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This Is How You Can Buy The Best Vintage Cashmere Sweaters

Where to by affordable designer cashmere sweaters in 2021. Recycled, pre-owned fashion is wallet-friendly and eco-friendly.
Go ahead, name one thing that feels more luxurious, and snuggly than the supersoft, homelike comfort of cashmere. Exactly, there is nothing like it - especially if you don't end up spending your whole month's rent money to get your hands on it. Honestly, you simply cannot deny that all of us have a soft spot for infinitely layer-able, expensive-looking sweaters we can actually get away with wearing all day every day. 

I know what you think. We have all seen the movies where the main protagonist walks into the country club (or yacht, of course) wearing a head-to-toe cashmere outfit. Let's be honest, Cashmere has always seemed super luxurious to me, and therefore, undoubtedly out of my budget. Just like timeless handbags, belts, and all types of leather accessories, cashmere sweaters must be an investment only for the select few, right? Wrong! I bet most of you never checked out to see how much it actually costs. Well, I finally did, and oh boy do I have news for you. There are a ton of preloved cashmere sweaters that give the ultimate luxurious vibes, ready to turn you into a layering pro this season for less than €50.

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But, how exactly am I going to get my hands on a staple investment piece that won’t drain my savings account? I got you, covered. I gave myself the mission of scouting the internet in order to find gorgeous, second-hand cashmere sweaters within my price range, and honestly, it didn’t take too long to find a plethora of chic options no matter your age or sense of style. In fact, most of these picks don’t come anywhere close to the €100 mark I initially had in mind. These mostly fall in the €40-€60 range, which is more than reasonable considering the original price of a brand new piece.
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If you love to explore new options from independently established businesses with more than 26 years of experience in the vintage-selling industry, you will be pleased to hear that Softtouch Cashmere falls into this exact category. They are a family run business that has been trading in designer cashmere sweaters since 1994 (yes, that's the year I was born).Softtouch Cashmere first started selling small quantities of used clothing to large companies. The vintage movement became extremely popular in 1995, selling vintage clothing on Camden market in London was the next reasonable step to take at that time. Today they focus on pure cashmere knitwear, sold directly from their online shop to customers worldwide.

No matter if you are choosing second-hand shopping as a way to actively help reduce the pollution of the earth and landfill waste, or you are simply in it for the thrill, in case you don’t already own at least one cashmere, cardigan, sweater, or scarf in your wardrobe, it's time to stock up on some amazing wallet-friendly deals.
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