Let's face it, knowing how to pose for photos—especially if you aren’t a signed model with 10 years of experience under your belt —can be extremely more difficult than you ever expect it to be. Yes, pretty much none of us can afford a skilled, on-demand photographer who can guide us through every step. But If you’re anything like me, you’ve likely experienced quite a few eye rolls the moment you asked someone to take a few photos of your new, killer outfit for the gram, only to hate every single shot they took no matter the effort. And while sometimes the outside elements are unavoidable or simply cannot be controlled according to your daily demands— I am looking at you, best friend who barely knows how to push the camera button —others can be easily avoided with some much-needed simple posing tips from a pro photographer.

"But, we have already established that I don't have a pro photographer on-demand" I hear you say. Well, luckily you don't have to visit an actual photography studio to receive all the helpful tips you need to turn your semi-presentable photos into insta-worthy shots. Take it from someone with 7+ years of experience trying to pose for social media content, only to get frustrated by the lack of quality (aka me), you need to let the professionals guide you.

instagram posing guideinstagram posing guide
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Even though there are a few standard poses that quickly turn into viral photos on the ‘gram, achieving those oh-so-special snaps is way trickier, trust me. Photographers are pros at making their Instagram feeds look truly stunning. So, who's better to ask for posing tips and tricks than the experts? I talked to Houston based photographer Joshua Ardoin to get some special tips on how he poses his models for photos —from finding the best selfie angle to complement your face, to testing out some fresh and effortless-looking fashion poses. Consider this a masterclass in how to recreate some of the shots of the most double-tap-worthy model poses.

Testing The Poses

So, I followed Joshua's posing guide, keep scrolling to see the results, and a list of more photography tips on how to pose with your best friend, in a bikini and so much more. If you are a man, I got you covered, because his "Posing Tips For Men" guide actually became viral on instagram.

pose for photos tutorial
how to pose for photos instagram
instagram pose tutorial

posing tips for instagram
pro posing tips for instagram
The results are pretty good, don't you think? Don't forget that the best way to look calm, cool, and effortlessly chic in your photos is to actually be calm, cool, and effortlessly chic. If you are uncomfortable or feeling stressed, those emotions will be evident in your photos as well. Don't worry tho! Whether you are a photographer or a model, you can sign up to Joshua Ardoin's newsletter to gain access to more posing, editing, and lighting techniques to perfect for shots. Ahead, you will find some much-needed tips for various types of photography.