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Hypnotherapy For Weight Loss, Trauma & Anxiety - These Here Are The Health Benefits

Hypnotherapy For Weight Loss, Trauma Release & Anxiety comes with many physical and mental benefits. The NY-based Hypnotherapist explains everything.
Hypnotherapy For Weight Loss, Trauma & Anxiety benefits
When you hear the word hypnosis, you might instantly think of Stage performers on a mission to entertain the audience through carefully-curated tactics, however, real Hypnotherapy used to improve a person's well-being is vastly different than what you've previously seen in the movies. There was no waving a pocket watch in front of your face, nor a zombie-like trance. The therapist doesn't hold the power to make you do questionable things when you clearly don't want to. And honestly, if it could, wouldn’t everyone learn hypnosis to have this advantage over people?

Numerous studies have shown that Hypnotherapy can effectively treat medical conditions. And, it's highly effective too. Most patients experience 90 percent improvement after six sessions alone. How hypnotherapy for anxiety, trauma release, and even weight loss can help you improve your mental and physical health? A number of studies have also shown that this type of treatment can help reduce chronic pain, minimize stress and anxiety.

The Benefits Of Hypnotherapy

Under hypnosis, patients tend to feel calm, relaxed, and capable of paying attention to one specific thought, memory, emotion, or sensation while and thanks to the help of the expert, block out any other distractions. This whole procedure aims to make you more willing and open to the power of suggestion-without losing control over your thoughts and actions, of course. "Health issues are often deeply related to traumatic events or memories embedded within the individual's mind, body, and energetic fields. We are firm believers that everyone has the ability to move beyond the traumatic imprint." mentions Heather Sasaki, a Certified Hypnotherapist, Rapid Transformational Therapist, Self-Love Coach, and founder of H'H'H' Heather & Hearts Healing.

Heather has created a healing space dedicating to transform lives by raising the level of our collective consciousness. Fueled by her own journey to recovery from bullying, physical tortures, and mental abuse as a young child, she is now one of the fastest-growing hypnotherapists in New York. With that knowledge, she is providing her clients with the tools and support they need to reach their life goals steadily and self-sustainably. As Heather mentions on her Instagram, "your success, or any kind of success, starts from the mind & brain."

Her various meditation techniques, energy balancing & manifestation techniques along with her professional hypnotherapy practice to optimize one's health, happiness, abundance, and harmonious living have gained her the title of Trauma Transformation Specialist.

Different Hypnotherapy Services

Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness, that's why it can help a person completely transform himself from within. According to popular belief, there are many different "kinds" of hypnotherapy for each individual need. Chronic stress, anxiety, weight gain, lack of self-confidence, relationship issues, financial /career blocks, health issues, eating disorder, phobias, addiction, sleeping disorder and such are all associated with past memories, energetic impulses, subconscious programming, mental imagery, outdated beliefs and limited access to one's true-self, hence, trauma.

According to Heather "Hypnotherapy helps you to discover the root cause of your health condition and health-related challenges, and eliminate or upgrade your belief system to transform the root cause (past emotion, mental blocks, traumas, etc.) to serve you better" that's why her Advanced Wellness Hypnotherapy has helped so many people with her mental and physical health.

Two Naked Hypnotherapists Podcast

benefits of hypnotherapy podcast

Whether you are new to the field of Hypnotherapy, or real-life examples of how beneficial this practice is, getting some useful tips from not only one, but two professional Hypnotherapists is always a good idea. Heather recently launched a new podcast, Two Naked Hypnotherapists, with her fellow hypnotherapist, Conny Cruz. They share their mindhacking insights and life transformation tools to help people to be aware of their own healing abilities. Two Naked Hypnotherapists podcast drops a new episode every Wednesday at 6 p.m. (EDT) and you can listen to it on every big platform. Follow her on Facebook to get all the latest updates.
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