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This Emerging High Fashion Brand Aims To Represent The Underrepresented

Arius Juan is a luxury fashion brand for diversity, represenation, self-expression and originality. Best slow fashion brands of 2021.
inclusive fashion brand 2021

After shopping from the same old multinational corporations that always seem to be at the top of the fashion scene, there is one thing most of us can agree on. The mainstream fashion industry is definitely a crowded one and in recent years more and more fast fashion brands are popping up left and right. Even though there are hundreds of popular and emerging brands out there, it severely lacks representation.

It doesn't take long to realize that amidst the mayhem of Fast Fashion, the millions of cookie-cutter feeds by fashion bloggers, the glam and glitter of the runway, and the ever-changing "seasonal trends", in 2021 thousands of people are indeed looking for clothing that can help them to express who they are. After years of settling for the "standard", the need for expression with no filter is, now, stronger than ever.

While many brands began to sync their campaigns closely to their customers' need to express themselves in ways the world can’t understand, we can't help but admire those independent designers such as Arius Juan who have been preaching for diversity, self-expression, and originality all along.

diverse and inclusive fashion brand 2021

unisex luxury streetwear brand for diversity

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inclusive streetwear brand

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The hard reality is that truly unique clothing comes from authentic representation and unfortunately, the aforementioned word has been co-opted by corporations as a sedative against enacting any real and equitable change in the industry. Arius Juan aspires to address the outward expression of minorities and estranged individuals who feel they do not fit in. They aim to address the uniqueness of being authentic. Every item is a self-expression crafted by Jujuan Lewis to signify the creative aspects of the world.

Through creative flow, innovative ideas, and raw artistic skills, Jujuan Lewis is striving to represent that group of people all around the world and challenge them to create no matter the circumstances.
luxury fashion brand for diversity

“The inspiration for the pieces came from the expression of African-American fashion in the 1950’s and 1960's. It signifies the freedom to exist not only on this earth but equally in the mind. When making this piece, the heavy burden carried on the shoulders of many African-Americans stood out and the extra buttons on this piece signify just that.”

There is no shortage of options in Jujuan Lewis's gender-neutral ready-to-wear collection. In this consumer-driven era of seasonal trends "Dream" was curated and created as a need for self-expression and understanding of periods ranging from the 1800's to 2021. As for the Taka Highlights By Arius Juan, they are simple, classical, modern, fashionable shoes that produce comfortability and style.

Arius Juan's philanthropy branch will launch in the summer of 2021 as a way to give back to underrepresented communities in creative ways, making sure everyone has their chance to truly express themselves.
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