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Best Natural Dry Shampoo Bar To Add To Your Haircare Lineup This Summer

Looking for the best natural soap bars for hair? Find out more about the benefits of using using natural dry shampoo bars.
natural soap bars for hair

You may have seen natural dry shampoo bar soaps flaunting your social media or Youtube recommended feed lately and for a damn good reason. Except from their obvious practicality when it comes to their size and all-natural, vegan ingredients, lathering up with something other than liquid shampoo has become more and more common these past few years.

Also if you are one of us who already made the transition from buying mass-produced liquid hair shampoo from giant corporations that don't take into consideration the huge amounts of plastic waste they cause each day, to purchasing from independent businesses, you are in luck! The following solid shampoo recommendations are about to tick all your boxes, plus, they come straight from the virtual selves of Beauty Lounge, one of the best German natural dry shampoo brands. Don't take my word for it, trust German's top model and many other beauty gurus who can't seem to stop raving about this product.
best luxury organic soap bars for hair

As firm believers of Natural Beauty, Beauty Lounge aims to educate people about the incredible benefits of nature-derived ingredients without synthetics lab-made chemicals. In fact, one Wild Rrose Shampoo bar can replace up to 7 shampoo plastic bottles - bringing new values for the visitors of the luxury cosmetic shop.

Because of their long-renowned scalp-calming, oil-balancing, and growth-promoting properties, the best natural solid shampoos are undoubtedly a warm-weather essential for all your future seaside adventures. Here is why:

Benefits of using natural dry shampoo bars

benefits of using using natural dry shampoo bars

Aside from being longer-lasting than liquid shampoo, bars are able to get your hair back to its original, shiny, voluminous state by clearing away all the harmful chemicals found in your previous traditional hair cleansers.
Due to their all-natural, valuable raw materials, soap bars don't come with the usual itsy additives regular shampoos carry in their formulas. More and more consumers are becoming aware of the harmful ingredients pretty much every liquid shampoo is infused with. Especially during the summer months, when your hair is prone to dryness, most of us find traditional shampoos unnecessarily stripping of the natural moisture of the hair and scalp - let's not even mention the buildup.

Shampoo, lotion, deodorant: They all come swathed in plastic and if you are trying to leave a zero-waste lifestyle, then coping the aforementioned products in their purest form is arguably the best solution.

Now that we are all on the same page, ahead are some top-rated options to get you started or to keep you going.
Beauty Lounge luxury solid shampoo

The standout ingredients in this organic hair shampoo promote hair growth, volume, and soft silky hair throughout the summer season. This vegan formula with wild rose oil by Rafael Naturkosmetik is also an aromatic experience for all the senses. Whether you are on the hunt for the perfect gift to your haircare-obsessed pal, or simply want to update your summer haircare lineup, this unique natural shampoo is about to be your next summer-weather essential.

Not sure about the scent? The Beauty Lounge carries a variety of different dry shampoos from Herbs Live and Baby Mary to Tahiti, jam-packed with all the aforementioned benefits.
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