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These Sustainable Water Bottles Will Add A Luxurious Touch To Your Spring Outfits

Cute water bottles for spring. Sustanainable luxury thermos with 4.000embellished crystals.
eco-friendly water bottles for 2021
I’ll admit it: I am absolutely horrible at staying hydrated. I am one of those gals that constantly need to set a water-reminder and swear by the water tracker apps some like-minded developers so graciously gifted us. It's not that I *never* drink water, it's more the fact that when I finally remember to do so, I’m so parched the best thing I can do is just gulp down water like there is no tomorrow. Luckily some much-needed lifestyle changes have finally helped me stick to this year’s H2O resolutions.

Let's face it, in 2021 there is no excuse for carrying plastic bottles around, not when there are a plethora of stellar water bottle options that are equal parts cute and functional. As we finally embrace the first rays of sunshine, our warm-weather essentials list certainly contains a few splurge-worthy water bottles to perfectly match our spring/summer fits to a tee. Yes, sometimes, we buy things because we already know they’ll look damn good in a photo, and even though this might be helpful when it comes to our seaside flat lays, it's certainly not the case for the luxurious water bottles ahead.

Sustainable luxury water bottles
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My favorites list is filled to the brim with photogenic, yet extremely practical and sustainable water bottle options to deliver some blink to our daily street style looks. Tomo is here to keep hydration at the top of our heads, while also forcing us to flaunt our hand-embellished water bottles with confidence. Yes, these beauties won't make you think twice about keeping them out in the open at your office or at home. I don't know about you, but when I am sitting on the beach, sipping my much-needed H2O, you better believe that my bottle needs to be photo-worthy—and I am not even sorry.

Tomo Timeless Glam bottles are designed for women who can handle excessive compliments, so don't fret every time someone stops to ask you when she could get one for herself as well— sharing is caring babes. These 100% sustainable water bottles are made from the best eco-friendly materials featuring more than 4.000 crystals on each design, plus they will inspire you to carry them around with you at all times, which is a bonus point in my book. You better believe that these bottles are about to deliver you naturally glowing skin, blame it on the fact that you simply won't be able to stop drinking from them! It’ll be hard not to buy all of them, you've been warned.

Tomo Charity Partners

Sustainable cute water bottles charityThese water bottles aren't just your next go-to drink-wear, with every purchase you help provide clean water to those currently living without it, for the rest of their lives. Tomo has partnered up with Drop4Drop, with a sole purpose, #CleanWaterForAll. Over 1.4 million people across India and countries of Africa have already benefited from Drop4Drop clean drinking water projects.

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