If Love And Lust Had A Smell, It Would Be This Perfume

Let's be honest, no outfit is complete without the final and very important step: a sprinkle of my favorite perfume. For some, it's just a way to boost their mood and perfect their killer night-out inform, while for others It’s a simple luxury that helps them start their day. The aroma is a powerful, memory-evoking force that can instantly change your current mood, help you evoke and reconnect with a specific memory, or trigger your emotions. 

Perfumes after all are deeply personal, a final accessory to bring one step closer to self-confidence. But fragrance can also help transform you into who you want to be, a symbol of love, lust, and seduction. Some days you want to transform into a whole new person with a single spritz and other days you want it to perfectly describe your true self. The reality is that “true” self-care doesn’t exclude all the things you need to do to feel gorgeous on the outside too and if you’re anything like me then you definitely can’t walk out of the house without a signature perfume.

Amour Sacré Eau de Parfum

However, we are officially out of the Holiday season and that can only mean one thing, It's the start of something new. I’m already putting together my go-to’s for the coming months, including some attention-grabbing signature smells. No arsenal will be truly completed without the addition of the newly launched Amour Sacré Eau de Parfum. The fragrance that promises to rule your sense, bring you confidence, love, passion, chemistry, and sensuality is definitely a must-have for this season – and for the next one, and the one after that.

“The shape of the bottle and tops project authority, sensuality, grace, and definition in its shape. After spending years channeling my passion, determination, and devotion into perfume, which filled my days and sometimes nights I decided to share my love for perfume with the world” mentions Ashley Cunningham, founder of Luvless, he first female-owned perfume line In Mobile, 

Her scents are inspired by the beautiful cultural exchange of New York and Paris, from the Harlem Renaissance through today. Whether you are looking for the perfect gift, or simply want to enjoy this dream perfume all on your own, go ahead and put it in your cart and let’s mark the beginning of 2021 with a spritz.
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