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This Mini Projector Will Upgrade Your Netflix And Chill Game

Best portable projector for streaming all your favorite movies, series and more.
The past year definitely made all of us work on developing some new skills, coming up with the best at-home activities is certainly one of them. After spending pretty much all of our days inside, let's just say that most of us learn to appreciate modern technology. But, what If I told you that there is one thing that is actually missing from your *almost* fully equipped sanctuary? I am obviously talking about a portable mini projector that promises to upgrade your Netflix and chill game as well as offer a unique alternative to your romantic date settings.

Time to bring the theater to you- If you have access to a patio, a large empty wall, or any outdoor space, all you need is a high-quality projector and you have yourself a foolproof date or weekly gathering with your best pals. Pop your own popcorn, turn off the lights, and take advantage of the big, bright picture that rivals your indoor screens.

Now that I gave you the at-home best romantic date ideas, you will also be pleased to hear that a portable mini projector can come everywhere with you - including your future camping trips.

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The Ensa Pocket Projector carries all the aforementioned benefits, plus it comes packed with a 150 inches screen size for the clearest picture possible, a 360ᵒ build-in Bluetooth power speakers as well as Wi-Fistreaming capabilities. Basically, it is your foolproof way of watching your favorite streamers, the newly released Netflix movie, or pretty much whatever floats your boat. 

You will be able to enjoy 1800 HD resolution multi-screen, mirrored screen, and more, all projected virtually anywhere for 5 full hours. Times that you carry your heavy projector are now stories of the past, people! Engsa™ Pocket Projector is the smallest projector in its class and is compatible with 3 million apps. At just a little over 3 inches, it can easily fit in your pocket, handbag, or briefcase and connect to your devices via WiFi, Bluetooth, or USB.
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