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This Eco-Friendly Brand Offers Shoes That Are Basically Trash

Eco-friendly shoes for men and women from ocean plastic and car tires. Best sustainable footwear to shop in 2021.
Eco-friendly sneakers
As someone who has spent more than 15 years skating around the city and has an every-lasting passion for eco-friendly fashion and accessories, let's just say that I would definitely rock my D’BRIS shoes pretty much everywhere.

Over the past years, sustainability has woven itself into nearly every aspect of our day-to-day lives. From investing in reusable straws and paying weekly visits to our local thrift shops, to owning a slew of reusable cups, creating earth-friendly, sustainable habits seem like a no-brainer for most.

You see, sustainable living goes beyond just swapping your go-to household items, it pertains to the sourcing, manufacture, and distribution of the product you swear by. With the help of technology going on a sustainable shopping spree was never easier, there is no excuse not to. And, thankfully, in 2021 you no longer have to compromise on comfort, style nor durability.

You may be in the market for upgrading your everyday, casual shoes if so, D'BRIS offers the best consciously-made sneakers that don’t sacrifice performance for eco-friendliness.
Eco-friendly shoes for men and women
D’BRIS comes from the word debris. Debris means scattered pieces of trash or remains. That is what D’BRIS shoes are made from. Our shoes are trash.

D'BRIS was founded as a sustainable alternative to the traditional options. As an independent Scandinavian brand that managed to make a competitively priced handcrafted shoes made from ocean plastic and car tires, they aim to inspire other companies and industries to take similar courses in action when it comes to sustainability. You can choose between an all-black and a black-white colorway. They currently ship from the US, Denmark and Australia.

Eco-friendly sustainale sneakers for skaters
We asked 100’s of industry leaders why there aren't more sustainable options on the market? No one had a clear answer.

They are currently offering a special deal in Europe. For each shoe order, you will receive a pair of free recycled socks this week!

These unisex eco-friendly sneakers feature repurposed or recycled materials to help keep the environmental footprint as small as possible. Unlike seasonal trends, D'BRIS focuses on creating timeless shoe options that will last for many years to come. Through their eco-friendly shoe collection, they aim to open people’s eyes to how our habits are harming the planet we so much depend on.

After experiencing first-hand ocean pollution, and while getting laughed at by the major fashion suppliers for textile companies at a tradeshow, D'BRIS launched on Kickstarter to be able to fund the production of the first batch of shoes.
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