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The Mental Health-Inspired Streetwear Brand You Need To Put On Your Radar

This mental health awarness clothing line is the perfect everyday fashion staple for your streetstyle outfits.

Even though there is definitely a much-needed Mental Health Awareness day, let's all agree that this long, complex, and sometimes isolating journey towards healing should be acknowledged and talked about every single day. Even though we have managed to garner a bit more recognition on the subject of self-love (especially after the life-changing events of 2020), the way to destigmatize and accept trauma, mental health issues, and everything in between is still long and filled with ups and downs.

In the remarkable effort of some individuals to remove the stigma of mental health, promote self-love, and open discussion, there are now brands that dedicate their collections to support those who struggle daily. As someone who has always been open and perhaps, way too honest about my lifelong battle with depression, anxiety, and panic attacks — starting at the age of 7 —the "don't do that, don't cry" phrase has been engraved in my memory ever since. There is still a deep and enduring stigma around self-harm, suicide, and all mental health issues, but how you decide to share your pain and journey towards self-recovery is all about survival.

Many of us were taught from a young age to withhold our emotions, and that's exactly what SILENTE tries to change! In a constant effort to challenge what is possible in our lives and help bring awesomeness worldwide, they created a curated collection of relatable designs, original writing, and simple lounge fashion revolving around mental health stigma.

Mental Health-Inspired Streetwear
"They only notice when you are gone"

Mental Health-Inspired Streetwear
"Friends don't date your exes"

Mental Health-Inspired Streetwear
"Too much of everything, not enough of the rest"

Their virtual shelves are a celebration of trauma awareness, aiming to show every aspect of mental health and what young adults go through every day. If you are also in favor of spreading awareness like I am, maybe you could also help to de-stigmatize the conversation by supporting one of the brands aligned with our ongoing effort to point out the much-needed process of healing. What's a better way to do that, than by wearing your beliefs?

Mental Health-Inspired Streetwear
"I Realized My Childhood Had Ended. Not When I Stopped Believing In Santa Claus And The Tooth Fairy. But When I Slowly Stopped Believing In Myself"

Mental Health-Inspired Streetwear
"Don't Let Anyone Ridicule You For How You Chose To Get Through The Storm When They Were The Only Ones With An Umbrella"

Whether you are currently on your journey to recovery or wish to be an active supporter of the cause, now is the perfect time to stock up on some basics that also carry a powerful message.
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