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Best Eco-Friendly Water Bottles With A Charity Cause In 2021

Best reusable water bottles that are both luxurious and practical.
Let's face it, snagging a highly coveted item on discount is untouchably a true accomplishment for every fashion-conscious gal out there. A true accomplishment that's made more meaningful when said item actually gives back what money is put in. Yes, my fellow eco-friendly living advocates, we would all love to snatch everything from our favorite virtual selves, but that's certainly not possiblenot if you want your purchases to have a positive impact on the world and the environment at least.

  “No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted, matters” You've probably heard a similar phrase from many fundraising campaigns out there. So you click on those "donate" buttons and hope for others to do the same. Even though these actions certainly help said causes, what if there was a way to incorporate them into your everyday shopping choices? There are some entrepreneurs who thrive on offering stellar, sustainable products while trying to make a real difference in their communities and in the world through another method of charity: #CleanWaterForAll.

Starting today let's make our future purchases count. Tomo bottles has graciously offered a side-wide 40%-off discount (use code fabulous20) with a charitable-home kick. Tomo donates a percentage of their profits from all orders placed on their official site to their Drop4Drop charity partneran organization that works with local communities across the globe helping those in need to gain access to clean water.

"With your purchase, you help provide clean water to those currently living without it, for the rest of their lives." In 2021, Tomo x Drop4Drop built a well for the Gudiyam St Village in Tamil Nadu, India. Before that, the 925 people in the community were using a water tap that only turns on once every 2 days, which is not nearly sufficient for a community of this size. On the days when the tap wasn't on, its members had to walk 2km to a dirty pond in search of water. Till now, more than 1.4 million people across India and Africa have already benefited from Drop4Drop clean drinking water projects.
Whether you're in the market for a glamorous luxury bottle to perfectly match your everyday style, a practical, eco-friendly alternative to plastic, or just hunting for a unique gift to give to your BFF, Tomo bottles put way more meaning behind our shopping spreesplanned or otherwise. Go on! Shop away, cause these 4.000 hand-embellished crystal bottles won't wait for long.
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