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Night Routine Tips To Boost Your Mood & Productivity Every Morning

These are the easiest and most beneficial ways to improve the quality of your sleep and boost your morning productivity.
If you’re a self-care fanatic, you probably understand something that many others neglect: it’s not just about looking pretty on the outside, but what makes you glow from the inside. Let's get one thing straight, skin reflects our physical and mental health and sometimes the best beauty products are not the ones that will make you feel better on the inside. After a long day of constant work, filled with anxiety, it’s important to take some time for yourself to destress and relax. But how can you actually feel well-rested and rejuvenated tomorrow morning? Sure, some days all it takes is a glass of wine and a good book, maybe a few Netflix episodes will do the trick just fine, however, some evening requires you to take it up a notch. 

Take it from someone who is in a constant battle with anxiety and insomnia, feeling exhausted and completely motivated as soon as you wake up in the morning sucks! It takes many trials and errors to actually find the ultimate night routine that will not only help you distress but also make you feel ready to seize the next day. Mornings are about having a positive mindset before the workday begins, and nights are about setting yourself up for the most relaxing, stress-free quality time before you begin the cycle all over again.

Here are seven relaxing self-care rituals that you should definitely incorporate into your night routine to boost your mood and productivity every morning.

Make your bath extra special

From bath bombs to essential oils and salts, there are plenty of ways to create the perfect environment for your ultimate self-care routine. You can never go wrong with some beautifully scented bath products- especially if you combine them with some nourishing face masks for both your skin and hair. It's a quick, easy trick to give yourself soft silky hair and oil-free skin with you barely having to do anything. So, be sure to stock up on the best-reviewed products out there. 

It's time for some yoga

Incorporating a few minutes of mild exercise before bedtime is actually a great way to stress your body. Yoga is particularly effective to include in your night routine since it will relax you instead of raising your heartbeat. Luckily there are a ton of free 10-minute workouts available on youtube.

Establish a consistent sleep schedule

Doctors say that 7 hours of goodnight sleep will work wonders on your health and moods. That won't work unless you keep your schedule consistent. Sleep trackers can help you develop a better sleeping routine, and pinpoint certain triggers that may interrupt you from getting the rest you need. It's a great way to establish normal sleeping habits because they record when you fall asleep at night and when you wake up each morning.

Pay attention to your surroundings

If you have a bedroom that is quiet and comfortable, sleep will come easier. Trying to keep your bedroom cool and dark is the best way to reach the oh-so-ideal sleep experience. Turn off any lights (including your alarm clock, phone screen, etc) and slip a few drops of your favorite essential oil into your diffuser- nothing too overwhelming, my go-to scent is lavender.

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