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The Neuroscience-Based Benefits Of Keeping A Journal Of Your Dreams & Aspirations

Weather you are looking for journaling techniques for anxiety or trying to work towards bettering yourself and be more organized, these the benefits.

Along with the best meditation and self-improvement apps that slowly but surely became an interchangeable part of our lives over the past few years, our need for some 21st-century mindfulness brought back journaling— and I personally, am so here for it. In such a digitalized world, the thought of real paper, physical pens, and handwritten words of self-expression sound like a pleasant, and much-needed, blast from the past. And, apart from the nostalgia, the benefits of keeping a journal of your dreams and aspirations are certainly a lot.

I remember myself always been obsessed with the too-familiar crisp smell of a brand new journal. My 15-16 years old self never missed the opportunity to scout the office supplies section for the best daily journals. Unfortunately, I have spent my last 10 years quickly writing down all my daily tasks in my phone's notes. As my anxiety reached its peak three years ago, many people suggested that I may find journaling helpful for my anxiety. I soon realized that expressing my raw thoughts through written words was actually my daily dose of self-care.

High-performers swear by it

They use expressive journaling as a fantastic method to measure your success and plan your future achievements. There are, indeed, tons of scientific studies on the benefits of daily journaling. XPJournal uses decades of medical research papers regarding human behavior, alongside recent advances in understanding neurology. The end goal is always to remove the guesswork and noise when it comes to organizing your day so that you can get things done!

XPJournal provides a structured and scientific approach to the left side of your day's journal. A unique quote for each day is included, along with plenty of space for doodling and writing. The inspirational quotes about life and realistic thinking examples will act as a daily reminder of all the things you can accomplish if you build the right strategy.

As we will discuss in a minute, you can make your XPJournal a bullet journal used for weight loss, budgets, school, morning and bedtime routines, travel logging, dailies, or just as a brain dump of your day. Personally, I use my daily journal for gratitude and reflection.

Journaling and personal development

Mindful writing practices are one of the most beneficial personal development tips you can add to your daily routine. Journaling for aspirations is a fool-proof way to treat yourself to a much-needed productivity boost each day. You see, a holistic approach to self-care that goes beyond taking care of your physical well-being. It’s looking deep into your mental health, emotional health, social engagement, spiritual wellbeing to identify the cause of your distress.

Journaling for anxiety and stress management


What's the one thing that causes a lot of stress? The feeling of being overwhelmed. Most of us have a very busy schedule, sometimes dealing with a variety of different tasks. Sure, there are many more outside factors that might make you lose sleep over them but, imagine being able to manage all your responsibilities effectively- and most importantly on time.

Journaling can effectively help you organize all aspects of your life from deadlines to at-home chores with ease. 

Journaling for gratitude


Gratitude journaling is a fantastic way of curb your naturally negative outlook on life by focusing on the little details of your day that add more optimism and perspective. As you get more accustomed to writing, your list will grow larger and more detailed, pinpointing even the smallest reasons that make you feel grateful each day. As a result, you will be more capable of making sense of certain feelings and events while shedding off all the self-blame and guilt tormenting you.

Consider it as a top self-therapy way that will allow you to feel inner peace while accelerating your healing journey of self-love and self-acceptance.

By making one small change in your day, you'll soon find that you feel healthier, happier, and more motivated. Small, attainable goals add up to create a big impact on your self-care routine.
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