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Sustainable Bedding, Blankets & Pillows To Upgrade Your Eco-Friendly Space

sustainable bedding and sheets online
I don't know about you, but personally, I prefer my bedroom to be somewhat of a sleeping utopia filled with carefully curated pieces to maximize calmness and comfort. However, unlike fashion and beauty, finding the best sustainable household products is definitely a hard task. When it comes to living a mostly green lifestyle, opting for premium bedding made of bamboo lyocell or organic cotton, Ultra-soft texture, ultra-soft faux fur blankets, and linen throw pillows is a no-brainer. The type of zen ambiance I am describing might seem an option completely out of your budget, but you will be happy to hear that all the aforementioned items are in fact under the $100 mark.

After all, the quality of the bedding you are snuggling into every night is one of the most important things to get a good night's sleep. So, obviously, I would highly recommend treating yourself to a pair of silky-smooth, 100% Organic Bamboo Lyocell Duvet Cover Set, a luxurious 500TC organic cotton sateen bedding, and some cuddle-worthy pillows and blankets.

Sustainable Bamboo Lyocell Bedding

sustaibanle bedding brand online

Aeptom offers two sustainable bedding collections for the dreamiest of sleeps. This celebration of minimalism takes an Organic Bamboo Lyocell form. You can pick your favorite duvet cover set and sheets in white or light gray as well as choose the number of pieces you need.

If you too are living in a country where the heat might become unbearable, then you are in luck-well almost. These sustainable options are also ideal for warm weather and for hot sleepers. Bamboo lyocell fabric is also antibacterial, making the bedding hypoallergenic.

Organic Cotton Sateen Bed Sheet

sustainable satin sheets brand

If satin sheets are more of "your thing", then Aeptom's second collection might be exactly what you need to upgrade the quality of your night's sleep. They offer luxurious 500TC sateen bedding made from 100% GOTS certified organic long-staple cotton in a sateen weave. The bedding is buttery soft and smooth while retaining the crisp property of cotton. The best thing? For both of their bedding lines, they partner directly with manufacturers with decades of experience to pick top-grade yarns and weave them into superior fabrics. The sewing is also carefully done to ensure seamless construction.
fur blanket and throw pillow

Aeptom made it their mission is to reduce the mark-ups for sustainable and premium products so that pursuing a sustainable and upscale lifestyle does not necessarily break the bank. They are also committed to donating part of sales revenue to supporting child education with UNICEF.

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