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Cute Spring/Summer 2021Outfits To Shop For Under $50

Cute spring-summer outfits to update your warm-weather wardrobe this season.
Cute spring-summer outfits

Obviously, I'd be lying if I said I wasn’t crashing on spring and summer 2021’s trends hard, but how could I not? They are extremely fun, playful, and most importantly utterly uplifting—which is something we all need after the events of last year. Yes, I would love nothing more than to add the most outrageously statement-making designs to my cart, however, after two years of impulse buying and clothing hoarding, I finally decided to become somewhat more responsible.

Instead of splurging on multicolored, vibrant styles that, let's be honest, I can only style if 1-2 different ways, I am now on a mission to find the most chic, versatile, and seasonless designs to add to my spring capsule wardrobe. Yes, after filling my 2020 wardrobe with an alarming amount of fuschia hoodies, orange oversized tees, and some questionable sneaker options, it's time to let pastel neutrals, blush, and all-things-discreet and minimal to take the lead. If you too love nothing more than to scout the internet for the most reasonably-priced, neutral streetwear online, then you should try really hard not to snatch every single thing from Exceptional Beauty's virtual shelves.

Cute spring-summer outfits
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Frankly, If you've been keeping tabs on me via Instagram, you already know that I have a thing for comfy tie-die-everything, and that includes the best spring to summer transition sets. At this point, I am convinced that Exceptional Beauty has deliberately listed young and fiercely fashionable color combinations just to drive me to yet another impulse, bulk purchase. Just look at this printed scarf and head-to-toe neutral outfits!
Cute spring-summer outfits
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Coming from someone that has an alarming amount of Champion clothing, scoring yet another backpack is always a good idea, especially if you are planning your outfits around your next warm-weather adventure. And just in case you need some all-year-round staple t-shirts for your casual strolls in the city, Exceptional Beauty's collections is equal parts cute and uplifting.
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