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Best Romance Books To Download From Amazon

Best Romance book novels to read for free in 2021. Download a copy of the most interesting doctor romance books by the new author Amanda Lista.
Best romance novels of 2021 free to read
The past year might have been a dumpster fire, but at least we managed to get some much-needed self-care time to ourselves. Honestly, I can't even remember the last time I sat down with a book in my hands— physical or virtual— instead of an audiobook. Let's be honest, there is nothing more therapeutic than curling up in bed with a glass of wine, preferably filled to the brim, and a good read. Between you and me, it's even better when that book manages to create a dark, intoxicating pull of romantic relations, secrets, lust, and love.

Yes, I could easily go through my all-time favorite fantasy books one thousand times over, but sometimes all I need is a late-night sexy read filled with unexpected twists and jaw-dropping surprises. In case you've already devoured each and every romance book in your collection, you will be ecstatic to hear that today's suggestions will pull you into their world and let you live there for an unexpected amount of time. Whether you’re into forbidden love, guilt-ridden characters that put up a continuous fight with their demons, or a good meet-cute moment, there’s an incredibly enticing novel waiting for you around the corner. Just don't blame me if you end up ordering more than one, because you might finish the first one ridiculously fast—yes, they are that good.

I rounded up two of the best romantic novels that have me begging for more.

Best free to read doctor romance novel

Romantic Residency by Amanda Lista

This doctor romance novel follows the lives of two medical students at UCSF Medical Center, with a ton of responsibilities and a huge need to distress and have fun at the end of their long days. Bryce and Iris are both up-and-coming doctors in their final year. Charming, brilliant but easily distracted when it comes to women, Bryce quickly became Iris's biggest rival. She, on the other hand, is whip-smart and completely dedicated to her studies.

Things take an unexpected turn when Bryce gets seduced by a fellow student, resulting in him losing interest in his studies. Even though Iris finds herself missing his flirtatious personality, she soon becomes attracted to her professor, Doctor Atticus.

Questions start to arise as none of them is certain about their future after school. Will Bryce manage to graduate despite his obvious distraction? Will Irish push herself too hard and hit a breaking point—you have to find out for yourself.

Best 2021 romance novels free

Aspiring Intentions by Amanda Lista

This up-and-coming author surely knows how to get us hooked, here is your proof. The plot follows doctor Maxwell Scott, St. Vincent’s top heart surgeon, and his on-going guilt trip. You see after he botched a surgery last here, he not only has to face his family's disappointment, but also his own demons. Unsure of whether or not he will still be able to cut it in the medical field, he found himself on the verge of hitting rock bottom. Until a new nurse comes up.

Lola Lozano is a small-town girl from upstate New York with a big dream. She was always eager to start her nursing career at Big Apple. After her much-anticipated move to the big city, she is forced to face the hard reality. New York City is nothing like the movies, and life isn’t all that glamorous, nor is the hospital as down to earth as she had imagined.

Their attraction is undeniable, and soon start fighting the urge to be together. Will Lola finally get over her shyness? Dr. Scott seems overworked and unwilling to make the first move. Will life keep these two apart, or are they destined to be together? Well, go on! Snatch it from Amanda's virtual selves and find out!

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