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Handmade Italian Leather Bags To Add A Luxurious Touch To Your Summer Outfits

There is something luxuriously beautiful about handmade Italian leather bags. Here is a list of the best handcrafted bags from 100% leather.


handmade Italian leather bags

Let's face it: itsy-bitsy bags are cute and all, but nothing beats the comfort and practicality of carrying a normal-sized bag that actually fits all your necessities. Sure, I have my fair share of tiny bags for some rare night city strolls, but when it comes to the best everyday bags for women, I always pick classic tote bags with durable leather— bonus point if they are actually handmade.

With the arrival of summer, I’m going to need to make some major room in my closet for all the new leather goodies brands are releasing. At the top of my list, though, are Flashy Bags’ spring/summer tote bags. You see, I’ve always been a sucker for bags, partially because I need enough space to carry around an awful amount of items— like my precious charger, iPad, camera, keys, glasses, and headphones. You name it. I have it!

As you can imagine my go-to bags must come bearing a few certain characteristics, with sturdiness and versatility being the most important. While this might sound like a no-brainer, finding a tote bag that perfectly meets all the aforementioned requirements can be quite tricky. I opt for premium leather handbags that are equal parts cute and relatively budget-friendly and Flashy Bags’ tick all my boxes.

Just because I have an unhealthy obsession with classic tote bags, that doesn't mean that you won't be able to find a slew of other premium leather handbag options on Flash Bags' virtual selves. Rest assured that they are sturdy, chic, go with pretty much anything you might wear, and comes at a budget-friendly price point of around $250.

You already know that I am utterly obsessed with finding fashion and accessory gems from family-owned and operated companies that pay much attention to details while offering individually handcrafted handbags. I know I have been flaunting around my handmade, premium leather bags on Instagram way too much. Yes, Flash Bags falls under this exact category. Offering artisan Italian crafted bags with minimal luxury sprinkled on top are the perfect option for those who have an affinity for cute, high-quality bags that won't drain their savings account.

 Of course, you’re always welcome to snag all of your favorites and switch them out based on your outfit. I wouldn’t blame you!

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