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The Coolest Streetwear Finds to Get Out Of Your Slumber Uniform ASAP

If you’re like me, then you are probably trying to re-adjust yourself to wearing actual clothing that doesn't look or feel like your go-to loungewear. Even though our lives are far from normal, we slowly but surely try to get back to our previous everyday routine, and that includes some much-needed warm weather shopping just in time for summer.

For that reason I have spent the first days of April on the lookout for what’s trending in the streetwear world—news flash, nothing has really changed. What's the best thing about get-back-to-normal buys? We will finally be able to allow all the best unisex t-shirts to creep their way back onto shelves— having a separate wardrobe for loungewear and actual, everyday clothing is a welcome blast from the past.

You know me, always willing to experiment with the boldest designs I can get my hands on— if there is enough color or an otherworldly statement pattern, I need it! It’s fun to change it up after living in sweats for the past year peeps. So my mission to find the coolest streetwear from independent brands and creatives led me to the virtual selves of Goat Status Merch which, as you can imagine, is exactly what the name suggests.

Shop Goat Status Merch

Independent designers are known for having a fresh take on streetwear that suits both minimalists and maximalists alike without letting go of their unique, creative touch. Rest assured that the Goat Status Merch virtual selves are jam-packed with many refreshingly unique designs in a vast array of colors—cause we love making a statement here.

I am all about Goat Status Merch's aesthetic and honestly, there is a plethora of different styles to choose from. Obviously, I would take all the unisex blouses, t-shirts, and hoodies I could get my hands on, but you can feel free to stalk their women's section as well. Quick note it's filled with dresses and cute shorts.

You can also cop some great tees to show support to all Asians who undoubtedly face hate and racism due to the current situation. Even though all acts of violence or discrimination are condemned, wearing your beliefs with pride will only benefit you and those affected around you.
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