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GroupBuy Allows You To Get Huge Discounts Online If You Buy With A Friend : Here's How

Looking for the best discount online shopping sites? GroupBuy lets you get discount if you buy in a friend group. Here's how!
best discount online shopping sites

Sharing is caring, and friends don't let their friends pay full price when they can actually score a stellar discount if they order as a group. For some self-care is all about lighting up a few heavenly-scented candles and filling their bath tab with top-notch salts to distress after a long day at work, but for others, the ultimate pick-me-up activity takes the form of an online fashion and beauty shopping spree. If you too find yourself relating to the latter category, then you are in luck, because we’ve found the absolute best therapy session on the Internet today- and it involves huge discounts.

Our pals deserve the royal treatment, bonus point if we can actually get a great deal out of our otherwise self-righteous actions ourselves. And, that's where Group Buy comes in. You see, everyone -and I mean everyone- loves a good online discount. Why pay full price when you can actually get your hands on your favorite Jade Facial Roller for 70% OFF ($11) the original price ($39) if you buy it in a group?

How to get discounts online

Group Buy offers a fun way to bring back the excitement of shopping in groups and also get some seriously good deals on quality products. On GroupBuy there are two prices. One price if you buy an item by yourself, and another price (at a discount!) if you buy an item with a friend.

It's actually that simple.
how to get online discounts easy

First, you need to decide your favorite item. Then fill in your payment details (you won’t be charged until your group is joined by a friend). Once you click create, your group will be live for 24 hours!
how to get fashion discounts online sites

To create a new group purchase click the pink discounted price button for a product. Then click the create group button. If there are any existing groups below you can also join a group. This will complete the purchase right away.

Now, you now have 24 hours to find a friend to join your group otherwise the group will expire. When your friend joins they’ll fill out their own variations, quantity, and payment details. If the group expires, you can always create another!

Both people will only be charged once a group has been successfully joined by another person. If the group is not completed in 24 hours, the group expires and the person who created the group is not charged. You can always create another group! Group Buy offers a detailed shopping guide to make the whole process a breeze.

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If you don't see your favorite brand, there is an option to request Group Buy to add them.No matter your location, you and your pals can grab the discounted products - worldwide shipping y'all.

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