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Cute Makeup Brush Sets Under The $40 Mark

Cute and affordable makeup brush sets your girly friend will definitely appreciate.
cute makeup brush sets

Aside from spending countless hours watching Youtube makeup tutorials, finding the right highlighter to complement your skin tone, and finally managing to perfect your cat-eye technique, there is one thing that you've probably missed. Choosing the best makeup brushes is equally as important as your go-to formulas —you do, after all, want to apply the product evenly and precisely, don't you?

Just like all your other makeup staples, brushes are a splurge-worthy investment. One that definitely deserves a special place in your makeup arsenal. Whether you prefer to put on a full face of makeup, or simply want to add some glow to make your skin look like you just returned from a 7-days vacay to your favorite sun-soaked place, I've got you covered. Today's makeup brush set options are equal parts cute and practical.

cute makeup brush sets

cute makeup brush sets mermaid

Unlike regular brushes, Makeup Rush offers a slew of camera-ready options that will look hella cute on your vanity or in whatever type of makeup organizes floats your boat. Rest assured that once you get your hands on these cute brush sets, you will start posting an alarming amount of flatlay photos on your socials—just, don't blame me for that.

Don't let my love for all things cutesy make you believe that these makeup brushes aren't essential for the beauty toolbox in terms of functionality. Makeup Rush features super-soft, high-quality synthetic hair which is perfect for applying your go-to foundation, eyeshadow, highlighter, and everything in between. Just pick the set that suits your needs best, and voila! Quality and aesthetics, what more can you ask?! I may have presented you with my favorite brushes, but that doesn't mean that you won't be able to score a variety of beauty must-haves from Makeup Rush.

Their collection is filled to the brim with lipsticks, eyelashes, eyeshadow pallets, as well as makeup organizers. Go on! take a look for yourself.

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