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I Just Designed My Custom Engagement Ring Online - And So Should You

How to order a 100% custom ring online. Engagement rings with diamonds and precious stones.
custom Engagement rings
Is it just me or is everyone getting married (or pregnant) these days? 2020 was definitely a rough year for all of us. Let's face it, there is nothing like self-isolation and the fear of the pandemic to help people realize who truly matters to them. More and more people decide to leave their bachelor life behind in order to settle down and start a family- we are all rooting for you!

Whether you are actually planning to get engaged soon or simply looking for an excuse to browse through some catalogs for when the day finally comes, consider this a sign. Choosing an engagement ring is extremely personal. Trends might come and go, but timeless styles that are authentically you will symbolize your commitment of forever. Nonetheless, if you do end up making a choice based on the current 2021 engagement ring trends, make sure that the ring is a perfect reflection of your personality- after all, you will be wearing it for the rest of your life. If you’ve been looking for some major engagement ring inspo or for some hints to give to your partner, let us be your guide.

Custom engagement rings

If you are a complete control freak like me, then you will love this option. Custom engagement rings let you control every aspect of the design and offer double the excitement- it is after all something completely tailored to your own personal style. Nowadays, with the help of the internet, you won't even have to visit a physical jewelry shop. You can find the perfect engagement ring builder online, now all you have to do is take your time to decide. Various aspects such as metal, shape, stone, and color can be chosen with 100% creative freedom in case of customization. How do I know all about it? I just spent the last 20 minutes designing my own custom engagement ring on Balacia , now all I have to do is find someone willing to buy it for me.

custom Engagement rings
In all seriousness, the possibilities are endless. Large jewelry chains have hundreds of customers waiting in line for custom orders, they cannot possibly devote enough time to you. A custom engagement ring designer on the other hand will make you feel like you are a part of the whole process. He/She will have enough time to create the perfect personalized experience. When given the choice between a big jewelry retailer and a small independent jeweler, the choice is obvious. Sometimes you might come across a family business that thrives on customer experience.

Engagement ring brands to keep on your radar in 2021

For rings that are out-of-this-world beautiful (and oh-so-timeless), look no further than fine jewelry brand Balacia, founded by millennial, African American, jewelry designer Jasmine Carter. Her carefully curated collection of diamond and moissanite rings is handcrafted for each client. Brides-to-be can find build their dream rings from scratch and take advantage of the free lifetime warranty ( + free shipping). I couldn't possibly fit all the different variations they offer, let's just say they cover everything from vintage-inspired shapes to wallet-friendly styles. Need some extra help with the all-important step of finalizing the overall design? Take advantage of the virtual consultation option available on the site.

Engagement rings online
custom engagement rings

Balacia has been around since 2017, it's safe to say that the dedicated Facebook group is filled with many proposals and ring updates from customers who happily share their proposal or fashion photos and unique stories - prepare to see some gorgeous sparkles.

*Since we are on the subject of family-owned businesses, Jasmine's husband also has his own jewelry line, 
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