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Simple Self-Care Routine Ideas For Healthy Mind, Body & Soul During Covid

Self care tips during covid 19 pandemic. Easy ways to minimize anxiety, stress and feel healthier, happier, and more motivated.
The traumatizing events of the past year led millions of people to experience feelings of distress and anxiety. Some decided to take the longer route of shielding themselves from the source of their discomfort in hopes of overcoming it quicker, while others might have felt the hum of stress radiating through their skin, while the fatigue of too many sleepless nights in a row slowly took over. We are all in this together! Your mental health matters and your feelings are valid.

A holistic approach to self-care that goes beyond taking care of your physical well-being. It’s looking deep into your mental health, emotional health, social engagement, spiritual wellbeing to identify the cause of your distress. There might be a sheer number of things you need to address, the disempowerment you are feeling is only temporary. However, incorporating some easy self-care tips into your daily routine might be exactly what you need to recharge yourself and find a much-needed balance during these tough times.

Simple ideas to upgrade your self-care routine

A self-care journey towards mindfulness and emotional healing

Gratitude journaling is a fantastic way of curb your naturally negative outlook on life by focusing on the little details of your day that add more optimism and perspective. As you get more accustomed to writing, your list will grow larger and more detailed, pinpointing even the smallest reasons that make you feel grateful each day. As a result, you will be more capable of making sense of certain feelings and events while shedding off all the self-blame and guilt tormenting you.

Consider it as a top self-therapy way that will allow you to feel inner peace while accelerating your healing journey of self-love and self-acceptance.

By making one small change in your day, you'll soon find that you feel healthier, happier, and more motivated. Small, attainable goals add up to create a big impact on your self-care routine.

Start journaling

Organize your home

Getting rid of that stack of clothes that always seem to pile up in your closet is a great way to start your self-care ritual. The pile of shoes by the door, your overflowing makeup drawer, every little thing can bring you a sense of well-being. Remember, cluttered environments are scientifically linked with stress and lower self-control.

Time to organize

Drink more water

Even though obvious, chances are that you aren't drinking as much water as you should have on a daily basis. Keep refilling your water bottle every hour. Your body needs fluids to maintain a healthy level of energy, plus dehydration may often cause dizziness, confusion, and low blood pressure.

Take an hour off to focus on yourself

Moms, busy college students, etc, often put their own needs aside to focus on a million other things. However, even just a few minutes of “me time” will help you recharge and uplift your mood. Pausing to get on a 10-minute phone call with your best friends or relatives enables you to distress and unwire. In fact, taking your mind off of your daily responsibilities, even for an hour, can promote relaxation and less stress.
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