate and culture. In a lot of cases you can go and click on the accounts of restaurants and hotels that they've visited, and that's when you can begin to get really granular about the one table with an amazing view that you'd like to dine at, or the hotel room with the most amazing bath or funky wallpaper that would make an incredible background for a picture or two.

Don't Forget About Pinterest

When planning your ideal Instagrammable trip, believe it or not, Insta isn't the only place to make it happen - Pinterest is an amazing platform for planning travel. You can find really insightful, easy to follow pictorials on every subject from planning your holiday capsule wardrobe to travelling light and even makeup looks and hairstyles you might want to try out in your new location. It's also a great source for travel itineraries for your destination and cool and unusual things to do - as well as being another great tool to help you identify that perfect location for a great shot. Just search for something like 'Paris most instagrammable' and you'll usually be overwhelmed by choice. This can also serve as another channel to find local influencers and loop back to their Instagram accounts for more tips on beautiful locations and hot venues.

Take Your Best Horizontal Shot

Once you've done all your research, you should have a location list of places where you know you'll get those incredible shots. Use a tool like OneNote to add this list to your phone so that you can take it with you. When you're visiting that place, consider your positioning in the location. Take a moment to soak in the atmosphere and see what unique angles or perspectives you can get of the scene around you. Take a wider, horizontal shot and you'll capture the best of a beautiful view. To take the best shots, consider the rule of thirds in your photos - some phone cameras offer a mode with a grid over the viewfinder so that you can balance your shot easier. Break down your shot into three equal sections to make a balanced picture. Try positioning your subject to the extreme right or left of the frame to make an interesting picture. Find your flow and just shoot - there is a lot you can do with picture editing apps after shooting to correct colour balance, edit the framing and zoom in that can make a so-so shot something special.

Finding That Instagram Moment When You Travel

Think About Focus And Lighting

Although editing can do a lot after the fact to enhance your images and really make them pop, there's not much it can do to effectively alter focus and very poor lighting. If your picture is extremely dim or very pixelated, it's not going to look great despite sharpening or lightening in the edit. Learn a few tricks before your trip such as altering the depth of field to enhance the exposure, which will create a brighter, more focused image. Play around with the focus on your camera so that you can create images with a sharply focused subject and slightly blurred out background for a really professional look.

Get A Lightweight Travel Photography Kit

You may be choosing to travel with a DSLR, or you may realise that a lot of the latest phone models have incredible capabilities and just go with that, but it's always worth packing a couple of extra accessories - a lightweight collapsible tripod and a Bluetooth remote. These are small enough to be packed even in hand luggage, but can really make a difference to the shots you are able to take and the final quality. If you're travelling alone, they are also essential if you want to be able to take pictures of yourself without the awkwardness of having to ask a stranger to help. Smartphone camera accessories can make all the difference in terms of what you are able to capture.

Happy snapping and happy travels!


Best editing apps for fashion and beauty bloggers / instagrammers

best editing apps for influencers

I have been a content creator for more than 4 years. I was a proud instagram member before the algorithm disaster and a facebook user before the drop of popularity that became apparent almost two years ago. As I am writing these lines I can't shake off the idea of how easy my online "life" would have been if certain apps and features were available when I started blogging. Back then (it seems like ages ago) excessive editing wasn't the case. Yes, most of us were retouching our photos to get the best results but the means to do it were limited to photoshop and occasionally lightroom. Nowadays there is literally an application for everything and even though overly edited photos is something I personally don't like that much, having the opportunity to fix a few flaws in your photos with one tap surely comes in handy. With no further ado, here are the apps that make my job as a content creator a lot easier. 

Best photo editing apps :

1. I am sure most of you are familiar with this app since it's probably one of the most popular ones for all types of Instagrammers. Vsco has a variety of free and paid filters that come very handy if you wish to edit snaps from your phone quick and easily. You can also change the saturation, tint, brightness, contrast of an image with a few taps, and save it in your VSCO gallery for later use.

2.Snapseed: This is the app I personally choose to use more often. You can consider it as the updated version of VSCO where more complicated edits can be applied to your image. Apart from the various filters, you can adjust more than 20 elements in your photo like the composition,  white balance, perspective and you can even clear up flaws on your skin and background with the "healing" tool. If you aren't familiar with photoshop this app will definitely help you a lot. 

3. Afterlight: Not as complex or advanced as Snapseed After light is the app to use if you want to recreate the popular"dusty" effect most Instagrammers use these days. I personally use this app for the lighting and flare effects that you most probably have noticed on my Instagram feed over the last few months. 

4. Makeup Plus: The name of this app is very explanatory. You can use this app to fix flaws on your makeup or "put on" a few faces of makeup. There are more than 20 lipstick and makeup colors, contouring techniques, and eyelashes to apply to your selfies. You can even change the color of your hair, apply contact lenses, and change the shape of your eyelids.

5. Plotaverse:  Explaining what this app can do is a little hard but definitely more fun and exciting than the rest I mentioned above. Plotaverse is the app to create motion art loops. With a little bit of practice, you will be able to create "moving images" in which certain elements will be still and others (like the clouds, sky, smoke, cars will be moving). Here is an example of a better understanding.

6.Preview: This might not be an editing app but it will definitely save you time and help you be more organized. Preview will help you create the perfect Instagram layout. With an interface exactly the same as Instagram you can upload your photos, drag and drop them to rearrange, and decide which color scheme fits best with your pre-existing content. You will also be able to find the best Instagram hashtags for your posts inside the app, put them in a group, and save them for later use. 


The Importance of Down Time

Travel in French Reviera - Cannes
We all live busy lives, in fact, even when we’re traveling we don’t always get the downtime we need. It’s becoming harder and harder to switch off from work, due to the remote working lifestyle many of us have accidentally adopted - where we are almost always contactable, by email. In addition, many of us feel like we need to employ someone just to keep up with the conversation on social media; making us feel like we are ‘reacting’ and always on the go.

Indeed, in a somewhat overstimulated world, it can be easy to feel quite frazzled at the end of the day, or even upon waking up and throughout the day. Therefore, it’s important you take some time out that’s just for yourself.

Now, there’s a huge difference between taking time out for yourself and doing nothing; often we can watch a bit of Netflix, or jump on Pinterest, and we are not “working” but we aren’t truly relaxing either… at times, it can feel like we are just distracting ourselves from the burdens of life we know we must face. Almost like a pit stop.

Making time for yourself, and having true downtime is something quite different. It’s all about self-care and carving out chunks of time that are specifically just for you… not quick moments here and there… but scheduled time that is purely designed for you to relax and unwind.

For some people, this may involve going to a fancy spa or an organized fitness class such as yoga or something more intense like boxercise to release stress - whilst for some people, it’s drifting off into the world of gaming and discovering cool characters in this new Final Fantasy mobile game. The point is, whatever it is for you - that’s okay. We all have different ways of unwinding… the most important thing is to ensure you carve out time that allows you to just chill out without stress or worrying about the things you have to do.

Time is the most vital and limited resource we have… yet we are so quick to give it away to the demands of life, work, and family. In this sense, time is often an overlooked gift that we don’t treat with the value it truly has. It’s important you are living your life for you - not for someone else, as your time is yours, and each minute, or even second, you expend, you can never get back.

This is something that we need to start to feel much more, on an emotional level, as when you think about where you honestly spend your time each day - is it being spent as wisely as it could be; or is it being given away to other people and projects as if you have a limitless supply?

The truth is, you only have so many hours in the day, and these hours are yours. You only have so many days left - and these days are yours. Yes, you should give your time to work, family, friends and the necessities of life… just don’t forget to make sure you have some time for yourself too.

4 things you can do every morning to battle anxiety

easy tips to battle anxiety and stress

I have previously mentioned more than a few times how much anxiety interferes with my day to day life. As someone who has been living with this issue since childhood, I can understand in-depth how severe and tripling it might be to a person.  Even though I have tried almost every tip and trick in the book I still feel the rush of overwhelming anxiety even in the most basic situations. Through years and years of trying and failing, I finally found my own way of coping with daily stress and anxiety. Today I will share the top 5 things I do daily in order to have a stress-free morning.

1. I wake up 30 minutes earlier.

Most of the time having almost no time in the morning to prepare yourself for the day is actually the most triggering thing when it comes to anxiety. I set up my alarm 30 minutes earlier in order to have enough time to lay in bed, slowly get up or have some extra time to eat breakfast and have a cup of coffee. Waking up at the last minute and all the stress that comes with it is definitely more than capable of ruining your day by causing even more episodes.

easy tips to battle anxiety and stress
easy tips to battle anxiety and stress
The ActiveLift technology offers a natural, lifted look without excessive pudding. 

2. I listen to my favorite, relaxing music.

As soon as I get out of bed I put my headphones on and start listening to my favorite music. I continue to do so while doing my morning routine, having breakfast, etc. Listening to all the commotion outside really bothers me in the morning. I need to be calm and focused on getting everything done at my own pace.

3. Exercise at least 20 minutes per day.

I am not a fan of typical daily exercises, yoga, etc. I much rather prefer walking or running especially outdoors. No matter if you want to hit the gym or dance around the house to your favorite music, 20 minutes of daily activity will definitely help you keep your stress levels to a minimum.

easy tips to battle anxiety and stress

Satin loungewear I love at the moment

4. I set alarms for every task I have to finish.

I am known for not managing my time correctly so multiply alarms per day are the only way I can function without losing my mind. I calculate the time I need for every task and set the alarms accordingly, otherwise, I might spend a big part of my day working only on one specific thing.

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This summer combo is under $200 + 3 things to boost your motivation

best luxury silk print scarf best luxury silk print scarf
Outfit Details:
Sugarfree Bikini top Cup D /  Bet and Malfie "Ariel" silk scarf

While I was perfectly planning my summer holidays, eager to get away from the city, and all the constant noise that comes along with, the weather had different plans. The stormy, moody days seem like they will never end. If you someone looks closely he might spot a few rays of sunshine now and then but most of the time it feels like the middle of Autumn.  I keep organizing my suitcase hoping for warmer days now that July is almost here.

The cold weather took such a big toll on my mental health, it's unbelievable. Over the last few weeks, I felt extremely unmotivated in pretty much every single aspect of my daily life. I keep pushing myself to be a better, more organized person but sometimes everything feels like a burden. I want to go out, but I want to stay in. I want to work but I also want to stay in bed doing nothing. I want to make art but nothing seems to turn out the way It was meant to. These thoughts have been taking over my mind for many years and because of that, I keep finding new ways to battle these emotions and still be able to function daily.

best luxury silk print scarf best luxury silk print scarf best luxury silk print scarf
I have a little folder on my phone's notepad with all the tasks than need to be done every single day. It can be as simple as "go for grocery shopping" or important, urgent projects like edit, deliver a project, etc. I set a goal of 7 tasks per day and at the end of each day, I check and mark the things I managed to do. Each time I try to add one more thing. The feeling of seeing my daily accomplishments motivates me for the next one.

I keep a list of all the things I accomplished within a month because most of the time I tend to jump off from goal to goal without taking the time to appreciate how far I have come.

best luxury silk print scarf best luxury silk print scarf
I always take a few minutes out of my day to listen to some of my favorite podcasts. The Pursuit With Purpose by Melyssa Griffin helped me tremendously not only to overcome many of my daily life struggles but also shown me new ways to deal with stress, anxiety, and work overflow.

best luxury silk print scarf

How I plan my everyday outfits while I feel uninspired

How to easily plan your outfits

The usual style block

Hello lovelies! Please raise your hand if you have been through a style block over the last two weeks. I know most of you (and me of course) have been dealing with a few days of complete lack of inspiration from time to time. I have found myself unable to pick up an outfit so many times in the past , I truly stopped counting. Over the last 3-4 years I found quite a few different ways to overcome this block and spend as little time as possible to pick my daily outfits. Especially if you are like me , the kind of person that changes outfits more than once troughout the day you will surely find the tips bellow extremely useful.

As for me this week has been quite hectic so far. We had to spend quite a few hours in office waiting rooms, signing papers etc. Adult life is surely a blast most of the times ahahha. Anyways, I have also been obsessed with blazers lately, always trying to find new ways to style my small collection of blazers. I am currently thinking of buying a new one ,with a bright , bold statement color this time. As you can probably see on my blog and instagram I am going through a face of constantly wearing sneakers , even with vinyl skirts! Despite the fact that I do have a back disformation which I only found out a year ago after three days of constant, umber able pain and the feeling of loosing the movement in my legs . Turns out after a few x-rays and doctors appointments that I have Spondylolisthesis type 1 since birth and even though this does not effect my everyday life what so ever there might be rare,brief periods of time that I will experience severe pain as I did last year. Enough of the medican stuff!

Outfit Details:

1. Take quick mirror selfies to save your favorite outfits

There are days I feel delighted to try out new outfit combinations. Taking advantage of these hours of endless inspiration try to style as many looks as you can , take a selfie of each one of them and save them on your phone. This way you won't feel pressured to try on so many different looks every day just to find the best one for the occasion. You will already have a few well thought ideas to save you lots of time daily.

2.Follow instagram hashtags like #ootd #outfitpost

Another great way to receive a tone of daily fashion inspiration is to follow popular fashion hashtags of instagram. This way you will not only have everything you need right in your hands but also, you might find some amazing accounts you have never checked before.

tips for outfit planning

3 Browse through leading-fashion sites like Whowhatwear , Lookbook, Blonde Salad, StyleCaster

This is a list of just a few places you can find fashion and beauty inspiration daily. There brief but very reach in details articles can always help you during your "styling block". 
3 Browse through leading-fashion sites like Whowhatwear , Lookbook, Blonde Salad, StyleCaster

This is a list of just a few places you can find fashion and beauty inspiration daily. There brief but very reach in details articles can always help you during your "styling block".

 4.Polyvore 's secret usage

I have been using polyvore for a few years now, mainly to organize my daily outfits and store my inspiration for the days I feel unmotivated. I personally use this site a little differently than most people. Instead of taking the role of a styling, I don't choose my favorite pieces and style them to create a beautiful layout. Instead I search for specific pieces that I already own (eg H&M vinyl skirt) and create multiply looks with other designs that are already in my closet. If I am unable to find some of the clothes I own , I place something really similar instead. When I a done, I screen shot the set and save it on my phone for future reference. 

How to easily plan your outfits
5. FB chat stylists

This is a service I came across very recently. In a few quick words Epytome is an artificial intelligence stylist in Facebook Messenger. All you have to do is answer a few questions that evolve around your style choices, favorite pieces of clothing etc and you will be receiving outfit suggestions according to your needs. You can set the settings to daily, weekly, twice a week etc mode and this chat will do all the work for you during the days you feel uninspired.

How Can You Find Your Own Personal Style?

how to find your unique personal style
Outfit Details:
Black cami dress / Savage x Fenty Bralette  / Vans Sk8-hi platform sneakers / Guess mini bag similar here / Meller Sunnies, sold out, similar here

Embrace your natural beauty
One of the biggest struggles a person can face while searching for their own, personal sense of style is to change themselves to fit with whatever is fashionable at the time. By doing so every bit of his/her individuality, inspiration and motivation will eventually cease to exist. Are the majority of us guilty of blindly following trends at some point in our lives? Of course. Your personal style should come from within. Rather than blindly copying and pasting trendy styles try to put your own touch on everything. Not every length, pattern, hight is for everyone. This applies to just about every aspect of your style; you should never let anyone dictate what it should and shouldn't be to you.

Be creative with your style

It's often much easier than you might think to get stuck in a rut when trying to find the best possible style for yourself. If you find yourself in this rabbit hole, the best thing that you can do is to get creative with it. Mix things up every so often, choose styles and colors that you'd normally ignore, just to see what happens. 

Don't be afraid to experiment

The best thing you can do to really start being creative with your style is experimenting in different ways. Try new and different styles, even if you're not really sure if they're right for you. There will probably be a lot of occasions where you realize that something you experimented with just isn't what you're looking for, but you're never going to know that unless you actually put yourself out there and try new things. One of the very best things about experimenting with your style is that if you don't really like something, then it's often incredibly easy to take things back to the way that they were before.

Don't follow trends

It's often incredibly easy to get caught up in trends as they come along. After all, when the world around you is constantly telling you that you should look and dress and act a certain way, then it's often all too easy to get sucked in by it. However, trends are always temporary. They come, and they go in an instant, and most of them really don't stand up to the test of time. However, if you find a style that you like that has nothing to do with what everyone else is doing, then that's something that's going to last a whole lot longer.

Be confident

Style might often seem like something incredibly complicated, but the truth is that the real secret to style is one of the simplest things in the world: confidence. Now, a lot of people are going to be dealing with the fact that they really don't have that much confidence in the first place. Luckily there are a whole bunch of that you can do to bring your confidence levels up. For one thing, it's actually incredibly useful to fake it 'til you make it. By projecting a degree of confidence from within yourself, even if you're not convinced by it, the world is going to love it, and you may even reach the point where you get so used to pretending to be confident that it actually starts to make you feel that way for real.

The truth is that it may well take you a long time to find your own sense of style. Sure, it might happen right away, but it's a lot more likely that you'll end up in a position where you've had to try a few different things before you figure out it. There's nothing wrong with not really being sure what your own personal style is. Often the road to finding it can be incredibly complicated and winding, but that often just makes it more fun.

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How Do You Sleep At Night?

affordable greek islands to visit So, you’ve just decided with your friends to visit an exotic destination over the summer. In fact, surprisingly enough, the decision was incredibly fast. You just invited them for a nice cup of chai, then someone brought up the subject of holidays, and before you were done with the drinks, everyone agreed to a 10 days vacation in Greece. While everyone can agree on visiting a new destination, you’ll find that there are just about as many types of accommodation as there are travelers. In short, if you’ve decided to travel as a group of friends, you might want to discuss your sleeping preferences on holiday as a starting point. It’s not a matter of whether one of you prefers the right or left side of the bed, but genuinely of defining if group travel would be a good idea at all. Someone who prefers to stay in hotels will not look forward to a camping vacation gladly, for instance. Ultimately, while there is no right or wrong when it comes to picking the overnight option that suits you best, we recommend you ask your travel companions how they sleep at night first.

affordable greek islands to visit

Affordable accommodation for nature lovers

If your vacation is booked in a warm country during a warm season, just as spending your summer holiday in Greece for instance, you can safely rely on affordable camping sites. Contrary to the popular belief, camping involves a little more than just planting a tent in the middle of a field. In fact, you can have access to plenty of modern facilities, from restaurants to electricity for less than $200 per week. However, camping is only enjoyable if you’re used to camping holidays and have all the necessary equipment. If you’re new to planting a tent, you might struggle with adapting to your settings at first. Of course, there’s nothing more wonderful than waking up to the sounds of nature around you and listening to the soft morning breeze against the side of your tent. But camping only remains an affordable and pleasing hotel alternative if you understand what comes with it, from hiring transportation into town to packing light and practical clothes.

Cheap and practical for town holidays

The next accommodation option that is sometimes just as low in price as camping but sits firmly in an urban area is the hostel. If you’ve never stayed in a hostel, it’s likely that you picture them as filthy dormitories where you need to sleep holding your belongings in your arms to make sure that nothing gets stolen. In reality, if you research your accommodation before you book, hostels can be a fantastic choice for explorers and backpackers on a small budget. Don’t let the image of hostels deter you: Hostels offer a variety of room options, from small dormitory facilities to private rooms. You’ll find that hostels also encourage hanging out with large communal areas, from a garden to living rooms, so that it’s easy for travelers to make new friends and exchange tips about the best visiting times or restaurants in town. As most hostel-goers are solo travelers, it’s very easy to get talking. For those who travel in groups, there is always the possibility to book an entire 4 to 6 beds dormitory.

hidden places in Greece for summer travelers

Somewhere cozy and private

If you’re traveling in a group that requires intimacy, such as traveling with couples, or as a family with children, it’s obvious that you might find hostels a little too populated. While booking hotel rooms might send like an easy option, you might want to look for a private property for rent instead. Indeed, renting a villa as a group of people can significantly keep your costs down while allowing you to gain access to both communal rooms and private bedrooms, which is the ideal combination to maintain together in your group without getting on each other nerves. If you need some me time, you can relax in your bedroom. If you want to have a chat with your travel companions, you can lounge in the living room together. Additionally, you’ll generally be in town, meaning that you may not need to hire an additional mean of transport to get on with your visits.

Making friends with the locals

If you’re traveling on your own, you might want to find affordable accommodations that allow you to understand the locals better, especially if you’re visiting a place you’ve never seen before. It’s a no-brainer that finding a room with the inhabitant is a good idea for backpackers and solo-travellers to make friends and discover the local culture. Airbnb and Couchsurfing offer rooms with the locals at a low cost. You might find that you’ll pay just as much to couchsurf than to sleep in a hostel dormitory, but at least you’ll get to chat with someone who knows the place. Most people who offer to welcome travelers under their roof are happy to help you to organize your visits.

summer in Monte Carlo

No holiday without a luxury stay

If you prefer to go big when you’re on holiday, there’s nothing wrong with booking a room in a hotel. For a lot of travelers, vacation is the time of the year when they indulge in luxury, from their accommodation to simply taking the time of not thinking about work. A luxury hotel can be anything from a four-star hotel with room service and exquisite breakfast to a sumptuous hotel with a private beach. It’s your holiday; you choose what adds the most value to your vacation.

Something a little out of the ordinary

VAcations are about breaking the routine. The best way to do so is to add a touch of magic to your accommodation, by picking something extraordinary. If you want to sleep in a treehouse while visiting the south of England, then embrace your dreams. Would you prefer a room in a German castle maybe? There are many original sleeping options all around the world, and they are fantastic for those who want to forget about everyday life for good!

In short, it’s time to ask yourself, how you sleep at night. From a nature-friendly camping site to an elevated bed in a treehouse, there are hundreds of options for every traveler. All you need is to find the one for you.

The USA University Road Trip

road trip tips and tricks

When it comes time to start thinking about universities, the best way to fund the right one for you is to experience the place. And not just the campus, but the town around it. Travelling to new places is all about immersing yourself into the new place you find yourself in, and it gives you a much clearer image of what it would be like to live there and become one of the locals. In the case of a university road trip, you need to know if you can see yourself living there for the next three or four years of your life. And as you zig zag across the country you need to have two checklists on the go; the first is all the operational things, and the second what to find out while you're there.


Are you road tripping in the traditional sense - ie in a car? Or are you flying to different states and driving from there? Either way you need to plan ahead with what routes you're going to take and how long it will take you to get to each destination.


When you move you university it's a given that you will staying on campus - however, it's also obvious that you don't get that luxury when visiting, so make sure you find somewhere like the Myrtle Beach Marriott Resort which will have everything you need during your stay - just make sure you book in advance!


You will want to look smart, but you're also not required to wear black tie - so just pack your usual outfits and just make sure they are modest and comfy - you're going to be sitting through a lot of talks. If you’re doubling up this road trip with other excursions, make sure you pack for those too. Also pack notes books - it might not be a lesson but a lot of information will be thrown around and notes help you to pin the information to the right university.

Checklist two

The course

Find out the different classes involved and the options you have. First years tends to be all core classes, and then the following years have different routes for you explore. Find out whether you're assessments are exams or coursework, or a mix of both - and what percentage each year holds towards your final grade.


Check out your housing options - most universities have multiple types of accommodation at different prices tiers so make sure you get all the information so that you can make the right choice.

Entry requirements

It's likely that your university road trip will begin before you know your final grades, and if you're still working towards them, especially if you're just about to go into your final year, make sure you know what you should be aiming for.

The good and the bad side of blogging

pros and cons of starting a blog
When blogging isn't just... blogging.

As I am writing these lines I am still not sure If I should publish this post or not. I have been thinking of sharing my opinion in the general subject of "blogging" for quite some time now but every time I tried something seemed to stop me from doing so.

Blogging is such a common thing these days. Everyone can freely have a platform to share their interests, emotions, opinions, etc and this, in my opinion, is something amazing. For me, blogging is liberating. Sitting in front of my computer, writing, thinking, and generally creating something from scratch makes every one of my days significantly better. I really enjoy hearing your opinions, thoughts, and constructive criticism. Blogging has definitely changed my life for the better. I am surely not the same person I was 4 years ago and yes, writing in this platform played a huge role in my transformation.

As in pretty much every job, hobby out there you can surely find the good and the bad, the two sides which will always battle one another.

New Opportunities. The one thing that surprised me the most about blogging is how many opportunities came along with it. Opportunities that certainly could never cross my way otherwise. I had the pleasure of working side by side with a few of my absolute favorite brands. Some of them I have been wearing since high school. The idea of being one of the "faces" of my favorite brands, even on social media, was so surreal for me (well, it still is.).

Always feeling challenged. Another thing that keeps me motivated every day even after all this time is the constant challenge blogging really is. There are so many new things I needed to learn and so many more I haven't discovered yet. I learned about photography, editing, writing, properly presenting myself online without being forced into faking but most importantly how difficult it really is to maintain a healthy balance between sharing and over-sharing your life online.

fashion blogging, is it worth it?
Communication skills. I will never stop feeling amazed every time I look back and remember how terrible my communication skills were 4-5 years ago. The constant need to socialize with people whether I am at an event or simply by writing emails back and forth really helped me overcome some negative habits. I am now more put-together with the way I speak, act, and respond. I can definitely cope with situations that would certainly give me anxiety and pure panic a few years ago.

Some people will try to take advantage of you/ aka be careful of who you work with. This was something I couldn't understand for a very long time. There were times when I felt more than unhappy with a deal and still went ahead and did my end of the bargain. I later understand how important it really is to be happy and 100% on board with a deal, sponsorship, or simple collaboration. There were surely a fair amount of people who contacted me for all the wrong reasons (this is a whole other subject tho). My point is, always be careful of who you associate your self with, do research, hear other people's opinions, trust your gut.

Constantly feeling I am not good enough. Another misstep of mine, especially during the last 2 years was all the time I spend comparing my content to everyone else's work. There will always be people that are doing better than you in some aspect of your life. Comparing someone else's looks, personality will only harm yourself and your overall mentality. I stopped trying to find all the possible flaws I could and started to focus on my own content and what I put out for the world to see.


The most personal New Year's resolutions

leather moto jacket outfit

We are almost at the end of 2017 , once again I am sitting here amazed by how fast time flies away. People say that when you feel this way it's mainly because you have such a great time that you barely notice the hours, days come and go. Even though this isn't always the case this year has been more than kind to me. This is the year that marked great changes, new life chapters, smart decisions , adventures but also a fair amount of regrets and disappointment . Surely you can't have the one without the other. Overall 2017 will definitely leave a mark on my mind for the years to come.

I could sit here and talk about all the positive and the negative events that occurred all day long but this would be an extremely long post. Instead I will focus on a few key moments that definitely added something extra to an already exciting period of m life. October was the month I took maybe the digest, scariest yet most exciting decision so far. I made my mind about finally taking a step forward and follow a dream I already had for a very long time but was too scared to go after it due to all the possible hardships and long, overwhelming that go with it. I decided to take my field of study to a whole new direction, miles away from fashion,styling etc. I do love everything fashion-related and will never stop doing what I love but I felt that this was the right time for a change. It is never "too late" to change your mind or better yet, explore new things that felt unreachable before. 2017 was a big reminder that we are all capable of so much more than I thought.
plaid skirt for winter plaid skirt outfit ideas

Notes to my future self 

Don't accept any additional work when your days are already filled with engagements . 

Have a few hours to yourself every single day

Keep chasing your new dreams even in the days you feel desperate

Never refuse a great opportunity to go out for a coffee or a drink with your friends

Keep your mind open to new ideas

Pay less attention to other's opinions about you

Search for your constant, daily inspiration in every place

Be less angry with the world around you

Go out with your mother for coffee at least once a month

Save up for traveling 
Keep reminding yourself that it's ok not being able to do 100 things in 24 hours.

#WeAllCan American Eagle Outfitters Campaign

american eagle outfiters influencer campaign
Over the last few years more and more brands dedicate their time to not only make people look beautiful but also feel the same way in the inside. Terms like "body positivity" and "diversity" slowly but staidly take their rightful place in the fashion industry. Brands and designers launch more and more collections to cover the needs of every person's body type and skin tone equally.

Women and men are encouraged everyday to show off their true selfs ,flaws and all included. The real version of you should not be hidden but embraced and we all have the power to make it happen. Big celebrities and social media starts have already showed of the real, un-photoshoped body and face in an effort make a statement against the discrimination in the fashion industry.Already we can see a significant change in shapes and sizes but there is still a long way to go.
Outfit Details:

american eagle outfiters influencer campaign american eagle outfiters influencer campaign american eagle outfiters influencer campaign american eagle outfiters influencer campaign
#ICAN by American Eagle

American Eagle outfitters launched several campaigns to promote the message of self-love and self-acceptance, giving the chance to every woman and man to feel special while wearing their favorite, every designs. The #ICAN campaign ,started in 2017, encourages people to show what their are capable of doing, feel confident and bring their beautiful self forward.

Instead of sticking at the same old "zero size, flawless figure" stereotype , American Eagle featured people from different fields and backgrounds like the rapper Joey Bada$$, Basketball player Bonner Bolton , Model Amanda Steele and Halima Aden as the face of their new back to school and New American Jeans collections.

Jut by having a quick glimpse at AEO's newest campaign video on youtube you can clearly see that the fashion industry stereotypes are getting crushed day by day and this could not make us any happier .More realistic portrayals of beauty is something we all crave for. Shop AEO denim collection
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