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This Thrift Queen Launched Her Own Clothing Line & It's Beyond Great

Mama Akube offers unique fashion, jewelry and pet accessories on a budget. If you are looking for vibrant, statement clothing, this one is for you.
Two things I really love? Thrifting and lust-worthy colorful fashion. Thankfully, Mama Akube (aka THRIFTismyTHERAPY) has finally found a way to combine the two. Despite the awesome name choice, this new fashion website is not about the fantastic adventure that is thrifting-well, not yet at least. Kunbi transitioned to the US in 2017, and while she was still trying to adjust herself to her new life, stumbled upon a Thrift Store while she driving in the willows Mall in Concord City.

If you are an avid thrifter like myself and Kunbi, you probably still remember the first time you came across your first thrift store. There is certainly an unexplained excitement, and just like she describes it " Upon entry to the store, I felt something that couldn’t be explained…I explored the whole store, made some new acquaintances, asked a lot of questions, made some purchases and left with a resolve to be back."

You see, thrifting is something otherworldly therapeutic. Blame it on the thrill of hunting down the next hidden gem, or simply on the fact that you can actually it's also a great way to battle the cruel fast-fashion market and excessive consumerism yourself.
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Kunbi was on a mission to share her love for fashion-forward fashion with the world, so opening her own online clothing store was the next logical decision. As she mentions "Back in my home country, Nigeria, the thrift clothes and items are popularly known as akube. In a bid to align my business to my target audience, I made Mama Akube my nickname." And, from then forward, she delivers trendsetting pieces that exude confidence and a great personality.

There are no "boring" staples on Mama Akube's virtual shelves. On the contrary, they are filled to the brim with unique items on great deals like never before. Think vibrant colors, intricate prints, and utterly cute embroidered denim jackets. Rather than keeping it simple and safe, 2021 demands some much-needed mood-pick-up fashion combinations that reek of individual personality. Almost all of her pieces are are a rebellion against minimalism, with pleasantly unique elements that have quickly managed to climb at the top of this warm-weather must-haves-list. Lately, she expanded her collection by adding some unique jewelry as well as pet accessories for your furry, little friends.

mamaakube fashion clothes
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In 2021, there is no need to spend all your hard-earned money supporting a giant corporation when they are so many lesser-known businesswomen who deliver the same quality products straight to your doorstep- yes, they surely deserve your trust and recognition. For me, it's all about celebrating women who continuously try to subvert the industry standards by embracing their individuality and follow their own path to success. So, by all means, go ahead and cop your favorite dresses, two-piece sets, shirts, and everything in between from this up-and-coming female-owned business.
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