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SKRIT Fights For Social Injustice With Their Latest Luxury Streetwear Drop

The underground streetwear culture has made its way into luxury fashion. SKRIT is the new high-end brand with limited edition graphic t-shirts
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The underground streetwear culture surely on the rise, with no signs of slowing down any time soon. Blame it on the number of creative, emerging designers entering the picture as a way to express individuality, inspire change, and balance the scales of injustice through their unique artistic view. No matter the case, the streetwear sceneprimarily focused on skate, surf, and hip-hop cultures is now flooded with diversity, self-expression, originality, and huge doses of humanitarian activism.

Step aside, last year’s oversized graphic tees! There’s a new entry in the luxury streetwear world, and bold, unapologetic prints that showcase real-world issues are absolutely everywhere. Who do we have to thank? The fashion visionaries at SKRIT, obviously. Ever since the brand debuted its Winter/Fall 2021 collection, which is filled to the brim with limited-edition raw graphics printed on luxury materials, their efforts to raise social awareness through design, and social contributions were met with a like-minded audience.

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The brand name SKRIT originated from the word 'Sanskrit' which is also known as the mother of all languages, over 5000 years old. We define it as UNITY amongst all walks of life. SKRIT can also be used as a street slang for 'money' and the double meaning emphasizes our vision and lifestyle.
Undoubtedly I am a big fan of premium high street brands, especially if they carry styles that are able to deliver a strong message through visuals alone. Let's just say that SKRIT definitely ticks all my boxes. If you are as obsessed as I am with unisex street styles that actually catch everyone's eye, this might be exactly what you are looking for. 

SKRIT just released a new range of limited-edition styles, you can call it the latest luxury dropI call it streetwear staples. Their signature bold graphic tees and accessories feel pleasingly original while still looking minimal. With names such as "Angels Brigade", "Child Soldier", "Lethal Injection" and "Hustlers ambition" we surely get a pretty good idea of the various charitable causes they support. 

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"Our campaign was created to get the world's attention, not approval. Skrit is for the people, by the people."
A portion of their proceeds gets donated to various organizations such as the Vital Ground Foundation, which receives donations from their "Tiger T" line to address the current crisis in wildlife conservation and animal welfare. Need more? Their "Child Soldier" tee contributes to helping rehabilitate and relocate victims of war, while their "Fuck 12" collection helps raise awareness in the fight against police brutality. Moreover, they are dedicated to funding scholarships for aspiring law students passionate about addressing human rights violations and reforming police brutality.

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If you love the blend of fashion and culture, this label is preferred by men and women who enjoy high-end, statement styles made of 100% Supima certified cotton and the minimal aesthetic of traditional streetwear. Quick note, they also accept Bitcoin as a payment method.

Whether you are currently on the hunt for the perfect staple graphic tee for yourself or simply love to bookmark items for a future shopping spree with purpose, you can be sure that this brand has something unique to offer.
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