Best straight hairstyles for women with long hair - Hair straighteners

Let's face it, whether you like to admit it or not, you have probably wanted to achieve the oh-so-sleek straight hair look at some point in your life. No matter if you are a curly gal like myself, or simply rock your wavy hair with pride, sometimes all your outfit needs is a high, tight ponytail to get you through yet another night-out with your BFFs. Then, there are those days when you forcefully try to perfect that straight-hair look with a frizz-free finish to match the business casual dress code of your important meeting.

Unfortunately, if you’re one of the thousands addicted to their flat iron (yes, I belong on this list as well), you’re probably very familiar with the fact that this love affair comes hand in hand with some pretty negative repercussions. You know what I am talking about. All those early mornings when you find yourself pressing your hair over, and over again in the hopes of transforming your "bad hair day" into something semi-presentable for the public. 

Low-end hitting tools along with the absence of proper hair straightening preparation are your one-way ticket to breakage. However, if you’re looking for a damage-reducing flat iron along with some hair care tips for straight hair to help you maintain your signature, sleek and shiny look without ruining your hair’s health, you’re in luck! There are some easy ways to update your hair care routine in order to match your need for long, straight, damage-free hair this season. 

Before straightening your hair, use some heat protection products 

Best affordable hair straightener for all types of hair

Rotating-wire hair tools are one of those life-saving inventions that really make it easy and quick to give yourself a long-lasting straight hairstyle, or simply have a quick touchup just about anywhere in no time. You see, back in the day, most affordable flat irons came with solid metal plates, which are basically the best way to deliver endless slip-ends and instant-breakage to your otherwise healthy, shiny hair.

The best affordable hair straighteners you can find online in 2021

MAC Styler Hair Straightener from Princessa De Glamz

Thankfully nowadays a new range of professional-grade hair technology is available to the public for just a few bucks. Seriously, some of the best high-performance hair tools with ceramic plates are surprisingly not as expensive as the one you'd think. So, what's the deal with ceramic plates? I hear you asking. Only that there is your best solution to reduce hair breakageand overall damagewithout risking your stands getting burned. 

Basically, you will keep your hair hydrated thanks to their ability to evenly distribute heat. Most importantly you won't have to compromise for a low-performance flat iron, because 1.5 inches ceramic plates can reach their highest temperature (450° F) within 30 seconds, and deliver and deliver your favorite straight hairstyle in less than 25 minutes—I'm talking about long, thick hair here. Cop our favorite damage-reducing flat iron that will offer damage-free locks, or easy straight hairstyles even on dull, fine, and dry hair.