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The New Body Positive Fitness Brand You Need To Keep An Eye On In 2021

A new body positive & inclusive brand that promotes self-love. Find out more about the Roy Belzer Fitness plus-size athleticwear collection.
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Many of us have actually done it, and there is no reason to hide it. Most have stared at the mirror with the sole intention of picking apart each one of our "flaws", only to get some "much-needed motivation" to stick to the ridiculously high-pressure goal we planned in our heads during an extended period of self-hatred. Because let me tell you, self-image issues can be deeply rooted in all of us, no matter our gender or weight. The journey of weight is a dark and dangerous path to take, especially at a young age. Whether you have been battling with an eating disorder, or have witnessed a loved one suffering in silence, you already know how damaging and difficult it is to live with an unhealthy self-hatred that stems from the desire to look a certain way.

Even though there are many different factors that may have contributed, most can agree that the falsely portrayed "ideal body" on the media has played an important role in their perception of beauty. Yes, what we see online and in ads is often far from real, but comparing ourselves to it may sometimes be inevitable. Healthy looks different on everyone and luckily the last few years, thanks to the rise of the body positivity movement, we get to see real people embracing their individuality while working towards improving the fashion and beauty industry as a whole.

Body inclusivity in fashion comes like a breath of fresh air, signifying a much-needed change we certainly want to see more of. Sure, the best body positivity quotes can lit up our mood and boost our self-esteem for a bit, but real change comes from actions. That's why as soon as we come across a body positivity brand that actively tries to embrace a beauty standard outside of what was created in our culture, we have to share it with the world.

Body positive fitness brand
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Today's shopping recommendations come straight from the virtual selves of Roy Belzer Fitness, a body-inclusive activewear brand that aims to spread the message of self-love via eye-catching quotes and otherworldly cute color combinations. Fueled by his passion to motivate us to work out and stay healthy while embracing our unique beauty, Roy Belzer launched his new body positivity athletic brand during a time when body-inclusive activewear is a particularly small market.

The "Do it for the crop top" quote started as his own way of fighting an eating disorder and since then it has become a part of his brand. As an ally of both the body inclusivity movement and the LQBTQ+ community, his collection is filled to the brim with inspiring apparel designs that cater to minimalists and statement-makers alike.

Seriously, you will be able to find everything! Graphic tees with our favorite quote on them, tank tops to work out with comfort, Pride hoodies that I am tempted to wear as oversized dresses with my favorite Sk8-his, leggings, stickers, tote bags, phone cases, and face masks-cause we need to be safe and cute peeps. Most styles come in all sizes from S up to 5XL and are made solely from 100% cotton. No matter where you are, you will be able to get your hands on some of his amazing body positivity clothing, if you take advantage of the worldwide shipping option.
Body inclusive athletic fashion brand
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So, go on! Cop your favorite athleticwear styles and rest assured that you are supporting a body positivity brand that actually gets us!


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