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This is How To Get The Voluminous Lashes You Weren't Naturally Blessed With

Affordable vegan falsh lashes for volume. This is how you can support small, black-owned brands in 2021.

How to get voluminous lashes

If you've always covered flirtatious, voluminous lashes that make everyone believe that you were naturally blessed with them, you've probably scoured the whole wide web for the best dramatic faux lashes the world has ever seentwice. You might have even jumped on the lash extensions wagon in hopes of obtaining fuller lashes, only to realize that as much tempting and *easy* as that sounds, they often come baring some unwanted "gifts" and a handful of downright bizarre side effects.

I wouldn't want to discourage you from getting your oh-so-special lash growth serums either, they are after all extremely helpful if you ready to invest some time into them. However, today’s list includes only the most natural ways of adding that extra flare to our precious lashes. This post is filled to the brim with the best eyelash enchanting solutions that boost the volume and length of your lashes without the help of a professional.

Best falsh lashes for volume

While my lashes are relatively long naturally, I do prefer the glamourous look of over-the-top lashes, especially for night outs and photoshoots. While the application process admittedly takes some practice — unless you are a beauty guru pro, in that case, you go gal!practice makes it perfect! I rounded up some of the best user-friendly, cruelty-free false lashes designed for pros and beginners, and they are coming straight from a female-owned small business.

Flutter By Yaz makes me want to add everything in my cart and hit that "order" button before my wallet starts to complain sorry for all my quarantine-triggered shopping sprees, won't happen again. For the rest of you who haven't already spent 70% of your monthly salary, these multi-layered false lashes with tapered ends are extremely affordable ($15) and easy to maintain.

Top natural false lashes in 2021

Aside from being ridiculously easy to apply, these unique crisscross pattern lashes promise to blend seamlessly with your natural lashes to give you that professionally done lookwithout the costs involving it. They’re also reusable (up to 25 times), so you get more bang for your buck. They're basically salon-quality lash extensions, minus the weird side effects.

As always, On Kdaily we choose vegan, eco-friendly options with a powerful, inspiring message. Should you want to throw one or two into your spring shopping list, I recommend any of these top-rated false eyelashes. Here is why:

Best falsh lashes for volume small black owned brand 2021

Flutter By Yaz has a beautiful story to tell. After the founder lost her grandmother in 2019, she, her mother, and aunt were on their way to a local flower shop when a beautiful orange and black Monarch butterfly fluttered between them out of nowhere.

Surprisingly, the butterfly flew on her mother, herself, and then made the last stop on her aunt before disappearing into the sky. "It was an emotional moment for us, and at that moment, all three of us agreed that it was my grandma’s way of letting us know that she was in a good place." the woman behind the brand describes. "I created this brand in loving memory of my vibrant and beautiful grandmother. With so much love, I've chosen to share this brand with you all so her legacy lives on." she adds.

Rest assured that Flutter By Yaz caters to everyone who isn't afraid to be unapologetically beautiful and authentic. We are all beautiful in our own way, no matter what the society and the media constantly try to portrait as the "beauty standard". If you too are someone who dares to be different, fun, and vibrant, then these lashes were created with you in mind.


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