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Looking For The Best Rock Climbing-Inspired Clothes? This Is Your Sign

Get inspired on your next climb with Notch By Notch Designs. This unisex rock climbing apparel is too good to miss.

unisex rock climbing apparel

When my best friend started climbing in 2016, let's just say that I wasn't that keen on the idea of her struggling her way through the top. Fast forward a few years later, my friend has not only managed to master the art of triple-checking her safety of her gear and surroundings, but she has also proven herself to be a fantastic rock climber. Even though I have never tried it myself, I know rock climbing is the sport for her, hence each time I come across rock-climbing-inspired fashion, I can't help but share it.

You see, rock climbing, along with other outdoor activities, was named one of the American College of Sports Medicine's top fitness trends of 2018. And, while obviously there are a few additional things you ought to know about climbing before trying it for the first time, this rock-climbing-inspired clothing line will give you all the necessary inspiration to pick up a new hobby.

If you are already a pro, then Notch By Notch Designs are about to be your newest go-to wardrobe staples to let the world know about your favorite hobby -or lifestyle.

unisex rock climbing apparel for women and men
Shop Rock Climbing-Inspired Fashion

Notch By Notch Designs is a brand that seeks to make clothes and accessories for those who share in the love for this near-spiritual hobby: Rock Climbing! Whether you are looking for the perfect gift for your adventurer friend, or you've already named 2021 as the year of self-gifting, these size-inclusive rock climbing inspired clothes (S-5XL) will make you go on an impulsive shopping spree.

From hoodies to tank tops and t-shirts, this collection is filled to the brim with beautiful graphic designs and different color options for you to choose from. Obviously, the "There are no shortcuts," rock climbing-inspired quote t-shirt is my absolute favorite, but if you are more into discreet color combinations the "Adventure Rock Climbing" design is a great choice! The prices are actually extremely affordable, so rest assured that you won't be spending half on your monthly salary on one of these beautiful designs.
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